Hoochie post neck

hoochie post neck


A thread dies for this.

i just wanna breed armchair babies with hoochie sorry fahm

To be fair it was probably a shitty thread too.


hoochie minh

I like it when girls post here don't bully her


transphobia is bad

Also what happened? I heard she fucked up a thread but her post was deleted


To be fair I thought she was a woman too, only a girl can cause that much ass hurt with shit posts.

how do you know Hoochie is trans and not just a bored shitposting lad

Honestly not sure now if it's a he or she. Didn't she/he say they were a lesbian?

so Hoochie is another psychotic tranny?

REEEEEEEEEE what did she do?

tripfags know what they're bargaining for

Hoochie deserves to be run over.

seriously I saw people get angry over her in a thread but her post was deleted what happened?

she's fucking obsessed with race


all of her posts involved taking a pop at whites


what a cunt

She's also really judgemental about what people do with their own genitals in their free time.

She said a nice thing to me once so I'm pro-Hoochie now. Please stop making cringy thread about tripfriends.

Great Purge 2.0 when? Fuck most tripfags (Pierre and Bat'ko love u bbys tho)

She derails a lot of threads. You'll have to be more specific.

How does she? Can't remember which thread I saw her derail

ur qt


Seriously this get's its own thread. This is /soc/ tier pathetic.

You wonder why I bully all of you

inferiority complex

and we love you for it, stay based anfem

I can say buzz words too

white people


Fuck off

that's what i meant exactly

I wonder why you're a prude ass prude.

You think you're smart but you're actually not smart.

HAHAHA can't make this shit up


You are a dumb person but I don't take pity on you.

i'm white

hello Louis C. K.

What's it like not getting laid by anyone lmfao

I honestly think ever board has atleast one shitposting drama seeking tripnigger.

You will be purged by the Nazbol gang kiddo watch what you say

Richard Nixon is dead

Just ignore >her lads

every other word

You first

I want to be hoochies wife

I'm gone for less than a day and there all sorts of drama that I missed? Anyone have an archive?

why did you post your pic?

I hate this actor and I'm glad he's not getting anymore roles. His face and attitude annoy me.