What if the proletariat are literally just shitty people?

Assume that's true, that lower class peoples are less intelligent, less forward-thinking, less hard-working, and more likely to procrastinate. Now imagine that the proliferation to these peoples will have an entirely dysgenic effect on the general human population.

How does that impact your ideology?

Thanks for your time.

It doesn't.

It's not that fucking hard to work.

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Most ppl – regardless of class – are shitty ppl. Oh my, i better live in a cave!



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They ARE the workers and the creators of the products we take for granted. Bosses do not create any shit but oversee and collect profit.

Die, porky.

when you can't tell whether someone is a Nazi or just a severely sociopathic liberal, that's how you know it's a good post

I didn't expect much, but I'm actually honestly impressed by how easily I was able to destroy you guys like that. I mean, i expected at least one response that might be able to rationalize it, but this was just laughable.

Closest one was this but it's a pretty ridiculous concept. I'm sure there are some exploitative bosses, but most are putting in at least 60 hours a week into their business (usually more) whereas the average employee works ~45.

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We both know you can't defend your own beliefs, no need to make excuses.

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It's just some silly retarded shit I found on 4/pol/ years ago, calm down sperg.
No it was not. I raised legitimate points that have not been addressed, and I'm fairly convinced at this point it's not because you don't want to but rather because you can't.

Keep licking porky's boots. You will see the gravity of what we fight against when you one day fall.

Wow, truly compelling stuff.

Your arguments don't contain a whiff of reason themselves. What are you getting at, classcuck?

In a world where you can fucking inherit money, there is no reason to believe the rich guys are necceessarely smarter than the rest. (Ofc some of them are)

But even if your premise is true, the working class would still br
E better of governing over themself than being governed over, as no matter how smart the ruling class is, they will still act in their own intrest, which will often go against the intrest of the working class.