What is the end game of Holla Forums and the alt-right...

What is the end game of Holla Forums and the alt-right? It seems to be a movement consisting of autistic screeching hate whose "leaders," from Trump to Jones to Milo to random bloggers, seem to all basically be charlatans and hucksters looking to make a quick buck of the easily duped wannabe Nazis.

Perhaps what's most troubling is that their style of bullshit seems to be spreading; apparently "emoji spells" are becoming popular on Tumblr, with one, of course, working to stop Donald Trump.

I guess what I'm asking is, is the alt-right anything more than Holla Forums-tier antics wrapped up in neo-Nazism to give it a look of importance and a bit more weight? And is it ultimately going to send public discourse devolving into nothing but cancerous faggotry?

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I think those are different groups

Honestly what the fuck's the difference?

I think there was an edrama war and ideological differences.

hurr durr they're all nazis, what's the difference?
You realize Milo kikeopoulous is a nigger-loving jew, right?

What if I told you that people often think in terms of short-term goals like "making our ideology relevant" and hardly anything beyond that?


Not to sound like a liberal, but the alt-right is almost certainly an FSB psyop. Dugin's fingerprints are all over it. But that doesn't mean that the CIA/US deep state response to it and Trump is any better.

The end result for us to cause a civil war and purge this country of the nigs, spics, kikes, 'slimes and left.

/pol is not alt-right

Honestly that depends which Holla Forums, 8/pol/ and its splinters has turned batshit so le kike-right is by no means similar while 4/pol/ has been overridden by normalfags so we could argue it is.

They don't have one. They're just faggots or hucksters.

Can someone give me a quick rundown on 8/pol/?

Mental illness and virginity of white young men on steroids

the steroids being a figure of speech here, ok

No, but really, what do they believe in now? I've always heard that they're a bit out there, but I don't know what they actually believe in

user. The alt-right is a honeypot of controlled opposition meant to weaken the structural integrity that is the anons here on Holla Forums. It's the same that goes with TRS and other shit that tries to get forced onto /pol

The thing with the ultra-right is that it is hard to pin down precisely because it does not base itself in reality but rather the land of pure ideology. We can identify some general themes of fascism, but there is a lot of variance, especially because of the aforementioned mental illness. There are people on Holla Forums who unironically believe in meme magick and reptiles et cetera.

Generally though these ideas are shared:
The supremacy of the white race
you know the drill

They're slowly turning on Trump because even the biggest retard has to have realized by now that he is not a genius playing multidimensional chess.


Not anytime soon they aren't, but I figure by next year they'll completely deny supporting him

Also, there really isn't an end goal, Holla Forums agrees as a collective group on almost nothing beyond racialism. It's still highly fractured into various political groups and religious lines that despise each other almost more than they despise their "enemies"


They're just extremely alienated autists who respond to being made fun of for liking anime and video games with violence (usually of the symbolic sort).

TRS is memery

Holla Forums's ability to construct conspiracy theories in real time whenever they see something they don't like never ceases to amaze me.

Holla Forums - ghouls

If you expect Holla Forums to make sense, you will be disapointed. It is mostly conspiracy theorists and people who want to be edgy. Most of them have no political concerns.

The leftist uses words but leaves it up to other men to verify them. Without his circlejerk, he does not possess the slightest morsel of accurate information by himself.

This is very ironic, considering Holla Forums is more an ecochamber/safe space than Holla Forums

Have some self-respect, you failure of a man.

ok then

Holla Forums - ghouls

Porky thanks you for your cooperation.

You do realize that neo-marxist doctrine was a reaction to positivism and is, if not more so, as reliant on ideology in determining its infrastructure as radical rightists? If not please return to Beudrillard, Adorno, and Foucalt.

Well, Holla Forums is still more of echochamber than Holla Forums.

Like every leftist you refuse to either argue in good faith or to be genuinely insulting, choosing instead to be neither and nothing. Your kind exists to passive-aggressively feed off of attention and everyone else is starting to realize it. The day of the rope is coming, faggot.

8ch pol maybe
4ch pol has totally transcended dialectics

Because you totally came here looking for a serious discussion right?

I can argue honestly with anyone. Even with the ignorant fucks who claim to be against multicultiralism, but think that they can get rid of it without getting rid of the material conditions that gave rise to it in the first place (capitalism).

the leftist now changes his tune to keep the attention coming

Says the guy who is posting on a Holla Forums thread while not being a /leftist/. The irony is unstoppable.

He's just a shitposter triggered by Holla Forums's existence.

i thought this board was made for everyone who didn't like 🍀🍀🍀Holla Forums🍀🍀🍀's moderation

I don't think I'm the only user who would be very, very interested to know where in the hell you got that idea.

You don't have to be a leftist to post here

But that doesn't mean you're welcome

the fucking sticky


I have been browsing Holla Forums for some months now in order to gain insight into their thinking. While it's always hard to identify common goals for a heteromorphous group of people on an anonymous image board, the ones I think most would agree with are the following:

1. Ensuring the continued dominance of the white race by countering the demographic shift, mostly by putting a stop to immigration and turning the deportations to a maximum. A dream for many of them would be to completely rid their country of all other races, but I think most would be satisfied with a halt to the welfare that enables the rapid growth of non-whites.
2. Put a stop to globalism and the exploitive ways of the multinational corporations, the most prominent of those being the banks of course. Their hatred of these institutions probably rivals Holla Forums's, but it's combined with a strong racial component as they see Jews as the most prominent threat to the white race. Since most banks and megacorporations are often owned by Jews, it's easy to see how those two aspects can be combined.
3. Though in a way a synthesis of the two former points, a clear goal of theirs is to protect their own cultural identity by countering the push for multiculturalism.

What one has to keep in mind is that most anons of Holla Forums are highly tribalistic and feel that their in-group is under threat. Their core drive is to create a better world for themselves and their kin, which they simply define as white people, no matter the cost to other races. Seen from an evolutionary perspective, it is actually a very natural outlook. If you are ever in doubt of what their stance is on any given subject, just assume they will be proponents of whatever benefits their own race, their nation, or western civilization, in that order of importance.

J-just revert history, guise!

found this on imgur, is it any relevant?

Kinda. Doesn't include the conspiracy theories on the Holla Forums side.

The end game is to have a white state, then we can talk about other stuff like economy, system of government and the social well being of a people

blaming women and minorities for their failures while seeking pride and some sens of self worth by taking credits for the achievements of "their kind".

its not a goal by itself as much as a desperate attempt to give value to their lives

Nice priorities.

What did he mean by this?

Sure you did redditor

The red pill style of thinking. Freeing yourself and your loved ones from jewish mind control.

The end game is that all of the nerds on Holla Forums who cheer lead for fascists have their bones ground into cement mix and incorporated into Antarctic bathyspheres by Peter Thiel and Elon Musk

those issues are directly impacted by demographic issues and racial issues

They may be impacted, but they are CAUSED by capitalism itself. They are things that would just not exist in a socialist society.


Yeah, maybe if you remove enough minorities, capitalism will erase its inherent contradictions and you'll achieve True Capitalism™ with Aryan Characteristics

If Autism Level data is the true metric of a race's right to live as so many on Holla Forums contend, why should the white "race" be preserved? They are clearly inferior to East Asians, Indian diaspora, and Ashkenazim in terms of socioeconomic achievement and fluid intelligence.

Is this Hoochie?

No I just like the flag

They don't really care about Autism Level. When they imagine other races, they imagine them as beasts who are going to defile the innocence of pure white women and they see it as a duty for this not to happen. They are all about the feels.

I don't know besides the fact that one wants to live in a state resembling 1939 Third Reich Germany or even 1400s Holy Roman Empire, and the other group wants to live a state that probably more closely resembles 1980s USA.

There is none, you should take it all with a grain of salt. Most of them are just in for the lulz.

Personally I don't believe in anything. I guess there are many more, who think like this. It is just a game.

BTW Isn't it sad, that a real ideology gets fucked over by a satirical ideology? What does that say of the current state of world?

Praise kek. ^_^


How did you even end up on this site, kid?

You should ask the board itself.

Was he banned for saving the Chaos God's name in vein?

Fully Automated Dick Girl Fascism, Mandatory Distributed Trap GF's and glorious White Capitalist Mercantilism with a little colonialism to top it off
Yes most right wing movements are piloted by psychopaths and sociopaths, congratulations for having a functioning neo-cortex
No it is legitimate proto-fascism and reactionary thinking, mixed in with Holla Forumstier retardation and trolling. They will bring down the level of discourse tremendously as we've seen with Trump shittalking his way to the Presidency.

Autism and getting repeating digits so far

thats all kekery

half fags half nazbols, that seems accurate

I will hazard a guess that he ended up here because of gamergate since that is how this site got most of its users and traffic.

Hi Holla Forums

look at the HWNDU stream its mostly non white people LARPing

fuck I didn't know this was a thing

I actually love it. It's the only piece of tumblr culture I ever liked.
I have a thing for narratives where science and technology fuse with mysticism and esoterism



If they stopped ranting about the jews and realised it's capitalism the problem, we'd get along much better

It's a long held shame that I never got down to it.
Downing now

what cultural identity lol?

I doubt even they could tell you. It seems as though whenever I press them about 'their culture' they seem ignorant about all but the most superfluous and bourgeois aspects of it. Usually it seems to boil down to 'I just want liberalism but without the niggers and/or women'

i don't agree with ethnonationalism but i really don't get why they haven't started ethnocolonies in the north. surely that fashy spud dick denser could buy some land in montana to start it off, he's a rich boy or at least he tries to larp as one.

that mythical cultural identity of theirs tho, i might need to do some spelunking on Holla Forums

They played the short game way too hard, I would not have bet on Trump.

Worked in 1933
(By which I mean Glass-Steagall, not the other thing, although if the other thing was the only option… in a world of billions, what're 50-80 million to get another 20 good years followed by 10 of stagnation, 30 of decline, a big war, 20 good years..?)

If national governments had the will, they could've implemented a bancor-style system already (it was mooted in 2008.) to ensure balanced trade, but they won't. they lack the will.