So why does the far-left and far-right become friends in prison so much?

So why does the far-left and far-right become friends in prison so much?

Ted and Tim were BFFs despite being on the opposite ends of the political spectrum. Is it camaraderie when imprisoned by the government?

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I gotta admit it's a really good quote when you are about to shuffle off the mortal coil.

Ted Kaczynski despised leftists.

why is that homeless man next to a picture of eminem?


Is Ted the most reactionary person in existence?

He's the ultimate combination of far-left and far-right combined into one transcendent superhuman.

You gotta form an alliance to avoid getting raped by niggers.

Kaczynski hated the way modern leftism was structured. He was an anarcho-primitivist through and through.

Take a right-wing and left-wing extremist. Have Porky throw them into a supermax prison where you spend 23 hours a day in pic related under constant watch so you can't kill yourself and be free. Sentence one to death and the rest to life in prison.

Both of these inmates are going to engage in discussion to avoid going insane in the hour they have outside of their cells. Eventually they'll form a very close friendship despite disagreeing on everything politically related. They are both united against the government that has imprisoned them.

After a couple of years, finally execute one of the inmates. The other will feel incredibly lonely and sad for losing his greatest friend.

When he says Modern Leftist or Leftist, he means the Idpolfags, Democrats, Liberals, and so on who co-opted Leftism. Not once in the Manifesto does he criticize the past Leftists, those of the early 20th century, and he specifically leaves it to the reader to come to conclusions about past Leftists.

Because the horseshoe theory isn't a theory.

Anarcho primitivism still really isn't leftist despite being anti capitalist(in a very reactionary way)

jesus christ. death truly is not even closest to being the worst thing in life

i'd just rip apart my shirt and pants into pieces of fabric, tie them together to form a makeshift rope and hang myself on the metal bars hoping the guards are too busy eating their doughnuts or fapping to porn to notice

yep, asphyxiation is a good way to go
Just tie yourself to something while standing up and kneel down, or tie yourself to something while kneeling down and lay down. By applying pressure gradually over time you should get comfortable enough to press enough to knock yourself out to where you wont be able to get up and die of suffocation.

What is it then? Right-Wing politics aren't necessarily actually reactionary, and if they were Anarcho-Primitivism still wouldn't fit because it has nothing to do with the social environment. Is Agrarianism reactionary?

*Right-Wing politics aren't necessarily socially traditional.

Oh man, this is a complex one! Maybe, just maybe, being so drastically outnumbered in prison, white people see it in their best interests to stick together to survive.

It's almost like politics is shaped by material conditions.

yeah but it's way harder in adx florence

Word of Knott’s death spread in the quiet ways news occasionally escapes from ADX. Whispers pass between guards and inmates as food trays are handed in and out of slots in cell doors. Prisoners communicate by “kites,” written notes cast with string along cement floors under cell doors or wrapped in plastic and passed through toilets through carefully choreographed flushing. >Prisoners allude to policy changes, suicide attempts and suicides in letters, many of which are written in cryptic language that may or may not make it past the guards who censor the mail going out of and coming into the prison. Some inmates also pass word to the family members or legal advocates who occasionally visit from all corners of the country and globe. ADX has housed dozens of notorious convicts, including Zacarias Moussaoui, Ramzi Yousef, Richard Reid, Ted Kaczynski, Eric Rudolph and Tery Nichols.

you just have to be lucky enough to die before the guards notice. it's a gamble

Honestly having a quote from a mediocre normie movie as last words is pretty sad.

The quote was from the poem, not the movie that came out years after he was executed.

Is this bait or are you actually this much of a fucking pleb?

Kaczynski was not a leftist and he admitted as much.

Kaczynski and McVeigh are actually not that far away from each other ideologically. They both embraced a radical but inevitably impotent "anti-establishment" worldview that could end in nothing but senseless destruction. They should have read more Bookchin.

Kaczynski and McVeight shared a cell with Hispanic crime lord Luis Felipe and Middle-Eastern terrorist Ramzi Yousef.

What's your point?

Kaczynski shat on the modern left because it was hijacked by liberals and other garbage. It still is. He subscribes to anarcho-primitivism.

They shared the same row of cells, not the same cell.

That's exactly why he wasn't a leftist

this Ted not only fundamentally disliked Leftism, most of what he believed was extremely right wing eco-fascist level shit. If you follow any amount of frogtwitter discourse on twitter they love Ted. Absolutely adore the man, as do I (but for different reasons). Ted hated the left wing, especially people who thought races were equal and that we should protect the weak or that women should be free from gender roles. Ted literally wanted us back as hunter gatherers/small tribal bands where women weaved, raised children and collected food all day while men hunted, fished and made war/devices for transport or food storage. That's pretty far right wing if you ask me

Why don't you do the mental legwork and connect the dots for us darling?

I could go on, but I assure you he hates you sincerely.

while i doen agree with his luddite form of anarchism i think his comments on modern liberals is spot on almost zizekian… he says
"Thus, astute observers of human affairs know that the powerful classes of a society can most effectively defend themselves against rebellion by using force and direct repression only to a limited extent, and relying mainly on manipulation to deflect rebellion. One of the most effective devices used is that of providing channels through which rebellious impulses can be expressed in ways that are harmless to the system. For example, it is well known that in the Soviet Union the satirical magazine Krokodil was designed to provide an outlet for complaints and for resentment of the authorities in a way that would lead no one to question the legitimacy of the Soviet system or rebel against it in any serious way.

But the “democratic” system of the West has evolved mechanisms for deflecting rebellion that are far more sophisticated and effective than any that existed in the Soviet Union. It is a truly remarkable fact that in modern Western society people “rebel” in favor of the values of the very system against which they imagine themselves to be rebelling. The left “rebels” in favor of racial and religious equality, equality for women and homosexuals, humane treatment of animals, and so forth. But these are the values that the American mass media teach us over and over again every day. Leftists have been so thoroughly brainwashed by media propaganda that they are able to “rebel” only in terms of these values, which are values of the technoindustrial system itself. In this way the system has successfully deflected the rebellious impulses of the left into channels that are harmless to the system"

Absolutely untrue. He disliked people who advocated for primitivism based upon those values, which he thought was ahistorical and a result of their oversocialization, but he had no problem with those values, just that freedom from the industrial-technological society was the absolute goal.
Again, he wanted freedom from the system, whatever way people chose to live after that was undecided and he never talks about.

Any revolutionary would.
Untrue. I don't recall him ever talking about feminism but if he did, he was likely referring to the bourgeois kind.
Public schools are tools of indoctrination for the prevailing system, any revolutionary would hate it.
Communism is stateless, and anarchist forms of socialism exists.
Don't recall reading that at all.
Yes, because they're contributors to the system. Mainly he targeted them as because he had to do something and to get his message out.

His philosophy isn't compatible with most ideologies, left or right, but his critiques and goals are probably closer to leftism than anything else.