Any comrades in India?

Tankies fuck off.

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If succdems can apologize for murdering Rosa, I think it's only fair that tankiddies apologize for invading Hungary.

Tankies should apologize for existing.


and Ukraine. And Spain.

Parking tanks on you enemies progresses the revolution.

and Korea. The Anarchist parts you crushed.

and anarchist should apologize for killing the catalonian proletariat

Bolshevik counter revolution

Don't you have a crusade to be on?

Tolstoy was decent tho

undeniable, Proudhon too

Shouldn't you be busy murdering pagans in the name of Allah God?

tolstoy was good but mainly cause he countered the traditional view of the Bible. his uncompromising pacifism is annoying.

yes it is. but if you read the articles you'd realize that the anarchists collaborated a lot with the republican gov't to supress the proles in the name of "anti-fascism"

Those were a splinter-sect liberals, probably succdems



The Indian Shia Muslim is one of our regulars.


That's some serious historical revisionism in both slides. Changing the narrative from "Islam is the source of all evil" to "Christianity is the source of all evil" does not suddenly make such a retarded generalization any more true.

Don't you feel bad for all the innocents you murdered for having a different opinion?

really makes me think.

I don't give a shit about the traditional christians. call their beliefs and their actions trash. I don't care 'bout that. the jesus movement was ruined with constantine tbh



Yeah Hyderabadi here. We have one one female Indian poster here as well, I think she's from

Ha I'm happy you remembered me!

*From Bangalore if I remember correctly

it's cool bro I remember you posted pictures of your trip to Baghdad. Nice to have diverse voices here.

also did you see that Baghdad suffered another suicide bombing today? it's awful. I think it's a borderline genocide on the Shia at this stage, what do you think?

^ This.

In the middle East I wouldn't really call it a genocide but I really do think it could be called that in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan and northern Pakistan it's especially bad because all the shias are hazara and since the look a bit Chinese, it's extremely difficult for them to hide. Recently I met a guy from Quetta and he was telling me how the steam of Killings of young shia is just constant. Every day he hears of another killing

There's lots of targeted killings too of shia doctors and poets and the like.

Is there any significant Sunni efforts or reformist figures in the region trying to stop these killings?

Yeah the anarchists in Spain did some dumb shit. Hopefully we can genuinely learn from these mistakes in the future.
That being said leftists of all types killed Christians on the Republican side.

Not indian, but lived there for quite some time, even did junior college there, does that count?

Will Communism finally put the poo in the loo?