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Is it me or is constant messaging about 'trolls' and 'cyberbullies' being used to push for an internet free of user opinion? Where the only narratives pushed are the ones of the site owners and their advertisers, ie. corporations.

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Better question: why are you using firefox rather than one of its forks?

idk, google chrome is taking too much memory and this is what i was reccomended

What kind of computer do you have? 32-bit/x86 or 64-bit/x64?

a mega 64 bit one, i just got a new system for the nvidia 1070 but it's still slow sometimes

I copied over my appdata which might have something to do with it but idk

You could use some fork like pale moon

whats different about it?

Have you tried Waterfox? It's optimized for 64-bit computers.

Firefox does have its own 64-bit version, but some argue that it's not really a 64-bit version.

forks of firefox are less bloated and they usually don't push the ideology

It's using a pre-austraulis base and will have better, but not complete compatibility with legacy extensions after firefox moves to a web app ecosystem later this year.

They're fucking right though, have you ever looked at the average internet comment section?

Obviously, the sjw liberal left loves to live in echo chambers, ever since the election ended every website run by them has banned anyone they deem not part of the neoliberal status qou, mostly the far right. news sights who get their shit wrecked in the comment section shut down the comment section.
Unfortunately for the elite, the interent isn't like tv, hackers run amok.
The libs were probably going to try to roll back the internet freedom if clinton had won.
Did you see the grammies?
They shat on trump all night, then a jew came out and was all "please mr. trump, help us fight corporate laws and deregulate the music industry"

Also fire fox sucks, its run by libtards, but actually i stopped using it because it freezes every 5 minutes

I use google chrome and opera now.
Also check out an obscure browser called Vivaldi

Oh no idiots are making inconsequential remarks online, better drop the hammer on free internet use.

you are right OP, and it will actually work. it worked in retroshare which is a reddit-like community and thus representative of mainstream culture.
watch the last south park season.

and likewise organized shitposters are destroying refugee communities in which free speech is still possible.

also Charlie Brooker:

btw op don't let the retards shill you some meme fork of firefox.
i use Tor Browser for tor and another instance for clearnet because i think TBB is safer than default firefox but almost all my browsing is over tor anyway.

You know who you should ask about this topic? Gamergate

Waterfox has a huge memory leak problem.

If they mute people to keep their producs safe how are they going to datamine people?

It's a joke you fucking autist