The American constitution doesn't apply to anyone who lives within 100 miles of the "border...

The American constitution doesn't apply to anyone who lives within 100 miles of the "border," meaning two thirds of the fucking population.

I'd be laughing if this didn't apply to me. What the fuck America

when the place you live isn't definitely in the safe zone

…I don't have the right to bear arms in my ENTIRE STATE?
Fucking all of new england has no rights. Florida has no rights. Michigan has no rights. Rhode Island and the majority of California has NO rights.

/justoutsidetheborder/ masterrace.

moving to spookfree florida now

It's 62 miles to the end of the atmosphere so really all of the US is constitution free

Article says only ammendmend 4.

/doesntliveinamerikkka/ masterrace


It's for the random search ammendment, not the entire constitution. Time for New England to secede. Rhode Island never wanted to be part of the US

When the place you live definitely is

Shouldn't Rhode Island be a county of another state?

Canadian Master Race

Oh, gosh, a "Rhode Island is a small state" joke. Definitely got a Masshole over here. Don't worry, we won't send you to the gulag because we like your accents

If you can ignore one chunk of the constitution just cause it's near a border why can't you ignore other chunks of the constitution.


huge if true. also don't tell /liberty/

Shit thread, idiot responses

A future dictator of America ladies and gentlemen!

san antonio? pittsburgh? columbus? great falls?

We should've created California hamburger style instead of hotdog style. 2nd largest continental state and it's meaningless in these conditions.

Time to form the California People's Republic comrades, this time we do it right, with hamburger borders.

and so once again Americans get cucked by their own obsessive love for constitutional law and authority.
The idocy is so disgusting that I can't even say muh freedoms right now

who is the nazi nigger shadow-man casting a spell of homosexuality at?


also looks like Florida, rhode island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and some others

I actually have seen border agents doing roadside checks in Washington state way out in the Olympic peninsula. This was a couple years ago.