What message is he even trying to send ?

What message is he even trying to send ?

he's so far up his own ass, that I assume this is a call for help, he must be losing air in there

Do I have to read Breitbart to figure out what's going on in this guy's head? 'cause I ain't gonna read Breitbart.

He's talking about the curse of Karltural Marx and Frank Furtschool

Apparently he is implying that "Late Stage Marxism" is Cultural "Marxism". And that it doesn't like USSR as too "heteronormative".


why do right-wingers have such a fixation on 'marxism'?

does it make them feel like intellectuals to namedrop marx? Is it because they want to trace back every social justice movement back to one fucking guy in the 19th century?

for the same reason liberal retards have a fixation on calling everything fascism, mystification

It's because they have no intellectuals of their own

This dude needs to read Zizek, the only cultural Marxist.

It's a common theme with right wingers to act as if the Marxists of today are somehow weak, inferior clones of Marxists a century ago.

It ties in nicely to their ideas about "degeneracy" and cultural degradation, associated with other conspiracies such as "Cultural Marxism", never once considering for a second that it is liberal, bourgeois-democratic capitalism that creates cultural changes in their beloved "West".

They often like to say that Marxists today would have been gulaged back then. Somehow it is beyond their comprehension to believe that Marxism is a living, evolving doctrine that adapts to socioeconomic changes and the material reality of capitalist society.

I suppose it does not help that many Marxists, and the left in general, are obsessed with social revolutions of years gone by, such as 1936-1939 Catalonia.

But really, this idea that all Marxists have to be straight-backed Stalin-loving social-conservatives is utter nonsense dreamt up by liberals.

violating a marxist's language game is more triggering than grabbing him by the pussy

they don't even really seem to like that much about it

b-but marx never said anything about cisprivilege! t.leftypol

He didn't, and I do not have to accept anyones delusional ideology just because they claim to base it in marxism.

he never said anything about fascism either, so we can therefor conclude that any marxist who speaks of fascism is no fascist at all


*is no marxist at all

Also you don't want to understand my point.

Something that is evolving means it can branch off. Just because it is evolving and has a common ancestor, doesn't mean additions made to one strain of thought are automatically applied in all of marxism.

You think exactly the same way as the righttards, and see "the left" as one coherent group who all follow the same ideology, and thus anyone who is left is the same as the group you find most distatefull.

Nothing could be more from the truth, the left is fractures to hell and back, and one branch that diverged from marxism is nothing like the other, and some are not even marxist anymore, since they reject core ideas of what they branched of off.

Which is why one must argue content over form, and simply don't bother with labels that often, otherwise overuse makes words lose their meaning.

a lot of soviet propaganda was about how soviet society uplifted and allowed men and women to reach their potential in their sex. Men were masculine, women feminine. Nothing too controversial really but it was more of a focus in their stuff than American media which was more about people using their wits and shit like that.

I think his point is that a lot of older soviet stuff is considered "problematic" under the gaze of current libshit ideology. Obvious he made the mistake of equating a social justice liberal to a leftist but it's not a hard one to make since many liberals have stolen words/concepts from various leftists writers/political movements to try to spice up their bog standard liberal capitalism

In the end what we should do is hang all the degenerates and the jews and niggers and I guess let the native americans be

Commies say the same thing about them(Fagscists) and the camps.

Yup, those liberals with their "feminazis" this, and "Obamacare is literally death camps" that, and "all atheists are bound to commit mass murder like Atheist Hitlers."

Pic related, some choice liberal propaganda.

It's this thing alt-right guys do where they celebrate the Soviet tradition in bad faith, to say that leftists these days are "less badass."

The asssertion is that the SJWs are Marxists, but would not approve of a statue showing a fit, straight white couple.


We do this too sometimes

which isn't true since the NSDAP used many people who did not live up to the ideal. Of course the SA got massacred but that was mostly due to power struggle reasons (and also that there were really too many gays in it) a carry over to the cultural segregation that the Wiemar republic brought about

What is "problematic" even supposed to mean in this context?

Racist/sexist. That kinda nonsense.

conventionally attractive, traditionally masculine/feminine.

not that sjews care about statues like this, because it's obviously a deliberate aesthetic choice. the artist is intentionally made a socialist neo-classical sculpture

socialist neo-classicism is top tier tbh.

I agree with this image tbh.

"I am a faggot, please fuck my face"?

Now I want Redpanels to draw porn.

He is so fucking autistic…

That he can't draw worth shit.

is that a good reason to rip off Bone?

Thought he was ripping off Shmorky

If he were ripping off shmorky it might actually approach amusing

This. I presumed he was alluding to traditionalist values that were present in the Soviet that don't quite jive well with a lot of normie Marxists now-a-days. It's not really a good point if that's it, though.

Marx is incredibly influential to the academic left.

Also, I'm confused about what made this board get so much worse in the last three months.


That's depressing. Nobody should make OC or memes anymore, it destroys communities by flooding them with outsiders.


It's also based on the assumption that le SJW boogeyman is a marxist

The joke is a lot of people who claim to be communist don't represent the ideal and are the oppostie, fat and lazy. They also miss what communism is about and think it is supposed to just be gibs

Come on dude you know people on the left do similar shit

You're really smart