In Praise of Antisemitism

I arrived at my current political position - a form of far-left ultranationalism - only through my time spent in the radical right…essentially breaking through the right end of the spectrum to the other side.

Researching thoroughly the "JQ" - the extent of Jewish power in the West and the damage it causes - led me to the conclusion that the root issue of the world's problems (ecological devastation; social atomization; extreme gayness/autism; corrupt corporate media, imperialism and its geopolitical consequences) is not a cause of Jewishness - cultural or biological - but the dominant economic system (capitalism) and its all-consuming worldview (liberalism).

Intellectually honest antisemites cannot help but oppose capitalism. The ones who hold on to economically libertarian attitudes through blind reactionary fear of socialism or through the delusion that David Duke produces honest, well-researched books are never going to be of any use anyway.

Temporary indulgence in Jew-hate also immunizes an individual against the most pernicious forms of controlled-op leftism - huff po internationalism, bix nood third worldism, trannyism etc.

Anyway what I'm trying to say is that budding fascists are at their most intellectually vulnerable when delving into Jewish conspiracy research. Convincing them that capitalism is a cancer is pretty easy, and with that half the battle is already won.

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kys and a your meme ideology

antisemitism on the left isn't new, there's plenty–you haven't stumbled on anything you dip

you're just trying to justify your own racism

Can someone explain to me how jews aren't white

Jews are actual successful whites, thats the main problem racists have with them.


only ashkenazis look "white", and they don't think of themselves as white

whenever they're criticised, they're quick to point out their jewishness

i don't really have a problem with jews but i can't stand their cliquey, blabbering, ethnic nepotism aspects

"Antisemitism is really a hatred of capitalism"

Gee, I wonder why 'race' is a highly flawed concept…

"In refusing to see that capitalism itself is the cause of the crises and cataclysms that periodically ravage the globe, the bourgeois ideologues and reformists have always pretended instead to explain them by each other's wickedness. One can see here the fundamental similarity of the ideologies (if one dares say it) of fascism and anti-fascism. Both proclaim that it is thoughts, ideas, the will of human groupings which determine social phenomena. Against these ideologies, which we call bourgeois because both defend capitalism, against all these faded idealists, of today and tomorrow, Marxism has demonstrated that it is, on the contrary, social relations which determine the movement of ideas. This is the keystone of Marxism, and in order to see to what a degree pseudo-Marxists have disowned it, it is sufficient to point out that as far as they are concerned, everything comes about through ideas: colonialism, imperialism, capitalism itself, are nothing more than mental states. And to cap it all, the evils that humanity suffer are due to evil doers: misery mongers, oppression mongers, war mongers etc. Marxism has demonstrated that on the contrary misery, oppression, wars of destruction, far from being anomalies caused through deliberately malevolent wills, are part of the normal functioning of capitalism. This is particularly so in the epoch of wars of Imperialism"

just drop the antisemitism all together.
there is no point in stil believing in it when you have realized capitalism is the main problem.
it's essentially the same as Africans bitching about the white man keeping them down etc

This, there's no point in supporting anti-semitism if you're a leftist.

Is that a Bordiga quote? Quite on point tbh. Gib source if possible.

I have. My point was that antisemitism is a path to realizing the true problem. It's the logical end point.

Zionist right wingers will never abandon capitalism but a number of entry-level antisemites will.

The rest who cling to the delusion will go further down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory (jews = reptiles etc)


tyu gomrad

i can agree with that

ops wrong flag

right wing identity politics is still identity politics. if you hold racist views, you've got bigger problems to be worried about than succumbing to Maoist white liberal nonsense.

it's like diving into a vat of acid to avoid getting wet during a thunderstorm.

to conclude:






So you're just fucking retarded.

I'm glad we got that settled.

Reported for ableism. Enjoy your ban, cretin.

i'll add that the "invinsible lines" won't be needed eventually

They're not needed now.

"In the beginning immigration was a phenomenon linked to big business. It still continues to be that way. Those who clamor for always more immigration are big companies. This immigration is in accordance with the very spirit of capitalism, which aims at the erasure of borders (laissez faire, laissez passer).

While obeying the logic of social dumping, Balssa continues, a "low cost" labor market has thus been created with the "undocumented" and the "low-skilled," functioning as stopgap "jack of all trades." Thus, big business has reached its hand to the far-left, the former aiming at dismantling of the welfare state, considered to be too costly, the latter
killing off the nation-state considered to be too archaic." This is the reason why the French Communist Part (PCF) and the French Trade Union (CGT) (which have radically changed since then) had, until 1981, battled against the liberal principle of open borders, in the name of the defense of the working class interests."

It is a revealing fact that Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri in their books Empire and Multitude endorse "world citizenship " when they call for the removal of borders, which must have as a first goal in developed countries the accelerated settlement of the masses of low-wage Third World workers. The fact that most migrants today owe their displacement to outsourcing, brought about by the endless logic of the global market, and that their displacement is precisely something capitalism strives for in order to fit everybody into the market, and finally, that each territorial attachment could be a part of human motivations — does not bother these two authors at all. On the contrary, they note with satisfaction that "capital itself requires increased mobility of labor as well as continuous migration across national borders." The world market should constitute, from their point of view, a natural framework for "world citizenship." The market "requires a smooth space of uncoded and deterritorialized flux," destined to serve the interests of the "masses", because "mobility carries a price tag of capital, which means the enhanced desire for liberty."

The trouble with such an apology of human displacement, seen as a first condition of "liberating nomadism," is that it relies on a completely unreal outlook of the specific situation of migrants and displaced people. As Jacques Guigou and Jacques Wajnsztejn write, "Hardt and Negri delude themselves with the capacity of the immigration flows, thought to be a source for new opportunities for capital valuation, as well as the basis for opportunity enhancement for the masses. Yet, migrations signify nothing else but a process of universal competition, whereas migrating has no more emancipating value than staying at home. A "nomadic" person is no more inclined to criticism or to revolt than a sedentary person."

"As long as people keep abandoning their families, adds Robert Kurz, and look for work elsewhere, even at the risk of their own lives — only to be ultimately shredded by the treadmill of capitalism — they will be less the heralds of emancipation and more the self-congratulatory agents of the postmodern West. In fact, they only represent its miserable version."

Whoever criticizes capitalism, while approving immigration, whose working class is its first victim, had better shut up. Whoever criticizes immigration, while remaining silent about capitalism, should do the same.

one of the things that bothers people about jews is how ashkenazis are effectively white europeans with an insular culture and often consistent appearance that gives them the markers of a seperate race. jews throw a wrench in the idea of race and it's not surprising people who base their worldview on race find them strange and suspicious.

not that thats the only reason people ever dislike jews of course. they are very insular and nepotistic, and are generally wealthier, and have no problem occupying industries and positions western christian morality considers dirty (banking, movies). so with the intersection of all this it's not surprising they have such a rocky history and are still the subject of suspicion.

So they're white people