What are the leftist or Marxist arguments for and against open immigration policy?

What are the leftist or Marxist arguments for and against open immigration policy?

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ideally, no borders
achievable, equal labour rights to migrants, even illegal ones, so they can unionize, rendering the whole reason of economic migration moot

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Islam. Fundamentally incompatible with communism.




Palestinian struggle has long been islamicized m8.

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Israel Bad! Islam Good! No Peace!

Hm interesting spin, however I must remind you that Israel is a settler-colonial Apartheid state, while Iran and Syria are actually good

It's a brutally militaristic ethnostate destroying its minority population and just kinda hiding it. Not surprising seeing as Israel was founded and grown out of colloboration between zionists and Nazis were cooperated for their common mission of getting Jews out of Germany. There's a direct line of continuity between Nazi Germany and Islam.

Not that the PFLP would establish any kind of great country, if they were put in control there would actually probably be annudah shoah. Of course they could never militarily dominate the Israelis so in any circumstances that Palestine is created by the UN and Israel abolished, the Israelis still living there would wage a (probably quick and successful) coup and become a Rhodesia like nation.

Anyway, my total opposition to Israel doesn't mean I'm going to be apologetic towards countries like Iraq and Iran out of anti-imperialism. The middle east needs to be completely reconfigured and ideally Israel could join as one member of a Levant secular federation

Whoops, meant "between Nazi Germany and Israel", but yeah also between them and some arab countries so not entirely wrong

The material case: immigration weakens organized labor. If a union has gotten strong and is demanding wage increases or better conditions, then instead of being forced to pay, capitalists can import laborers willing to work for existing rates (or less) from a foreign country. The bargaing power of labor unions is thus greatly curbed.

The ideological case: as alienation builds in a capitalist economy, capitalists may try to blame immigrants for the problems of capitalism and thus divert the proletariat's revolutionary energy into fascism or nationalism rather than socialism (Trump is an obvious example of this). Without immigrants, promoting fascism becomes harder, and thus revolution is more likely.

There are certainly cases to be made for immigration- it definitely improves economic efficiency, often improves the material conditions of third world proles, and can foster internationalism if handled correctly- but we must be aware of the reasons why so many capitalists support immigration.




This. It harms the third world.

All of this has its roots in capitalism tho

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Immigrants aren't gods of revolutionary diversity.

It's imperialism with a human face.

Immigration are mostly caused by capitalists fucking countries up and practically forcing people to move to wealthier country in order to survive.

Pretty much this sums it up

I would go a step further, and simply call it slavery 2.0: