What could it possibly be that this girl read?

What could it possibly be that this girl read?

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Living my life by Emma Goldman

Pornography: Men Possessing Women - A. Dworkin and Female Chauvinist Pigs - Ariel Levy


btw reading is overrated

I miss "you can't be smart AND traditionally attractive at the same time"-era sexism


if you look a layer deeper she's actually "intelligent" from the beginning as she takes immediate interest in a book

Guide to your new Micacle Growing Clothes™!

Warning: improper use may lead to paleness, darkening of hair, sudden and reduction in body fat around the waste and chest. Check to see if your clothes are changing to more neutral colors before use.


3 and 4 master race reporting in. All other opinions are bunk

For the curious, this is transformation porn, not social commentary.

All 5 girls are leftists and they read theory and engage in direct action. They are valuable members of their community, and have formed a leftist org together to educate their neighbors and provide for those in need.

Yeah, I saw that post on Tumblr too, OP.

It's just transformation porn, not social commentary.,

I saw this today with J Cole's discography instead of a book.

I hate everything

In the last one she's wearing yoga pants. And that's slutty as fuck,

And pigs have started to fly.

The scum manifesto

>She was just pretending to be retarded :'^)


The comic says they do so they must do.

I call this piece "what white women actually think of themselves"

I change my mind this is a masterpiece

You have an inflated sense of self esteem and worth if you actually believe you or anyone on this board is more worth to the community than a sex worker

sex workers are worthless and spread disease and break families so, I'm guess there a lot of people here worth far more.

Sounds like a chan user

Pigs fly I agree with Hoochie


Don't hate the hooker, hate the Jon.


Did you notice the subtle racism in skin colors?
I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't seen the meme about how Disney did it to Aladin.


not that it matters, it just shows where OP comes from.

J. Butler , gender trouble.

Call the police?

I am the police

No. There is no place whatsoever for hookers in communism, they deserve a herpes infested mass grave.

Then why do you let me bend your posts over like a bitch

What did mommy do to you?


'Oh but she's your mother', that's why she's not FUCKING DEAD!

ayyy.but I guess with how quick you shit out posts you bound to have 1 good one

Just because they look a certain way doesn't imply their intellect,maybe shes a brainiac who fucking loves cocks

wtf is wrong with you?

wipped this up last night, forgot to post it here

1 and two aren't even human beings

3 seems the type to be clean down there, would eat out

4 needs a different pair of shoes at least match bitch i'm not falling for your fake deep ass if you can't even match. Also who the fuck wears a bad like that.

5 is more or less what I usually pick if I want white meat.

These books are cartoonishly big.

shoes are the only interesting part of 4 clothing.

Really? Pink shoes interest you?

thank you for that in depth analysis

oh idk, walter moers released some in similar format.

You're welcome

how deep and provoking,really gets the noggin joggin

at least they're chucks-style shoes, also on my monitor configuration it's more of a purple shade and unless she's a fucking bourgeois cunt the shoes will soon get grey from dirt anyway.

I'm just surprised that the artist passes from somewhat realistic anatomy into believing that the body types of one and two are any way anatomically correct.

This seems less like social commentary and more like deviantart transformation porn but only slightly better drawn.

It shrinks your tits and hips apparently

If that, it's the wrong way around

transformation porn for virtue signalers

Or just nerd fetish.

yes welcome to this thread i'm David

I wonder if the rest of the transformation community is pissed off because they want to imagine a woman becoming a ten foot tall humanoid orange stripper not a ten foot tall humanoid orange stripper becoming a normal person

Like, "what the fuck, this is disgusting"


You know what I mean bitch damn

Le sassy negress.

This is my new line of leftypol catgirl OC donut steeeel please.

Why does she become an elf?

Because you ascend to vulcan/elf hood at a certain level of theory. It has nothing to do at all with my terrible ms–paint skillz. Don't even let that thought enter your mind.

Show ur tits

In the True Ending she converts to Islam and start wearing a niqab.

Not to spoiler your Star Trek experience but then why didn't Wesley become Vulcan in the end?

Because liberals cant transubstantiate through theory even with the help of weird Indian gods and an Alan Rickman knockoff.


isn't it supposed to be a spray tan

totally underrated

this is gold

I'm just surprised that you still believe your opinions are insightful or valuable to this community

The artist obviously chose to draw the girl in an unrealistic disproportional way in the beginning. I'll let you figure out why on your own

it's true. i like this pic. women should be modest

your mom should be modest

she is.

dunno about that, both nazis and ancaps are usually more well read (still very, very wrong) then fucking socdems

spray tan only makes sense in the beginning.
maybe she lost her tan due to being indoors 24/7 but meh.

you do know one of those pics is form a porno, right?

best trip


no, source?




better version, you're welcome bimbo fetishists

Obvious sexism aside, that pic is ridiculously classist. Poor people in general (not just women) don't have the opportunity to go to an institution of higher learning and dress like a fucking hipster. Most women who look like the one farthest to the left are doing sex work because even though they are unfortunate enough to be poor, they are at least attractive enough to make better money as a stripper or hooker than waiting tables or whatever. Sure, some women who are well enough off anyway will still do sex work because they enjoy it, but they're a minority. Implying that in general women dress or act like the bimbo stereotype out of ignorance rather than material conditions is nonsense.

I'm not even going to get into the point about how lifestyle choices don't necessarily represent someone's intellect. That's been covered.

tfw you understand that tattoo sleeves are literally wearing your excessive income on your fucking arm

I refuse to live in a world where reading makes a woman's tits smaller…

>tfw you understand that tattoo sleeves are literally wearing your excessive income on your fucking sleeves
FTFY, what a wasted opportunity.

Mein Kampf, considering she gets progressively more white and prudish.

best post so far

I didn't know all bimbos did sex work.
I think you are over reading the pic.

The Bible

She still has a flat ass at the end though. Having a flat ass is the easiest thing in the world to fix. Literally just do squats.

Neither did I, as you attest. Protip: not all sex work is recognized as such.

updated better version



Back by popular demand: the ass

Still didn't solve the problem of what the fuck is she reading.

More accurate version

wow they need to ban that book it makes attractive women into frumpy lesbians

Nazis wanted to do that too.


do you have autism?

S.C.U.M. Manifesto.


Did this based on some catholic girls I've met.

lol were we living in different reichs are something???

apparently you lived in a reich in which lesbians could inseminate each other.
but even then it would definitely be seen as degenerate.

You know how you jerk off all the time? Anyway, is it always to pic related, or is there sometimes brown haired chicks getting blacked?


Informing on you.

That's hardly surprising more like a running joke or a cliche.

a lot of nazis on this board seem to lack basic education.
read a book, niggers:

If I had better skills I would make the pink haired one about 150lbs heavier and the hair shorter.

kek'd aloud (though i was already in a good mood)


Dialectical and Historical Materialism

I have a friend who went through this transofrmaton reading Quran then Al-bukhari and Ibn taimia.

tfw government banned 4 and 5 and now she has to go back to 3.

Why do you hang out with spooks?

You need to get your head out of porkies gutter comrade.

Can't help it. I live in a muslim country.

What book makes you white?

Why the fuck did a Muslim country ban burkas?

seen as a promotion of hardline ideology I guess

Morocco's government is secular although the "we are a muslim country" gives legitimacy to the king who claims to be a descendant of the prophet.



They're a nuisance from a practical and security standpoint.

well,Muhammad did have kids and it has been a fucking long time so it's not like there probably aren't a damn lot of people descended directly from him.It's probably propaganda I know,but it's not an impossibility

dunno if you're familiar with the "bimbo" look, but it involves getting a spray tan, that girl is white just with a tan.

its not a hookers fault your dad couldnt keep his dick in his pants. if it werent with a hooker, it would have been with someone else. deeper issues.

Yes, also apparently there is strong proofs to suggest it but what I'm saying is if our country wasn't Muslim the fact that he is the descendant of Mohammed wouldn't mean anything. the Queen of england is supposed to have descended from Mohammed too although I haven't really looked into it.

That and seen as a promotion of other cultures and threat to ours, A lot of people consider burqa as a Saudi and Afghan culture rather than Islamic teaching and feel like it's too patriarchal. North Africa was a matriarchal society and a lot of people also find it insulting that we should wear Saudi clothing because it's modeste and see in it a message that says "your ancestors were clothed like whores"

Anyway, we have our own clothings who go from normal to really covered up in what is called "Hayek".

Is Donald Trump a bimbo?


t. Muke

she read the bread book


Low test detected

bimbos are actually disgusting.1 and 2 are fucking nasty m8.Whereas 5 is a respectable woman

t. skinny bitch



Could be. Whatever it was, it can't have been the capitalism-conform version of the bible.

she's amazing. lucky for you to have such a friend

egoism would just make her sluttier


t. spooked


it is pretty funny that artist drew aladin and hercules the same color though

oh wow, weird.
i wonder if that was an accident or a psyop to distract people from the actual racism in that film.

I just knew there was some social commentary in there…

oliveniggers and middle easterners are the same color


How do the book suck her butt away?

Forgot flag

She drained the implants

According to Debt: The First 5000 Years, the muh bedrocks of muh West, those loveable Greeks, veiled women some 2500 years ago. Isn't that fun?

What's it like being a leftist in place like Morocco? (presuming you are living in Morocco).



There are a lot of leftist here, Also communists.

Holla Forums is overrun with liberal retards

thats why

you could say we've lost the board

plebbit retards I meant

but same thing


I'm glad we flip our shit

Shake That Sass, Girl!: From Negress to Ivory Goddess in 36 days - Amber Bernstein


Minima Moralia

you idiot

Here you go leftypol

switch it clockwise


nvm i thought you put it after the looks


I feel like I would have a better relationship with 5 than 1. We would be more likely to have things in common. Plus, I don't like the Fake™ look.

You mind if I post the loss.jpg one on tumblr or twitter to piss my friends off?


I'm not

This woman was raped by the soviets

Why are people getting so upset over reverse bimboification porn?

We, ourselves as a board, are slowly becoming deviant art, in a disgusting act of transformation pornography

Rape isn't an immoral or evil act though.

It certainly wasn't to nazis, which makes their crocodile tears all the more delicious

Social democracy is far, far closer to cultural capitalism than fascism is.

The book is mein kampf

I refuse to live in a world where women are less slutty.

Slutty is a state of mind, not simply a visual exercise. Ain't nothing hotter than a smart chick that loves ☭THE D☭

Holy shit you said a very progressive and humanist/rational thing, I won't shitpost at you anymore.

the Iliad, she wanted strapping young Over Men to fight a battle of honor and sexual conquest over her that would destroy a kingdom, so she transformed into a bronzed aphrodite to plant the seeds of her solipsistic fantasy

This makes no sense to me. As far as I'm concerned, the sluts on the right would both be on the libertarian bottom, while the ones dressed up would be towards authoritarianism, because of what these people tend to preach. Pull your head out of your ass and think.

Read it clockwise, starting with blue.

I disagree, but it's clever.


Fuck someone already did it

Nigga you did not make that shit

She is most likely reading Manga of some sort.

and what makes you say that, pal?

Because politics is not one-dimensional, but it doesn't stop retards from trying to make it seem so.

Dumb cuck, here's the real one

your blog is a terrible source btw, cartoon villains looking ugly isn't proof of a racist conspiracy.


dayum that's some major declasscucking you laid on everyone

She read the Koran