Why do female right wing commentators always look like they escaped the brazzers set?

Why do female right wing commentators always look like they escaped the brazzers set?

commodified bourgeois capitalist ideals of the ideal women and the fact that the right wing prefers to treat women as eye candy, judging them on appearance rather than ability

OK maybe Lauren Southern, Megyn Kelly and whoever that girl in the bottom middle is. But Tomi looks like she got whacked a dozen too many times with the retard stick, Ann Coulter looks like the least-passing tranny of all time, and Kellyanne Conway looks like a meth addict.

So yeah they look like the escaped the brazzers set.

They look like they're all related and the result of inbreeding

because they know their core demographics

Ann Coulter looks like female Ted Danson.

They're all thin, white, and dyed their hair platinum. None of them are natural blondes - they're all grossly insecure and justify it through reinforcing the societal standards they impose on themselves to make themselves feel better. something something big other

stop body shaming


Kellyanne is Jersey Shore trailer trash and Coulter's features are a little too harsh, but the rest are gorgeous.

The amount of jelly in this thread could keep Smucker's in business for the next decade.

Why don't you go back to reddit, liberals.

r/socialism hello

Generally porn stars are picked for some degree of attractiveness so really you aren't contradicting OP it all

Wow it's almost like you have no ability to distinguish natural attractiveness from makeup.

Man I can't even tell if it's satire at this point.


WTF? All of them except maybe Lauren Souther are fucking ugly, especially Ann Coulter

They're secret Targaryens of the Blackfire line.

Megyn is 10/10 especially with the short hair she had this election. I'd pay to be bullied by her. That CNN girl in pink is hot, but just about the dumbest bitch ever, I mean she is such an idiot she makes Don Lemon look smart and engaging.

Coulter was the originator of "the angles" the way she has to contort herself into ungodly positions to make herself look half way decent is sad. Kellyanne looks like a serial domestic abuse victim and recovering alcoholic. She acts like both every time she opens her mouth too. Lauren is one missing pay check away from a revenge shoot at Blacked.

I would like to see Lauren Southern get spit roasted by BBC. Would give Holla Forums a heart attack

I knew you faggots were a bunch of cucks.

I just laughed for 10 minutes over this post

I'm PRETTY SURE lauren southern isn't dating that user


it's not 2am here so I'm not in a stupid enough mood to laugh for 10 minutes, but I too visibly cackled at this comment.

Someone's either a kike or a faggot…

left wing ladies are ugly great argument

Lol Holla Forumss feelings are hurt

Demeaning attractive white women by likening them to prostitutes only serves to highlight your own effeminate nature. You're clearly more mentally in competition with women than men. Hell, you probably have a pair of pink lace panties on right now. Faggot…

You only have yourselves to blame Holla Forums the blacked memes have made us start to see every white women as a potential candidate for the site.

Didn't realize it was this easy to nootyblast Holla Forumsyps

And y'all fuckers say asians all look the same lmfao

No clue what you're talking about. The only one I've ever seen was the one where [insert target's head] is plastered next to a negro's thigh with its hand on the person. It's also usually a guy being posted in the image.

Am I on Xbox Live playing COD4 again?

There is an ongoing rule in life you should always follow.

No matter what you think, no matter what in your gut you feel, no matter what anyone says, no matter if they're even related to you

never trust a blonde bitch with this haircut for your life, they're the physical manifestation of Azazel and will stab you in the back. They are Ayn Rand come back into flesh

Yea well, I hope ur mom gets spit roasted by a bunch of BBC's

No idea what that is. Maybe spend less time on pornhub…

Did you start browsing image boards last week? For the past two years I've seen the phrase "blacked when" so many times I thought it had replaced "hello" as the most accepted form of universal English greeting.


About a year and a half. Maybe blacked is big on Holla Forums, but I haven't seen it heavily memed anywhere else.

What is wrong with a black man fucking a white woman

How vanilla can you be?

Appearance is a strong asset in media.
Exploit all your strengths if you want to win, sexuality is one of the strongest.

Actually it gets mentioned here the least on halfchan and Holla Forums Holla Forums, Holla Forums and Holla Forums it is near constant though.

About the same thing that's wrong with a dog fucking a white woman. Peak depravity.

Well I never see it on Holla Forums, save for the one I mentioned. I also don't go on 4chan because it's a multi-ethnic shit-hole filled with retardation. I also avoid non-political boards.

How are those two comparable tho?

I have to say Holla Forumsyps are making me think they might be…….sociopaths……….

Way the fuck ahead of you on that one.

Give him a break. He's a pure, morally upstanding Christian, crusading against the ebil minorities.
They don't teach that shit in Sunday school.

A negro is an animal. The sole reason sex with negro is fetishized is because, regardless of your supposed political leanings or how open to the inane notions of "equality" you are, in your subconscious you still view it as dirty and depraved and naughty. You see a white woman demeaning and degrading herself for the explicit purposes of achieving sexual pleasure. Same reason people enjoy bestiality.

Just realized that? Anyway, Holla Forums is usually tsundere for dark skin and would fuck black girl in a heartbeat.


Look he used the humans vs. orcs argument again


You're not even really Holla Forums my dude. But I know, it's fun larping as an internet nazi for "teh lulz".

Gross, she's wearing some little Indian girl's hair instead of her own.

I get off to it because you all think that.


I agree, black girls with afros and dreadlocks are ten times better.

The sad thing is it creates the post irony effect.
If you really wanted to fuck Holla Forums then you start a campaign of shitposting progressively more tinfoil level right wing ideology, and due to poes law it will be indistinguishable from other Holla Forumslacks, newfags will adopt it and oldfags will shift to it due to social proof.
I bet that's what the real shills are doing.

I've actually conditioned myself to be repulsed by the sight of a black woman's vagina and nipples. I can't view them sexually in the least anymore. I see them as genetic shortcomings. I've completely overcome all childhood television propaganda which enforced notions of equality and diversity and the like. I'm white. I can co-exist for the sake of survival (although the end goal is rightfully homogeneity). But to my core I'm repulsed sexually by them. As for Holla Forums in general, your statement assumes Holla Forums is white. It's not. There's plenty a mud or Jew floating around. There are some legitimate white nationalists, like myself. Not the be mistaken for The media bogeyman that is the alt-right, meant to deter people from accepting Right-wing ideals. The usual propaganda.

I don't believe in souls, I believe in genetics.

Nope, I'm not a Nazi, and I recently got a 2 week ban on Holla Forums for disregarding their incessant Hitler LARPing. No different from the incessant Comrade LARPing on here.

My apologies here is white vagina and tits.

You don't. You believe wholeheartedly in every sense of the word in the super natural. If you did believe in genetics you would have a completely different notion of just what "race" is. Basically, you do not have your culture as a physical and/or inherent trait.

Dreadlocks suck and afros are another hair style, you can have natural hair and not styled into an afro.

This is the true horseshoe theory

They are, capitalism doesn't work for them like it does for attractive females.

Fake blonde fair truly looks godawful, anyways only Lauren Southern looks """passable"""

For the sake of an argument let's say that climate change makes basically the whole world prime malaria grounds.
Wouldn't it have been better to mix enough that there are people with both significant portions of white genes but ALSO the sickle cell anemia gene that makes black people more resistant to malaria?

It won't be under socialism

I think you are a self hating black man, Holla Forums


Most right wing women are midwest shart in mart tier or children of the corn blonde Christians

Neither of which anyone is particularly attracted to

We should start a meme campaign called "Operation Spitroast"

It will be about photoshopping notorious female right wingers on Blacked porn and spreading them throughout the internet. This is obviously what alt righters and stormfags are the most insecure about.

they'll be jerking off so hard they won't have time to post

That's a fucking great idea albeit quite a bit "brocialist"

yeah lets photoshop bruises on them too to show how fucking worthless those dumb cunts are lol

See everyone! We haven't even started the campaign and they're already starting with the asspain.

This is true. The New Soviet Man is incapable of becoming horny

What's your favorite CTH episode?

lauren southerns is pretty and i want to fugg her mouth

This will play into their hands. That's the last thing you want to do, to make fun of their ultimate paranoia. Plus it will only further their rage and see you as decadent shitposters. You can't out-pig a pig when it sits in its shit, and this is their shit. This is their ultimate desire-machine, the fact that they fear and hate what they see because it threatens them: they desire to hate because they thrive on it; besides a few cynical assholes like Weev or Matt Forney, the rest are too blinded by their emotions to do anything logical or subtle about it.

The point about making fun of their conspiracies, that's more subtle and a better strategy: its about winning through psychoanalysis. Get them to believe more progressively stupid shit in terms of conspiracy politics until they themselves realize its stupid and start engaging in real critique of their ideologies, cause sooner or later even they will want their ideology to maintain a decent level of logical consistency.

Something like a Pizzagate but 10x worse, and believable. Create a shitstorm of fake news for them that they believe would be plausible and then show them the source. Shooped shit will not work; we will need to pump the right-wing media for this as well.

A real coup would be to troll Breitbart into believing any sort of "left-wing conspiracy." If we could meme that John Oliver is planning to assassinate Donald Trump, that could get really interesting. His cable commercials were really good, too.

Because right wingers are tacky faggots with no understanding of female aesthetics (the ONE thing the left has always been superior at is feminine aesthetics). There natural hatred of women causes them to slice their faces up, stick toxic chemicals in their tits and paint their faces like they're dolls. Its rather disgusting and unbecoming but that's reactionaries, they're disgusting and unbecoming. Lauren legitimately looks like 5 different thots form my HS


never defend a thot, especially Lauren Southern you filthy swine

This. All of this holy shit. Indulging in these particular kind of memes would play into their confirmation bias, despite the fact that it's they who keep making these "blacked" shit. Never forget the Bernie Sanders clip from fucking Murdoch Murdoch himself.

Anyways, let them continue with their "totally ironic I swear" miscegenation memes; they practically make our ammunition in proving the inconsistency of their ideology

would make sweet love with the top right woman

project harder, sissy

I think… you're just projecting your cuck fetish onto others, Holla Forums.

Whatever you say, josé


Laura Southern and Milo Kikeopoulous are both Jewish. Holla Forums wouldn't care.

Actually, I agree, except for the "a negro is an animal" part. There's probably an inner racist in all of you cuckold porn lovers.

Ayn Rand was beautiful imo. Those women OP posted are just generic bimbos under 100 layers of make up.

Underrated post

Yet even the media has moved forward and tries to focus more on ability and less on slutty worthless sluts unlike the right wingers.

right wing women value their femininity more and are better looking
Compared to the hairy pits and no make up feminists on the left.

Basically the right wing are the jocks and the left wing are the fag nerds.


Also aren't conservative women just pretty much everything Holla Forums secretly hates in women?

neither the liberal or conservative women in that pic are attractive

really makes you think

Holy shit why are all Holla Forumsacks too fucking lazy to read the FAQ?

right wing women endorse traditional gender roles, they are open about wanting a masculine man who is a man.

Leftwing women fight against their nature and hook up with a left wing beta while secretly wanting to fuck the jock

women want men who lead, not worship



So, it means they will never date you.
Spoken like a true beta virgin faggot

Wow. Sexist much?

I'm just in this thread for the porn at this point


Because they know people are retarded enough to buy it.


I can tell you don't spend much time around women, pic related does not look good up close.

This is just a casual reminder that you have never actually seen these women, because they wear a literal mask all day long.

Nah I'm kidding, intellectual property is a spook

Didn't her and her family turn up to a wedding uninvited and start a brawl?


? What?

I'm only trusting them with my dick

i dont understand how she got a commentator job, fucking hell.

speaking of CNN, am I the only one who gets the impression the hosts and anchors are pretending to be retarded to be able to deal with the guests?