Capitalists actually believe that proles should be oppressed like this


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Suits are one of the most quintessentially bourgeois things there are. It is not even a slight stretch to say anyone who imagines them being prominent in a communist government is not really a communist at all.

Had an interview for a job I really wanted today but I bombed it. Who the fuck decided that an interview is the best way to assess someone's skill in maintenance or whatever other skill necessary for the job? That's fucking dumb as hell


Because something like ~75% of mangers hire people that are similar to themselves. It's not based on anything to do with the job, it's about finding another cool person to add to the hang out.

Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say.

Suits are stylin and surprisingly comfy

Fashion is one of many manifestations of capitalist decay.

Lenin wasn't a prole, using him doesn't aid your argument. The prominence of suits amongst communist leadership is only proof that the movement has been stolen from the working class by intellectuals.

What are you studying?

What a retarded post. Stop glorifying the proles and remember that the point is to eliminate class altogether by any means necessary. There is no reason to put purity of identity on a pedestal in terms of credibility.

Just as retarded as someone claiming that everyone drinking coca cola is evidence of classlessness in capitalist societies.


The male silhouette's tie does not reach his belt buckle. How did he ever get hired?

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Literally what is wrong with fashion? Do I have to wear twigs and leaves in your communist paradise, or can I have some dope ass swag?

You wear average bland clothes made for comfort


fashion is meaningless marketing

People should walk around with only essential clothing on at all times for survival, safety and aesthetic purposes. The average man and woman should be slim, ripped, tanned and energetic. Walking around all the time should be a sign of ill health along with sitting in an office chair or at a desk for too long. There should be absolutely no excuse to wear more than you have to unless there is a ritualistic component to what is being worn. Uniforms are barbaric intrusions upon the body of a human being and should be met with extreme shows of aggression and refusal. Trying to force a uniform should be punishable by ostracism/exile or execution.

No fashion is good. Enforced fashion rules which require wage slaves to dress like serf monkies wearing literal slave ropes around their necks is reprehensible. Fashion is art and should be preserved post-collapse of porkydom

How about I just wear what the fuck I want. If I wanna wear a suit I will.

If I want to come to the revolution in my comfy ass pajamas I'll do that too. You can't stop me, I'm immortal.

fashion rules are obviously dumb but fashion is art in the same way food is art meaning it can be presented as artful and the designer might make it something unique but at the end of the day it's a utility. and you're wearing someone else's "art" that's also probably been replicated and commodified, removing you from the art

Fashion is literally designed to make you buy more clothes than you could ever realistically need to get create a market for the tremendous surplus production of unnecessary clothes under capitalism. You're an idiot for buying into it.

Said it before and I'll say it again: This is all I need.

Dressing like a normal person is opression


I don't know where commies get the Idea that all these "oppressive" social norms will simply disappear if capitalism is gone.


Communism is normcore, tbh.

There are definitely fashionable people with a minimal wardrobe

I can't think of any reason having like 3 sets of well fitting, fashionable items is more conscionable than having a dozen sets of jorts and cargo shorts and ill fitting, tacky graphic tees

What is so bad about dressing professionally?

Fashion and trends are a creation of capitalism and materialism, I think a communist nation would be content with comfy normcore clothing instead of all that crazy shit people wear nowadays. There is no good reason to wear clothes that have tears designed into them.
I also think formal dresses need to go, nobody likes wearing suits, they are expensive and contribute nothing. They only send an arbitrary dresscode.

It's bourgeois and demeaning at once. If your labor post is that much of your identity, work less.

I like the working class style suits you always see in old photographs.
I don't know enough about clothing to say why they look more comfy as semi-regular wear than the modern suit.


Remember that time the intelligenstia built the revolution on the behalf of the proletariat? Oh, that's right. The 20th century was actually a colossal fucking failure and they all turned out to be reformists.

This is exactly the point, when people just wear whatever they want pretty much none of them are going to choose suits.

Do you believe that the proletariat will rise out of their own volition? Without individuals to plan a post-capitalist society? To win battles? To do politics?

Found the serviceman.

I find the guys that consider pic related to be peak humanity are the most ridiculous people. They all just look at the world so narrowly. Its like "I'm a suit man and this is all there is, suit stuff, makin deals, lickin boots, getting promoted, this IS fucking IT"

In order to reach this position the only real requirements are to be born middle class or above and be good at doing exactly as you are told.

A big part of the interview process is not to determine your skill but also how subordinate you will be.

Interviews are like 50% a test of your social skills. Making eye contact, having confident body language, and speaking clearly are equally as important as what you say.

I know, and that makes no sense because the job was for maintenance, where no social skills would be necessary.

Your labor is a product you dummy. Would you pay for a prostitute if she was dressed like shit?

Here guys. Have some more.


fuck suits tbh


but a well dressed whore adds utility, being well dressed has no effect on my output of widgets


Well did you fail to communicate how well you make widgets? Also i wouldn't want to make widgets all day next to a stuttering slob. No offense.



damn, they really paid someone to throw that much bullshit onto paper

Shit like this from the early 1900s? I don't think it looks particularly comfortable, but I do like the style.

pure pimpin

This happened a couple months ago. Felt like blowing my brains out when I got home.
They couldn't hire me as a result. I didn't even understand the point of the test was the use the Netflix website until it was too late.

Welcome to the market! You are a commodity. Present your qualities! We shall assess you and if you are found adequate we shall consume your life!

This reminds me of a casual thought I had when sitting on a plane: Is this all just some kind of abstract power game?

On some level it's hard not to believe (and I'll stick with plane examples, but the link should hopefully be clear) that little things like this are fundamentally set up to assert power, to force people into doing something unnecessary just for it's own sake, for the sake of soft-force. Making me take my belt off was a pointless exercise (as we learned when I forgot and went ahead anyway) but power, that abstract force, knows I have to. You will take your belt off - not because it's necessary, but because we can make you take it off. You want to get on the plane, you play by our rules. Now DANCE

The Volte-Face on using your phone in flight after smartphones took off seems rather similar, although I'm more inclined to assume good faith in those circumstances. (After all, what's a little arbitrary rule to avoid someone screaming "I'M ON A PLANE — NO, A PLANE! YEAH TALK TO YOU LATER" on a red-eye to Japan?)

So use the appropriate spoon, keep your hands off the table, wear a suit, DANCE, and don't forget to send a thank-you note for the muh privilege.

They weren't listening. They were too busy figuring out how little I'll think about their orders when they bark them, using my mode of dress as a proxy.

Workers who are unable to socialize don`t need to be part of society.

This is just the thing that usually happens when people are allowed to exclude other people from the means of production without cause.

True. But bourgeois socialization is stupid human tricks meant to subjugate, not actual camaraderie meant to commune.

I hate all this shit so much

What the fuck are you even trying to say here?

If they don't, this planet is finished.

Explain why these individuals have to be middle-class elites instead of working people. Challenge: don't fall back on bourgie propaganda.

Yes, you fucking retard.

You literally just reminded me of a capitalist propaganda children's book I once read. I think you oughta go home and rethink your life.

Ahh, the "Gay Minuteman" outfit. Quite fabulous.

Best of luck, comrade!

Fuck off, fellow SocDem. Workers who can't socialize ought to be rehabilitated. Shit like this is why the rest of the board looks down on us.

Hey, at least they're upfront and explicit about the arbitrary rules they'll string you up by the balls for breaking. That puts it at least a couple points ahead of middle school.

That's not what the interview's for m8. It's about showing you're subservient enough to not cause trouble and be exploited to the maximum extent possible.

Ah yes your resume is quite interesting, but I'd like to see your socks, as per company policy. It's just a formality, really.