Everybody get in here!

Everybody get in here!

Ok, why?

so now what

What's up?

FBI thread do not enter


nice try, CIA

Oh shit, grave mistake

abandon ship


What are you doin?


I chose to obey because I was curious what would happen

I am here, what do you need?

in my head it was the finger of the elected comandante on the battleship Kropotkin

I'm not FBI.

How do you do, fellow leftists?

'Primmie ready for action…'

Obviously, I know what that the FBI flag is a shitposting flag.

Was a joke ;)

Oooooh. Kewl. I wouldn't want to be FBI anyways.

Glynco > Quantico

Good, I'm glad you're all here. Lately there's been talk. Subversive talk. Talk of organization!

Anyway I'm not going to say who–we all know who it is. We all know. It's known by all. All is known by we.

Ha ha HA! Wee.

But let this be a warning to all of you! I won't tolerate any kind of revolutionary mumbo jumbo, no, not in this office, busters. My great great great great great great greatgreatgreat Grandfather didn't clear cut the sacred trees surrounding this sacred Indian burial ground just so a bunch of Commie Reds could take it away.

My blood is in this office! My sweat is in this office! My tears are in this office!

Okay, maybe they're not my tears or blood or sweat but SOMEBODY'S been letting out a lot of fluids in here, and by God, isn't that what America's all about? People working hard? And the people they work for making lots of money?


That was Hoochie Minh and her sluts.

When the revolution comes, you'll be first in front of the firing squad.

We're coming, bucko

Fuck you, Porky. You're not the boss of me.

You've done sweet fuck all


*takes out handgun*

This made my fucking day. I even read it in the voice.