European elections 2017

What is your view on the European elections ?

It seems like after the results of Trump and Brexit many are not voting on extreme right wing nationalist parties anymore. Unfortunately instead of that neoliberal parties disguised as progressive leftist are filling up the gap. I am not a accelerationist, but I feel this will be bad because it removes the chance of a real leftist movement shaping in these countries. In France a Rothschild banker is now seen as a Sanders figure and lauded by the Guardian et co, what the fuck? What is your view?

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i have no idea what you are talking about.
rightwing parties are having an absolute high these days.
not that the european parliament has anything to decide, laws are made by a council appointed by the european commission, but whatever.

is this an attempt to use FUD to make us vote for nazis?
leftists don't fall for FUD, only nazis fall for FUD.

I am talking about the elections in The Netherlands, Germany and France.
In all these countries it seems centre left parties are winning. SPD in Germany, several leftist parties in Netherlands and Macron in France.

btw where the fuck did you get that retarded meme from?

what? idk how it is elsewhere but in germany the SPD and martin schulz surveys are fake.

also the SPD is not center left, they are against the separation of church and state, against immigrants and against poor people.

Why is the word "populism" used when a majority of people vote in a way that liberals don't like?

the_klaver, the dutch version of the_schulz which is again a liberal parody of the_donald

thought so, still many think they're proper left right?

the nationalists seems to be the only ones serious about being against the EU so i will probably vote for them in the EU elections

Well we can't call them nazis, can we?
That might hurt their feelings! Just because someone likes to burn down houses and school gyms that house refugee families doesn't mean you can just be mean to him like a vile troll.

There are no european elections in 2017

have you actually read any party positions and do you actually know anything about politics?

I think your cute fascist eurostate is dead

I meant national elections within the EU. should've written that

You know those fires weren't all started by the resentful locals right?

i strongly doubt there was government involvement necessary, other than the nazi propaganda on tv.
why, who do you think started those fires?


The rise of Trump has led to an unexpected twist in Germany’s election: A resurgent left

WP today.

This is what I mean. The reframing of liberals as the left has already begun.

You are living in a deluded bubble if you honestly think Macron is going to win.

Every reputable opinion poll over the last month has consistently placed Le Pen out in front by ~5%.


I'm well aware of the system used, fag.
Le Pen and Fillon will win the first round.
And then Le Pen will go onto win the second.

Don't get mad at me, just because your utterly shit, EU shill of a candidate has no real shot at winning the French presidency.

Leftism is the Netherlands is a joke. Even the so-called Socialist Party is just a bunch of social liberals. We don't even have anything on the level of Die Linke or Melenchon, let alone a proper socialist party. The Dutch 'left' winning just entails the preservation of the status quo.

I have a deep admiration for the way liberals have elevated cringe to an art form. I thought our memes were bad, but all these pro-EU or pro-Clinton memes are just on a whole other level.

Even if we assume that Fillon will be the one to pass rather than Macron, how can you tell that the second round won't result in 2002 elections: electric boogaloo?,_2017#Fillon.E2.80.93Le_Pen

the only thing winning is litteral right wing populist pvv and centre right neolibs.

In a Fillon - Le Pen second round, I still believe that Le Pen will win rather easily.

As we witnessed with Brexit and Trump, people do not like reporting that they are going to vote for the populist option.

As such I'm quite comfortable in backing Le Pen, with an expected second round outcome around 55 - 45.
Indeed, I'm so comfortable that Le Pen is going to win the second round that I have bet quite a large amount of money on it.

Let LePen, Petry and Wilders win. The liberal world order needs to be totally broken down before a new project can truly begin.

This, Le Pen will win for certain.