Is it possible to synthesise Leninism and Syndicalism?

Is it possible to synthesise Leninism and Syndicalism?

It sounds like a God tier ideology to me.

It's called De Leonism.

I feel you fam something like this would be the best, I do know that there was at least one syndicalist party who broke from the CNT prior to revolutionary Catalonia who seemingly had similar ideas and there was also the Workers Opposition in the early USSR who were probably the closest thing to this but they got marginalized or purged

Something about being a De Leonist just makes me cringe tbh

Why would anyone bother to be a syndialist anymore?


The idea of syndicalism with a party isn't necessarily unique to De Leon, but also I don't know if De Leon is that special like the IWW was great and probably would have done even better with a more political wing but when he split from them it looks like his side clearly lost the split and even went liberal.
It's also something about the left tendency of creating a new ism for every significant revolutionary intellectual that i find weird, Leninism is one thing because it actually entails a fairly specific government structure and was a clearly definable global movement but things like De Leonism or Bordigism, seem a bit pointless, I just say i'm a communist.

Why not?

Because we've lost the unions to social democrats. There won't be a revolution occurring by the use of unions anytime soon.

What's the alternative to taking them back or creating our own rival unions?

If you live in an industrialised country with high literacy, and you want to implement Leninism on it, then you are retarded.

Why exactly? Isn't one of the core tenets of all socialism/Marxism that industrialisation is necessary for communism? With the base already there in an industrialised country, it's even easier.

Lenin revised Marxism, so he could apply it on Russia, since Russia was neither industrialised nor was the literacy among the huge quasi serf population very high.

Needless to say, that we won't need these modifications now. Plain old Marxism is adequate enough. If you want Leninism, then you have something to proof.


But DeLeon predates Lenin.

It's not like Hoxhaism where you're just a hipster Stalinist

I assume you're meaning a vanguard party that is kept in check by the unions and syndicates. Could you elaborate? Lelninism is pretty much incompatible with Syndicalism if you're taking the economic aspects.

Some combination of a vanguard to take power, then combining a Leninist planned economy with syndicalist organisation of industries and workplaces

yeah it's called National Syndicalism

this. fuck tankies. anarchosyndicalism is the only syndicalism

Predating Lenin doesn't make De Leon any more relevant, more relevant than Hoxhaism though I'll give you that


What about Libertarian Leninism?

Except that in the Western world, industry is being exported in favor of a service based economy. A Western revolution in the foreseeable future would need some sort of re-industrialization initiative to reduce dependency on import.

Additionally, a lot of Lenin's "revisions" were about how to seize control of a state - something likely still relevant to a future revolution.

We don't need to revisit the NEP, but why throw away all of Lenin's contributions?

I sort of like the abstract notion of this, but I don't know how the vanguard party could really be held accountable. So long as they hold a monopoly on force, they will have the option to respond to agitation with violence.

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You have the IWA that is trying to create rival anarcho-syndicalist unions. You also have the platformists who do infiltration in order to try to take back the socdem unions.
Pick the one you prefer.

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