Trump makes Carlos the Bewitched look like Louis XIV.

Either the money is too good or he doesn't want to set into a political environment that toxic. Probably both tbh.

This is going down in flames far faster than expected


I like it when cats and birds become friends.

How come for a supposedly leftists forum all of the political wisdom seems to derive from WaPo and NYT articles? I mean when I read comments in this form I feel like every here is seriously misinformed, and new info like this cause them to become this way even moreso. Why does no one post serious left-wing analysis of current event?


Hey there reddit

thicc af

Yes, imageboards are forums.

You are both morons. This is forum in the forum sense as in a "place for serious left-wing discussion". I don't need to say "board" – in fact it makes less sense to use it here because it's not what I mean.

Leftypol hosted by FreeForums

"Forum" is an ancient word for a place of discussion that some places on the English net just happened to choose for themselves. Stop trying to derail discussion like a cointel plant.

It's also how nobody on this board mentions this board besides a crossie newfag fuck

I'm talking about this place as a forum, not specifically a board on a chan. Ask yourself, why are derailing this discussion? And does the point you think you are trying to make matter?

Because I have the power.

user, you're the one who's the problem

Don't talk about chan culture, tripfag. What you are doing is industinguishable from what a spook does to subvert leftists groups.

Maybe the left changed and you were too busy being stuck as the contrarian leftist during the bush administration to catch the drift everyone thinks you're a fuck monkey at this point.

Zipperhead is a new one.

You are a COINTEL plant. The WaPo is a propaganda joint. It's not contrarianism to identify that getting news and analysis from them will ultimately make you less informed than if you hadn't read anything at all.

People are said some revolving door shitstain lobbying for Lockheed isn't going to be adviser. Odd that lockheed didn't push him though.

Yes Yes

Anything else you want to expose, Red Kahina?