Reals or feels, Holla Forums?

Reals or feels, Holla Forums?

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Bookchin is a Jew.


Good observation, Holla Forums.

Can't change the feels without changing the reals.

what does reals > feels mean? who are the feels and who are the reals its referring to

i'm triggered.

Nothing gets past this guy

Considering how long he spends bashing Idpol I'm gonna say reals. Although his bashing does slide over into feels at points tbh

You realise American policy has been firmly anti socialist for about 100 years now.

The brainwashing is firmly in the other direction.

Are you for instance that it was made illegal by the taft hartley act for Union leaders to be socialists.

If the Jews want socialism, why would they do this?

Shit, you've done it bro, you have convinced me to to abandon my degenerate Marxist ways.

Pack it up boys, this pollacks has done it

What's hilarious is any of you actually thinking feels is a bad thing or that reals actually exists.

Establish communism to feel better, argument from feels. Bourgs don't want communism, it takes away their shit, reals.

It's all a matter of perspective. In a way, it's all just feels. But there's nothing wrong with that.

Of course these technically non-fascist countries. But using them as a prime example of freedom is not what what i would do tho.

Sometimes what you think are reals are actually feels, yet simultaneously feels can be the only reals.

Nice. Jews are cool and good.


It's originally a criticism of SJW 'lived experience' versus statistics


It's a dialectical contradiction actually

So in other words, a single anecdote versus a pool of anecdotes.

there is no difference. I make my feels reals.