What if we took over the government of a state democratically and established it as a base for american socialism to...

what if we took over the government of a state democratically and established it as a base for american socialism to expand from

like imagine every single socialist in the country moved to vermont or whatever

You will never seize democratically. The deep state will spend to the last dime because it will be a dime more than they will lose.

The united states armed forces would be employed to surpress it, as well as CIA and FBI operations to possibly assassinate targets.

Your best hope is California successfully succeeding and socialism making a fucking landslide of government appointments there, tbqh lad.

Not like making California OFFICIALLY socialist would be hard, but the succeeding shit would be difficult as fuck given the governments precedence of suppressing a states rights to self-determination circa the war of northern aggression.


Do YOU have any better ideas to contribute to this thread than defeatism?

From my perspective, california is the most open to the ideas of a worker controlled economy and already has a long term precedence on protecting real and alleged socialist and communists from the federal government.

So replace the deep state with leftists using legitimate power.

So.. Not Socialism?

I get to be the fuhrer. Gas the kikes, Nazi masturbation fantasy now.

It's impossible, what would the immigrants send to their families?

Dignity and sweet tans.

not really they are already pretty fucking brown as it is

I just meant socialism in America

You already have one. California.

Im saying california is capitalist as fuck, its got loads of giant corporations and is filled with liberal ancap sympathisers. The likelyhood of california becoming actually socialist is very small, and it is hard to defend against foreign invaders.

The deep state is not elected.


Your still criticising without contributing solutions, first off.

Secondly, compared to the rest of america with its republican leaning demographics and/or metropolitan areas filled with fat cats, a lot of central and southern demographics north is Jefferson clay, commies stay out reeee leans super-fucking hard left and even most of the "mega-corporations" like Google, uber, and Amazon are that sit in silicon valley are so incredibly into virtue signaling and looking progressive, I hardly imagine they would provide too much of a roadblock to ever enchroaching lefty policies until it's too late for them to stop it. By then their only hope will be to uproot themselves and run for the hills as fast as their skinny jeans and jingling body piercing will let them.

Finally, pic related california is defensible as fuck, its literally a giant bowl surrounded on 3 fronts with mountain ranges, a desert to the south and an ocean to the west. Plus its riddled with military bases left by the us in its attempt to secure its western front from an amphibious invasion.

Dammit, forgot the pic


ya ok



Not many vote for local elections so it's possible by fluke.

Not an argument

ranges between upper Holla Forums-tier and 3/10 made me think seriously about a serious response

US States are the size of countries.

fyi it's called 'seceeding' and 'secession war'