Marxists will defend this

Marxists will defend this

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What are you reading OP?

It's from The Third Revolution by Bookchin. Not sure which volume, just stumbled upon it when looking for info on Mahkno. on makhno&source=bl&ots=vxHATxBdxo&sig=mG3HD4NtNAU2Vn6w2kW4oIfdu3k&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjewY2IkJbSAhVT3mMKHWvJCbk4ChDoAQgcMAE#v=onepage&q=bookchin on makhno&f=false
Found it. It's volume 3. Scroll up a bit and you'll find the passage.

That's no defense for 'capitalism with a socialist face' aka marketsucc

Who's even talking about market "socialism"?


lel no

I thought he was a mutualist and that's what that was? I don't know, whatever

He's a MUNICIPALIST, not a mutualist.

Lenin was a racist western and white supremacist who hated gays.(USER WAS SENT BACK TO R/SOCIALISM FOR THIS POST)


The entire movement is trash and has always been trash. Lenin in his most antidemocratic moments was just being a consistent Bakuninist.

When will people grow up and realise Leninism is the only way to ever get anything done?

Anarchism is weak and will never ever survive.

Google Murray Bookchin

From the little I've seen about Bookchin on here, I think I'd really fucking like his ideology. Plus he's comfy looking old man.

But I remember seeing some shit that made it look like he had weird views about humans and nature or something idk. If you know what I'm talking about, pls clarify it.

Also, since I'm new, should I start with Marx or Murray? Does it matter?

Start with the greeks tbh

Murray is more accessible and builds off of marx. He has a fundamentally different interpretation of history and anthropology from Marx, replacing Marx's materialism with Naturalism instead. If you want to get straight into his dialectics and view of history then read The Ecology of Freedom. Here's a link to it.

Or you can not be an idealist and start with Machiavelli instead


Anarchism and Ecology is weak.

Statist Ecosocialism

Vanguard 1: let's stuff our pockets with petrodollars

Vanguard 2: hmm but maybe the people should have a say…scientists say that in a centu-

Vanguard 1: ok but who gives a shit. we won't be around in a century anyway.

Vanguard 2: i guess you're right

Environment: well, fuck me

Think I got a glimpse of it, but could you explain his theory in simple terms, and explain how it's different from Marx's.

I thought "The Next Revolution" is basically an introduction to his stuff


Bullshit. Everybody knows Lenin and Trotsky experimented with each other in college

Pathetic. Read Bookchin.

Tankies can't have any conversation ever without resorting to whataboutism

r/Communalists has a lot of helpful resources in regards to this:

This differs from historical materialism which put's emphasis on modes of production, or put another way the "production and reproduction of real life. "

Oh definitely. The Ecology of Freedom is the meat of his anthropology and dialectics, that's all.

Thank you. One more question: is it true that in trying not to be too reductionist, Bookchin didn't mention class much?


He saw "class" as being more inclusive then merely a matter of relationship to the means of production. He saw class as it relates to hierarchy and domination, in the sense that bourgeois are still the enemy, but so are hierarchs in general, and the proletariat still needs liberation, but so does everyone else subjected to unjust hierarchy and domination