Tfw no strategy game where the different factions are leftist tendencies


We need a new Alpha Centauri where every faction is based on a different left-wing tendency

That'd be sick, dude

Leftcoms ability:

People will complain it is extremely unbalanced.

Trotskyists superweapon turns one enemy faction into two different ones



Been working on something turn-based like an srpg. Haven't decided whether I want it to be something more like Advance Wars or Tactics Ogre. Either way I want to make the characters ideology cat girls.

Leftcoms have an aura that reduces enemy moral and can cause them to ignore orders or desert

YPG have american """advisors""" who can call dronestrikes

Sounds like a fun game tbh.

What crazy motherfucker hooked up a revolver to his quadcopter?


LeftComs aren't a faction; they all stayed home to read instead of fighting.


they also have a -1 to population growth due to failure of dairy farms


Hoxhaists are a defence-oriented faction with shitty economy and poor-quality troops, but all territory they own automatically constructs some sort of defensive concrete shelters. The shelters expand with tech progress and a good Hoxhaist player can lock down the entire map by turtling.

All Titoist units and research involve 3 distinct trees. Investing too much in any tree or building too many units from one tree will cause the others to lose morale and eventually you will lose control of them. Titoists have to make sure all of their armies are extremely balanced as a result.

Market socialists have strong growth and lots of resource production, but no control over what units are produced or what tech is researched because muh markets.

Posadists are all-round weaker than rival factions, but can call lmao allies for help. Their final research at the end of their tech tree triggers instant nuclear holocaust and they win the game.

Anarcho factions' gatherer units, transports, and other non-belligerent units are all armed.

DemCons can field elite regiments of YPGQTs.

Video games are a tool to control the masses, similar to drugs like booze, tobacco and so on. Much like tobacco companies used to give cigarretes to children in the hopes they buy more and get addicted, video game companies appeal to children in the hopes they buy more and get addicted. Stay away from them like the plague.

Isn't there a Vicky II mod that prominently features syndicalists?

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t. marksoc

Could always mod Civ to incorporate these.


Kaisereich and it's a darkest hour mod.

Also it's extremely good.

Books can educate, video games don't, like all mass media video games are tools for propaganda, and pro-capitalist messages both subliminal and explicit are common in video games.

Actually it's Dankest Hour

Literally just capitalism. Hang thyself.

Tell me more. Can film? What about plays? TV? Why is interactive software uniquely evil?
Either you're a Luddite or conspiracy theorist, or know nothing about games.


I mean like he is anprim, so of course he's a luddite.

I don't get it either.

Comrade, does you anrpim commune know you're using a computer illegally?


Defenestrate thyself presently.

so is Not Socialism socialism then?Just because they wave a red flag and say comrade doesn't make them socialists

fucking word filter National* socialism

Nazis don't even advocate socialism beyond vagueries and platitudes about "the nation's workers". They also have a history of killing actual socialists.
Market socialists advocate socialism. For them, private property is the essential component that makes a market economy "capitalist".





I know what "defenestrate" means, but it still looks like a lewd word to me.

This. It seems to me like a lot of the division among leftists comes down to what exactly you see as the defining characteristic of socialism.
For one group, including market socialists, it's private property. They see it as exploitative (just like the other group), but to them this is the principal problem with capitalism.
For another group, including most orthodox Marxists, it's the market. In my experience, they tend to oppose markets because they view them as irrational. They usually take a (Hegelian, I think) view that, because society should be as rational as possible, markets have to go, in favor of planning.
My curse is that I can understand both sides though I agree with the first group more.

Fug, meant to say


Weeeeeell…there are those games that let you play as the USSR and/or [insert alternate timeline communists]. And while those aren't perfect, they are alright.

Also, don't the newer civ games let you choose an ideology, and isn't socialism one? I mean, sure, there aren't any games with leftist economic theory as a real in depth explored option, but, for the most part, the selection seems alright.


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If you beat the game with every faction on "Very Hard" (the difficulties would have leftist-themed labels), you unlock the secret Posadist faction

Unfortunately accurate