Called on bullshit

steven crowder BTFO by dude weed lmao guy

how about no.

Where does he get BTFO?

Big Argument starts 2:47:33


throughout the video on Uber labor right and his constant right and left labeling.

he could get BTFO by a retarded preschooler tbh

That's the most triggered comment section I've ever seen. Crowdercucks are feeling the pain.

Would love to see Zizek on JRE.

How long until someone calls out Joe Rogan on anticommunist bullshit

Has he ever had a leftist on?

idk why I'm still saging

He had Abby Martin, didn't he?

A few but mostly liberal young turks tier psuedo left.
He had Immortal Technique who I think is a communist but that didn't really come up.
is right he's had Abby Martin, i remember he was saying anticommunist nonsense, literally, but she didn't challenge him.
With these people they seem to just find common ground talking about US foreign policy and corruption
Do you think Peter Joseph and Zeitgeist project is leftist? it's probably the furthest left idea I've seen be expressed on that show.

I did like Crowder's quip about Joe's annoying centrism tbh

Can DMT and water tanks help us see past ideology?

He's such a pussy lmao

Joe Rogan is a bourgeois liberal but idk he cucks both sides in a way I find viscerally pleasing.

Joe Rogan is living proof psychedelic drugs do not make you smarter.

Can we make this happen? How about Chomsky?
Joe would surely be eviscerated if he faced Chomsky.

peter joseph is leftist, but of the nutty futurist flavor

this would be amazing.

one thing to see the aut-right phonies get buttblasted in some debate with a liberal commie or whatever they normally do. infinitely more sublime to see them get buttblasted just dealing with a normal guy non-alligned guy that isn't oppositional. people like Molyneux and Crowder have a personality defect, and its fun to see it play out.

They don't make you any dumber (well not noticeably by your friends or colleagues anyway, I admit I do feel ever so slightly more dumb from smoking weed all the time).

Joe Rogan isn't a smart guy by any means though.

Also it's hilarious to see Crowder's fanboy's get their panties in a twist. It didn't seem that Crowder was ruffled up that much though, he acts like had a minor argument with his mother (he acts like a petulant child, I remember behaving like this when I couldn't get my way when I lived with my mother), whilst it seems he did fluster Joe Rogan even if Joe was in the right.

I can't believe libertarians and free-marketers are even defending Crowder's "state's rights" stance on marijuana. Such cognitive dissonance.

Most lolberts like "States rights" because they see it as further decentralization away from the federal government and because they can use it as an example of "voluntarism" in real world practice. Separate units under separate laws achieving more than one unit could with top down laws that might not fit every area of the country well. There are tons of obvious problems with this I wont enumerate, because I'm sure you're aware already.

During some periods and in particular cases though the federal government offers more freedom than individual states. I think States are doing better right now, or at least I'm more optimistic about positive change on a state level than a federal level at this point, but earlier in my life the opposite seemed true. States tend to follow the lead of larger states/regions of states though, so the whole point might be moot.

Kek does Crowder actually think he's a master argument artisan?