Will there be pakis is socialist England? Not a troll, I'm genuinely curious

Will there be pakis is socialist England? Not a troll, I'm genuinely curious

why wouldn't there be

social darwinism is retarded.

That being said I don't give af. If no one causes any trouble than they will be fine.

I don't really think the hand wringing liberals are the people posting 'darwin award' shit, I dunno.

did that kid die or something

the white one

any kind of socialism where England still exists isn't worth fighting for.

That pic with the African kid and vulture is so disturbing. The vulture is just biding its time, waiting for that black boy to die so that it can feed on its carcass.

spotted the momentum

What is supposed to be the message of this image? It doesn't make sense and I'm genuinely curious.

Wow thanks for the summary you fucking autist


anti (this race/sexuality of people) is idpol.they're proletariat,they're exploited,they can help us take the means of production hence they're one of us.And deporting them post revolution to Pakistan is just ethnic nationalism and well,we'd have killed all those fuckers in the revolution so it doesn't matter what they want

I think you understand it but your brain is trying to shield you from the stupid.

this is the level of discourse of far right loonies. you have an internet connection, I'm surprised you aren't more used to this.

I gotta admit that it's fucking depressing to see that people think this way though.

Islamic religion and islamic cultures are incompatible with leftism and socialism.


Paki rape gangs.


are Holla Forums false flagging under the leftcom flag now?I bet you're some fuck from burgerstan who has no idea about britain.mate I live in west london and we have more Pakis and Indians down the highstreet than whites,know how many of them are in rape gangs?more or less none.Not to mention you're obviously Holla Forums because you'd know leftists are pro gun and a rape gang would be shot by the peoples militia

no dude, literally the whole of urban britain is a no go zone now where white women are afraid to tread

Yes. Tons. Even more than before in fact because the global revolution will ensure that.

You're only just noticing this?

leftcoms,as much as I hate their non action, actually used to make good posts.shame tbh

yeah same I went to a pretty poor and multicultural school, never really had any problems