After listening to Zizek's views on Trump, the immigration crisis, LGBT issues and political correctness...

After listening to Zizek's views on Trump, the immigration crisis, LGBT issues and political correctness. I am convinced he is a reactionary. He seems to have a deep love/desire for fascism.

Anyone else get these vibes from him? I feel he might be a fascist subverting the intellectual left for money and power.

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A bit off-topic, but is agrarianism reactionary?


You're just retarded.

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A couple of articles dealing with this very issue.

i think he knows the lunacy of social conservatism but cant fight the gut instinct

He isn't reactionary he just doesn't suck idpol dick 24-7 and sees it as the tool for capitalism it is quickly becoming.

His views on Trump were the same as Jimmy Dore's. I call it the Dore-Zizek make lemonade out of Dons ascendancy hypothesis. They just think the left would fall asleep under Clinton, the economy would crash and everyone would blame "leftist policies." Now everyone hates Trump and rightfully hates all the same bad policies Clinton would have and is actively fighting against them. They're blaming republicans and corpratist dems as they should. They aren't pro-Trump they just thought he might be the best outcome of a shit election cycle that gave us no real choice.

social conservatism is the final red pill for those with a black band in theory

What the hell caused this massive reddit influx?

Rendering unto Caesar and all that, "left" idpol has been coopted by capital for at least 25 years.

By the by, I'm glad the us is having some backlash (although I'm dubious as to whether it will last, and in the end trump is gonna get rekt by the deep state) but if there's anyone people should blame is themselves. For months I had to endure every moron on earth complaining that both candidates were awful. Where the fuck were you tits when it was time to actually choose the candidate?

It's never more than one poster.

Pretty shitty of OP to start a thread claiming Zizek has "reactionary" views yet doesn't link to a youtube or pdf or literally anything with their own analysis of quotes.

the cat-girl drama

Zizek is the same guy that said that the refugees should come in regardless of an opposition and they call him fascists for that?

If this is teh current state of the feminized and absolutely pussified state of the left, whose basis is some abstract humanism and just hating on the rich, then we are doomed.

I don't know. It really seems like more than one person, especially the past month.

I highly doubt he is a reactionary. He is like Chomsky in that he is a professor who writes on radical ideas but who suggests fairly reformist actions.


Phil Greaves called him a fascist.

I voted Bern and then Stein. I went to Bernie rallies, I even went to one near the end of the campaign in San Bernardino when it was clear he was going to lose the primary. I made phone calls for Berine PB (admittedly not many.) I even donated money. I hung out on a reddit a site that I hate to answers peoples questions about the candidate lel.

I talked shit about Clinton so much the CIA could say "I had a complex cyber campaign against a US candidate." I watched every debate, cringed every time she said "stronger together" and saw a million takes on the election. Commented and debated every where. I did pretty much everything I could as a Neet with no social skills. While also trying to explain to people that Bernie wasn't the be all end all of politics and that capitlalism was the real problem.

I agree a lot of people sat on their hands and didn't do shit and then complained about the results, but I'm just glad the outcome was people actually giving a shit again in the end.

Aside from that I think Trump won, because Hillary lost. Meaning Hillary was such a shitty candidate on so many levels that it really didn't matter who the republican was I mean certain things about trump Certainly helped him like his perceived outsider status, but it was really Hillary's election to lose and she did.

Fuck Phil Greaves.

Zizek's shtick is that he repeatedly makes vastly exaggerated statements that are almost intentionally misleading and when pressed on that he comes up with flimsy explanations of what he actually meant. For example when it comes to Trump he went on record saying he sees it as the lesser evil, would not have voted Hillary and can see potential good in Trump. This produced headlines and he spent the following weeks clarifying that he does not support Trump, is "absolutely terrified" of him, but can see a potential for leftist organization as a result of a Trump win. Every issue you read about with him has unfolded in this way.

I like the things he has to say sometimes but can't help but feel he is an unstable child desperate for attention.

Phil Greaves thinks Pizza Gate is real and that Assad is better than the YPG. There is no reason to take what he says seriously especially considering he looks like wojak.

Democrat detected

as someone who doesn't live in the us I always thought hillary had the elections in her purse. At some point the tinfoil hat in me started whispering that maybe trump whas a sham to ensure hillary would win. It's so ridiculous that she lost, and at the same time it was to be expected.

What the fuck is this blue-pilled bullshit?

Why are people bumping this? Why are you giving serious responses to obvious bait?

I don't doubt that the rich do pedo shit but pizzagaters unironically think that a pizza place in Washington DC is a front for it and if you go in and order a cheese pizza topped with basil they'll give you an Italian child

You weren't on 4/pol/ during Podesta leaks, were you.

Why would I ever go to cuckchan pol


I think a lot of people believed that and her hand in elevating trump, lends some credence to the idea.

The funny thing is i think they did cheat for her in some states like Florida in the general but they underestimated how much vote tampering they really had to do and she ended up losing anyway. I live in one of the most conservative parts of California and my county was the first to go instantly blue for Clinton when the polls for this state started coming in to the associated press. You do the math.

lel what

There's a point where coincidences and weirdness are too much and we have clearly past it.

And there are people that still take wsws seriously.

Is there a video or text where zizek talks about putin?


You're a fucking idiot and none of those things have anything to do with socialism

Give us the rundown bud

afaik a small ass pizzajoint is the hub for a bourgy pedo ring and that just sounds silly

Read Bordiga.

Sounding silly doesn't make it not true. Donald Trump is president of the United States after all.


You're just a nazbol trying to ruse us, aren't you?

Yes, any desire to return to prior social arrangements/modes of production is reactionary is the truest sense of the term.

Glad to know it's reactionary to want Catalonia to be anarchist again.

That never sounded silly to me - burgers are all politically retarded. America gave up all international respect and standards when they elected fucking Nixon. Everyone since has been just as big a joke.

Attack our military-industrial complex but third worlders have no right to attack our intelligentsia.

If you fucking had one you wouldn't be in this mess! There is no American intelligentsia

Wow it sure is impressive that the U S A happens to be the best at [thing] according to their own standards despite lagging far behind the rest of the actual first world.

You must be blind to geopolitics or willfully ignorant in this case. How exactly would you explain U.S. hegemony without intellectual capital being factored in? Just because your conception of the average American being ignorant fits your narrative, doesn't mean its true. As I've stated now with source included, 7 out of the top 10 Universities are within the U.S.A. The U.S. also features the top performing university out of the entire world. If you fail to understand how intellectual capital influences a superstructure, please leave the board and study before posting again.

The only reactionary here is you

Maybe you should take a moment to think about what you're writing, because the whole point here is that bourgeois society will produce politically retarded "intelligentista" because anything else would be a threat. Measuring or ranking these arms of the ruling class by metrics that operate within the ideology of the ruling class could not even in theory tell you anything about whether these institutions have value beyond that ideology.

Nice rorschach test, liberal


Give those universities some credit, they pump out some effective capitalist inteligentsia. They're just opposed to our desired socio-economic system is all, due to misinformation, propaganda, and practically religious levels of ideology.

zizek is an anti-humanist

lurk more

this ancom!

There's something called Brain Drain or Human Capital Flight, when high skilled individual flee from their country because of political reasons. Albert Einstein, who fled from Germany because of the nazis, is a great example.

But the example i like to give on this occasion is of the south america during the time of the dictatorships. Dictatorships who were put in power by the US and that caused a lot of Human Capital to flee or get exiled. So, it really means nothing for me when you put a list of greatest universities of the world, but fail to understand how your country got where it is now.

Who do you think is going to those schools? Average voters? Or economically muh privileged trust fund kids who've never had to work a day in their life? The American elites and capitalism in general do not want the average American to be well educated.

t. liberal

Zizek is /ourguy/

I like Zizek even more now!

Checks out.

What is it with tankies on every site except this one always calling everything fascist yet our tankies are borderline Nazbols like 90% of the time?

Whoa an email with weird wording, whoaaaaaaaa

I feel this is basically just Zizek's technique to make you think. He takes a widely accepted opinion, then goes "but what I claim is the exact opposite" and details the flaws of this piece of conventional knowledge and how the opposite might actually be true. I don't think he's always right, but it's a good way to get people to question the "obvious" and see if maybe there's something more going on.

hey Holla Forumstard

It's like these people turn off his lectures the moment he makes a statement without listening to his reasoning.


I disagree with this theory of Zizek that I'll call the "Sam Harris technique." Zizek has a very consistent philosophy from book to book and talk to talk.

His positions on Trump and Idpol has never really changed nor has he rescinded it even under immense pressure to do so and whiny liberals barking at him and saying the election was his fault lel. Elaborations aren't always "walking back an argument" in the sense of changing the goal posts of your own beliefs to be more tenable to the public. He just has to keep explaining the same shit over and over, so the endless elaborations look like an excuse when really it's him responding to external badgering. There probably is some intended edge for charismatic reasons and it's just the nature of his theatrics, but he hasn't really fundamentally changed his positions on anything major regarding the issues op brought up.


There is literally norhing that can happen in the Right-wing shithole that is Reagan's America which will not be blamed on "muh gommies" or "muh leftism."

Also see the 2008 crisis, etc.

I don't doubt capitalists ability to blame everything on everyone else, but in the minds of the average Joe voter who thinks of Trump as 3 Dick Cheneys and two Hitlers fused together it will be hard to associate his politics with "leftist" issues.

I have noticed a somewhat concerted Blitz on the traditional conservative types to start moving fast in saying that "Hitler was really a socialist meme." I see it pushed a lot more lately and I think it's them bracing for impact when Trumps star starts to crash hard as the months roll on.

I didn't say he was inconsistent, I just said he likes to turn things on their head to make you think about them more seriously. For example: the example he gave of the black market in Yugoslavia. Ostensibly it was a means of circumventing the regime and the communist economic system, but Zizek flipped this around by arguing that it was actually an integral part of the communist economy because it was the only thing preventing daily life from becoming a total mess, therefore making it a pillar of the regime's stability. That's what I meant when I said he likes to take obvious points of view and turn them around to make you question if there isn't actually something deeper going on behind the conventional logic.

What you linked is already him being in the stage where he had to explain what he really meant.

This was his initial faux pas:

Forgot to cite the question which was who he would vote for.

I don't think his position has drifted much between the two videos and even more current ones I have seen.

He thought Hillary would be bedtime for Leftists and an additional wilderness/dark age period after her ideology collapses inward as it no doubt will with the banks going full retard capitalists and the oil companies getting even more feverish to sustain their dogshit.

"The who I would vote for statement" was him being a a bit of an edge lord I'll admit, but the rest he has been pretty consistent otherwise in terms of his reasoning.

His explanation not so much, but he started the video off with a very vigorous endorsement of Trump and rejection of HRC. While in the video you linked he had to backpedal after being pressed on the issue and clarify that he would not vote for either one, but abstain from the election. Didn't watch and don't have the timestamp, but I remember it clearly.

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Because the nazbols here are former nazi's from pol who discovered they like white poor people just a little bit more than they hate other races.