I require assistance, comrades!

Okay, so I'm wavering between whether or not I should ditch this fucker who I thought was my friend, but has been practically harassing me for the past week or so.

See, the only reason I haven't ditched him already is because we're both inherently socialists. … Or at least, I think we are. I'm a Marxist communist, and he's a *National Socialist (asterisk included so it doesn't come up as Not Socialist). When I first met him, I genuinely wanted to get to know him and his ideology more, in the hopes that I might actually be able to bridge the gap between the left and the right, so that we all may join forces against the bourgeoisie and bring an end to class division once and for all. Probably wishful thinking on my part, but hey, can you blame me?

Over the last couple of months, he's shown me via documentaries and snippets of articles (all of which weren't entirely trustworthy at first, so I had to dig through them to see where the actual facts were) that *National Socialism is, in fact, nothing more than socialism on a nationalist platform, that the Reichsmark system worked remarkably well in bringing Germany out of debt and into economic prosperity, and that it worked so well that the porkies over in the UK and other corners of the West wanted to end it. He told me Hitler never wanted to go to war to begin with, and was only forced to when the Allied forces gave him no choice.

There's a myriad of things he showed and/or told me that justify *National Socialism, and he's been going on about a bunch of other right-leaning stuff, such as support for Trump, believing multiculturalism is a globalist scheme, and targeting specifically Jewish members of the bourgeoisie, i.e. Soros and Rothschild. He keeps claiming he's not an anti-semite though, despite all this.

So here's my challenge for you, Holla Forums… I want you to prove everything he's said to me to be wrong. If I know for sure that he's been lying to me, whether he's conscious of it or not, then there's absolutely no reason to consider him a friend any longer.

So help a comrade out, Holla Forums. And no rush or anything, but I'd like some answers as soon as you can procure them, because this little shit's harassment levels are getting insane…

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Important questions first: do you know how to dispose of a body?

Stop living in a world in which people are anthropomorphized ideologies, and stop pretending to be one.


Okay. But you'd better start proving everything then:

Nazism is a porky's last stand for capitalism. He's not a socialist. Hell, I don't even think he cares about economic policies that much (>80% of nazis I've met don't give a rat's ass about economics and just want their muh racial purity)

Laughable. He not only snitched on his fellow Jews, he also helped dismantle socialism in Eastern Europe. Proof that capitalists act in rational self-interest.

Anyways, why do you keep this person around if he annoys you so much?

If he truly believes those things, then he should be able to figure out that actual socialism is superior. He is probably just confused as to what communism and socialism actually are. Show him to the way and he might come to understand.

Okay, that's definitely a start. I just wanna say I'm genuinely appreciative that this is the first instance of actual help I'm getting so far in this thread. Thank you kindly, comrade. ^^

He's told me that he's not all about racial purity, but that seems pretty dubious when he talks about "white pride" and "multiculturalism is globalist" and shit like that. Is all that just a big fat "I'm not racist, but *insert something racist here*", or what?

I keep him around because we're not just friends on a political basis. We're both ABDLs as well (don't judge plz), and enjoy some of the same cartoons, though he's practically obsessed with shows like Powerpuff Girls and Robotboy to the extent that he inserts them into our RPs. … Seriously, don't judge, plz. I mostly follow along with that shit for his sake because I'm nice like that or something, I don't fuckin' know.

But right now, he's pushing my limits by not leaving me the fuck alone when I just want to have some time to myself. We chat via Skype, and he leaves me a bajillion messages asking where I am every single fucking day. And the worst part is, I'm not the only one he's doing this to. He even sent me an irl photo of himself and tried actually CALLING me… SEVERAL times. That alone should be enough basis for me to ditch him, but I just want some confirmation in knowing he was full of shit all along before ditching him at all.

I've tried talking to him about this, but he believes borders actually have a purpose or some shit, and we've just passively agreed to disagree on that… or rather, I haven't really made much effort to argue that borders are bullshit because I just don't have the energy to do so.

He definitely was confused about communism beforehand… We both hate Stalin with a passion, for somewhat different reasons, but most of them line up about right. When I first tried explaining my beliefs to him, he INSTANTLY started shitting on them, believing communism is "evil" because of what the fucking tankies did. It took me a few tries to get it through his head that Stalin was a traitor to Lenin's cause and to Marxism in general, and that while I was keeping an open mind to his beliefs, he wasn't being respectful of mine at all. If only it were that easy, comrade…

Umm… I don't get it. Haven't you told him that he would get gassed on sight in Nazi Germany had his secret fetishes been leaked? If he knows, then ask him why he is not acting in his rational self-interest, and how anything that extends beyond his ego will ever help him (inb4 Stirnerfag)

He seems like a profoundly spooked fellow who has not read anything and only get off to the Weird Youtube side and artifact ridden jpegs.

Using the socratic method to dispel any misconception he may have will be of high use to you. I used it and successfully de-spooked my aut-right friends.

That's the thing, though… He says the Jews weren't even gassed in the Holocaust. Thank gracious he's not a straight-up Holocaust denier, but he says that there's no physical evidence that Zyklon B was used to execute the Jews, since there's no chemical residue of it in what were supposed to be the showers. He says the Soviets fabricated all of that to make the Nazis look even worse than they already were.

And I believed him VERY convincingly on that, too. PLEASE tell me there's counter-proof to this claim…

This intrigues me. I don't think I'm too familiar, but then again, I am kind of a newfag to Holla Forums… I mean, it was just a couple weeks ago that I found out from this site specifically that there's a distinct difference between liberalism and leftism.

So please, educate me, comrade. What is this miraculous socratic method you speak of?

Do you know how he got introduced to Nazi? Was it because of immigrants, gamergate or because of capitalism?

Are you people seriously responding to the OP after that statement?

He was very vague about how he got introduced to Nazi. I guess maybe he just got spooked like said, getting his info from the weird side of YouTube and shit like that.

Granted, that's a possible misconception that he's easily fooled me into believing. The whole point of this thread is to dispel everything he's told me so I can ditch him guilt-free. C'mon user, throw me a bone here.

Plus, if *National Socialists are indeed Not Socialists, as you claim, please explain to me why, specifically. I need all the help I can get.

You can't achieve class consciousness if you consider yourself superior to others. I'd ditch him personally just because his decisiveness has been a tool that the bourgeoisie uses to maintain the status quo.

But I ditch people easily. I barely associate with my best friend from high school who is a Ron Paul libertarian type anymore

Okay. This is always the problem. It always boils down to that there are some fabricated facts about the holocaust. Even if the nazis didn't burn or gas Jews alive. They still killed them and put them in camps. Where the Jews either starved to death, got worked to death, died from the cold or illnesses, which wouldn't have happened if they didn't put them in camps. They can't be redeemed in any way.

Ask him if he thinks it is justifiable to kill or imprison innocent people, because of their heritage. Even if they didn't get gassed or burned alive. If he answers with the Allies did the same, then he is a lost cause, because then he justifies it.

Socialism is common ownership and democratic control of the means of production gained through class struggle. Nazis rarely ever cared about economics and outright banned trade unions.

Fucking christ.

A comrade sent me this: questioningtheholocaust.com/index.php/2017/01/27/the-end-of-the-line/

Former holocaust denier Eric Hunt recently (and finally) called that holocaust denial is bullshit

Socratic method:
urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Socratic Method

It's basically where you ask the other person why they think that way and pick out the inconsistensies in their archive

Knowing autrights myself, I think he's beyond saving.

Shit, banning trade unions? o.o That's rather frightening… Okay, but what about the Reichsmark system? How is that not socialism, if it worked so well? Did it just not work as well as I was lead to believe? Also, what about all the supposedly great shit that was invented by the Nazis, such as Volkswagons, Adidas, etc? I think he even went as far as to say the Nazis invented television, refrigerators and radiators before anyone else, too… May not have to do with socialism, any of that, but if any of it is bullshit, please let me know.

That's pretty fuckin' stone cold, user. I applaud that… I'll definitely consider it more now that you've put it that way.

Yes, I always did believe that it's inexcusable that so many were imprisoned and killed, and he agrees to that as well… But he also says that Hitler never gave the order for the Holocaust to happen, and that the Holocaust was all the master plan of Heinrich Himmler, who Hitler would later oust as a traitor weeks before the Third Reich fell. He says that Hitler's speeches were meant to target the Jewish bankers and not all the Jews, and that the Nazi Party misinterpreted that as an excuse to commit antisemitic crimes such as the ones we're all familiar with them committing.

Basically, he sings praises of the Nazis' accomplishments such as the Reichsmark system and many inventions, but he condemns their antisemitism and other hate crimes, all of which he claims that Hitler never knew about.

Is any of this legit, comrade?

NatSoc was a foil to attract the working class away from actual socialism. It takes elements from social democratic practice, such as the welfare state. But twists it with a fascists leadership. People don't get a say in how the country is run. Instead, they are distracted by short-term improvements in quality of life caused by the welfare state. It is low effort, with a low reward. However, since living conditions under the Weimar Republic were absolute garbage, they took the bait. Because no one mentioned that running an expansive financial policy would eventually mean you run out of money. Hitler told the Germans that he said fuck you to the bankers. While he actually doubled down on the bankers. Just look up war economy. Hitler bought a chance to resist the Allies while completely selling out to foreign banks. All under the guise of protectionism and rebuilding the economy. Spout some hateful rhetoric against the backstabbers in WWI (Jews), the filthy rich who only care about business and not about human beings (Bankers), only to distract the public and rally the masses for war. The banks will agree because war is good business. The Allies responded because they were afraid that Hitler would start a war with banker money and decided strike back before it was too late. Imagine a nation who is brimming with a nationalistic sentiment. Now imagine living next to that country. Now imagine being the country who screwed them hard in the treaty of Versailles. France and England were expecting some payback. Now all the Allies had to do was to fuel a hate campaign against Hitler. This is where the somewhat false propaganda comes from.

Tell him that stormfags only realize one side of the story. They are alienated. Which is understandable. Porky is trying to subvert and manipulate them at every turn. They are told that Hitler was wrong. But why would they believe porky and his Jewish porky friends? So they believe Hitlers story because they can draw a parallel to their own situation. They need to realized that there are two sides, and both of them were porkies who tried to screw the people. And the only solution is to organize as socialists to rid ourselves of banks and representative democracy. That way we can achieve freedom. And if he says muh human nature. Then just tell him about fully automated gay anime space communism.

Nope, "National" "Socialism" is German fascism.

Reichsmark system? You must've meant the MEFO bills scheme, which was a form of credit made for the sole purpose of rearming the country while hiding the spending from the allies.

Kek. The debt under Hitler exceeded 40 billion. NSDAP economics was Keynesianism with down syndrome

Nah, he didn't want a war. He just wanted Czechoslovakia, Poland, the Baltics and Russia for free.

Jews apart, this has nothing to do with Nazism, but that's expected because most self-proclaimed nazis know little about their ideology.

That's some overwhelmingly impressive anti-denial evidence, comrade. I'm fuckin' impressed. Pic related.

So in simple terms, the socratic method is basically asking "why" over and over like that little girl on that Animaniacs sketch? XD Nah, I kid, I understand what you're going for. I'll try that out more. ^^ Many thanks indeed!

… Fuck it, pic related for you too.

You guys are seriously providing a lot of help here, and I can't express my gratitude quite enough. But please, don't stop now. I need as much overwhelming evidence as possible… Maybe I'll be able to preserve our friendship if I can convert him fully to leftism, especially with your help. What do you say, comrades?

Wrong. *National-Socialism (even in its special snowflake *Strasserist variant) do not seek to establish common ownership and democratic control over the means of production and it is therefore not socialistic in nature.

Assuming it was not just a PR ploy, the "socialism" mentioned in the Nazi Party's name has nothing to do with was is commonly understood as socialism but rather with Oswald Spengler's.

Wrong. What even is the "Reichsmark system" you're talking about? What's for sure is that wage fell under Nazi rule and remained lower than ever before Hitler got to power, even though working hours grew longer as limitations on the length of the working day were slashed.

Besides, the military expenditure in Nazi Germany was so huge that there was no way it could be sustainable without doing what it was designed for in the first place: going to war. And even then, it had to rely on an extraordinary amount of plundering and slave labor.

Wrong. Why did he set out to build the largest military in Europe? Why did he base his foreign policy on the openly imperialistic notion of Lebensraum? Why did he decide to invade Poland?

Imperialist expansion along with glorification of war were part of Fascism in general and *National-Socialism in particular from the get-go.

Solid points all there, comrade, but the only rebuttal of his I can think of to any of these points is that he has some sort of justification to the invasion of Poland. I'm paraphrasing his words here, so it may come across as shocking to you. Better buckle your fuckles for this.

He says that the Soviets already committed a massacre in Poland that Hitler tried to combat by entering Poland to fight off the Soviets in turn. I don't think I ever debated or questioned him about this, mostly because I didn't want to put in the energy and it seems plausible at the time. Plus, I don't think he ever addressed why the Nazis occupied Poland afterwards… not to mention France or the other nations they invaded.

So this most likely must be some bullshit here, and if it is, please clarify how, dear comrade. I feel rejuvenated from this massive wave of newfound knowledge… from ALL of you. Seriously, I can't thank you guys enough.

That's like praising Pol Pot for cutting down on carbon emissions but condemning the whole Killing Fields thing. The genocidal outlook towards so-called "lesser races" in general and Jews in particular was at the core of National-Socialist thought and practice.

Hitler was the head of state of the Nazi regime and he was in very close relationship with the direct overseers of the Holocaust, namely Himmler. That someone would even try to pretend Hitler "didn't know" is beyond hysterical.

What? The invasion of Poland started just after the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact of non-aggression was signed between Nazi Germany and the USSR. If anything, at that time the Nazis and the Soviets were allies.

No, Nazi foreign policy as I stated earlier was based on the concept of Lebensraum — "vital space" that Germany should aggressively acquire for its people to expand geographically and demographically, at the expense of the "lesser" natives of conquered lands. Hitler wanted Poland.

So the Gestapo had the infamous Gleiwitz false flag attack staged so they could use it as a pretext to invade Poland on the pretense of "self-defense" — and they proceeded to massacre thousands of civilians through indiscriminate terror bombings during that very invasion.

Beyond hysterical, most likely so, now that I think about it. So what about giving the order for the Holocaust? Did he even have to do such a thing for it to happen?

So that was staged just as well as the Reichstag Fire was? Damn, whoda thunk? :P Should have figured as much…

Not only did he ban trade unions, he outlawed strikes and persecuted organized workers. Collective bargaining was entirely subordinated to the will of the totalitarian state and its industrialist allies through the Deutsche Arbeitsfront. Many laborers (including some working on the famed Autobahn) were sent to concentration camps for alleged participation in agitation on account of being "Bolsheviks".

I don't what you're talking about. What is the "Reichsmark system"? I doubt it has anything to do with socialism, "successful" or not…

If someone needs to use "Adidas" as some sort of defense for Nazi achievements, he probably doesn't have a lot of intelligent things to say.

This is besides the point, anyway. American scientists came up with transistors and ARPANET but no one in their right mind would use it as a defense for the Vietnam War.

But Gregor was pro-union and pro-nationalization of industry.

When I saw all the garbage being flung by both neonazis and liberals, regarding the holocaust. I decided to watch some of the stories from holocaust survivors. There is an entire archive of unedited interviews. It paints a very clear picture of what was going on. Before 1933, before the war, during the early stages of the war, after 1944 and at the end. It even had some funny stories with soviet soldiers interacting with prisoners. He borrowed a soviet bicycle. Every time he met a soviet soldier, they asked for a bicycle trade. In the end, he was left with a rusty bicycle with a bent tire.

It would be difficult for him to accept unless if willing to trust the sources on this subject. Just as mentioned, it doesn't make sense to use the reasoning you mentioned. Both the Soviets and the nazis had a non-aggression pact going on. Even if it didn't last very long, it did remain while Germany invaded Poland. This is evident from the Soviets not responding with force against the Germans during the invasion. German and Soviet military officers held meeting in Poland to reaffirm the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Poland was screwed from both sides. Polish officers were even allowed to chose between becoming a Soviet or German prisoner of war. Which shows that it all was nothing but a farce to invade Poland from two sides. Germans instigated because of a fake Soviet invasion. Soviets responded because the Germans invaded, but only fought the Polish army.

Okay, say no more, comrade. There's no way in fucking hell that *National Socialism is anything CLOSE to real socialism. I'm officially convinced. Pic related to my utter fucking shock and horror.

Perhaps those eyewitness testimonies and interviews are enough to sway him away from the faulty thinking that Auschwitz and other concentration camps were "fun" and had shit like pools and theaters and whatnot. Fuck, the documentary he showed me thought Schindler's List was a propaganda film made in the 40's and forced onto schoolkids to watch… I instantly knew THAT was horseshit, and he agreed with me once I pointed that out. Maybe his way of thinking is just extremely malleable… I seriously hope these legitimate sources you guys are providing me with will help him see the truth.

Does he not know that the leftists got purged in the Night of the Long Knives?

What made the Holocaust unique in history was the level of administrative sophistication it was carried out with — so it's about much more than scary-looking SS officer barking orders to subordinates. However, it is certain that many top figures — Hitler himself, Himmler, Göring, Heydrich, Eichmann, Müller, etc — were central in planning the Holocaust.

If you want to learn more, look up the "Wannsee Conference".

Whether or not the Reichstag Fire was a false flag is disputed by historians. It is very well possible that the Dutch communist Marinus van der Lubbe did set fire to the Reichstag in a bid to rouse German workers.

The Nazi certainly welcomed it as a wonderful opportunity, though.

No, he wasn't. Just like his national-syndicalists brethren in Spain, what they had in mind was not independent unions of workers defending their class interests but a state-controlled, class-collaborationist union of both workers and employees defending the "national" interest with collective bargaining tightly restrained and strikes outright banned — that is, corporatism.

So? Nationalization of industry is not an inherently leftist policy.


Germans have been great inventors since the late 19th century. It had nothing to do with the nazis. They might have restored some of the funding to science projects, but it would have been nothing but a matter of time. The knowledge and the minds were there, it only needed funding. Claiming nationalism increases brainpower is more than a flawed argument. Especially since most scientists either don't care about ideology and politics or are liberal/leftists.

If I remember correctly. It was Hitler claiming that he created usury free money (reichsmark) which is based on the amount of labour you performed. You then can use reichsmark to buy goods. Seems similar to labour vouchers. Hitler did however not do this. If this was the case, he wouldn't need someone was Jewish ties as his minanciel minister. He used it as a front to start his expansive military policy. The same with creating motor vehicles and "Autobahn". They make it look like things are going well, while you are actually gearing up for war to get back the money you lost through imperialist policies.
If your friend likes the "reichsmark" system so much. Then why not take it a step further and make it so that the means of production are democratically owned by the workers. Or maybe he believes that companies require owners?

Show him that it isn't just the Jewish bankers who are at fault, but also the white bankers, and porky in general. He is still illusioned by supposedly benevolent white porkies. Even the ones with the best intentions will start squealing when money runs tight.

Sadly dialectics are in effect and neonazis are falling for the same brain-dead propaganda as liberals, except that it is of the opposite order.

Ah, I had a feeling that German invention couldn't possibly be rooted in Nazism… They invented lager beer and pretzels more than decades ago, plus the infamous Shamwow in the 21st century. Now that I think about it, attributing the German inventions of that time to the influence of the Nazis sounds eerily self-centered of them to claim.

Of fucking COURSE, it was so simple! God, I feel stupid now… I should have asked him if the Reichsmark system involved proletariat ownership of the means of production to begin with! Fucker played me like a goddamn fiddle, he did.

Through previous instances of coaxing, I've tried to get him to shift his focus from Jewish porkies to porky in general, and while he still claims not to be antisemitic and that he hates the rest of the bourgeoisie just as much, he still has a habit of name-dropping Jewish porkies whenever shit starts stirring with them involved… or whenever he just feels like hating them, I guess.

I think I should also state for the record that he claims to hate Holla Forums and the alt-right, and that they don't represent his interests. In fact, I'm pretty sure he'd agree with a lot of you that most modern Nazis don't even understand their own ideology.

The Nazis were so great at that science stuff that they dismissed theoretical physics as "Jewish physics", which effectively prevented them from developing nuclear weapons. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…

Himmler was ousted as a traitor by Hitler because he tried to negotiate a surrender with the Allies when it became obvious — to pretty much everybody but a completely deluded Hitler — that Germany would loose the war. Certainly not for his actions as a top figure in the planing of the Holocaust.

Hitler's Mein Kampf is rife with more-or-less veiled calls to eliminate the Jews. There is no reason to believe he was not aware of or did not support what was going on with the "Final Solution". It's true there is no definite signed document by Hitler "approving" the Holocaust, but that would actually have been unlike him since he mostly relied on oral rather than written orders.

Jews were not only depicted as all-mighty bankers but also paradoxically as dirty, smelly ghetto-dwelling rabble, with the infamous 1940 propaganda film Der Ewige Jude being a pretty extreme instance of that trend. Hatred of the Jews was not confined to a single alleged aspect of their "mentality".

Interestingly enough, Jews who wished to flee Nazi Germany before the war were only allowed to do so if they paid increasingly onerous taxes that the poorest of them could not afford — which means the wealthiest were effectively given a "pass" as it allowed Nazis to extort money and property from them.


Wait, I forgot about Ernst Rohm.

Oh yeah, I actually remember that as a crucial plotpoint in the film Downfall. SS Officer Hermann Fegelein was also not only a personal student of Himmler's, but he also questioned Hitler's sanity during the remaining days in the bunker. He left the bunker and was soon arrested for desertion, and promptly executed for it. The direct questioning might have been fictionally embellished to add weight to the plot so it makes more sense cinematically, but I'm willing to bet the real Fegelein wasn't too far off from how Thomas Kreschmann portrayed him.

Say no more, I can definitely confirm the entirety of the Nazi Party to be as antisemitic as they come.

I guess at this point, I'll let my friend decide whether or not our friendship should last once he sees all of this remarkably eye-opening information. If he chooses to deny it, he's nothing more than a slave to his severely faulty, twisted ideology, and I can very easily abandon him without any guilt whatsoever, since he'd be nothing more to me than a means to further embracing leftism by squashing the lies we both were previously blinded by. I hope that the outcome isn't that bleak, and that we might gain another comrade in the process.

Considering an alliance with Stalinist USSR can hardly be considered a commitment to socialism.

Considering this was during the period where extermination and repression of socialists was the norm, throwing your lot with the single successful communist revolt state is a pretty big commitment to socialism.

Just tell pic related that the person is Bui, he'll take care of it

Maybe you and him should 69 until each other's dicks get stuck in each other's throats. You two seem like a good couple.
RPing with a nazi? Fucking seriously?


Great, report back if you can OP.

Fuck off, tankie. He doesn't swing that way, and even though I'm bi, I at least have standards. The RPing was all just being nice for him anyway. If anything, you should be applauding my fucking patience. You don't have the balls to do what I did.

Just sent him the thread link. I'm gonna need you guys to keep bumping this as much as you can, preferably with more eye-openers, so that it doesn't disappear by the time he finally sees it, okay?

I never knew what that method of argument was called, thanks user.

personally I think your friend is a complete fucking retard, is he 14? if so, he might grow out of it if you help him. I don't like your chances though.

the user who posted the post screencap about the Nazi Party's corporatism was heading in the right direction. you've got a lot of books and articles to read if you can't dismantle this guy's nonsense OP.

The Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1920 as well.

Nazism is socialism if you change the definition of socialism to mean military Keynesianism. Otherwise, it isn't.

I don't think anyone owes you an argument, you clearly haven't done much research yourself. If you want to be friends with people who support genocidal maniacs, that's fine by me. Just stay out of leftypol.

Your friend is absolutely insane. Here is some resources on refuting Holocaust denial.


The evidence for the Holocaust is so overwhelming, you have to bury your head in the sand to avoid it. I also recommend checking out the Sobibor archeological digs, which uncovered mass graves big enough to house 10's of thousands of people. The funniest thing about "denial" is that after 70 years, deniers have not been able to explain where all the Jews selected unfit for work went. They have no found one Jewish witness who was transited through the Atikon Reinhardt camps because there are none, they were killed by gassings and shootings.

Pic related is Jews being lined up for the Babi Yar massacre (where over 40,000 Jews were shot). Their clothing, and the cleanup.

He could also make an attempt at read The Next Revolution by Murray Bookchin. Maybe that is easier to swallow the straight up Marxism. If all else fails you as well show him The Ego and His Own, maybe he will at least become de-spooked.

Not relevant to the 1939 invasion. Also the initial war was Poland trying to take back control after WWI. Poland wasn't even a nation back then since their territory got absorbed by the former Russian Empire, Austria-Hungary and German Empire. They tried to form their own nation, and the newly formed Soviet Union decided to quell the rebellion to remain in control. So it wasn't much of an invasion. Not to mention the Poles tried to take back more than their initial land. Their leader was an "left-wing" nationalist, so he wasn't better than Stalin.

Is your friend circumcised, and how does he like his eggs?

If are an Marxist then you would know what "National Socialism" (Fascism) is.

this thread is fucked, why is a leftcom poster saying that the USSR is the "throwing your lot with the single successful communist revolt state is a pretty big commitment to socialism."


It's relevant when talking about the aggression of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. Many in the Soviet Union believed in an aggressive expansion to spread the ideology around the world. Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

The Soviet even staged a false flag to give them a reason to invade Finland.

Nah, Poland was absolutely a sovereign nation by that point, they had a constitution, a president, senate, the sejm.

They were as much a country as the Soviet Union was.


What kind of an excuse is that? They were invaded, the Soviets took back more then their land after being invaded by the Germans. They still hold some of it today, Konigsberg/Kaliningrad.

The Reichsbank printed the reichsmark at interest and the German government took loans from the Bank of International Settlements and shipments of Gold from large international banks like Chase, UBS, Barclays.The Nazis cooperated with American Bankers and British as well, many of whom (like Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff) were Jews. The Nazis used their war machine to jumpstart the economy, without a war to fight and idiot cucks to corral into the factories there would have been no temporary recovery. Next and this is important as it says something about the function of the Fascist state, the Nazis plundered every state they conquered. They stole billions from Jewish, French, Czech, Dutch, Slovenian, Polish and Russian families. Additionally the German people were severely punished under Nazi rule. There were block captains, police checkpoints in every city, extreme restrictions on travel and worker's rights were nonexistent (unions didn't really exist). The Nazis actively made use of slave labor, most of the Jews and Poles who were captured that survived the Holocaust were slave laborers (physically healthy men) who worked in German munitions and steel factories making parts and bombs to kill their countrymen.

Finally, this is the worst part about the Nazi economic recovery, there really was no recovery. The German economy was going to get better after the after shocks of WW1 and Versaille had warn off anyways. By 1942 the "recovery" completely disappeared and there was no sign of German prosperity on the horizon even if America had lost in North Africa and USSR in Stalingrad. Hitler didn't understand modern economics and international trade, Germany was not in the position (because of its idiot leaders and culture) to properly make use of its production capacity to enrich itself. The only thing they could do was build up a war machine on top of their already preexisting industrial production capacities. America could do this right now if we desired to glorious uprising and invade Canada and Mexico. We could draft all healthy men aged 18-35 into the military and require people join civilian work corps to build massive infrastructure to support our perpetual war machine. This is ironically what the alt right wants trump to start moving towards. So there you go.

If you want a perpetual war machine within a police state that requires manufacture of mass carnage, destruction of civilization and genocide/ethnic cleansing then you have got yourself a dope set up. Go ahead, ask him what the necessary conclusions of a fully militarized all white German ethno-state would be in today's world. Ask him what Germany might do to exact retribution from the "Jewish Globalists" and the Americans or Poles or Chinese or whoever it is they sperg out and decide to pick as their first target.

He's 20, actually. … Yeah, it's as embarrassing as it sounds. I like to help people the best I can, but if I've learned anything from such experiences, it's that some people just can't be saved. Let's hope he's the exception.

Believe me, user, I wouldn't have come to you guys and slowly emerge from my lurking days if I wasn't as concerned about my supposed friendship with this guy as I currently am. Besides, with all this overwhelming evidence dismantling his beyond-faulty, batshit insane beliefs, I might just be able to preserve our friendship, and reform him into a proper leftist in the process. So this is kinda more of an "us" deal than it is a "me" deal here, if you get my drift. One less classcucked Not Socialist and one more leftist comrade is another blow to porky and his blinding illusions, am I right?

That's the thing, I thought I did before meeting him (which I actually did to begin with), then I thought what he was saying about it was true, and now here I am, realizing I was right the first time all along.

If he's a true right winger, he'll find ways to justify the soft side of his beliefs. For example, Kevin Macdonald testified at David Irving's trial but is smart enough not to deny the Holocaust or hold up Nazi Germany as an Aryan Utopia. He still has published works which more or less amount to the same "muh Jews" justification you see him preaching now. Honestly, this mindset when taken to its logical conclusion ends up with ethnic cleansing and destruction of entire civilizations. Whether they come to accept the Holocaust (like Irving has to a degree, or Hunt who has been posted earlier in this thread) is irrelevant to fanatical devotion to an all white society with a strong state.

Your first point is valid, but the rest is questionable.

That is Isreal tier. Take land and call it a sovereign nation while no one has time to react. Not to mention that the second polish republic was an authoritarian nationalistic state who condoned violence against minorities.

It isn't. I am not a bolshevik living in the 1920's trying to obtain moral high ground. I am looking in retrospect, trying to reason why they would take back Poland. Simply because they viewed Poland as a part of the Soviet Union.

I hope for the best although I remain skeptical. Since he voted/supported Trump I assume that he is a bootlicker. The main problem will be getting rid of the bootlicker attitude. Right-wingers have an obsession with hierarchy and natural order. Which means that they will never accept the core premise of leftism. That people are equal, even if they have different capabilities.

People aren't equal, they do however deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion

Sorry but the child who dies of SIDS is not equal to the chinese toddler who starts solving complex algebraic equations and can speak french and play 3 instruments. Its just not true at all. The one is tragically deceased before they could express themselves and the other is outdoing billions in self expression in a few years on this earth. That destroys the idea that they are equal in any respect. The only subjectivist argument for their equality would be that it is arbitrary that someone who is a genius is somehow actually better than someone who is dead. As in utilitarianism is nonsense and so is productive capacity, therefore an idiot who soils himself and spits on a wall 24/7 is subjectively as good or useful or self expressed as someone who is a child prodigy. Which would of course mean that all of leftism's other idiot arguments are total fucking nonsense.

Hardly an analogous case, Israel was not a case of a settled people revolting to self-govern like Poland or even the Bolsheviks. Israel was settlers essentially founding a new nation, not out of revolution.

The lands of Poland belonged to Imperial Russia anyway, not the Soviet Union. They gave up any chance of a peaceful or legal transfer when they killed the Romanov family.

The Bolsheviks didn't want to be a part of a monarchy, so they revolted and created a new nation, and the Poles didn't want to be a part of the Bolsheviks, so they revolted and created their own nation as well.

Well now you're changing the goal posts, they can kill all the minorities they want, but it doesn't make them any less of a nation. Your point wasn't that they were cruel, but that they weren't a nation.

I can understand why the Soviets invaded as well, but by 1920 it was far more then just quashing a rebellion, it was one nation invading another nation.

And sure, the Soviets wanted their land back, but they also wanted to spread Marxism to Poland, and Lenin wanted to use Poland as a bridge to spread it to the rest of Europe.

That means they're not equal though. Maybe you mean equal in treatment? I'm going to treat both my hammer and screwdriver equally well, but that doesn't mean that they are equal tools, they serve different purposes.

Wew, these spaces are cancer, going right from Reddit to 8ch hits you hard

Sorry, but try to read it again. People are equal, as in deserve to be treated equally. That is why I wrote different capabilities as in people are not able of the same feats.

No they should never be treated equally. No two humans are alike and many of them are much more competenet and loving than others. Definitely an idiotic notion to assume this and your actions along with every other user on this board's actions, prove that you have zero desire to treat others equally. If a man raped and murdered your sister you would have him tortured and violently executed. If someone called you a pussy and made fun of you, you'd begin to hate and resent them. You don't treat people equally because its stupid, for the bad ones you bare your teeth and for the good ones you flash a kind smile. Isn't that simple? Why not just stop being a faggot who thinks he's hacked philosophy, therefore morality is unnecessary. Just embrace the fact that goodness and badness are situational, detectable and up to you to decide (but IT IS your duty to decide).

Be careful. You shouldn't read too much into a single sentence. You denoted way too much meaning to what I wrote. People have the right to be treated equally until they themselves decide not to do so. You wouldn't treat a nazi equally because he has decided not to do so. If someone punches you in the face, you should either punch them back, since he decided that is how people should be treated. Or ignore the person because he is not worth your time. These are however all personal examples. They have nothing to do with ideology on a global scale or even national. What I meant was that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Nor should we try to create classes based on race, strength, intelligence or looks.

No, he just took your quote to its logical conclusion. You admitted yourself that you wouldn't treat all people the same, if they were Nazis for example.

A statement and especially an ideology needs to be able to hold up exactly against personal examples, or else it's just empty words.

Good, now we're fleshing the equality meme out a bit more.

OP here, comrades. I humbly report that the so-called friendship has officially been terminated, effective earlier this morning around 9 or 10 am.

I don't think he even saw the link in its entirety, or even at all, because I left him another message expressing my disappointment in how he practically lied to me all this time, giving him little previews of what I found out, i.e. how National "Socialism" isn't fucking socialism at all, specifically because the German proletariat didn't own the means of production, but instead, corporations did.

And you know what this stupid little shit did? He drew reference from a REVISIONIST site, of all fucking places, and tried to give me THEIR definition of "National Socialism", which of course completely disregarded what I mentioned earlier about the proles and the means of production. I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I blasted him one more time and blocked his sorry ass off my Skype for good. But since I was on mobile at the time, it still sent me notifications of his following instances of whining and bitching, i.e. him complaining about how HE was disgusted with ME about the "lies" I "fell for", him crying that he was "heartbroken" over what I said, etc. He's more unbelievably selfish than I could ever have imagined, and I am SO glad I'm done with him once and for all.

You did great work, Holla Forums. I seriously can't thank you all enough for getting this fucking parasite off my back for good, thanks to the power of truth and solidarity. I will treasure this thread as long as it stands…

It's always sad to see a friendship coming to an end, but it probably was for the better. You did the right thing. Anyway, you're welcome.

Well, that's good. There's no point in keeping Nazis around.

Not surprised really. I have tried to reason with nazis before with little avail. Even if he isn't a "gas the kikes" nazi, They always are an inferiority complex with trust issues. So they won't believe anything which the globalist commies will tell them. Even if it is proven with evidence and highly rational. Most of the things we mentioned can be derived from pure deductive reasoning. Try to contact him in 2 years, maybe he has gotten over himself by then.