The old Metal Gear theme was literally USSR propaganda music. Still think Kojima isn't a commie?

The old Metal Gear theme was literally USSR propaganda music. Still think Kojima isn't a commie?

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Is Rance /ourguy/?

fucking hell that's the best theme tune of all time isn't it. still gives me chills

can't help but feel kojima isn't a commie because of his game's portrayal of russia and the soviets but he's still sound

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were intended to redpill the audience about the dangers of revisionism, capitalist restoration and social-imperialism. Notice how Kojima doesn't really attack Marxism or the ideal of communism despite the cynical portrayal of the post-Stalin USSR. There's some anti-Stalinism in there but very little of it, that's just the necessary normie feed you need to get a game published.

Notice how he consistently portrays the ruling class in America as more sinister, mendacious, and manipulative then that of the Soviet Union or China. He's trying to wake people up about capitalism, even if he needs some conspiratorial cliques to make things interesting for normalfags who aren't used to hearing criticism of the system itself.

It's all going to plan. The last game even did a masterful job of destroying the myth that Kojima had built up about the American spook mercenary "big boss". The only good guy in America turns out to be not so-good and really more of the same.

that was the strangest thing when I first played sengoku. Has there ever been an explanation for this?

I like the MGS2 version of the theme the best

Love MGS so much. Such a shame Kojima has left it, but maybe someone new can pull off a good game. MGS4 and MGSV sucked.

It was not satisfying in every area it could be but when you got to actually play the game and get some resolution to the big plot questions it was tight.

I actually enjoyed MGS4, MGSV and Peace Walker…

MGS2 was such a masterpiece. Basically every aspect was perfect. MGS4 and 5 pale in comparison but they are still class if you just look at them as individual games

Even though it aint an official part of the series MGR was pretty dope if not just for predicting a politician like Trump.


Peace Walker was great

That was really anti-imperialist. The whole game is basically Kojima shitting on American imperialism and the CIA.

That is every single MGS game.
MGS V won't you even let you play as the actual imperialist

Honestly, I thought that 2 needed some work but that it was also a visionary work. Even Twin Snakes/MGS1 had more variety in setting and landscape then 2.

MGS3 was pretty much perfect imo

MGS3 was great but it was basically just a spy story.

Didn't really have the message of other games

Well it had the message that the enemies of society are picked by its ruling class and that they are only relative to the times you are living in.


Hideo is communist, Kojima is not.

The perfect MGS would be the gameplay of MGS3 with the intrigue of MGS2

Yeah, love MGS3's balance between linearity and creativity/openness. It's unlike any other game I've played


the only problem with 4 is that the gameplay is so good that it's infuriating how little there is of it. I don't mind the bullshit plot/hour long videos at all, but man, there's like 2 hours of gameplay in there, it's ridiculous.

MGSV is pretty much the inverse of that

Neat, when I get on with the current generation of vidya in 20 years or so I'll enjoy a good game then.

I played the revengeance demo and it was worthless. is the full game shit?

revengeance is shite unless you like bollocks japanese fighting games

mgsv is class if you can ignore the totally incomplete story

The Boss stated her end goal as being anti-Capitalist and anti-Communist. Make what you will of that.

the metal gear solid saga is basically 50 years of people trying to work out what the fuck the radical centrist is even talking about

Honestly I was kind of disappointed by MGS3 when it came out. For months leading up to it I'd read every article in EGM and consumed every rumor and scrap of information online. MGS2 was such a massive mindfuck and I thought we were going to get some answers. Open world environments! Like Grand Theft Auto in the jungle! New answers! New mysteries! New Stealth Espionage Action!

Of course nothing could have possibly lived up to the hype, but I still loved every second of it. It's even better looking back, imo, because you can see this evolution from game to game. Kojima clearly had a vision (it seems to me) of what he wanted and had some really talented and dedicated people trying to bring it to life, but there's only so much time and so much budget, so much disc space and so much processing power.

To me that's what makes The Phantom Pain so tragic. I think he finally had the stage he wanted, the ensemble, the actors and sets were all there, but Konami forced him out when it was "good enough" rather than to Kojima's satisfaction. I really got the feeling that TPP would have been the synthesis of all these themes and systems he'd taken stabs at in previous games but wasn't able to perfect for some reason or another.

( ;~;)7 Here's to you, Kojima-san.

You think Kojima bought the "post-ideology" meme?

I knew there was a reason I could never fully embrace him

then they made him an edgy suicide robot because teen boys didn't relate to him. it makes perfect sense

MGS4 and future titles had great writing, but as games they were pretty mediocre.

MGS3 was the best in terms of gameplay since Kojima was still allowed to go all out with the nonsensical shit that was fun, but inaccessible to shitters


Nah the point is that the boss' will, a world without ideology, is impossible. The games are a pretty good illustration of neo liberalism, a world seemingly without ideology is infact a world under tight bureaucratic control

My first thought on playing the Phantom Pain was how much it could use some things that were done in the other games, the battles you could either take part in or ignore from 4, the sabotage and someone to comment more in depth about guns and equipment like all the previous games.It felt so unrealized without these things.

It also looked to me like Kojima wanted to do a grand synthesis but even if Konami cut him short he should still be criticized for the dumb choices he made on his own like the story structure, the TV like credits and aesthetic.
And the twist


Not really because it seems her intentions were to rule the world Illuminati style. She lemented the fact that the Philosophers had fallen apart which is what she attributed the cold war to. She was an Ubermensch with no ideological loyalties.

Solid Snake is a Stirnerfag.

I made this to commemorate the only thread you didn't shitpost in. Cheers.