It's time again to remember all the wonders socialists states brought to the workers, I'll start with:

It's time again to remember all the wonders socialists states brought to the workers, I'll start with:

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I can't say your thread is terrible outright as it'll be understood as a personal attack. Help me with this one lad.

the end of the white male in our lifetime

I don't know if you think this is a bad thing, but it's not.

The best dialectic is the one that Communism can never succeed and is destined to be replaced by brutal free market reforms and corporatism.

go back to /r/socialism

Capitalism has lasted a very short period of time, and it's been threatened more than once.

Do not be too certain of its permanent existence. It is not a human one.

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Don't be sad noble chinaman, as us whites pass to the great beyond we require no thanks and no tearful goodbyes. We're leaving white women and jews behind in case you need to be nagged or ripped off though

We have something in common, we can't see the difference between these two identities. You asian, and me white.


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I just only now realised that even if true communism were achieved, the commune would overwhelmingly vote for idiots and idpolers to lead them like now. Imagine a commune lead entirely by reddit for example who overnumber us.

It's time again to remember all the wonders anarchist spontaneity brought to the workers, I'll start with:
>state not called a state (,

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By the time we reach full communism, I'd like to think we would purge the redditors in our midst

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What has orthodox marxism done in 30 year?

You do know that you don't have to go through life telling people you're not into them. I just do that here because I know fags like you are more sensitive than tumblr.

Just because nobody crushed on you doesn't mean it doesn't happen to others. Chances are you're more feeble and easily broken then a fucking high school freshmen every time you go out, if you go out.

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It's time again to remember all the wonders anarchist states that aren't called states brought to the workers, I'll start with:

Cuba actually invented a vaccine for a type of cancer

Well, maybe it's fair. I know for a fact I'm going to betray and gulag those stupid anarkiddies like Spain all over again.

Cannibalism was somewhat present during the famines, and had they happened under the Tsar there might have been no cannibalism due to Christian moralism, so the toppling of Christianity was a good thing.

This work is pretty great and well sourced. It's an enthograpy of the Mondragon Cooperative corporate system, which is typically held to be the paradigmatic cooperative by all market "anarchists". Shows that there's still class conflict in workers' cooperatives, which is merely masked by the cooperative form of the enterprise, as completely expected as anarchist critiques of the market have always revealed is irreconcilable.

Off yourself for being a crypto-ancap.

No such thing. You can only refer to orthodox Marxism to describe the of Marxism in its beginnings; International Workingman's Association, young Marx period, etc. Marxism has constantly evolved, as is its imperative, and it today properly recognizes that movements like Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, etc. that attempted to incorporate it have failed, unlike anarchists apparently, who still think searching for the next Kekalonia is good praxis.

So what has it done? Despite ultimately being a failure, there is still an ML state called Cuba out there, which performs better than practically all the other states nearby, which are in a permanent banana republic limbo as client states of global capital.

Cuba produces more doctors than any other country, has full food security and employment, and regularly acts out humanitarian aid to nearby failing traditional capitalist nations.

Cuba alone blows your few muh coops out of the water (if the persistent amount of ML states being superpower challengers to global capital weren't already), and the spirit of Castro eternally triggers all international porkies as he escaped hundreds of assassination attempts in his life while cucking them all. Contrast this to muh coops, which porkies gladly indulge in and trade with, that do not even form a threat to global capital whatsoever.

Stay BTFO.

good post comradeanon