In this thread. We apologise. Socdems. You know the drill

In this thread. We apologise. Socdems. You know the drill.

For me, an Anarchist, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for pic related.

What are you sorry for? Come on, be the bigger guy, apologise.

i'm sorry for not currently running an imageboard.
it's incredible how there are no mods in this community.

but just in case they start to get active:
before this thread disappears, can you tell me what exactly you meant, OP? i don't get your pic.

I get it.

I'm a Trot and I'm sorry about all the sectarianism.

You have nothing to apologise for OP, its the only thing that anarchism has going for it.

As for me, I'm sorry that we have an ideology that you cannot respond to besides ice pick jokes.

so can someone explain the OP? did he go to a shitty mainstream event or what?

how about you apologise for being Soc Dems and therefore for Rosa

4th International Trots don't come from the same origin as Soc Dems. Soc Dems come from the 2nd International, and the 3rd International was born after the Soc Dems betrayed the Spartacus League (Rosa) in Germany, and the 2nd International fell apart.

clearly shitposting in a clear shitposting thread my man

Sorry for the all the edgy students in our movement. I miss the days of anarcho-syndicalism being a big thing and I find most anarchists to be unpleasant people.

t. ancom

Sorry for not letting you gulag me.

t. anarchist

Sorry for letting Marx take over the first international

Apologize for having autism and not recognizing a shitpost

I am sorry, I have autism and did not recognise the shitpost.

Thank you for apologizing


but those 2 are really cool looking

so far nobody has figured out what OP was talking about.

which is why everyone except OP is saging the thread. you should too.

I'm sorry SocDem is the most wildly successful form of socialism in the world.

I'm sorry we didn't win WW2.

I'm sorry I don't worship St. Marx (pbuh)

I'm sorry none of you have ever had the opportunity to take an economics class

I have nothing to apologize for because Stalin did nothing wrong and anyone who says otherwise is a revisionist.


Read Keynes.

Here's your explanation:
black flag = Holla Forums subversion

Sorry for not having any other individual build upon our theory after Lukacs.


I'm sorry for spamming your board with my cuck porn folder.