So leftypol why are niggers so violent do you have reasonable explanation?

So leftypol why are niggers so violent do you have reasonable explanation?

Other urls found in this thread: of Cross-Cultural Psychology-2010-Broesch- Cultural Variations in Children's Mirror Self-Recognition.pdf

Poverty and bad education

They associate toughness with manhood. It's their ideology.

So Holla Forums why are you all Chicano do you have an explanation

Cuz thoze bois r in da hood muthufucka

You were clearly told to head back over to reddit.

just to upset you Holla Forums

The mods disagree, since they said they enjoy my shitposting.

I didn't know it was mainly black people who droned hospitals in foreign country, napalm'd entire villages in Southeastern Asia, had a one-million men standing army defending their rule at any given moment, or used slave labour to profit from mobile phone sales.
Your average ghetto gangsta looks pretty peaceful when you get your head out of your ass and start looking at the world tbh


Prove it.

Their culture is full of dogshit gangster stuff.

Nice do you have any sources to back your claim up

I looked through the bans page couldn't find it.

Yesterday, banned for fifty minutes. Reason was something like "I enjoy your shitposting, but you can't derail threads this fast".

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yet academically, poor black kids perform better than poor white kids in Britain

There is your problem

Skip to 2:20

why are americans so obsessed with the color of their skin?

pure coincidence

No, no they don't.

Stop posting popsci and read actual scientific journals that aren't bogged down in controversy. They might surprise you.

Mysterious forces started distributing drugs from Latin America in the 80

if you look at the original research paper at of Cross-Cultural Psychology-2010-Broesch- Cultural Variations in Children's Mirror Self-Recognition.pdf you'll see the authors put forward evidence the kids did recognize themselves but froze up rather than wiping the mark off their forehead because of how they'd been socialized:
And of course there is no evidence that black kids in Western countries do any worse on the mirror test than white kids.

top lel. Stay BTFO

Among other things. Persecution from police forces, lack of access to good paying jobs, if they're not banned from work all together due to a previous criminal conviction, it's a whole litany of negative social afflictions which just pile up to create a toxic social environment for poor people and black people especially.

Also a reminder:


But really obvious and obnoxious Holla Forums shit is

Because of bourgeois ideology that fears poor white people allying with poor non-white people

Very excellent indeed, bye bye whites

What claims do you want me to back?
That drone attack kill civilians? That there are more than one million men in the US Army? That slave labout is used in third world mines? That napalm was used against exclusively civilian targets during wars in Indochina?

Also, mods, ban OP for being blatant bait-shitposting and delete this thread already. We have had it every week for the past two years, I don't give a shit if OP screencaps this thread and goes to Holla Forums saying "leftycucks censor you when talking about niggers". They already believe it anyway and we don't want them on here.


Further prove commies are nothing but a bunch of niggers larping. Enjoy that mass starvation event that's coming ;)


Stay mad, stormfag

Holla Forums is far whiter than Holla Forums

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Are you saying that stirnerites are the smartest bunch?

We've invested heavily into India during the 60's. We've built water pit after water pit with express instructions how to manage the land to ensure replenishment of the aquifers.

What did they do:
They overused the land and destroyed natural permaculture land that would have allowed for ground water recharging to and removing the swales and flatten it to create more crops while they were told not to for maintaining water levels. Greed let them rule, while all pointing to their neighbors being the water thiefs. They also pointed at the government for failing to provide, meanwhile they took public land set up for replenishment and made it into their farm land all for extra crops. Failing to understand their own limitation they kept working the land to where it went completely dry and the water pits also became unreplenishable.

The farmers fought us tooth and nail on removing some farm land for nature to create water sheds.

In 2016, we are now again building swales for these subhumans because they can't even handle simple farming techniques.

I've lived in India and Kenia and these people are nothing but a major cancer on this earth.

Again, i don't give a shit of tech is making it's way to Africa. Africa is projected to have over 2.4 billion people by 2050 and over 4 billion by 2100. The majority of these ppl will be able to earn a few dollars a day more thanks to the internet, new business may prop up. The reason there is progress is due to extensive white intervention and their corrupt governments ruled by adults with the emotional understanding of a child. They won't be able to sustain these levels without drastic WHITE support. Since you want white's gone, these ppl will all starve.

These are simple facts. Cause and effect.


This sounds more like a problem with a corrupt government and capitalists fucking over the working class, not the race itself. Explains why there's a communist movement in India.

Strawman and one of the most fucking retarded posts on this board.

Kill yourself

Not what i said. There are plenty of intellectual blacks, they are outliers and compared to Asians and White's it's simply a rarer occurence.

In Kenia, they accused a local townsman of being a witch for growing endives inside his home. They wanted to lynch him and an entire group of whites had to stop them to explain them it's not magic and that endives grow in the dark.

These countries will devolve back into tribal war the day white's leave.

A farmer selling his local wares in his local village or nearby city must be those damn American capitalist that are causing the farmer to lose his crops because he can't find anymore water.

If all else fails, blame capitalism; the emotional guide to leftypol.

You're going to have to do better than that, then ignore the scientific journals we all posted and close your eyes real tight, and pretend its all emotions.

Look on down from that bridge, they're still waiting for you.

Yes, White people, true paragons of humanity and virtuous, non-interventionist, anti-imperialist angels. FUCK BLACK PEOPLE FUCK ASIANS FUCK MY COUSINS! Hitler dindu nuffin!


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one day you'll grow up

Colony of the US, dictatorial "democracy".
Aka extreme white influenced. Half breed president. Botswana, who on every hickup policy wise refers to UN for help. Botswana got overrun by conquering tribes from the south before it's US forced "democratization". Prior to gaining contact with white's they were tribal nomadic people.

The guys who yell Castro was not a dictator, pure communism favoring cancer. Refer to the UK for guidance at only difficult decisions. The Swapo leaders in that shithole have begun major uprisings against the government.

The Germans during their colonization back in the early 1900s should have put in some more effort in cleansing the land.

Truly 'muh shining examples'.

Princeton, might as well say Berkeley. Leftist socialist cancer institute. According to these schools. Facts don't matter and social justice matters more.

All this cognitive dissonance. It was fun, gotta go help some black bastards in Rhodesia, suid afrika.

De groetjes!


Yeah, if there's anyone choosing feels> reals it's you lad.

Black rage, obviously.

God I'm not even a fucking commie but I lurk this board just to see /pol get btfo every damn day and wonder if this is satire or true stupidity.

because they are all nationalists