So Holla Forums wants to debate us on their discord…

So Holla Forums wants to debate us on their discordโ€ฆ

I'm not fond of Discord because of obvious reasons, but I love debate.

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So who's gonna volunteer as tribute?

have you ever tried to have a game of chess against a pigeon?Do you know what would happen if you did?He would run all over the board knocking pieces everywhere,rake a shit and then fly off as is he has won.Debating Holla Forums is the same thing,they'll spout memes and use unsourced infographics and use ad hoc,then they'll act as if they won and run away

Some of them do, others attempt to hold a civil debate without meme spouting. I held a very nice discussion with one of them a while ago, no meme spouting, no banter, only discussion.

Basically this debating Holla Forums is a waste of time and you might as well just do something else like read.

t. Holla Forums


most all their talking points are based off of pseudo science and anecdotal evidence with a fuck ton of spooks mixed in.What is there to debate?None of them will read Marxist theory,none of the will even fucking google basic shit so they'll refute us with "muh USSR","muh Venezuela" and "he,I bet that wasn't 'real' communism right?".No doubt they don't even know we make a distinction between personal property and private property.They're deliberately ignorant,otherwise they wouldn't be on Holla Forums

you've never been to Holla Forums have you?you so much as deviate slightly from the narrative they flip out with "fucking ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€shill๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€" "ur a cuck" and other crap like that,they'll never attempt to refute any actual argument you make and then all laugh to each other like you said it was raining frogs

You're really smart

I'm not smart I'm as average as you and everybody else here.I was using a well known saying.Are you saying I'm wrong and they don't flip the fuck out then act like the smarter person?

Why can't you put spaces after your punctuation? It looks retarded

Why can't you end your sentences with a period? Your post looks retarded.

No you're really smart

That shit aside,am I wrong? Does Holla Forums not act like a starved monkey who's cage has been rattled if you go off their script? Do they not use lies and misinformation to make their points? Do they actually know the difference between leftists and Liberals or will that shout SJW cuck at us? Will they not act as though they have won no matter what? like every fucking time they come here,or those of us who were on 4/pol back in the day know. The whole ideology of the alt right is memes and acting like you're better and smarter no matter what,you can't have a free and fair debate with that

fuck off Holla Forums

if you show me proof of you being over the age of 18 I will come

Bruh, you're supposed to put a space after the punctuation marks, this looks like fucking garbage.

Nobody is going to register on some shit site to argue, if Holla Forumslacks feel like having a civil debate, then they can come here, make a thread and discuss, mods won't touch them unless they start shitting out forced memes.

The Discord is also apprently fucking dead, I joined and there was no sort of debate going on. I have suspicion to believe this whole thread is just one Holla Forumsack shitposting.

It is, you should have noticed that after >>1388314

Your discord ID is a unique site-wide ID.

Usually, the only people who volunteer for this are idiots who don't know anything about Marxism. Unless you can get the likes of economy thread Marx-flag poster to go, I'd say don't bother.

No they're not, nobody is actually there and the invite in the OP expired/doesn't work anyways

stop false flagging and shitting up the front page you dumbo

I went there and it went basically like this: The admin not understanding the difference between private and personal property, one or two dude asking a few questions here and there and one retard whom I had the block who basically spammed the channel with autism