ML party of canada

Why was the CPC-ML so based ?

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They're shit.

Sometimes it's not about winning but about getting your message out

I just wish our leftist parties had more influence in Canadian politics. I was really hoping Trudeau would follow through with electoral reform so smaller parties would be better represented because the NDP has really shit the bed. There's pretty much no socialist/leftist presence in our government.

Does anyone here actually vote Communist or CPC-ML? They're just so fringe. I wish we had better alternatives to the major 3 parties.

That's only partly true. While it is true individuals can lose but get their message heard, when it comes to parties and the such, losing can not possibly lead to strategic goals. Losers are just that, losers, they're pathetic and not worthy of mentioning. Humans have been killing and removing the losers since Neanderthalis.

NDP leadership convention coming up. Oust Thomas "Thatcher did nothing wrong" Mulcair and get someone like bernie/corbyn in.

Purge the mulclairites

Is Holla Forums using the anprim flag now?

how the fuck could you believe that?

What do you mean?

who do you guys think are the best candidates?

The only NDP members I know anything about at all are Nathan Cullen and Jagmeet Singh, the latter of which said he wants to run for federal leadership.

Which they didn't do either.

I'm just going to go ahead and vote for Mad Max.

Less government control, easier gun access, and unrestricted mags. Good enough for now.

I like that they called the Soviet Union out.

Funny thing is, this board is making me more ML rather than sympathetic to anarchists. Although I know much more about anarchy than before.

of course they would call out the soviet union they were hoxhaists at the time

Are they /ourguys/?

Can't for the life of me figure out what's the difference between Canada's two communist parties. Can anyone help me out?

Tempted to do this too tbh. He's the perfect accelerationist candidate. He'll enact right wing reforms that hurt the proles while at the same time making easier to arm them.

Well the CPC-ML formed during the sino-soviet split

The communist party of Canada went with the USSR and because of that Bains along with other anti-revisionists decided to go with Mao and Hoxha and formed the CPC-ML

Then when the sino-albanian split happened the CPC-ML went with Albania

There's really no difference between the parties now though

Oh there's also that current Ontario MLA who's left-wing, grumpy as fuck, and lives in a shack. Jagmeet would be good tho - he seems to be a talented guy and good on social issues, although I'm not sure about his economics. However, an NDP government in Ontario is kinda the dream for me so if he's needed there he should stay.

they are close, but not quite there

Their leader is literally Bane.

The more you know about anarchism, the more you realize it's retarded utopianism and self-delusion.