What do we do with people like Phil Greaves?

What do we do with people like Phil Greaves?

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What's wrong with Phil Greaves? He's a good analyst and a committed communist.

just let 'im keep ranting. if we ever run into a revolutionary situation, and he actually presents a counterrevolutionary danger, we'll fight him of like all the other "leninist" trash

preferably the firing squad.

the same we will do with other statists

check'd. also I'm no expert but that sounds like a monopoly on the use of legitimate force within a given area, have you considered embracing the DotP?

Dumb anarchists

Kronstadt best day of my life




He's an antisemite. He keeps going on about pisspig being a "zionist mercenary" and specifically pointed to the star of david tattoo on his finger as proof.
Unrelated, but he also believes in the whole pizza gate thing. He's completely worthless.

Is pisspig a Jew?


Yes. He was in a punk band that flew the Israeli flag and bragged about wanting to kill Arabs during the Bush years. You could say that Pisspig changed his ways, or you could look at the fact that the YPG is pretty friendly with Israel, has a us military base on its turf and lets ex-American soldiers serve in its forces and say there's a continuity.

Also now PissPig is in Rolling Stone though he's also been on RT to be fair too so I don't blame anyone for being suspicious tbh

Most revolutionaries don't get full cover coverage until after the revolution, usually after their dead and they become "safe".


Hi Phil

Let them tweet irrelevantly forever
Reminder that PPG has 3 times as many followers as Phil and even he was basically unknown outside memey leftist websites until that RS article.

Make fun of them, constantly.

"Childhood is admiring PissPig. Adulthood is knowing that Phil Greaves makes sense."- Anonymous

come back when your a little older kiddo

you don't have to be an anarchist to realize phil greaves is a retard


stopping them isn't important because they're not doing anything, the important thing is to distinguish ourselves from them in the eyes of normies

He’s part of the weird end of Weird Twitter where insufferable paranoid tankies live (like Molly Klein).

They make good points occasionally but they’re buried by a bunch of autistic, delusional conspiracy theory rants about Zionists and CIA handlers. Lifestylist LARPers tbh

Contact him pretending to be CIA operatives telling him that he's on notice and watch him spiral even further into paranoia

Read Cass Sunstein's paper on the dangerous nature of conspiracy theories and the subsequent unraveling of mutual coercion needed by the state to enforce the codification of morals.This same philosopher argues for a form of libertarian paternalism based on manipulating individuals into accepting interference and mandating state ownership of human bodies until an individual 'opts out' of the contract.

It's always funny until the schizoid gets it right.

Better: call him up and tell him you're the pizzas he ordered are ready and ask him where he'd like them delivered. After he hangs up, go check his twitter for a post about almost getting recruited for a child sex slave trade ring.

I don’t get the point you’re making. Are you saying Phil Greaves et al. are themselves the CIA psyop?


Phil is right. Why is PissPig defending Nazi propaganda?

Someone needs to make a Phil Greaves Spurdo

"Syria Ain’t free. The tree of revisionism and imperialism gotta be littered with the blood of Zio-Wahhabis. PissPigGrandad aka “LENIN LOVER” is not my comrade. he is Yank Merc and probbaly CIA zionist as well :DD. STALIN and greaves not petty booj and YPG ok. praise lenin."

Get killed by them?

Makes the braintubes bubble

Ignore them.
They're never gonna become relevant ever again.

The YPG isn't backed by the US wtf are you smoking

it's in the dustbin, my friend
you don't need to pretend anymore

The US backs the SDF which is basically controlled by the PYD. The YPG has been getting US air support since 2014.

he probably confused YPG with Peshmerga.

however, turkey said US is backing YPG and businessinsider says

i didn't know the US had soldiers in syria, other than the military advisors who train isis, al-qaida, ahrar al-sham, etc.

"Military advisors" are just Green Berets who train local militants. Also

i thought US air support is ridiculous and consists solely of bombing empty buildings, civlians and syrian forces?

The CIA and Pentagon have conflicting strategies in the region. The Pentagon sent Special Forces to aid the SDF. The CIA has been aiding FSA and by proxy Nusra.

The YPG would've been crushed at Kobane without US air support. They had no counter to ISIS's heavy weapons and vehicles.

Air support is literally all they get, they don't get weapons, they don't get training, they don't get supplies and with this current administration it looks like the US will drop them like a hot potato because you can't be allied with Kurds and Turkey at the same time

Correct but air support isn't something to sneeze at when your enemy has armored vehicles and virtually no air defense.

are you sure you don't confuse USA with Russia? :-/

what makes you think dolan and erdi are allied?
obviously US was never allied with kurds, they were allied with anyone opposing assad.

I'm not. The US carried out ~70 rounds of air strikes during the Kobani siege. Russia didn't provide air support. You know you can look all this shit up right?

you realise they have two fucking airbases there right?

always boggles the mind how little people know about the region.

one time i was arguing with some rojavaflag cunt on here who didn't even know syria had elections

They get mercenary hipster zionists tbf

petty booj zio-mercs piss fetishists, you mean Phil

NEVER EVER let them rise to power.


kek you idiot tattoos are forbidden in judaism

In a socialist state, we give Phil Greaves and co. their own Infowars website so they can shepherd all the schizos into communism instead of right wing conspiracy.

Marginalize him in the mainstream state owned media, but let him do what he wants.

The same that will happen to any cia operative

This is what @redkahina looks like irl lmao


at what point does accusing every left wing jewish person of being a zionist mossad agent become actually anti semitic ?

Let them screech autistically untill they get tired.

At exactly that point. Tankies are pure cancer.


antizionism is not antisemitsm

The point is Kriss is an anti Zionist but phil treats him like one anyway

of course, but treating every Jew like a potential Mossad agent rings of anti semitism.

Lots of people who consider themselves Jewish don't care about all the traditional restrictions.

What the fuck! I didn't know there was this much anti-semitic conspiracy lunacy on the left.

Anybody not supporting Assad shall be shown the errors of their ways.

Silly by Phil, shouldn't have gone 'all-in' like that. Sam Kriss is shit tier anyway.


Probably the first time it happens

the same way that criticizing Black culture is not racist

The left and the right share a rich history of antisemitism. It's one of the few issues they can generally agree on

Hello earwulf, glad to see you're still at it.

Going to explain how invading natural countries and accepting US+UK aid is anti-imperialist yet?

So does fucking DPRK.

why is why jewish identity needs to be phased out

kriss is an annoying little fuck

top fucking kek

Unironically, I'm legit wondering.

Rate my effort




there must be a party that bridges the gap between PETTY BOOJ socdem parties like Labour and uber tankies like the CPGB-ML?

Best post.

Why don't you just join Labour?

What's your point? People engage with their culture freely, and can discard or celebrate tradition as they wish. You pointing out some ancient law is invalidated simply by the fact that he is jewish and he clearly doesn't care about that law.

If there was I'd join it but uk communist groups are either "just vote labour" or "stalin did nothing wrong" or trot rape cults

the CPGB-ML is a weird cult.

yeah, shame

Well, make it less weird. The alternative is to make Labour Communist.

You won't be able to make it less weird, it's totally controlled by a couple of families

He's dug too deep and is more than slowly losing all his marbles

But we'll all be there one day

What's wrong with this

we uphold them

For some reason I think this is bullshit.

Either way - my point stands. "Socialist" should stop mucking about and join Labour. There is no gradual transition between SocDem and Communists.

It seems much easier to change a group like CPGB-ML then it is to change labor which has always been controlled by British imperialism

Drumpf BTFO

What the fuck do you know about british communism lmao, the Cremer and Brar families run the CPGB-ML and if you aren't one of them you aren't going to have an influence

"Socialist's" problem with CPGB-ML was not that it was controlled by families, but that it was übertankie and weird cult.

Between social democracy and social democracy without the democracy part? Not really, choose communism instead and read Endnotes.

Well it's a weird cult because it's controlled by two families

Nothing, just proving that he's jewish because user asked

well they're both interlinked

I actually like the CPGB-ML and their aesthetics somewhat, but they're pretty flawed