Revolution in the Philippines lads

Revolution in the Philippines lads

how hyped are you

Lol did duterte shot the bed?

do they have a chance or are they fucked?No doubt if they were close to taking too much control good ol' CIA will step in.Good luck to them and all but it's global revolution or nothing

No maoists guerrilla in the world today is in conditions of being more than a nuisance unfortunately. Same as with most other the npa lost their chance when they got kicked out of the cities.

how did leftypol not even notice these guys exist

How read-up are you on events in minor countries in parts of the world with little relevance to you? I'm not saying it's not a problem, but there could be commie movements gaining steam in a lot of places we don't know about.

This is meme material.

hell yeah bitch

damn thats a really large territory

brb packing my bags

they hold no real power other than being constant low level insurgents who keep getting destroyed

These guys are Maoists right?

I wonder how this'll turn out.

they'll be crushed.Even if,and that's a big if,they'll become like every other 'Socialist' state of the last century with a US blockade,mass inequality,CIA ops,and authoritarianism


lol did duterte shot the bed???


this weirdly-punctuated post is certainly not damage control


Yes! There is justice in the world!

This is probably going to turn out badly.

that's like half of your userbase

dub dubs wasted on a Holla Forumsyp


They're successful in their revolution and the CIA has to do fuck all for them to fuck their own shit up.

They gonna shoot Jim?

I hope they chop Duterte's head off and make the streets run red with faggot right wing paramilitary blood

They need pork to feed themselves.

I hope they go as far as assassinating Duterte. Fuck Flip Porky

you do realize the maoists are just going to be slaughtered right? These autistic communist guerrillas never get into power just in a stupid stale mate forever. Just look at the zapatistas. The mexican government could just go in and slaughter them but they don't pose a major threat.


let me guess: a surprisingly strong offspring of the muslim brotherhood has suddenly sprung into existence and the CIA has absolutely nothing to do with it.

oh, i see it's Maoists. then duterte is probably just paranoid and killing civilians.

No, wait.

1) They're Maoists
2) The Philippines is an overwhelmingly Catholic nation

it's obviously CIA.
Duterte is a comrade.

looking forward to the tankie takes calling Maoists agents of US imperialism against the anti imperialist Duterte


Too late

I thought he was a nationalist?

Interesting though, I recall reading that this guy actually publicly dared the CIA to assassinate him. Balls of brass.

8ch belongs to an american company.

keep rooting for useful idiots, mongs.
I bet you also supported FSA and the Libyan "rebels".

We supported the YPG/SDF

What doesn't belong to an american company ?

Oh no what will hotwheels do now ?

He'll have to maintain the website



The shareholders (May Their Interests Be Protected)


They wouldn't have created multi-ethnic forces like the SDF and openly recruited foreign volunteers if they were.


I think I know why socialism failed in China

Its an american company as in. IF something happens to jim or hotwheels in the Philippines. 8ch will be fine as it's owned by an American company and is hosted in CA.

It's a private company.

Hitler had foreign volunteers too

Doesn't mean areas where commies control unfortunately, just areas where there are active militant rebellions

YPG aren't anything like the fucking Nazis.

They're both sjws


nah the NPA are pretty well liked among MLs

It all makes sense now.

mostly not but they are both ethnonationalists

he is a left wing anti-imperialist nationalist

They have chance of becoming china's vassal state which might let them have socialism. Or am I being too delusional here?

How can anyone be this much of a meme?

Aye but Hitler didn't have half of his army non-German nor did he declare Germany a poly-ethnic state and nor did he have quotas for non-Germans.
Because we all know that Rojava is the first socialist poly-ethnic SJW right-wing ethnonationalist state.

Not at all, but Maoists are quite fond of referring to these clowns and the Naxalites to pretend they're relevant. But I guess we don't have a lot of those here.

Revolution will fail if it's not global

Lenin banners in 2017, how nostalgic.


I know you guys accuse Holla Forums of living in their own little world but come on, be rational.

t. scrotum of durete

It's cliche as fuck but asking non-rhetorically anyway: why do you hate freedom?

beat me to it

Riker from Star Trek proved this.

atp I'd be happy with Site Goblin returning


who does this?

Drugs poison the working class.
It turns fellow workers into useless lumpens.
Dutertes methods may be harsh but it's understandable if you don't want to end up like freaking Mexico


crazy people

Someone can give me some context?

Maoists in the Philippines.They have quite a bit of support and they're armed.Honestly though they have no chance to overthrow the government