Retard Trump is having a meltdown

Retard Trump is having a meltdown

Video when? They say this is better than SNL

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I want the video

Video when? All these comments suggest a meltdown of epic proportions.

This is fucking glorious, i cant wait till this shit blows up, it has to blow up since he keeps escalating his autism


Do you think media should sink to his level and start attacking him more or is this his goal?

looks like that if the media keep this more calm and politically correct attitude he is going to become an even bigger embarrassment and a joke.

Honestly, all people who voted for him should lose their right to vote, they cant be this stupid to vote for this thing. Outside the accelerationists.

Suggests blowing up a Russian ship

the insecurity is beutiful


You ready to fight for the CSA?



Go on and clap as the deep state extends its tentacles.


is there a full video or stream?

Only if Sam Hyde tells me to.

Be mean all you want, but don't hold any illusions as to where this is going.
Trump called out for his lies, it is hilarious how brain dead his supporters are that will believe anything he says.

Love that reporters are backing each other by re-asking questions he refuses to answer. media needs to unify.

It isnt going anywhere, there isnt some ultra l33t intelligent villain group who controls literally everything and everything is a show.

Many players exist with many different and opposing goals, we are watching a war, and i cant wait till Trump the retard blows up.


That is why all his voters should lose their right to vote.

These people are literal zombies IMAO

Honestly I don't think there is a deep state uprising against him. Maybe a certain faction within the deep state hates him, but I don't think he will be impeached. He'll probably just lose re-election in 2020 due to his sheer incompetence being on full display everyday for 4 years..

The media is definitely going all in against him though. Mostly because it provides good clicks, views and ratings.


This man, my got

[Trump doesn't know what the CBC is]
[Trump is now angry because he got schooled before the nation, passive-aggressive mode initiated:]

not one thread in OPs link is made by trump.

Found the trump zombie supporter

They are uploading parts of him getting BTFO

who knows, could have been talking about the canadian broadcasting corporation

i don't see how OP's thread is about denigrating trump supporters.
it says, in case you missed it, "Retard Trump is having a meltdown" but then provides a link ( that links to something entirely different.
this is Holla Forums and shill tier shitposting.

If he thought that we would've gotten a quick FAKE NEWS!



I think this is all of it.

What are these factions/

Holla Forums, your attempts at gaslighting are weak.

This is a board for talking about communism, pls have your ineffectual laffs and power fantasies elsewhere

its from a Darkest hour mod where germany won ww1 and france and britain had socialist revolutions

the blue guys are the USA governemnt, the light blue guys are the corporatist/psuedo-fascist american union state, the red guys are the syndicalist combined sydicates of america and the green guys are the liberal pacific states of america who seceded because they don't want to get invovled in the civil. also canada tooj new england

Reminds me of this


aw fugg ::DDD praise kek

This is hysterical. He looks like he 's going to cry.

poetry simpley poetry

Why the fuck does he talk like my grandpa after a bottle of wine?

Wrong board m8, we arent religious tards here, we are having fun the retard is getting BTFO7

fuck off nazi

It's really pretty pathetic how incompetent his administration has been. Can't say I'm not relishing in seeing such a blatantly insecure and petulant man flail like this.

It's as though I'm reading Joyce with parkinson's.

he talks almost exactly like my conspiracy theorist uncle

Actually i think this is some really basic manipulation.

He acts exactly like the brain dead conspiracy theory uncle simpleton so they can feel closer to him and trust him blindly like the retards they are.



This is fucking gold.

almost newfag here
who is the second guy?
Not Zizek, the other one

If I were to guess, Nick Land. Weird dude, Accelerationist/NRx.

Nick Land, a man with some rather out there philosophical positions.

what is the mod called?

We're way past that stage, Donald.

Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

Truly the Cicero of our time.

Time for total reality breakdown

the deep state existed before Trump and will continue to exist long after he's gone.

I see what you did there

If you want it, make it yourself faggot.

So that's what japanese yodeling sounds like.

No, this is what it sounds like:

i dont think he could handle checkers

This is nothing new, Trump has always been prone to dumb speeches

The sperging is real