What does Holla Forums do for a living?

What does Holla Forums do for a living?

Maintenance technician at a huge facility for people with mental disabilities

Suck dick

I work for FBI, Paul

Guess who this is


A waiter/bartender at a high-end restaurant.
My political leanings tend towards ancap

What do you do for a living/What are your political leanings?

Security guard.
Bite me.


I'm a NEET but not proud of it.



Hello Jason Unruhe

do you enjoy it? how does it work out for you finance wise?

What kind of teacher?

Student, so nothing but not NEET.

english teacher

its alright, it is a co-op and with less than half of the students I am already earning more, than with my boss, plus its more flexible, I want to study history and teach history tho

What're you studying?

Are you the comrade that had an argument with some an-cuck a week or 2 back about how your boss was completely useless and fucking retarded and how the an-cuck justifies the boss owning that school even though you and others do all the work?

Writing device drivers for cheap Chinese stuffs.

Playing online poker when I want to eat out.

lighting/video designer
Marxist with Autistic Characteristics

Huh. Makes you think.

I work in a bindery. Lots of machines, I guess it's a factory.

It's pretty irritating right now. I've been reading Capital V.1 at the suggestion of some people here and it's really put a bad taste in my mouth whenever I see my boss or his wife.


Class conflict becomes irrelevant for vegetables so we must focus our research on implementing photosynthesis on human bodies.

So much for the idea that everybody on Holla Forums is a teenager with no job

Waiter at an upper middle class breakfast joint.

I hate my job so much but it's so easy. Smile at these rich old charter school investing motherfuckers and they hand you cash money.

The children who come into my restaurant are talking about their capital gains.

I thought /leftypol was old for chan.
I definitely am.
39….damn I am old


I don't register my taxes lol!

so is this
-Holla Forums trying to get us blackballed?
-Holla Forums trying to prove we're NEETs so they can act smug about it?
-Alphabet Soup data-harvesting?
On-topic: my uncle who works at Nintendo got me a job testing vidya.

Customer support.

going to compsci.
just prerequisites right now.

Petit-bourg. I own a small bait shop. Pic related

live off wagecucks in kapitalist provided domicile. every is of idiot cept me

I work in a grocery store

I'm a Neet at a relatively old age for this site.

Tried college, didn't like it. Got out before the loans would have fucked me. Never worked a day in my life aside from a sign waving job when I was a teen and hope I don't have to.

I work at a U-haul and basically just hook up trailers and park cars for a living.

How do you acquire food tho.

My whole life was a struggle to minimize social interaction and monetary actions so I can read books and study things I want in peace but society (including my parents before I moved out) didn't let me.

I want to be financially independent and hate excessive money but system doesn't let me live simple fucking life.

I'm currently trying to get autism bucks. I really don't want to be around people though. The work I could handle, the people not so much.

are you a euro?

Make your life easier by imagining the results of the day of the Red Terror.

No, I wish.

Glad you got your shit figured out comrade

Nice datamining thread, Rabbi David Chaim Hebediah Israel Horowitz.

I run a variety of printers and cutters.

wealthy NEET

Is that from a particular anime?

Would being a teacher por pay be exploiting the surplus ignorance of your students?

Baby corporate lawyer


Federal bureaucrat
Fun fact: majority of people in my department are female including the head.

Studying Marine Biology at Uni.
been living off the aussie $400 a fortnight for studying at uni for a few years now.

I am a student. STEM-lord. I have a dream I will aid in realising FALC.

Work at a wire factory.
Make money creating 3D models for DazStudio on the side.

IT consultant. self employed.

Work a line while fucking around on my phone.


I work at Kinkos three days a week and babysit the local gym on fridays

I'm studying for BSc, not working yet.

Bio-Psy student, currently unemployed but looking for a job.

Physics student.

Someone needs to add Zizek to that picture.

Shipping stupid packages to stupid hospitals and talking to stupid people but mostly browsing Holla Forums.

Software developer. Between jobs at the moment though. Learned to never work at a startup again.

Chemistry student, trying to survive without finding a job.

I teach classes while I am working on my Phd.

I work in child welfare.

Not what I wanted to do but it was basically the first place that offered me employment. Plus, decent job opportunities are pretty rare where I live.

In a few months I am going to a state college for CompE on an almost full ride, all I need to do is pay for my dorm. So far what I have been doing is working for a few months in spring and summer doing part time jobs and hard labor(shitty jobs pay best), saving the money, and using it as neetbux for the rest of the year while living with my parents. I still have over a thousand bucks left from last year.

I sell sperm

Make coffee and wine into glasses.

So you are a board volunteer?



Evaluating Googles broken system

cheeseburger vending machine maintenance

Webdev, but I have zero career ambitions. I hope to fuck off to the countryside and escape wage slavery soon.

So many undeserved philosophers, so many deserved missing

Alternate between NEETing and deferring university. Investigated autismbux but it seems highly impractical particularly in the long term thanks to successive actively malevolent governments.

So I'm probably fucked.
I fantasise about being a writer/journalist/columnist/talking person who goes on different TV shows

Bus driver in the middle of nowhere.
It's mind numbingly boring driving around the same route and I think it's going to drive me quite mad, if I keep up with it for any longer

Engineering Student

Don't know. I've though about going homeless. Nothing interests me.

The Aztec system was better than the one that was brought by the Spanish though.

Farmer and soon a writer.

trader, i know i'm literally the epitome of whats wrong with capitalism.
but i make decent money without having to work too much

Very nice user

I want to do the same one day.

I jelly. You one of these fags who trades at home? How do you even get started at it?

I work for a rural public library.

wage-slave at Target.

Is it as cozy as it sounds?

going to start as a substitute teacher soon

You're really smart

I'm pretty sure the majority of NEETs are well-off because of their parents, actually have a disability and get NEETbux, or are really good at lying for NEETbux.

t. poor NEET and about to kms

I'm 29 and on disability for depression.

I'm a sex slave.


Really gets the noggin joggin'

You had ONE job

Intern in a software company. It's a paid internship and it makes up for my expenses.

where is that? looks nice

Used to fix computers.
Unemployed now


Harvest content

i won't lie, it took me a while to figure it out.
over 10 years actually, i started on demo when i was 16 because i was bored and i got addicted to it.
the thing with trading is that no one will tell you how it works because no one wants competition.
beside the basic knowledge, you'll have to do the rest by yourself.

but the final result is worth it, i work when i want, where i want i don't even have to leave my room.
its my dream job.


That is interesting to hear from an English, teacher.

Can you get away with listening to podcasts with one earbud?