They're really making a big stink over the Pewdiepie garbage

They're really making a big stink over the Pewdiepie garbage.

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who gives a fuck about any of these morbidly obese retards?

good news tbh

why are all those big youtubers on le rational man stream?I know jon tron is practically bordering on alt Reich these days but boogie is just a liberal,who seems opposed to shit sargon does

Holla Forums - Leftist Politically Incorrect e-celeb discussion

Also philip defranco is absolute cancer and I've always hated him with a passion.

I'm just sick and tired of seeing this stupid ass youtube drama by this point

We need an eceleb containment thread

Don't engage in this garbage, it's just virtue signalling for Holla Forums.


stop bumping this garbage thread you cretin

This whole Pewdiepie incident is proof that the regressive left has gotten completely out of control. Don't they realize how that literally thousands of nazis are born every time they call someone who isn't a nazi a nazi?

stop, it's fucking 2017.

sage goes into the email field when filling out the comment box,newfriends.What this does is is make it go down in the catalog because it's a shit thread that nobody want's.Please use the feature to keep the board as high quality as possible and not full of this crap

I looked into the allegations and it turns out that one of the videos they used of him being a NAZEEE was from a video about him talking about how the media lies about him and he wouldn't be surprised if they took that portion of the video out of context to call him a nazi. It was the one where he is wearing a "military" uniform and nodding to a hitler speech. Wonder how his fans will react to the wall street journal outright lying about their favorite youtuber

they wont care,because the people who read the WSJ aren't the people watching PewDiePie

well it's more like this is probably the first time a large amount of children are going to find out that the media is a bunch of lying kikes which is what I meant by that comment.
I don't really think anyone who watches pewdiepie has a WSJ sub if that's what you meant


Is boogie still a pretend "centrist?"

Tell me, would you shill for Vanilla Ice and Carlos Mencia if they got fired for saying raysis things?

he seems like a liberal who just spouts " we need to listen to both sides and make a rational decision,everybody's opinion is valid" type centrist shit from the videos I've seen over the years.Bernie bro at most

Why should I give a fuck? This is merely a feature of the free market you Pepe frogs claim to love so much: if you make your product too edgy your investors are going to fuck off.

but muh free speech,the constitution says I have free speech so I can say what i want and you must keep paying me and advertising me or you violate the constitution.
^this is actually what some chuckle fucks believe btw

I honestly hate people like this more than outright fascists and overt neoliberals. All of those are contemptible but "centrists" that just want comfort and stability are the real cancer of apathy and indecision that erodes most contemporary worthwhile political movements and ideas.


is it one guy who makes all these lol

my randomly generated one for cenk

Youtube was a mistake.

i wish i knew how to make them

???? I don't think Holla Forums has ever really believed in free speech. Subversives should have no ability to freely preach their poison. Tactically it's a mistake that the liberals haven't gotten rid of free speech in the West. Then again they do go after the careers and family of anyone who is stupid enough not to be user and steps out of line

People seriously didn't think that this would fucking happen? Why whine and cry over a known millionaire who gets payed for memespouting to 12 year olds?

There are people working real jobs paycheck to paycheck and these autists are whining over some swede who already has enough money to retire anyway.

PewDiePie didn't bitch about it,in fact he has said he understands what would happened and accepts the repercussions of his actions.These people are mad on behalf of him

They can't get rid of free speech. Constitution is too revered, it'd be impossible to encroach on it without setting off partisan alarm bells. A part of America's problem is the praise of the constitution and American myth.

What I wonder, though, is if the left were in an exceptional position of power (enough to alter or abolish the constitution, lets say), how much should the new system limit the horizon of adaptability? For instance, limiting speech in some way will obviously make illegal certain kinds of public thought. In the same way now, the constitution obviously limits economic possibilities. What would a new constitution limit? How hard would it be to change it if it was discovered that the current trajectory was a bad one?

What was "the joke" supposed to be with this shit pewds was doing? I've never watched him and I doubt he's a nazi, but what exactly was he supposed to gain from this?

He kind of bitched. He opened the video with saying he loved his jobs, and the media are a bunch of liars. That sounds a bit like bitching.

He also went on to complain for a couple of minutes about how the media liked to talk about how he was rich, but didn't mention how much he gave to charity. A funny complaint, given that the first statement isn't exactly negative. Articles about PewDiePie's wealth were neutral at worst, and a point of praise otherwise. His complaint that they wouldn't mention his charity sounds like a complaint that people weren't praising him enough, common among celebrities. To him, a "fair" media or a "healthy" media would be one that propagandizes in favor of him.

Social Media as a whole was a mistake.

Attention through controversy?

Many Western European democracies have introduced substantial curtailments of fascist or hate speech. Anyways, the brighter half of Holla Forums doesn't want a democracy, they wants monarchy/fascism/neocameralism/dictatorship

to be fair the media are a bunch of liars who went out to defame him using jokes out of context.His bitching was towards the sensationalist media misrepresenting facts as opposed to "I should be able to say what I want and have no backlash"

actually those people are his subscribers who amount to 53 million. They're the ones who actually give a shit about all of this. Everyone else is just kinda watching. Libshits think they won some kind of cultural victory. The common belief on Holla Forums was that this was really not the way to go about it.

Basically a few things happened. WSJ makes a video about PDP being a neonazi. To do this they take chunks of his videos that rob it of context (like him pointing to something that turns into a hail). They then narc on him to a studio he worked for called Maker which was bought very quietly by Disney. Disney then drops him. Youtube then goes on to cancel the 2nd season of a show he was almost done filming. Said show is as you might imagine popular amongst his fan base. They then even make it public that he no longer qualifies for the highest tier of advertisers. All of this is going to seem very unfair if you're a fan of PDP. Then you have the rest of the MSM write stories about the horrible facist PDP. Since journalism in the modern age is one of laziness and greed none of these papers really checked to see if the WSJ story was true. So now there are stories everywhere about PDP being an antisemite facist hitler which is going to seem pretty fucking wild to anyone who actually watched his vids.

So if you're coming of age with this kind of event youre going to be wondering what the fuck is happening with the media. Then for the past year you have Trump who has attacked the lugenpresse for being shitty so it's not hard to equate the two.

I know the leftists here are kind of elitists weirdly with how they won't bother with dealing with reddit or internet events but I at least have been spamming the comments of PDP vids with vaguely pro-trump comments and it's been getting received pretty well.

We're in a cultural battleground where comments online can have more weight than handing out pamphlets for a week. I will never understand how lazy you lot here are

If the god damn New York Times called you a neo-nazi you'd wish someone would stand up for you too.

It's true, but I couldn't help but notice he had a little fit of celebrity narcissism there.

yeah,of course.sure they guy has raised money but let's face it in liquid assets alone mother fucker has millions he could give away probably and not even have to think twice about it.

Yeah, this. There are a lot of people posting on this board *cough* reddit *cough* who are happy to go along with lambasting anybody who gets labeled a fascist. If Charlie Chaplin had made The Great Dictator yesterday and some dumbass on Twitter didn't understand it was satire then made a big stink, these people would be calling Chaplin a fascist.

Well I assumed that a bit but usually even trolls offer some context and pre-justification for shit like this. His explanations and defense seem pretty bare at this point.

The joke was that he was going to go on a site called fiver (I think it's spelled some dumb web 2.0 way) and try to see how outrageous of requests he could make. The one about the jews was with some Indian guys and the whole thing was "Death to all jews. subscribe to keemstar" Keemstar it seems is some other youtuber who says a lot of racist stuff. So it's an injoke for people invested in youtube drama which I guess is the main part of his fanbase. He also had some guy who dresses up like Jesus say "Hitler did nothing wrong". As someone who gets tens of millions of dollars a year I don't really think he was trying to gain anything. He just thought it was something his fans would find funny which they did. Now the media is saying that PDP is a racist neonazi so the millions of PDP fans who laughed at that video are in a bit of a conundrum right now lol

Pew pew die isn't exactly the brightest bulb. He makes obnoxious videos to entertain five year olds.

man,knows what the kids want and has build a brand and made a lot of money off of it.I don't think we should discredit entertainment purely because we aren't the target demographic

He picked an easy act and made a fuckton of money off it, that doesnt make him dumb

Most people don't care that much and do this for fun. It's more enjoyable to talk to people familiar with the basics of your ideology and who interpret your arguments charitably.

Not to look down on you or accuse you of being a pathetic tryhard, people like you move thousands.


It doesn't make him smart either. There are loads of people who make a living on youtube despite being retards.

^what this guy said. now fuck off with this youtube drama horseshit OP

His context is that he was dicking around on some retarded Web 5.0 site that lets you pay people 5 dollars to do something retarded and sending memes at people. He expected these sign holder guys to reject his request (mosy people rejected his stupid requests) The joke is that the sign guys say something offensive followed by subscribe to keemstar.

Or people just don't give enough of a shit about pewds here to care.

Felix is not an exceptional person but I don't see why it's bad that he became successful despite being ordinary.

Why shouldn't they care? Is there nothing wrong with what's happening to him? Who would it have to be for it to be wrong.

Those 53 million subscribers are most likely are middle schoolers Holla Forumsedditor.

We don't deal with Internet semen slurping matches between ecelebs. I can leave vague comments on people like Sanders and they get great reception.

Does no one read the FAQ before posting?

I didn't say he's bad or even stupid. I just said he's not that smart. Assuming he would have thought through what he does and thinking he had some ulterior motive when he can't give a good explanation for dumb behavior is the opposite of the benefit of the doubt.

He in no way suggested Holla Forums was liberal.

I didn't say that,I said it has an audience,an audience he has worked to build up.I think it's high energy shouty thrash to keep kids with short attention spans interested.Kids don't watch 'high brow' entertainment,they just want a guy to shout and tell shit jokes I don't see what is wrong with that

millions of people have just had someone they consider a "friend" (yeah that's mostly why PDP is so popular) attacked by the most powerful media organizations in the world as a fascist, racist, anti-semite. The most terrible things to be accused of in the west were thrown at one of the most popular celebrities in the country.

I don't know but I can't help but think that what happened is going to be significant

The context behind "death to all Jews, subscribe to keemstar" is that keenstar is another YouTuber who is famous for trying to get all the people watching his stream to type "Alex is s stupid nigger" in chat.

Photoshop, my friend. Liquefy, Some content aware fill. If video, After Effects.

do people really care about this shit?

He's toned it down a lot since he first started tbh.

I care. Why shouldn't I care? Is what is happening to him okay?

people say this,but now he's just move from 12 year olds to edgy 15 year olds,which is why this whole supposed 'drama' is happening in the first place

They were mostly middle schoolers 4 years ago when he started to get big. Now his audience has a lot of high schoolers/early college (and new middle schoolers). Like this is the segment of the population you want to radicalize if you can. If someone can swallow one truth (lying kike media) then they're already going to be so divorced from the mainstream that the others come much more easily.

he's a richfag who will lose some money for saying something stupid. how is that important?

Hes losing money because he's being branded falsely branded a nazi by the WSJ and the NYT. It's a little important. Would what is happening to him only be wrong if he worked a wage job?

Watering down terms like "fascist" and "nazi" is a really bad thing because it makes them harder to fight. It's hard to fight anything when you can't call a spade a spade. "Fascist" has already become meaningless. "Nazi" is very close.

What do you think of neoreaction?

Ivory tower retards who think they're going to be the new aristocracy. A nation should exist for the people not the other way around. I would say in a revolution they need to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

The world will be a bleak one if AI is invented/funded by an NRx type

States are greenhouses for growing human beings, only a tiny percentage of whom matter. A state is not more morally important than its people, but populism leads to very short term decision making and ultimately some form of democracy and priestly rule. If it's important what people think, then there is good reason to mislead them.

Are jews a protected class that nobody is allowed to joke about? Why is it okay for Idubbz (a youtuber also with Disney) to constantly say nigger, but when someone makes a joke about jews it's torches and pitchforks?

And you'll notice far-right groups that are more extreme in those countries than what you see in America, you're making a mistake that limiting what people can say affects how or what they think.

The idpol, internationalist, socialist democracy left is much stronger in Europe than it is in America. America has a formidable mainstream right that was far more right wing than Europe's successful right wing parties, although the refugee crisis is gradually changing that (there may be fascism in Europe in the next thirty years). We may be running a reactionary streak for a while

Every person of your race matters and the greatest crime is not creating a society where every person's potential can be met. I really don't see the point in creating a ripped off society from some cyberpunk novel where corps rule all

yes lad, lots of countries literally have laws against it

I can guess who made those laws happen.

Do you think any of these stupid faggots would stand up for any of us? Let's not forget most of these people seem to worship McCarthy and think the HUAC didn't go far enough. If they hang, why should I care? It's not like this is some new thing. It's been around for decades but when we warned them we were hunted down by the FBI and they laughed and jeered. If anything this is poetic justice, the golem has come back around to kill the master.

He's losing money for making a stupid mistake. Maybe unfairly but it's hardly the worst thing that ever happened.

I don't agree with censorship in most cases, but I would be all for banning this e-celeb.

I have a lib friend who loves Philip Defranco - never watched his shit but get the impression he aims for the "moderate" voice in things - I don't like him much, but mind telling me what makes him so garbage comrade? I'm sure he is, just curious

The money isn't important. The attacks of him being a fascist, neonazi, antisemite are.
Pewdiepie himself isn't important. The 53 million subscribers of his who are generation z are.
The free speech aspect isn't important. The WSJ editing his videos to create a false narrative and the rest of the MSM reporting said narrative is.

Does that help?

Basically you now have people like this who are so low energy that they take the words of the MSM as gospel to thank for why this is going to be a big deal. It seems he thinks that some idiot youtuber really is an evil McCarthy worshiper or some dumb shit. Every PDP sub is now going to get refocused on how big of a lie the media just made whenever they encounter a comment like this in the months ahead.

he's another "we need to look at all sides" shit type.If I remember rightly he is a Bernie bro but that's about it

I'm referring to dumbass cunts like you.

PDP is a liberal swede who probably votes for the social democrat candidate in that country whoever that is. I'm not shedding any tears for him. But for some reason the media decided to label such a figure as "alt-right" so I'll take what has been given and post comments about how bad the lying media is on his videos

he's centre right and has said in the past that the Sweden democrats are rubish


tbh I don't believe criticizing a party says much about where you actually lay politically


I googled this and the first page of results is literally every single news paper calling him an anti-Semite without exception, and then I look at his page and he has an overwhelming outpouring of support and almost nobody thinking he's actually anti-Semitic. 1 million likes and 250k comments. That's a lot of fucking comments, by the way. I think this is an event that's going to be pointed to for a long time, if its not over now.

Was boogie really on Sargon's livestream????

Someone answer plz I can't find it on his channel and I'm really shocked tbh.

you looking for it on sargon's? he has a separate channel for his lives streams called Sargon of Akkad livestreams

pls reddit go

I didn't see Boogie when I went through the livestream, have specific time?

Found it! Boogie starts at 2:34:00.

Sage negated.

This is so fucking weird that Boogie would be on Sargon's livestream. Even makes a neogaf reference WTF?????? for those that need a link to the live stream. It's 5 and a half fucking hours though so don't watch it
he joins in about 2 and half hours in,maybe about a minute or 2 before that


I don't understand how these radically disparate youtube channels are joining in for this? This may be larger than gamergate tbh holy shit.

I'm glad.

I'm more suprised about Sky Williams tbh,he's a gay black man the supporters of Sargon want to kill people like him.Sure Sky is anti SJW but he's a nice guy and I'm honestly sad big names like this in youtube are going to Sargon. Sargon is the gateway to the alt right, he brings them in slowly and before you know it you'r reading brietbart and shouting about πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€globalistπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€. We really need the pulling power people like him have, there are fucking huge multi million sub channels here pushing people towards Sargon, and by extension the reactionary alt right

Fucking newfags.

sargon isn't even alt-right. He's some anti sjw literal cuckold who doesn't care about race. I bet he doesn't think Hitler was the best either. Probably a libertarian too.

he's a gate way,just look in the comments and it's full of you lot, He's the stepping stone from which people question the obviously retarded neo libs and SJWs but they do it from a right wing perspective and then the community he is part of,le uber rational super thinkers(TM), further this and slowly push people towards the Holla Forums narrative. Saw it happen to a good mate of mine, we we're bros for years and now he's a nazi

He was an ancap and now is a libertarian. He's only anti-sjw, you're correct. I'm just surprised they pulled in DeFranco and Boogie, especially since Boogie is a self-described 'progressive feminist'.

boogie is a Bernie bro,but he will never go any further left that than he's just another liberal

Work on your arguments. If he was radicalized by ecelebs you're better off without him though tbh.

he must have changed (sargon not your friend) since I last looked him up during gamergate then

the thing is that normies are radicalised by e-celebs,and if we ever want to do anything other than shitpost on a Tibetan geese farming board we need to eventually recruit normies

I hate the term "Bernie bro" but I'll gladly use it against someone who thinks lending ideological cover to Sargon is a good idea

Yes but this comrade shouldn't keep these sorts of individuals in his inner circle if they're so easily influenced. Radicalization should be a gradual process for the hardened mind and take years to complete, not a few months or one year.

But yes, normies are influenced by ideologues.

there is literally a point in this stream when Jon Tron says to Sargon, jokingly but semi serious, that he wants to start the new Hitler Youth.Now obviously this was a extremist joke and Jon isn't full alt Reich yet but then they get Sky to joke about the preservation of the black race you don't keep making jokes along far right talking point's 'as a joke' without relating to them slightly

my friend who went full autismo is dead to me tbh. Turns out Nazis aren't nice people to hang around so I just stopped being around him

50% of jokes are true.

Pewdiepie is just making money off of political hysteria, nothing to see here at all user

Your friend is a useful idiot at least though, so you can always nudge him back to your position if there's political turmoil.

I don't even know why we keep that retard around or why he keeps posting here. Nobody ever replies to him and he isn't even an amusing oddity.

na,he's full LARP tier nazi now.Just spouts memes and shows me slimgr links to unsourced infrographics "SEE THE BLACK DO HAVE A LOWER Autism Level AND ARE INFERIOR"he's for the wall

I didn't know the word filter filters Autism Level* to Autism level

Nobody's banned the International Brigades faggot who keeps derailing threads either.

At least he's put a trip on. Him and that Grouch Marx faggot need to fuck off back to r/soc.

sounds like a good guy


you wouldn't like him,he's a half breed.half Persian half white but acts like he needs to save the white race for some reason

I am pretty sure trying to start inter-chan/board wars and habitually bumping every single shit thread in the catalog has made them rapidly ascend to levels far more cancerous.

lol apparently the new thing in the alt-right (according to is that persians are white. anyway you can't really blame him. It's our society that has left a hole in all of our souls and tried to fill it with mere materialism. If america wasn't such a service based economy (and if it was all white) then I would probably be a syndicalist

you know we can just build more factories right? Like post revolution we can't be reliant on exploiting the third world and will need to have a home grown industry.We don't build them now because there is no demand and so the market deems them useless

Are they just going to keep adding new honorary Aryans?like there are a fuck ton of Slavic fascists,especially in Poland, but Hitler was pretty open about the fact Slavs are undermensche to be wiped off the planet.

Why would you not want this as a leftist? What does that even have to do with reddit?

It's funny because a nazi said this.

Yet more evidence that Tribalism is bullshit tbh

Alt Right is taking a cue from the original SS and NSDAP. Use minorities that are more tolerable to exterminate intolerable ones. Initially even right wing nat soc zionist jews in palestine were acceptable allies (i hope you know this). I applaud the Alt Right for its diversity and love of homosexuality


Holla Forums are getting smarter

why the fuck is this being talked about so much? some retarded YouTube faggot is slightly less rich than he was yesterday because he was """ironically""" a nazi. Who gives a fuck? If there was any justice in this world, this dipshit would be strung up in the town square and pelted with rocks as his fortune, which he so clearly does not deserve at all, was given to people who actually need it.

Why do these people associate with the hard right of Sargon and his ilk?

We need a Final Solution to The Gamer Question.

I just think it's funny Carl couldn't be bothered to debate Badmouse because he was too busy helping out an oppressed youtube multi-millionaire.

Why are video gamers one of the most insufferable groups of people on the planet

I really want to know

Those poor, oppressed Holla Forumsyps
SJWs are retarded but so is this comic

A lot of them built a culture around "consumerism".
I like gaming, but it's not hard to see what a joke it is.

I'm fine with gaming, but the culture surrounding it is fucking cancer.

that's what I mean.

why is there people on imageboards who don't play video games?
are they Holla Forums or what kind of weirdos are they and why don't they stay in front of the TV or on facebook or reddit or HAM radio and Lisp forums?

and are they the same kind of people who didn't read Donald Duck comics and who never get jokes?

Aut-rightists rallying around this e-celeb because of the πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€librool mediaπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ are no different than the dipshit liberals that decided to shop at Starbucks and Nordstrom because both retailers came out against Trump.

It's cancerous, impotent, symbolic fucking consumerist garbage. DIE.

nice pasta but you accidentally bumped a pewdiepie thread.

Streisand effect crystallized.

In the end, it isn't really going to affect pewds much because he has fuck you money, but the fact the media is going out of it's way to slander him as a fascist/nazi for making a few off color remarks, and taking his comments out of context to "prove" their allegations is worrying, to say the least.

it's sad that so many potential new leftists are wasted because they watch this scheisse

gamers were a mistake

something something accelerationism bro

Unpopular Opinion:

On the video that sparked the controversy Pewdiepie basically showed the world that you just need 5$ to get a substantial amount of people to make antisemitic statements.

It might not even have been intentional but it was great commentary from his part, honestly.

Why isn't there a witchunt on the people that actually wrote those signs? They could have simply chose not to comply, but they did.

Why not fiverr? Why not youtube for allowing him to put up videos like that?

What's worse is that in the midst of the alt-right rising they are diluting the meaning of fascist/nazi.

Both fiverr and youtube operate in a way that make it impossible to check the content of everything that's posted. You could argue against that but you'd need to basically redesign the web as we know it, if not outright ban it.

My point really wasn't that someone should be punished for what happened. it's that the price of a lot of people's moral integrity is 5$ and a huge youtuber just (accidentally i believe) showed it to the whole world.

man maybe kek is real because this is such a great fucking gift for my side

woops meant to post this

I know these things but I'm asking why the people stupid enough to think Pewdiepie is a nazi don't think to criticize youtube or fiverr. It's not like those criticisms haven't been aired before.

8 million views 300k comments #1 in trending 1.4 million likes and I think his sub count went up a few 100k too

the guys who wrote the sign were a couple of indians so of course it's not okay to target them for liberals (though fiver dropped them from their platform and PDP spent a bunch of time trying to get fiver to have them back on and sent them a decent amount of money too iirc)

And again, some journalist COULD HAVE written a piece about what fiverr tells us about money and values in our society, but why would they? That doesn't sound like a lot of clicks, does it?

Nobody at WSJ or any news outlet believes that Felix is a nazi, they just knew they had the power to fabricate a massive controversy and get away with it, and they did.

I never particularly liked pewdiepie or his content but in a few days we witnessed a full scale character assassination (attempt), I honestly don't think a series of bad taste jokes warrants that. If that's the justice for pewdiepie, should Filthy Frank and Idubbbz simply be hanged in Times Square?

And then again, you CAN make an editorial about a top youtube star making some really bad taste and uncalled for jokes. I would maybe support that since the jokes weren't smart nor funny. But they didn't do that, because that still wouldn't have made them enough money, they had to go for the full on "YOUTUBE'S #1 IS A REAL UNIRONIC UNDERCOVER NAZI" and simply roll with the chaos that ensued. And it worked, because it works every time and they know this.

Also liberals are playing in the nazi's favour by watering down the meaning of "fascist", "racist" and so on. Really, what are we supposed to call Bannon if the mainstream discourse draws the line at Pewdiepie for "nazi"? Don't you see that in the long run this will make furthering our political arguments harder and harder simply because we'll lack the terminology to have an impact?

Of course this Pewdiepie shit is retarded, but you're missing the point. The media screwed the pooch, and this is a perfect opportunity to further erode the media's reputation and legitimacy.

This pisses me off so much. You basically have endless possibilities to call a guy like Pence out on his bullshit and instead you go for one of the few options that makes YOU look like the bigger asshole.

But then again, the problem is always the same, these kind of pieces generate incredibly high traffic with minimal effort. As long as capitalism reigns this is the media we're stuck with.

I want to see Pence executed by firing squad but this is so utterly petty it's impossible not to find myself defending the guy in this situation.

can somebody expose the Annoying Orange's nazi ties too?

;_; rest in peace pupper


The guys who wrote the sign got kicked off of fiverr. supposedly they knew very little english and didn't know what the sign said.

They literally only care about what pewdiepie said because he is known off youtube. No midwestern parents know that idubbz calls himself a niggerfaggot on cam or does that samurai buyer shit, so it doesn't hurt Disney like it does when their only really known youtuber says something that the his subscribers' moms won't like.

pewdiepie is so funny lol my fav vid from him is the Zelda majoras mask XD πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

This is genuinely sad. No dog deserves to be owned by Mike Pence.

Pewdiepie does not give two shits about me, why should I give a fuck about him?


This. Can't wait for the Kotaku article where they are outraged about Donald Duck being a Nazi because he was starring in Der FΓΌhrer's Face.