Hey communistas

Hey communistas.

Why should anybody do anything when they are not allowed to be rich?

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Because food and shelter aren't going to produce themselves.
Also you're holding that gun backwards.

Because they will be forced to of course

Cuz there's fully automated luxury communism

how naive

Why do 3rd worlders work when they know they won't get rich from working in sweatshops?

Why do 1st world blue collar workers work when their job won't allow them to be rich?




Alright buddy, i'm studying to be a biologist, that's a low paying job in Australia, very low pay. But i'm doing it because i want to benefit humanity.

Imagine all the things in life you do without a want of being rich at the end of that experience. Therein lies the answer.

good for you

still strawmanned tho

except i work only because i wanna get paid

Maybe you should stop having a boss firat


That's what socialism is kiddo.

Of course, because that's the only way to survive. And because capitalism brainwashes you from birth to believe that.

I'm pretty sure Fight Club is ideologically naive, I didn't read the book, but isn't the premise in the movie that if they wipe out all the debt ie by destroying credit card databases etc, that they thought they would reset society and free us from banking?

Aside from the fact that, this leaves industrial capital relatively unscathed and free to continue to leach off the proletariat. Didn't this kind of already happened IRL with the banking crisis, and all that happened was that the bourgeoisie governments of the world just implemented austerity to prop up the hegemony of financial capital.

If Fight Club happened IRL, the government would still do all it could to keep the banks firmly in control and nothing would change.

you doing something and making everybody does it are two very different things

Coop workers even in the UK aren't living in the lap of luxury even if they're generally better off.

Being self-employed isn't all that great either.

The firm, the institution itself is the problem, the capitalist is merely an obstacle in the way of abolishing capital altogether.

Sometimes I'm honestly surprised we got out of the stone-age with people like this.

Ancap detected?

Dunno, you want to use the internet, you better learn how to build a computer.

You're waiting, hoping for a sign
That what's forbidden can be yours
You just want what you can't have
Until your dreams burn down and choke you every time

That's because you suck as a person, what do you even work in? Do you flip burgers or did daddy get you a job in accountability?

I work as a tech support in a law office.

Which is great because it gives me a lot of down time to read books and shitpost.

Are YOU rich?

Then nothing would change for you, right?

Wow congragulations you have a job.

You're going to look back at this as the best point in your life. Maybe you'll understand when you're older and poor.

Okay, so your job is essentially useless shit. Under Communism, you'd get the opportunity to work for something a little bit better than installing Adobe Reader whenever your retarded law school dropout coworker click on the wrong "Download button" and accidentally install Babylon toolbar.

so basically gommunism is an ideology for older and poor people who couldn't spell "saving"?

Fight club is movie about how ancaps slowly turn into fascists. It has got nothing to do with liberating people from the system.

my employer disagrees which is why he pays me 80k a year to sit in the office and keep his computer system running.

see you are like that spoiled english major sjw who has no appreciation or respect for the work of others.

Nope. It's an ideology that looks out for the person you're going to become.

All those dreams and ambitions, hopes and times you've told yourself it will work out.

Will not work out.

You are a statistic and the likely hood of you ever becoming rich is less than winning the lottery.

We are looking out for your future, you are motivated by factors that will never be in your control going on towards the future.

Thank us.

Yeah that's bullshit nobody posts here with that sort of income.

The self made man is a perpetual myth and the more you post it, the more it's likely you're lying


you're projecting hard lad

if you get out of your house and work people will pay you too

Responsibility and dealing with the emotional consequences of being a pariah

It's lass, and I'm not projecting at all. These are universal facts of the world we live in.

that couldn't be true because i could become rich by winning a lottery so the likelihood would have to be at least as much

but then again, if you can into maths you wouldn't be a gommunist

how much do you weigh?

Wow what infallible logic about how being rich is so likely.

It's quite the opposite. Unlike someone in tech support who lies about their income, I'm in a university studying emergency medicine.

It is not my duty to make others feel good.

137 ILbs. How about you? How about anyone here?

Don't throw stones in glass houses, it's apparently all you're good at besides being IT

Then you will fail at life.

sure buddy

im sure youre 137lbs LMAO



It actually is. If you make other people feel bad, whatever the society, expect to be killed at the very least.

What fucking field do you think I work in?

gommunist's logic

Don't worry, you will never be part of a Communist society, even if we win.


Besides someone who works is training to emergency rooms and inpatient should at the very least be more informed than some tech jockie in a law office who posts on Holla Forums.

Well, yeah.

Because you're going to have a shitty immune system. You are not outside of your own decaying body. You currently are suffering what will later materialize much more strongly and rapidly.

What's funny to me is how you argue how important you are and outside the statistics and rules.

You are not. You are just as weak as everyone.

165lbs at 10% bodyfat.

I haven't said this in years but DYEL?

Alternatively, you could stop being a butt hurt faggot.

its in your interest to take care of the sick.

I'm somewhat a dom but its not in my interest to lift as a sub atm.

You could also get stabbed by a nigger or someone side swipe you in your car and end up in hospital then the bills pile up then your insurance stops paying. Sickness doesn't necessarily mean immune system. Why should an individual suffer because the person who harmed them is poor?

And I will have the decency to not take other people's money when I become sick.

Looks like someone is projecting. Face it: you suck, your life sucks, no one likes you. Reply angrily to this post with as much damage control as you wish, but it won't change reality.
She doesn't love you

meant for this fag

poor people aren't lazy. they work very hard. but they don't work smart. that's the difference between the impoverished and the rich.
yeah it's shitty because of the potential for nepotism, oligarchy, and general corruption. but not one honestly believes that poor people are just lazy.

even smallpox only kills 30% of those infected.

the weaks die that is natural selection, so the human race becomes stronger.

if you keep everybody afloat then the society as a whole is weak and will go away just like the USSR the greatest failed state in the history of human life

If it's a contagious disease you have, you shouldn't have the right to care.

In fact you shouldn't have the right to an opinion on whether or not to serve to the best of your ability.

Small pox no longer exists outside of a clean environment.


don't go near a niggerthen

drive smartly

why is it that gommunists always contrive a way to blame everybody else for their problems?

Are you older than 15? Legit question.

Again, you are not outside the likelyhoods of life today and going into the future. You can act as smart as you want, you are neither becoming rich nor becoming safer.

It was sarcasm, because of the deceptive idea people are always sold that "anyone can become a millionaire" where they present it as if you are at fault for not becoming rich by working hard.

that's not even relevant

k buddy

Yes it is.

Yes abandon all technological progress because muh hyooman nature

bugger off kid

Oh the irony.

No matter how "smartly" you drive you are always at risk of someone else breaking the law and harming you. The question is why do whatever the fuck you are always seem to be able to deceive themselves into believing that "if you are careful then you wont ever ever get hurt and if you do then its your fault for going outside even if you did nothing wrong and were playing it safe"

I mean we can bring up the overwhelming amount of data on the side of collectivism that's been accumulated from the 20th century onwards, and indeed, point to how the majority of the smartest men of the 20th and 21st were/are collectivist in some form.

Here's something to read,



So a nigger hurt you therefore other people need to give you money?

No, we're talking about you. You are the example, be it external harm or internal, all your types defend American medicine until you foot the bill.

Or we could point to the failure of USSR, the failure of east germany compared to west germany, the failure of north korea compared to south korea, the failure cambodia, laos, vietnam compared to thailand, malaysia and singapore.

So if an infected person infects dozens of other people and there is an outbreak that needs to be contained you'd hold all those people accountable as if they were intentionally getting infected and have them die instead of containing the outbreak and treating them?

That's pretty fucked up.

Also in america you can't get in trouble for infecting people with contagious diseases unless it can be proven that you definitely did it on purpose. As a result many people could contract infectious diseases and not know how and spread it further and your solution is to refuse them healthcare. That is both retarded and impractical for a society that doesn't want to become Zimbabwe or Ebola ridden.

Not should, want.
There's no pressure for people to do shit that they don't want to maintain their status as a rich man let alone acquire it in some way.

The USSR was hardly a failure in the sense you always make it out to be. Indeed, applying the same logic to the United States and its history, you come with similar moral and ethical conclusions.

That's your opinion, and your opinion on your health should not matter in the slightest. You do not get to demand how people get treated just because you are too idiotic to apply the likelyhood of harm to yourself at all.

You already have that in capitalism from class immobility. You're not allowed to be rich unless you're close to being rich already.

I guess when Californians stopped vaccinating their kids because they are retarded and applied their "likelihood of harm" based on fake autism conspiracies and in breaking the herd immunity children that were vaccinated started catching measles it was also the fault of the ones who were vaccinated because they lived in the same city and as such should be refused treatment if cant pay for the private hospital care when have complications.
No matter. They aren't humans anyway.

Not making a point against you, just shitposting.

because you will be a good communist or you will be killed like countless people before you

If the only reason for doing anything you can think of is being able to lord your economic domination over other people, you're a threat to me and I hope you're killed.


Go shoot yourself with a .22. Make sure to miss anything vital so you just get even more retarded.

you realize humans have operated on the basis of contributing to their communities for virtually the entirety of civilization and before that, right? The idea that youre able to "get rich" under capitalism and free yourself et cetera is a very modern spook

Not that user, but it's not that far fetched. IT is pretty well paid, I actually earn more. And yes, even if OP is spooked, this kind of jobs is mostly useless shit. That's one more reason the economic system is fucked up.

Medical investigation is paid with other's people money. Please don't take advantage on research and die of a simple flu :^)

Nice understanding of evolution faggot, please inform yourself in books instead of charts.

Not in tax paid roads, with cars made by companies that get government grants. Pls do not steal :^)

Wow. Neat.