Major Flaw With Communism

Ya gotta work to live mates, sorry to say but sitting on your ass doesn't mean you deserve the right to live.

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We're not too concerned with whatever arbitrary personal standards you have for what warrants a "right" to live. People here actually regret violence and poverty, not fetishize it.

So in that case then slavery in any form does not exist.

damn… why didn't I think of that? why didn't MARX think of that? well the jig is up then i suppose

If there are resources needed to live to compete for there will always be fighting. Post scarcity is needed for star trek to happen. You can't promise it will come after the revolution

The thing is that basic necessities are already pretty much covered and necessary work is minimal. But people need money to buy the necessities and since less work means less money in capitalism, work has to be invented.


Nothing is free unless we reach post scarcity


Isn't it funny how the simplest common sense arguments btfo commies?

Isn't it funny how the simplest jewpegs or jewpngs serve as """arguments""" in the Holla Forumstard's mind?

This can't be for real, no-one could be this stupid.

not an argument

You're really smart

We know that very well and we are workers.
It's the bourgeoisie that just sit on their asses and do nothing. Communism will actually fix this problem.

I don't have a source for that, might be beitbart. But it doesn't matter. That's supposed to lurch that little man of conscience who you've silenced with leftist propoganda to realize- holy shit, the white race is dying

The white race already died when we started counting the irish, italians and spaniards as white.

why is that a bad thing?

fucking continentals have no place in the white race, anglo-saxons or nothing

We can still save it comrade! There's still a chance before we pass the point of no return.

If I really need to answer this, you're already too far gone


Oooh he used humanoids he sho'is smart bawss.

Here's your source

There is no we here. One of my great grandparents was πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€irishπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ (also managed to cuck my great grandmother's husband) and two others were italian swiss.


define """white""" race and seriously tell me why the """white""" race dying off would be bad?


relevant to us

Oh I just put it into Google translate, bad translation. I'll fix it:

Sorry I'm not going to entertain your spin tactics. You know what white is. Have you ever called someone white or even used it in a sentence. You know what it means

We are valuable. We have had the most powerful civilizations and the most ingenious inventions.

Oh also white people are universally the standard of attractiveness wherever you are in the world

You can be genocided and nothing of value will be lost. People will pick another race to fetishize and move on. Got yo shit sucka

You're obviously aware there is no cutoff point at which someone stops being white. It's an arbitrary description of a skin tone and when that stops being white changes with whoever judges. Problem with all sort of identities we create for humans since they're fundamentally flawed and non-sensical. He also asked you to define white race not white. Leads to the same conclusion though and is the reason we speak of ethnicities, since those actually make sense. Whatever

And so did non-whites. There were powerful civilizations and inventors of all colors. [citation needed] for there to be a causation to the color of your skin.

That's easily proven wrong fam. White people are straight up seen as weird or undesirable in most places where they are not the majority.

I honestly don't. Some count Slavs as white, some don't. What of south euros like greeks or italians? they have darker skin and brown eyes/hair. As said earlier in the thread, the pasty red haired irish weren't considered white until less than 100 years ago. Its hard to say that someone is white when the definition keeps changing.

lol no. all of modern society is based on agriculture which popped up around the same time in the mid east, sub saharan africa and china, all places that aren't by any definition white. also all tech and culture comes from writing and mathmatics which were invented in the mid east and china.

in summary read Guns, Germs and Steel retard

You had the british empire, all the other great civilizations were non-white.

If you need to be explained what the naturalistic fallacy is, you probably aren't worth having a discussion with