Explicitly anticapitalist

Is she /ourgirl/?

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You mean former CIA member? If she did leave then maybe she might be our girl.

You forgot to add


She's great, and a qt too

Can we get shopped pics of her?

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yes, she absolutely is


This. Corbyn and Melanchon are still cucked on the issue, even Sanders only opposes mass immigration on the downlow. She is the only major figure on the left anywhere who's openly broken consensus on the other half of neoliberalism.

Are knives are ready, we wait for the moment of opportunity when the stars align and liberals and fashies allow are true forms to emerge in the light of the apex moon.


she's racist, you know?

The left wing of the AfD

Her dad was a str.asserite member

she is nazbol



She gets it.

"As contradictory as it may sound, I'm sure that we must interpret working class support for Front National as a kind of political self-defense. They are trying to defend their collective identity, or at least some semblance of dignity, which has been trampled on for a long time and disregarded even by those who had previously represented and defended them."

she still racist tho, stop shilling her

She's turning her back on immigrant workers while making apologetics for le poor innocent facist voters dindu nuffin


vagina stalin? hell yea

Open borders is the ancap's wet dream

you better be trying to troll.

Do people on the Left only lionize Hegel because they did not fully understand his ideals? Hegel's model for society is actually fiercely dog eat dog, it just has the outward appearance of Syndicalism while in fact it remains driven by market forces.

Socialfag flag always trolls


Not big surprise

Not trolling.
In a capitalist society immigration increases the number of workers competing for available jobs. This increase in supply drives down wages, is not good for workers.

So until we live in a communist uptopia, I am anti-immigration. After the revolution fuck borders and nations, but until that day I am against it.

Also it leads to brain drain in the countries those people are emigrating from, hurting their families they left behind.

When leftists glorious uprising about insignificant shit like Trump's temporary "muslim ban" they're expressing transnational bourgeois solidarity with their fellow pro-imperialist nation wreckers. The people being let into the US from states destroyed by botched interventionism are collaborators, not dirt poor farmers whose villages were wiped out by drone strikes, but the ones who helped the US destroy their country and take control of the economy.

anarkiddies and trotskyists don't realize that it's mostly the national burgeois that can afford to move to the west.
and then they get gibs that could have gone to the refugee camps instead

put the nazbol thread into autosage already

>Immigration is all about spooks, nobody except a racist bigot could ever object to flooding the labor market with infinite torrents of obedient slave scabs!
The left is awakening from its PC slumber at last

this is problem only because immigrants are not allowed to unionize. There is nothing wrong with legal immigration, only the illegal one.

t. porky

Stop fucking eroding the wages of the native population.

Just keep blaming foreigners for all the things that porky is doing, that'll show em.

NazBols are still more left wing than the Social Liberals which pretend to be the left nowadays.

Yea brain drain is great

nobody is blaiming the immigrants instead of porky. the immigrants are just tools.

She gets it, she is one of the few leftists in Europe that understands what's wrong with the DemSoc left in Europe. Guys like you are the ultimate gravediggers of the European left. I'd rather call a stupid smashie anarkiddie my comrade than low-energy Eurocommies like you

Yes. Criticizing immigration policy = "blaming the migrants". Liberal logic, reminds me of accusation of antisemitism when you criticize big banks, kek

but the smashies support the same massimmigration and idpol.

This is seriously the dumbest pro-neolib argument in the book. It's not even "intelligent design isn't creationism"-tier.

"Awesome! I stand with all national liberation movements!"

"These people are fascists and they must be crushed violently even if it means siding with the corporate establishment and supporting every single measure they push"

shes qt

She was in the Communist Party of the GDR, not in the CPUSA. Not every post is about America

As long as someone attacks or agitates against actual bourgeoisie I don't necessarily care what type of retarded IdPol someone holds dear on a personal level.

I'm just sick of this sectarianism. The ones that refuse to act according to the situation because of dumb spooks about le ebul populist maymay are the biggest splitters on the left. Just look at Lenins life for once - he wouldn't have succeeded if he didn't identified and harvested tendencies amongst the population for the revolution.

Pretty much everybody was. Merkel was too.

she is still racist no matter how often you post bs and no matter how corrupt the mods are.

Critical towards immigration policy is not being a racist towards the immigrants themselves

She's half-Persian herself you absolute idiot.

Smashies rather go after workers that "have the wrong oppinion" then actually go after the bourgeois.
thought i appreciate when they actually smash some of porkies property

Depending on the country, Antifa has been co-opted a while ago. That doesn't mean there aren't genuine Anarchists arround with which I'm willing to work together.

Over the past year I came to like Anarchists way more than lethargic Eurocommunists, Leftcoms, low energy DemSocs and all the other cancer that makes sure nothing gets done

What country are you from and what have you done irl to build a revolution? How effective was it? I need to know so that I know whether your argument is even worth responding to.

but they are indirectly doing that.
but it thanks to porky they do it.
I'm not saying i wouldn't do the same if i was in their situation

Nobody is blaming people wanting to come to the First World when they live in an absolute shithole. I'd probably do the same. It's in their self-interest. Once you change the conditions so thats it's in their self-interest to stay, everybody would be better off.

The reality is that the poor don't have the means of migrating, mostly it's young, healthy men that represent labor potential which could be put to good use in their home countries. Porky extracts this human capital to a) have cheaper laborers at home and b) keep the countries of origin in a shitty conditions through all the muscle drain and brain drain.

Did she shave off her eyebrows and draw them back on with a crayon?

Back on topic. Krauts, is Sahra-san and The Left set to gain any popular momentum?

Any buttmad articles or twatters from shitlibs you find amusing enough to translate?

If a child soldier is trying to shoot you because she was ordered to, do you blame her in moral terms, or is your mind on the less airy subject of not getting shot?

Asks the Trotskist, hilarious

MSM in Germany is desperate to draw parallels between her and Petry, leader of AfD (alt-right). They put their faces on magazine covers together and call them "the twin sisters of populism" and shit like that. It's an absolute shitfest

They're actually proposing a lower minimum wage for refugees? Holy shit what a bad idea.

Mass economic and/or political migration is a product of capitalism: it's a product of imperialism, which is capitalism (read Lenin Imperialism: the Highest Stage of Capitalism for more on this question)

However, bothering to waste time backing anti-immigration laws - like some kind of reformist who thinks that capitalist policy changes are helpful in any way, except as kindling for the spark of class consciousness and revolutionary mood in society - that is poor revolutionary theory.

The contradictory and confusing and inhumane nature of capitalism's creation of labour and capital movement, the conclusions that come from that, the way the people react to these ideas - is all part of a method by which to expose capitalism itself to the masses.

Whether someone is anti-immigration or pro-immigration; they are both reformists. Either side can be convinced to genuine socialism, and should be.


No shit porky exploits them for cheap labour, we know that already. What matters is how we respond to this. The answer is not to place responsibility on the immigrants or to close our borders or any other positions based on nationalism or populism. The answer is to fight against porky's exploitation of the immigrants, not the immigrants themselves.

Don't put labels on people like that dude, not cool

Nobody fucking thinks that. You talk about revolution, guess what's an absolute overkill for a socialist revolution? An unlimited influx of reactionary, non-integrated lumpen who are being put in ghettos and come from almost tribal societies. So unless you are an accelerationist and just want to see everything going to shit there is a good fucking reason not to support unlimited immigration.

Nobody did that, not even the NazBols, and Sahra Wagenknecht didn't do that either. So can you just stop with this strawman, this isn't Holla Forums

I didn't know you could just walk into the USSR

I explained above why mass immigration just worsens the situation in the countries of origin as well as it supports human trafficking and just general misery

You DO realize that this is the proper union response when the employer announces that all the unionists are fired and that they are getting replaced, right?

Why does every Trot always ruminate neoliberal talking points, it's like a fucking clockwork

Nope, Merkel was only a member of the FDJ, the virtually compulsory youth movement, and instantly joined one of the new bourgeois parties in 1989. Wagenknecht joined the SED in 1989 even as the whole structure was collapsing.
Aside from that, this point is irrelevant to user's original point that regarding the SED as being the CIA is fucking retarded.

I thought it was just about wages and you didn't have anything against the immigrants themselves?

It's exactly what you've been doing.

I don't want to emulate the USSR tankiefag

That's not what ruminate even fucking means you retard kek

I'm sure people from tribal and neo-feudal societies have genuine left-wing views, right?

Also, if you don't recognize the ghettoization in Europe you must be fucking retarded. It's the material base and the superstructures in our societies which makes them lumpen, I didn't blame them based on their inferior genes or some Holla Forums shit. You seem to be incapable to understand how social dynamics work

Trotsky was a tankie you idiot, he was just splitting so everybody thinks he's like a liberal or something

Can't we just admit that no one wants to fucking deal with Muslims and Africans and stop trying to gain popular appeal by showing how bad we feel for them?

what is this i don't even

okay Holla Forums today you win. can you stop until mods are back? it's kind of retarded to spam when there is no mods around. who are you fighting? how do you not see this as a massive waste of time? do you think you convince anyone?

kindly kys

>collective identity
Fuck them, if they won't help the immigrants then why should they be helped? If they are voting for the far-right then they are not leftists and never will be no matter how much you pander to them.

This is good for revolution. We want to abolish wages not increase them and conserve capitalism.


Nonsense. Where's your proof?

It's also a product of globalization/internationalization and you know people's free will to choose where they want to live.


You couldn't also leave from the USSR, they didn't even accepted loyal socialists into the country. One of the main reasons why the USSR was a shithole.

Can't you just admit you're a Holla Forumsack?


Funny because I know a bunch of people who left the country without any probs

Reported for Holla Forums subversion

No, fucking hell, no
she isnt our girl
die LINKE is mostly shit and basicly a german syriza. Never, ever trust SocDems, Comrades

She isn't against the GDR, she hides her power level.

Speaking out for the GDR is political suicide in Germany, you may as well just deny the Holocaust

It is. Get mad.

Nope. I called him a cuck because his flag suggests he is an arab/middle-eastern that is making an argument against accepting arab/middle-easterners refugees.

i wont put any hope into her. Her party is a melting pot for everything that wants to call himself leftist and they are full of antideutschen and other scum of the left wing movement

I also know a bunch of North Koreans that left the country without any probs. Does this mean that North Korea has a lax emigration policy?

you are autistic

so what did the north koreans say when you asked them why their friends and families didn't leave?
remember to sage the shill thread.

Fresh immigrants are desperate for jobs and much less likely to go on strike. It's a pain in the ass to organize workers who don't share one common language. You will hear the following from the establishment:
1. Racism is bad. We must help the immigrants get jobs.
2. To help them getting jobs, we must get rid of bureaucratic regulations that make it too risky to hire em.
3. Therefor, we must reduce the rights of immigrants to help them. If you are against widening the gap in rights, you are a racist.

From then on, it's win-win for team porky: Either the gap remains and the working class is divided and porky wins, or it gets too hard for natives to compete with the attractive option of getting immigrant half-slaves, so the rights of the natives get reduced in the direction of what the immigrants have.

Here are two good posts about immigration and exploitation, and how the workers' movement should deal with that:

while that sounds reasonable, it is no excuse to bump a racist thread.
the shills will wipe your post off the screen within seconds.

well now i fucked up.


oh wait, i see your post is bullshit. so you're part of the raid then?

vote for Schulz for the fast eradicalization of the EU


I'm kidding, I already know who I vote for

My point was that someone can easily leave the country "without any probs" but it doesn't mean it's legal.

what's wrong with hating people

seems like tankies are the actual social fascists

he is probably a Holla Forumsack and trolling here

ignore shit like that

Racism is not about hatred but about exclusivity/identity/tribalism.

Why wouldn't they? Your talking as though there have never been leftist ideas outside the 1st world and that's just stupid. Plus a backward neo feudal almost tribal undeveloped country is a perfect way of describing Russia in 1917.

mein gott

if Trotsky and Stalin didn't oppose one another leading to Trotsky's exile and murder that mother fucker would have upheld all the tankie shit the USSR did.Tankie these days more or less means authoritarian socialist,which is what Trotsky was

Quoting some other guy:

On behalf of the Central Council of the International Working Men’s Association, Karl Marx

Quotes from the 1880 Programme of the French Workers Party:

Please migrate into an active volcano.

The labor supply is already being globalized. What globalization ultimately means is the destruction of the distinction between third and first world labor. When companies are able to outsorce then limiting immigration becomes meaningless to them. I would've liked it if an economic bloc amongst the third world was established focused on development, which limited emigration (and therefore braindrain) and was protectionist against first world countries, with free trade amongst themselves. But alas Europe and North America would never let that happen, so instead we have to see this "race to the bottom", as Sanders would call it, to the end

I was responding to the person who thinks SED was CIA, and that Wagenknecht would've been better off if she left, when its the exact opposite case. All the Liberals, like Merkel, left when the Berlin Wall fell, whilst Wagenknecht was among the few who stayed and associated with the explicitly communist wing of what was left of the party.

Yes, many are migrating because they want to live in a more liberal society:

Because that's what we stand for, right?

excuse me comrade,but what is socialism if it isn't when the government does stuff and when we have a tolerant liberal society that pushes a progressive welcoming format to minorities.Did you even read the communist manifesto by Carl Marks?

adjective: liberal
1. open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
"they have more liberal views toward marriage and divorce than some people"

favorable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms.
"liberal citizenship laws"

synonyms: tolerant, unprejudiced, unbigoted, broad-minded, open-minded, enlightened; permissive, free, free and easy, easygoing, libertarian, indulgent, lenient
"the values of a liberal society"
antonyms: narrow-minded, bigoted

(in a political context) favoring maximum individual liberty in political and social reform.
"a liberal democratic state"

synonyms: progressive, advanced, modern, forward-looking, forward-thinking, progressivist, enlightened, reformist, radical
"a liberal social agenda"
antonyms: reactionary, conservative

good thing I don't


fuck off and read up about it instead off throwing fascism around like a meaningless buzzword you fucking retard

"Fascism" has truly reached complete non-meaning as a word in its contemporary use. They're going to run out of effective buzzwords to shame people into silence at this point, and all the new ones they invent sound utterly retarded even to most normies, which is nice.

wtf I love capitalism now

If you're anti-globalism you have to either go back to Holla Forums or put on nazbol flag and then go back to Holla Forums because you're not a leftist. Globalization is exactly the same as internationalization, they are synonymous. If you conflate globalization with capitalism you are a moron.

If you conflate gutting local economies in order to turn them into nothing more than resource extraction economies in exchange for foreign manufactured goods leftism you are a moron.

She's a market """socialist""" reformist with some casual social chauvinism so yeah she's leftypol's girl.

This is what cointel pro looks like.

She looks like she needs some chocolate cake.

Woah, it sure is Reddit in here, Wagenknecht must really trigger shitlibs!

Excellent point. My preferred terms are "transnationalism" (exploiting the legal/economic disharmony between nations for arbitrage in a race to the bottom) and "globalism" (encouraging nations to harmonize legally/economically through mutual aid and agreement for lifting of all nations to the highest standard and eventual unity).

Opening borders to the 3rd world is like an enlightened nation with a real labor movement allowing traffic in slaves within their borders. Open borders are fine between legally/economically-equal nations, but between unequal nations they are inherently exploitative (with the possible exception of trade conducted using countervailing duties and FairTrade mandates).

I have never seen a nuanced view come from someone that quotes a dictionary.


Pragmatism? In my Left?

Say it aint so!

Didn't even know about her, time to go off to learn. Thanks lad.


I agree with you that all this borderwanking is stupid, but lay of the John Oliver please


That is actually really cool you don't see a lot of people on the left who argue against this.

You need to learn context.

>Yes, many are migrating because they want to live in a more liberal society
As opposed to a more conservative society. Keyword "more". I am not talking about Liberalism™ here.

You better stop using the internet comrades! That's globalization!

Seems like capitalism to me because globalization/internationalization means interaction and integration of people of different nations, obviously that includes capitalist interactions, I'm not denying that but to say it's a characteristic or a type of capitalism is dumb, you people sound like Holla Forumstards who scream that "smartphones are capitalism" as if smartphones can't be produced in a socialist economy, likewise globalization can exist in a socialist economy, in fact it's a requirement for socialism.

Or just letting people live where they want to. The fact that you make a distinction between nations as "First World" or "Third World" exposes you as a "first world" identitarian.

1. Nobody on the left is against open borders because antinationalism is part of what defines us.
2. She pretends to be against refugees when actually she just wants to limit regular immigration (which is mostly Poles), just like her counterpart from the Bavarian CSU nazi party.
3. I hope someone kills her.
4. Stop bumping shill threads even if you are nazis. create legit nazi threads or better yet, go to a a nazi board or Holla Forums.


I am. Now fuck off.

You aren't a leftist then, you have to go back to Holla Forums.

You're free to go back to reddit.

Is /r/The_Donald for open borders retard?

I just drank some mineral water, guess who also drinks mineral water? Holla Forums!!!

Stop defining yourself in negation to the beliefs of some others and develop your own convictions.

Gee gosh golleroony, I wonder why they "want to" live here, instead of there? Maybe it's because one type of nation is defined by autocracy, backward laws, insufficient resources to enforce those good laws that exist, ubiquitous corruption within what little enforcement is done, undeveloped mono-economies, extreme poverty, extreme inequality, cultural backwardness, often endemic violence, and the other type of nation isn't?

Maybe if the 1st-world were drug down to their level, that might be a bad thing? Maybe exposing ourselves unprotected to countries where none of the laws or necessary conditions for them our anscestors fought and died to institute are in force, might weaken them? Maybe exporting our laws and prosperity through aid, education, and FairTrade subsidies might be better than importing scabs and scab-made goods?

Moreover, maybe the microscopic fraction of 3rd-worlders who could possibly ever be helped by even the most aggressive immigration are a complete distraction from anything that could ever truly fix their nations' problem?

Nah, only a racist bigot would oppose mass economic immigration.

Fuck off back to /r/Ableism on Reddit

This is even stupider than the magical immigrant unions that are supposed to hold strikes without turning away scabs.

You need to stop being retarded. It's pretty evident there is a difference between doing it now and afterwards.

The only scenario in which leftists would be against open borders is when we are talking about authoritarians who are in direct conflict with hostile states, such as the Soviet Union repeatedly closing their borders as to avoid capitalist and fascist subversion and infiltration. They were however in principle still for open borders, since they did not close their borders to keep out people based on the color of their skin, their economic worth to society or their national, ethnical and/or cultural origin.

You can't be a leftist and oppose open borders.

"It is impossible to protect wages against an unlimited labour supply. Does saying that make me some proto-fascist?”

Next you'll say I have a problem with immigrants because I'm against immigration.

Do be against controlled immigration is not the same as to be against open borders. Angela Merkel also does not fight for open borders in the slightest. Otherwise Afghanis wouldn't get deported every week here.

Not sure what the fitting term is by the way, with controlled immigration I meant immigration that serves capitalist interest and has been provoked and controlled to that end.

Slave ray doesn't look so bad in this one.

these are leftist principles

You are aware that the chain you're responding to is talking about open borders in the liberal, Merkelish way and supporting Wagenknecht being shot for thinking this is bullshit, right? I hope you're not

USSR (let alone other Bolshie states like China) was not a rich country, and also had perpetual labor shortages. As such, it didn't have any major problem with immigration. Comparing it to countries like modern Germany or USA is insane.

How come people who want closed borders cant form decent arguments? I would have thought that since they're so invested in that position they would at least have formulated some persuasive arguments for it.

i haven't seen any open borders fag come with an argument besides "muh fascism"

I would say that not reinforcing fascist rhetoric is a pretty strong argument.


I don't do that, I used to be very anti-immigration. For example I support autocracy which is largely rejected by leftists.

More reason to let them migrate I suppose.

No such thing as "first world" or "third world", that's idpol thinking. Both the "first world" "third world" have their positives and negatives.

How is allowing people to freely move where they want exposing "ourselves" unprotected to their countries of origin?

Confirmed for "first world"/"western" identitarian.

How's that? How are people leaving war-torn countries a distraction to fixing said war-torn countries?

So many "maybes". Also:
The aggressive one is you and other anti-immigration advocates that are standing in the way of people's movement. Move bitch.

Literally who? What kind of inane shit are you talking about? I don't browse reddit you retard.

Wow. Next finger is gonna be "human nature xddd" innit?

Open borders fag here, my argument is fuck you. Like, seriously. I move where I want to.

Ooops, forgot to remove the shitposting flag

How the hell is the "First World" and "Third World" economic classes you moron? They are two different groups of countries: the rich countries and the poor countries.

How the fuck is the material reality IdPol

Rich and poor are not fucking identities you moron

Sorry are we being pedantic and referring to closed borders outside of the context of the thread or are we talking about the current German open borders policy? Because if it's the latter you need to lurk more.

Good job I saw your reply before reading that wall of text. Saved me a minute of my life.

They are mostly apolitical, they support '"left"-wing parties because it's in their self-interest not to get deported lmao

The fuck? Where do you draw the border? Is Bulgaria a rich country? Malaysia? Spain? Russia? China? Is it by GDP PPP? By IDH?

They're consistently more racist towards other groups than the local people, as a sort of overcompensation for not being local themselves. So if they're in X country, they will try to be more X than anyone else in order to prove (mostly to themselves) that they truly are part of X and that they're truly integrated.
Ghettoisation kinda balances that so in the end you end up with immigrants not having a huge preference for either parties.
If anything, they're more likely to be left wing because they're more likely to be proletarians.

Meant as a reply to

yes we are surely helping those countries by stealing the educated
by left you mean center-right socdems?
why the fuck would they support the left when the modern left is hijacked by open borders and intersectionalist feminist liberals?

Why lurk? I can hear the same anti immigrant bs non arguments just by listening to what porky tells me.

pretty much all pro-immigration arguments itt have been the same arguments porky tells me

geeez it's almost as if different Bourgeois factions have different views on immigration

doesn't matter if you think borders are spooks or not. it's stil against the workers self interests to support it

"First World" and "Third World" are bullshit categories, not material reality.

Both the "first world" and "third world" have proles and bourgs. But if we go by your logic then we should support the "third world" against the "first world" not the other way around.

Exactly, which is why we should appeal to them. If you were a immigrant how would you like to be treated?

The fuck? Where do you draw the border?
You're right, which is why I am against classifying countries as "First World" or"Third World".

Do you understand that closed borders means capital fleeing anyway, right? You realise stopping immigration will only make people """"steal"""" """""your""""" job at thrice the rate in other countries, and that in the end you'll become poorer anyway, right?

Then you haven't been reading the thread. But I can tell you that all the anti immigrant argument have been porky arguments. Literally every single one.

Nuh uh, all the globalis- I mean, capitalists are supporting immigration to destroy the white ra-I mean, the working class! Isn't that right my fellow leftists?

No its not, especially not the immigrant workers. Doing what bourgie propaganda tells them to do is never in the working classes best interests.

All the Stirnerites and anarchists are doing on this topic is pissing me off and making me hope they get the shit kicked out of them.

>How the hell is the "First World" and "Third World" economic classes you moron? They are two different groups of countries: the rich countries and the poor countries.
Kek, the Reddit is strong in this one.

One group of countries is economically mature and stable, another group is full of desperate slaves ready to be whipped at home for offshore-able jobs and packed into the cargo holds of slaveships to incinerate professions immune to offshoring.

Relative to each other? Yes, absolutely. GDP PPP/capita, median earnings PPP, Freedom House rating of laws and quality of life for individuals, ease of doing business for independent industry. It ain't rocket surgery.

And by moving dissidents as far away from their country as possible, making it hard for them to help their countrymen both during and after the war. And by settling them in alien cultures and climates that make them uncomfortable. And by wasting precious aid dollars settling them in our high cost-of-living countries instead of helping many times more people with foreign aid. Yup, mass immigration suuure is humanitarian, and not an SJW virtue-signalling act of masturbation to justify porky ruining both countries!

Forgot pic

Christ I'm surprised there isn't 'oppressed by the atmosphere' on that thing.

That's not your choice to make. People are free to go wherever they want! Whether or not they "educated" or "uneducated".

Of course, is there any alternative mainstream radical leftist parties to support? No.

Open borders and anti-sexism are leftist positions. Why do you expect reactionaries to support left?

Then we make it unpalitable, the Germans have laws that ensure very generous severance packages and the French literally ban a product if the plants in their country are shut down for redundancy reasons.

Whatever the economic damage no matter how much they multiply the sufering of others through these mass migration movements? Because honestly with idealistic ideas like taht you'll only compound existing problems or are you an accelerationist?

but those countries have foreigners in them, therefore it is impossible for workers to have rights and businesses to be regulated. Questioning this doctrine is heresy, you must go back to reddit.

Next up in turd-worldist bingo: Surplus wages!


I forgot about the sexist air con.

What you say is untrue. No, no argument, the burden of proof is on you.

What? It's a thing to strawman, but that's not even close to anything I have said.

I wasn't strawmanning you, just extrapolating your position. You suggested that if we start instituting protectionist measures like steep tariffs and harsh immigrant quotas, capital will "fly" elsewhere. Praytell, what poverty-stricken 3rd-world consumerbase will lure the capitalists away in this scenario?

Oh, every single developing country would do. Thailand, Mexico, India, you name it.

Both groups of countries have their proletarians and proprietors.

Who's moving them? They are moving themselves, just get out of the way and let them pass.

Then don't waste money on them! Stop giving them welfare give them work to do instead! Foreign aid doesn't do shit, most money goes to the aid agencies bank accounts.

How the fuck is people moving out of overpopulated, war-torn, resource-scarce countries damaging?

Because they just stretch the resources of other nations get played off against the locals and are often times used to prop up the unstable nature of the debt based economy. They also don't just vote for anything left wing just socialist social policies, they don't give a wider fuck about communism, socialism or escaping capitalism. The idea that just stuffing enough proles into one corner of the world is going to achieve something is stupid. In addition these nations are going to continue to keep overpopulating. So what we keep taking them until they stop breeding so much? Worse than that we may actually be taking the people that could actually fix the countries because the most well educated are often the most able to move. It does nothin but slows the fucking inevitable population problems in those nations.

Why they have no internal markets?

I should add that usually the better educated a region the better they are at maintaining stable birth rates as well.

The COINTERPRO in this thread is pretty rampant. A bit too late to simply ignore them, but just remember comrades - there are a lot of people here trying to start shit over very small details. Why is that?

Well, it could be COINTERPRO, but thinking it through these guys have a much stronger reddit vibe.

Ahahaha holy shit turd-worldist neolibs are retarded! The 1st-world accounts for over half of the global economy, but less than an eighth of its population. 'Little bit less disposable income there!

Transnational corporations have execs that take all the money, and middle management payed to whip in the slavepens, too. Guess which is which.

Just like janissaries move themselves ahead of the officers' chariots of their own free will. Yeah, let them drive their spears into your tender unresisting bodies.

Those bottom-of-the-barrel sub-minimum wage jobs being given to 3rd-world doctors and engineers certainly help the economy a lot more than more normal jobs in their infinitely cheaper homeland (not to mention taxes from yet more productive 1st-world workers) would, yessiree!

By taking all the people most opposed to the war as far as possible from their friends that still need their help, the evil people that they oppose, and making it as hard as possible for them to go back and put things together.

Yeah, there's a whole lot of accidentally conflating two different things repeatedly. Just reddit being faggots and trying to use sleight of hand and pedantry to "win".

Which countries? The wealthy countries they want to migrate to?

That's why we need to promote unity among people and cosmopolitanism not divisive identitarian multiculturalism.

What do you mean?

Nor does the majority of natives.

It's going to achieve helping those specific individuals.

Which is why we have to promote world-wide depopulation programs, not just in the most overpopulated countries, so-called "underpopulated" rich countries are also overpopulated.

>Worse than that we may actually be taking the people that could actually fix the countries because the most well educated are often the most able to move.
We don't know that, one of the major complain by anti-immigrants is that the "migrant hordes" are mostly uneducated, so what is it then? And having a formal education doesn't mean that someone is able or useful in fixing a country, that's bourgeoisie mentality. Also whose "we"?

Again you're assuming the immigrants are the most educated and that being "educated" means anything without a context. Which education are we talking about here? We don't know, you're making assumptions. Most people with college degrees are completely uneducated (and unwillingly) to do what needs to be done to fix the world.


Why does it matter which country?
Why is that going to work and how are you going to achieve that with a million people arriving from a diverse set off background some of which violently oppose one another?
When a population hit's a point of debt saturation they bring in new people to take on more debt. If people arn't taking on debt the merry-go-round seizes.
So you want more people that arn't class conscience?
How by making them chafe against each other as well as economic hardship help ? Also what's wrong with helping these individuals within their own nations?
No they arn't that's complete myth Western populations would be shrinking if we weren't taking third world overspill. Also Europe is blelow carry capacity, no this does not mean we should concrete over Europe to settle third worlders.
We slip on my part should have worded that better but I'm not falling into that trap, the ones migrating illegally are thge uneducated ones because they don't fit the criteria for legal migration.

Also are you seriously saying that Doctors, engineers and scientists are less valuable that labourers and bin men because I have news for you.