Communist /Argie/ and /South America/ thread

Communist /Argie/ and /South America/ thread

Are you a part of any Communist/Socialist/Leftistist partys

Who did you vote for or who do you support.

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Daily reminder that Argentina is not white, but it should be black and red.


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Daily reminder this meme was made by mexicans

Why do they hate us so much…









VIVA LA PATRIA(Al usuario se le puso un espejo en frente para que viera su piel de ébano)

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question for argies.How do you feel about the Falklands,I understand it is still a testament to British imperialism but the Argentine claim is flimsy as fuck.The colonist who live there,who are the only group to have en mass colonised the islands, are white English people,not Spanish colonists, and the island has never been under de jure Argentine control,apart from when you cheeky fucks invaded in 82'.There was a referendum done,in 2013, where the people of the Falklands were asked if they wanted to remain a part of the UK or not,and with a 90% voter turnout it was1,513 were in favour,and literally 3 people voted against.

Now I ask this not to start a fight but because I have only ever seen the British perspective of nationalist cheering on "fuck the Argies"

Top kek

The Malvinas also happen to have most of Argentina's oil resources…

I think it is still ours. Here is a okay video on this.

I think British imperialism is a perfect way to put it. No diffrent from Russia and the Crimea. Same as both the referendums.

I have no love for the military dictatorship or Galtieri. But what Thatcher did was nothing but a landgrab.

Flat out British imperialism.

That oil isn't good though

I advice a different flair.

Welcome Back Trap Angie

I hate Nationalists, but tell me how the Falklands war was not British imperialism forced on Argentina.

Ty ty :3

the referendum was as free and fair as any other UK election in the last century.,whereas Russia has always been a 'democracyThe only people to settle there are Brits,there is no reason Argentina should own it other than the fact that it is next to Argentina.The video claims that it isn't a legitimate population because they were 'implanted',dude you know the Argies are Spanish colonists right?they are themselves an implanted population.Other than Argentinia not being a first world and historically imperialist country what right do they have to it? if "muh imperialism" is all there is,which is BS considering they weren't subject to British imperialism over Argentine land and people, then they have no case

Neck yourself

Why do the British have a right to a military base that can force militaristic and political force on us? (even if it is stupid sabre-rattling)

How is that not British imperialism?

Because the population they defend is British, you dumbass

No you are misunderstanding me on purpose - Communism will never grow in Argentinia becasue the Brits will just invaded and fuck us up like the war before. The what the USA did with Chile and Pinochet 2.0

it's 1 nuclear sub man and even then we ain't gonna use it,and it's just in case you decide to start some Argentine imperialism like you did in 82.last i checked all we've ever done to Argentina was liberate our populous that was under their military control after they invaded part of our country,which sure as fuck sounds like imperialism to me

dude,we have never even attempted to go near the mainland.All we did was take back what was out people that were under occupation from a foreign army.While the British government would oppose any leftist state because of it's capitalist hegemony it's not because we specifically have it out for Argentina

But Argentina started it at the time of their choosing, 150 years after British rule started. How can you possibly say it was 'forced on Argentina'?

Again, Argentina started it. Thatcher simply responded, in the same way any British PM would have. How can you grab land that's been under your control for 150 years?

Totally irrelevant.

Stop talking idiot.

Argentine imperialism is non-existent we could not win a war if we "invaded" the Falklands.

If you think the British base would not retaliate if a Communist Government came to power here to take it down then you are just being naive.

I said they would retaliate,but they would do so regardless of the Falklands.Same as they invaded Russia during the Russian revolution despite not having territory there.As would all powerful capitalist governments

God Argies go full retard on the Falklands. They're Turk tier.


If the falklands are argentine how come jamaica isn't colombian or curaçao isn't venezuelan?
Meybe because they have no oil?

But with the Falklands being fought for by Anti-Communists like Thatcher most of the people that live in the Falklands are Far-Right Brittish Nationalists. That spreads to here too.

Not saying that if the Falkalnds were ours that would not fule Argie Nationalists. I know it would. But Nationalist here and nobodys, people like Nigel Farage are even getting popular here. Trump too. This has to do with Anglo-Imperialism on us.

yeah man UK is trash tier,trust me I know.People here are cucked to shit and proud of it.The Falklands has 2k people on it,they sure as fuck ain't influencing British politics

They have more influence here then they do in the UK i'm sure.

Always with the "Fuck you Argie scum - Go die dago" that type of nationalist cancer.

Then we hear it and people say "Why don't we act all hatefull over boarders and countrys!" It spreads like a cancer.

I know man,my dad is one of those types the fascist fuck.Leftists here are internationalist and have solidarity with Argentine leftists it's just that the Falklands is a non issue.In the revolution er will purge all those reactionary bastards

Well the biggest argument here for right wing military dictatorship is the fact we lost the Falklands war. I don't think nationalists here will come to power anytime soon. We are still very socially leftist. But the new conservative government might fuel something too, hope nothing comes of it.

If you'd WON the falklands war that would just be a replacement biggest argument for military dictatorship. "Look how strong the regime made us!"

Maybe, but we have never wanted any other land other than the Falklands. I'm sure the far-right would still be autistic any say something like that. But Chile and Brazil could still destroy us in a war. Even during the peak of the dictatorship in the 80's.

Chile is much more right wing and nationalist than we are. Most Argentines think Chile is just a nationalist shithole. The main source of Argentine nationalism is the loss of the Falklands war and the UK nationalists braging.

creen que el voto en blanco de la izquierda fue una jugada aceleracionista?

fuck NATO and imperialism. I don't believe we have a decent claim but I don care either.