Nerds and right-wing politics

Interesting article about how "nerd culture" is another way for the bourgs to induce sectarianism. My only complaint is the lack of focus on class, but I guess that's to be expected.
(Please refrain from blogging, whining, or shitposting in general, whether you're a SJW or a robot.)

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Unfortunate results from Modern weakness, the system that praises people who hold their heads down and utter no words, the domestication of the human species.

This reeks of a normalfag anti Gamergate cunt that probably bullied people in school


I don't get the point of the article. Am I stupid? Are you saying people who espouse right wing views are nerds, or rather that nerds tend to espouse right wing views?
That much is obvious, you will get banned from pol for insulting anime.

Thanks for your insight.

I'm a "nerd" and I'm left wing as fuck. What a stupid article.

I waited so long to post this and it has never been so relevant

Maybe I'm the retard but I immediately thought the article was talking about how geek culture fueled what we see nowadays (Holla Forums).

It just comes off an excuse to put down a group he doesn't like. The writer has a dreadful superiority complex and virtue signalling tendency.

I can picture his pudgy, bespectacled, bearded face sweating with glee as he typed it.

Probably thr same article, this is old shit.

What a revelation.

The guy killing the nerd in the pic has a swastika

Reminder that being anti-nerd is the same "asocial" and "workshy" crap the Nazis used

Butthurt nerd detected

Twitter leftist shitstain detected

The article is so close but still pulls some very liberal-like bullshit
Like you or said, it still has some good points that sadly seem like secondary points with so much talk about sex, gender, sex, feminism, white men, gender, peace, women, sex, gender

i definitely agree

rightist nerds photoshop a shitty hat onto random anime pics they grabbed from boorus or speak in memes
"leftist" nerds can only reference trash fiction like star wars or harry potter or be funny on social media

meanwhile leftypol actually talks about economy and philosophy and reads (or pretends to read) serious books most of the time

Pretty much this. It has some valid points, but it also treats nerds as a hivemind without noting that there are many nerds on the left as well, and as a result comes off looking like what describes.

Back to SA.

meant for

meant for

This whole article is full of shit.

Except this is blatantly, flagrantly untrue.

The Jock is not the womyn or the poor PoC who also gets bullied along with the Nerd. The literal achetypical Jock is
Wears a school varsity jacket
Comes from a muh privileged family
Gets shit with their parents' money
Frat Boy

Where in the fuck does the Jock become the obese transsexual womyn of color?

Kill yourself.

this must be THE most retarded kind of sectarian in-fighting ever
i wish mods deleted it on sight

In reality neither group is really a "problem" per se but if normalfags were so great you'd be on Porkbook trying to sell them on communism/socialism/anarchism.

It's the same bs but this time involving the idpol game–the clintonite world order is crashing down so better look for some powerless outcast to demonize instead of the rich and powerful. That's how it always goes but normies are to cucked by Chad to see it.

t. Not even a robot

This shit is basically on the same level as Holocaust denial at this point.

butthurt goon detected

I can't go to SA, maybe if you sold your shitty comicbooks you could give me the money so I can make an account

I never said that i spoke for every one else
You just prove me right, you're a dumb nerd that thinks every one is against you

Really. Just reading through this, they're just replacing "white male" with "nerd". It's blatantly written by a neoliberal shillbot trying to find some new way to justify their "intersectionalist" racist and sexist tirades against white males.


I agree with this.


Yeah and if you look at the storylines nerds often form alliances with certain "pocs" (hate this term) and homosexuals as fellow outcasts

In many ways, it's clintonite wish fulfillment but there's a certain truth to it. I hung out with nerd groups and all through high school and college and they certainly weren't racist, they tended to be far less racist then the popular and more affluent groups even if they did rarely venture beyond their small groups

Fucking this

I hate the idea that the poor are racist. It was always the richer kids in my school that were the racist cunts.

"The majority of professional games journalists, themselves mostly white men, in effect feebly mumbled “you gotta hear both sides” while internet trolls drove some of the most interesting voices in game writing and creation out of the field. "

Never happened basically every journalist marched in step together against gamergate. Even denying obvious problems with gaming media.

I agree with the article in a way Gamergate was a preview of things that happened later, but that is also true of the other side. You had a bunch of foaming at the mouth misogs who thought Zoey Quinn was fucking literally everyone in sight and somehow thus compromised every journalist in existence. When here is the thing… I never read Kotaku anyway. or the Escapist or any of those kind of sites. I don't really give a fuck who they screw and review because I wasn't reading their shit anyway and I don't know anyone who did. To me it was a bigger let down when the Dorito pope incident happened because I actually did seriously read IGN at one point or when every tech company started co-opting identity issues in an obvious ploy to defend their shitty economic practices. When basically every company lied about the quality of Mass Effect 3 and started pushing the phrase "entitled."

On the other side you had assmad liberals denying obvious biased game coverage about games that actually did matter in the "making a lot of money" sense and changing the medium. Then offering serious defenses of sweatshops, bad labor practices and low pay for game creators. In that way this was Hillary versus Trump. overtly mean Capitalism vs. secretly mean capitalism in a blue pant suit.

Another thing people never seem to get about "nerd culture" is nerds don't call themselves nerds, they don't see themselves as nerds. The guy who collects anime statuettes with correct tits and ass ratios doesn't usually advertise that fact publicly. The person who plays games 18 hours a day, usually goes on mic in guild chat and starts bragging about how he just fucked a girl while smoking weed, even though you saw his name logged in the past twenty hours. The guy whose favorite music is post-cloud yodeling rap with an influence of whale sounds, usually pretends to like average shit in public. I can give a lot of other obvious examples the point is nerds don't advertise real deviant nerd behavior they deny it and pretend they're more productive and active socially than they're. This is part of the reason why I think the fall so easily for right wing politics because a lot of being right wing in America at least, is projecting a fakely successful and overly macho image and a lot of nerds already do that to overcompensate for liking shit society usually tells them is bad to like or as much as they like it.

Man this is such a touchy subject on Holla Forums.
The retarded /r9k/speak is getting tiresome too.

I think the very sudden rise of Holla Forums made people get the wrong idea that most nerds are right-wingers when most don't give much of a fuck. Hell, many Holla Forumstards pretend to like anime because they say "it pisses others off".

Heh, that's clever. I didn't see it that way.

Maybe it wouldn't be such a touchy subject if self-important liberal bullshitters didn't routinely and without provocation attack nerds with smear pieces so outrageous in their falsity that it borders on libel.

You're on Holla Forums. All you're doing is promoting sectarian fighting about a fucking hobby.

That article is pure normie garbage.

Oh and over having or not having sex too. You guys are such fucking retards sometimes.

What a nerd, he gets so pissy when people tells him to stop with his inmature bullshit

You are the reason Elliot Rodger did what he did.

Great post, and a bump too. Please see and , as it applies to both parties.

Another great post.

Capitalism was very wise in creating nerd culture, just look how it easily and without fail destabilizes any conversation here.

Rodgers was a nerd. he tought women were divine and that he deserve stuff that doesn't exist, Just like any other nerd

Reminder that Holla Forums and /r9k/ are allies against Chaditalism.

Blaming society works both ways. You can say it was society's fault that nobody liked Elliot Rodger, but here's my thesis: he was an unlikable bitch.

Flag checks out.

It's hilarious how mad idpolers get whenever someone cares about something in life other than race and gender. Insofar as they view nerds with suspicion it's for the unforgivable sin of trying to build communities in which their
bullshit is irrelevant.

Don't know why they're so mad though; between tumblr and Holla Forums they're clearly succeeding at pitting us against each other.

Elliot Rodger had a lot of personal problems, but this reeks of DARVO.

The article is right. Nerds belong to Nazism, because they know that only under Nazism can they be in a society that allows them to be happy, to where they aren't ostracized.

So did practically every single shooter.

He was a failed normie actually

Nerds =\= r9k robots who whine about Chad and getting cucked

I'm a nerd as in I'm into STEM and sci-fi and shit. I don't want to be associated with r9k scum


This is more hilarious.

tfw you're a self-aware nerd hated both by anti-nerds and nerds

Whenever I point out bullshit I get called a "normalfag" and it pisses me off. I'm a virgin, too.

Honestly, hasn't that just become generic chan lingo at this point? unless using chans means you are essentially a robot


/r9k/ is similar to Holla Forums in that they both have terrible fucking memes and both influences bring down overall board quality.







There's a huge overlap between these groups though. I'm also into STEM and I fit more than a few planks of the /r9k/ profile.

Epic greentext. Can you convey an actual message on your own next time?
Also please don't lump me with the other shitposter who's just trying to get a rise out of you.

The more Pepes and Wojaks that are posted on a board the shittier it is. This is an undeniable fact.

but why?

Take that back right now. We all know wojack is a revolutionary hero.

Just pointing out facts, just look at Holla Forums.


Nazism is Chad supremacist. In Hitler Youth stronger and older children were allowed to pick on more feeble and younger children. Nazism is hell for robots.

Tell that to Holla Forums though.

No shit this is going to be a touchy subject. It's not just the nerds, it's the fact that this is one more piece in what has been, effectively, decades of bullying by the neoliberal media. A lot of people who swung much further right believed, with no small amount of evidence, that they were being unjustly blamed for for things that they had no real part in, nor did they have any control in doing. How is it the fault of some poor urban white kid if there's not enough minorities being accepted into schools? What's the point of then telling them that they're committing "micro-transgressions" that they'll never be able to solve? The whole "intersectional" movement relied on a form of attempting to guilt the muh privileged White Male in a pattern suspiciously similar to catholic Original Sin but with no level of redemption. What were these people going to do? A lot of these people used to BE neoliberals who wanted to get rid of racism and sexism and all that other shit, but were widely looked down upon as "the enemy". Since they were going to be the "bad guy" no matter what, and had no way to stop being the bad guy, they went with the only option they had: be the bad guy.

No shit it's going to be a touchy subject when it turned thousands of people against the leftwing and towards fascism

You can't, the mods will ban you if you do.


Article about anime nerds in Japan and right-wing politics.

Nazism is nerd supremacy. The Third Reich was anti-feminist, which is a codename for pro-nerd. A society that worships Chads would be feminist, similar to how Latin American countries are now.

more like cuck supremacy lmao


The flag checks out.

Get out troll. There is not one scrap of leftwing thought worthy of taking from this.

I think you mean "nerd culture". Nerd culture used to be anti-authoritarian and anti-status quo in many ways. Star Trek was damn close to explicitly socialist, numerous cyberpunk works were anti-corporate and anti-government, and virtually all of it was more progressive than other works of the time. That's why liberals wanted to "fix" it, and their method of accomplishing this was to co-opt it and add in a bunch of forced diversity to cover up the fact that they're trying to arrest any further progress.

Theres NOTHING anti-feminist about nazis.
Mother was incredibly highly valued.

It makes complete sense.

yes, nazism is for beta cucks

right: the right wing swing was a case of Let Me Be Evil

Isn't this a lot similar to how somehow criticizing Trump helped him win? Or some retards saying you're racist for acknowledging obvious racism?
I actually want to be educated on this since I feel being a bit uncomfortable being so anti-nerd after being a nerd myself and being put off by their culture. To me it seems like nerd culture is something that needs to be completely destroyed since it's so closely tied to consumerism and capitalism, and blaming other people or "the system" for many nerds having shitty personalities seems like a weak thing to do. The shitty /r9k/ lingo being seen every time this subject is brought up certainly doesn't help.
Also ignore the other retard with the flag.

Nerd culture was leftist for such a short time. Remember old programmers? Like Stallman.

Here is another point I was making: leftists want to amplify the current social hierarchy and make it so the lowest people (nerds) suffer more and the highest people get better lives.

Nazis want to make it so everyone can have their own hobbies and interests without worry about being shamed/peer pressured.
Hence the "beta cucks"

Lets get serious, video games, anime and sci fi are not the issue and you are not a nerd because you like those things
nerds are entitled assholes with victimhood complexes. "I deserve a waifu because I'm such a smart gentlesir" "My taste is superior therfore I'm superior" "the quality is something is measure on how good the waifus are" And so on
My issue is that nerds only care about the spectacle that caters to them and become fucking agressive when confronted with social conscience, That is why nerds become fascists, they feel improper because the world demands them to conforms to social norms so they dream of the fascist world where they think gentlesirs like them will have state sponsored wifes and all these dumb ideas just come from watching too much anime.


What do you consider r9k speak? That might help us pinpoint your problem.

Did it hurt you so much to make a post that actually makes sense and doesn't make you seem like an obvious troll? You should stick to this.

Eat shit and wash it down with bleach.

Not him but:
Cucked (when used unironically)
Alpha and beta
80-20 rule

economic equality not social equality

beta cucks like only get to watch

the chance for serious discussion never showed up

I didn't read the article

To be honest I don't like how nerd is used for basically any person with a hobby/hobbies.

Pretty much . Also the usual whining about no girlfriend, calling all women whores, hating successful people.
I've never had a girlfriend/sex and my life is pretty mediocre, but doing all those things /r9k/ turned into "chan culture" reeks of sociopathy to me.

If leftypol taught me something, it's that the best way to combat shitty posts is good, serious posts.

Honestly, I'm not really a beta but I tend to think that a more equitable economic situation will create a more equitable dating situation. As monetary/status considerations will fade into oblivion, people will become more open to a more generous kind of free love then what currently exists and is promoted under capitalism.

Yes, that's totally what Hitler did

I've heard of all of those except the 80-20 rule. The only term that was regularly used in this thread was Chad and that has become pretty common to most boards at this point.

Is truth, i should honor this more often.

I was speaking of leftypol in general. There's been several threads that turned into sperging about "normies" and "nerds" just this past week alone.

spot on m8

ignore the neolib shills

You're completely right. I slightly agree with in the sense that neoliberals say some awful classist shit about the poor, but the rest of his post is stupid right-wing talking points on the level of "stop dividing the country. pointing out racism makes you a racist!!1!"

COINTELPRO found out about Holla Forums's weakness regarding """normalfags""" and are trying to exploit it.

He's completely right though. Neoliberal SJW bs turned a lot of working people who leaned left against the left, including many people who were among the minorities they claimed to speak for. Funny how so many working class minorities ignored the democratic call to save US imperialism from Dolan Drumb on election day.

The Clintonite Left helped Trump win because they were just so plainly and obviously terrible and tremendously incompetent. That's just a fact.

Why are nerds an exception from hatred when they "betray" us and go from slight left to far right?

You can't betray a movement that doesn't exist.

What I'm saying is many people here absolutely hate people who turned their backs to leftism and usually go "well, if they were that easily manipulated then they were going to turn to the right eventually anyway". Why are nerds an exception and deserving of such empathy when everyone else seems to deserve getting lined and shot?

I think it's part of the fractured left's inability to play politics. Politicians understand power is about appeal and inclusion, armchairs theorists tend to be bloodthirsty and without empathy because they see humans who aren't preaching their ideals as roadblocks on the way to power as opposed to independent minds that have to won over.

Because Holla Forums was joking then, but isn't now.


Jesus fucking christ

There very clearly and very conspicuously exist types of social conflict which intersectionality and the liberal focus on "identity" spectacularly fail to account for. And people have the gall to try and remedy that contradiction by insisting these conflicts simply don't exist?

Yes, some people are bullied to death, for reasons other than being black or gay. Your theory has to account for this, or it's not grounded in empirical reality.

Because being a nerd is just equivalent to not being neurotypical, not having the same hobbies as everyone else, being too book smart and low on """"common sense"""". In short, being a nerd isn't a political statement or movement in the same way that being an SJW is.

There are nerds are allies cause they'll actually read a book and we need those type of people. Their neither a good thing or a bad thing for our movement. I guess their sorta like vegetarians in a way, no need to get ruffled by them unless they start preaching vegan supremacy.

The fact is user, no one whose actually a nerd self-identifies that way cause the media told them its cool. There are a lot of girls out there who think their "geeks" cause they read the harry potter series–most nerds didnt want to be nerds they just ended up being labelled that way. There's no use hating something thats a media construction anyway. Or playing into the bs idpol game thats basically run by a bunch of blerds who want to distinguish themselves from both white male "nerds" and working class blacks.

There's nothing to really gain from hating a personality characteristic. I'm not anti-chad/muscle-head because I'm not a champion power-lifter, I don't believe that gym rats uphold capitalism more then you're blasé middle management types who are in the pews praying on sunday and handing out pink slips on monday.

You want to attack the capitalists, not just some subgroup playing their game. Really every group in society plays their game to some extent or another until capitalism is overthrown.

The Author's other gems.

Actually, Black people are heroes for looting because white people have muh privilege. He also actually accepts the racist premise that all the blacks at ferguson protests were looting, LOL.

Things are sexist when Men like them and congregate to them. Stupid Liberal Feminism 101.

Typical Neoliberal as stated by , anything that appears white such as a dungeons and dragons meetup must therefore be explicitly involved in "patriarchal, colonial, imperial white oppression of everyone else", very standard liberal racism, black people are poor dears who can't be held to the standards of us normal whites. etc.

Complete trash, fuck anyone who's arguing for neoliberal idpol here. This is the standard feminist tactic for destroying online communities.

What does having a moderate to major obsession with an obscure hobby(ies) and social awkwardness or introvertedness have to with right wing politics? That's essentially what a nerd is when you boil it down to behavior.

as always, the anarcho-greenie has the best post itt

This. """Nerd culture""" is a fundamentally appropriative thing. We see an identity based on personality, i.e. practical rather than "essential" characteristics, subsumed wholesale by one built upon commercialism and consumption. And as I've mentioned, the cognitive dissonance from these walking counterexamples to intersectionalism leads to further meddling.

Anybody can be - and usually is - manipulated. It's just a question of how.
When your practical life revolves either around struggling to provide for your family or around exploiting surplus labor, you're more likely class-conscious by intuition, or more receptive to the concept, than a well-off actuary or engineer, say.
And when your immediate concerns center around large numbers of people hating and rejecting you for innocuous personality characteristics, which leads you to perpetually miss out on key aspects of what the "standard life" is supposed to be/guarantee, you're going to have different buttons to press.
When in turn a large number of the people most visibly doing this are vitriolic, self-appointed representatives of """the left,""" say, the pseudo-left intersectionalists to whom you are an existential threat, then you might be more inclined to identify with their more overt opponents, and consume more of the ideas they produce
Ultimately any right wing slant among "nerds" is reducible to the nature of pseudo-left class collaborationist politics, and not to their own inherent characteristics.

Also, you kind of need to have "obscure interests" and a different set of priorities than the average Joe to care about learning leftist theory in the first place. Non-mainstream politics, and philosophy in general, are inherently "nerdy" things.

There's a thread about this already that i made a couple of days ago:

It's not about "nerds".
This is only seeing a small fraction of it.
And it's not simply about "bullying".
You're not seeing the bigger picture here.
Again, i'm amazed at how Holla Forums turns into full retard mode every time we have to discuss this topic.
There's something "missing" in this board when it comes to social rejects, like the board just can't understand where they're coming from.
There's this disconnect.
And that isn't good in the context of this site, because the vast majority of people coming here -are- from that demographic.
Perhaps in the context of a full scale revolution this isn't important, but in the context of our everyday conversations right here, right now, it's important.

The more you push them away and refuse to understand them, the more they'll embrace Holla Forums (and, consequently, won't want to talk with you, just using Holla Forums for shitposting, you can already see it happening RIGHT NOW, check the catalog).
I feel like this is actually important and people here aren't on the same page, you're not working with me on this.

I dunno what it is. Maybe this board is pretentious /lit/ weenies who disdain plebs who play vidya instead of reading books, or something?

This. Threadly reminder that scientists, SF/fantasy fans, otaku, techies, and other nerds are, always have been, and will for the foreseeable future remain, majority leftist by a landslide:

The entire meme of nerds being lolberts and the "dark enlightenment" was our state religion, originates from the fact that vast swathes of nerds were Paulbots, but ignores the equally important fact that these people were never more than a minority among nerds.

This isn't the 90s anymore. Nerd culture is mainstream now, and people will self describe as a nerd if you ask them.

You're 115% right.

Honestly I think the issue of social rejects is one of the more significant challenges to historical materialism, which demands a robust theoretical response that I haven't yet run into. I mean, it still outpaces liberal theories by miles, but if a theory of reducing social life to its practice has to rationalize these "fringe cases" with ad hoc hypotheses, divorce them from any material basis, and declare the capitalist world "just" in those and only those cases, that's really not ideal.

ref. and

It's like saying socialism is mainstream because of Sanders and Corbyn. The two instances of the phrase mean fundamentally different things.

People will call now accepted things that were formally outside of the mainstream as "nerdy" still and brag about it on Facebook, but they don't really do that off the wall shit I described and talk about it in public.

A guy will say he's so nerdy in an unrelated YouTube video, because he quoted something from Star Trek literally everybody knows. Le dish best served cold. Tee Hee.

What he wont do is pan the camera to the side and show the picture he drew in MS paint of a Bajoran getting fucked by Cardassain themed pony. Probably because he doesn't have that picture, but some strange nerd asshole on the internet does.

A girl on Tumblr will talk about the "empowered" feeling she got watching Thor tug on Loki's balls in the newest avengers movie.

What she wont do is waste half her reading real comics and hoarding them next to pizza boxes and tendies.

Real nerds have shifted out of the mainstream, but their term has ascended towards it. A lot of these things are things I'm not really willing to do either, but I'm aware that other people are actually more passionate about certain hobbies and my love is paltry in comparison. The point is "nerdy" to most regular people is doing literally anything that isn't socially acceptable for a five minute span. Real nerds don't acknowledge their deep overwhelming obsession with dank shit like that though. Let me tell you a story one of the most bizarre experiences of my life.

I knew this guy in high school in the early 2000's for me. He seemed like a normal dude at school we would talk about games, tv, movies and shit and when anime would come up he would only act like he liked DBZ and Sailormoon, basically stuff a person might reasonably have ran into in real life at that time. One day he invited me over to his house and I said "yeah why not." We walk through a perfectly typical California home, we go into his room…. Not only did this motherfucker have anime shit everywhere he had hentai shit on display and I mean extremely lewd shit. Loli stuff, Futa shit, weird stuff man. I remember just staring in silence like for five minutes wondering if I should leave or just continue to stare in awe. In a way it was kind of impressive, Anime was a lot more niche he really had to shell out for the hobby back then to have this much shit. Then he asked if I wanted to play X - Game I cant remember which and I was just glad to not be sitting there in silence so I said yes. I remember sitting their wondering if I should make a joke about all the obvious porn shit around me, or say something anything to indicate why I was so silent after walking in but I just said nothing the whole time. I just walked out and never really talked to that dude again.

The guy hid his power level. Hew never advertised that knowledge, I doubt if I knew his ass today he would be telling people about it actively.

Saved the second one because I know it's true.

Throw me in the gulag already.

You deserve rape

Volume One, Issue 7, Phile 3 of 10=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=The following was written shortly after my arrest... \/\The Conscience of a Hacker/\/ by +++The Mentor+++ Written on January 8, 1986=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Another one got caught today, it's all over the papers. "TeenagerArrested in Computer Crime Scandal", "Hacker Arrested after Bank Tampering"... Damn kids. They're all alike. But did you, in your three-piece psychology and 1950's technobrain,ever take a look behind the eyes of the hacker? Did you ever wonder whatmade him tick, what forces shaped him, what may have molded him? I am a hacker, enter my world... Mine is a world that begins with school... I'm smarter than most ofthe other kids, this crap they teach us bores me... Damn underachiever. They're all alike. I'm in junior high or high school. I've listened to teachers explainfor the fifteenth time how to reduce a fraction. I understand it. "No, Ms.Smith, I didn't show my work. I did it in my head..." Damn kid. Probably copied it. They're all alike. I made a discovery today. I found a computer. Wait a second, this iscool. It does what I want it to. If it makes a mistake, it's because Iscrewed it up. Not because it doesn't like me... Or feels threatened by me... Or thinks I'm a smart ass... Or doesn't like teaching and shouldn't be here... Damn kid. All he does is play games. They're all alike. And then it happened... a door opened to a world... rushing throughthe phone line like heroin through an addict's veins, an electronic pulse issent out, a refuge from the day-to-day incompetencies is sought... a board isfound. "This is it... this is where I belong..." I know everyone here... even if I've never met them, never talked tothem, may never hear from them again... I know you all... Damn kid. Tying up the phone line again. They're all alike... You bet your ass we're all alike... we've been spoon-fed baby food atschool when we hungered for steak... the bits of meat that you did let slipthrough were pre-chewed and tasteless. We've been dominated by sadists, orignored by the apathetic. The few that had something to teach found us will-ing pupils, but those few are like drops of water in the desert. This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch, thebeauty of the baud. We make use of a service already existing without payingfor what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons, andyou call us criminals. We explore... and you call us criminals. We seekafter knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color,without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals.You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to usand try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime isthat of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like.My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive mefor. I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual,but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike. +++The Mentor+++

It's literally the metaphysics of the hangman.

Good shit, man.

Ha… oh wow.

Here's the thing, idpol goon, you don't get to decide whose identities are true and whose aren't, which identity should one subscribe to and which should he not. When you perpetuate conflict along superficial divisions, you don't get to whine that people divide themselves differently from what you imagined.

Can I assume the rest of the article is equally stupid?


hello butthurt mongrel tranny

I believe the proper response to be fash bashin'.


Work on it, had a nice lead up but the ridiculing wasn't effective enough and you should polarize the Holla Forumsyp and the tumblrista more so.
1 heh out of five tbh.

Made me chuggle.

GTFO my board.
t. wizard apprentice

You know wizardy will do nothing to get rid of the crippling loneliness and self doubt right?

Actually he can just summon a succubus for that.

This is stupid on several levels.

First, the basic "no ethical consumption in capitalism" one. All culture is tied to capitalism because we live in it, in the same way cuisine and transportation are. When you're blaming people for spending money on things they want, you're not criticizing capitalism, you're criticizing their tastes and choices.

But more importantly, nerd culture, unlike most other post-folklore cultures that rely on passively consuming output from professionals, is inherently creative. Just visit a doujinshi convention for an example. Arguably, any person whose creative output isn't socially accepted or otherwise marketable and sellable can be properly classified as a nerd. You may fish for the worst examples and pretend what you're against is erotic MLP fanfiction or some such thing, but what you're actually against is everything that does not conform to rules of capitalism. And you're merely defending and perpetuating capitalism by opposing it.

Kys normalfag piece of shit.


That is just a bunch of random symbols that popped.up onto the internet. 4chan /x/ dont ban me plox debunked it as bullshit many times because normies and newfags kept on bringing it up. But there is a /sum/ general on 4/x/ that has an introduction to summoning self-inflicting schizophrenia if you ask me various "old gods and spirits" using a variety of rights and rituals that focuses on being respectful to the spirits voices inside your head and thoroughly cleaning your body as a sacrament.

Seeing as that amounts to being nice and taking a shower, true wizards best bets for attaining fake intimacy are probably ona holes, tbqfh famalamadingdong.

No, i disagree, at least when it comes to video games.
There's a reason why modern Holla Forums is one of the least creative boards on this site and makes the least amount of OC (these days most of it is just poorly repurposed Holla Forums OC).

With video games you can be creative, yes.
You can make something within a video game using it's systems and tools.
You can straight up make a video game yourself.
You can study a video game, break it down to it's basic components, understand how it works on a fundamental level, speedrun it, learn more about it, get better at it, all things that in my opinion require time, effort, and some creativity.

But the vast majorty of people playing video games don't do that, at all, they just buy, consume, then throw that shit out to move onto the next thing.
Or if (like Holla Forums) they NEVER move onto the next thing and obsess over old titles, they don't even understand why those titles are good, they never explore, they simply parrot something someone else once said about that game, and spend more time insulting everything they don't like than playing the games they claim to like.

So, when it comes to people whos main hobby is games, don't always assume they have creativity, sometimes they ARE nothing more than mindless consumer whores, or nihilist contrarian hipsters in denial.

No more excuses. No more whining.

Swirlie the nerds

I'll fucking swirl your ass.

You neurotypicals will never learn of the magic in this world.

More like semi-functioning introvert but I still have friends.

Ayo here's mine homeboy

I almost liked her after the /monster/ shit, but fuck do i hate her now. Where does she come from? why is she here? why has she not been gulag-ed yet?

What's the difference between a tripfag and a bullshit tripfag

If you're a nerd, you should kill yourself.


mods pls

Yeah right, everyone's been asking for that cunt to be banned but they won't lift a finger.


Seriouslly why are you still around? you where useful on triggering Holla Forumsacks back on the /monster/ drama, but now you're just fucking annoying.

I got banned for fifty minutes yesterday

The reason said "I enjoy your shitposting a lot but you can't derail shit threads this fast"


I'm still triggering Holla Forumsyps


And killing discussion.

Go and fucking post there then, you do nothing but annoy your comrades here. Theres no point annoying people you agree with, for fucks sake.

What discussion of class politics was going on here?

All I see is a bunch of nerds.

Take a shit and stop being annoyed.

This is why we need a gulag.

I never asked why nerds hate me, I hate nerds.


Nerds should be discriminated against.

Most of Holla Forums comes from the gamergate movement you know? i hate furries but i never say it fucking out-loud because there's no point alienating allies.

Don't drink from the same water fountain as me, the one for nerds is on the right.

Srsly, she has to be the most guilty of her own self-imposed rules

The nerds should fear the jocks

You should fear the rope.

Do you give nerds wedgies and, like, pants them n stuff?

You couldn't tie a rope if it meant your life four eyes piece of shit

Who's for leaving this tripfag faggot to the Nazi dogs and letting them deal with her?

So you admit you can't even tie your own shoe laces

Nah you're just a waste of effort.
Quit derailing threads and GTFO to Holla Forums to stir up shit.

No you just said you can't tie a knot and let other people do it for you

You basically just admitted you let your mom tie your own shoe laces

I'd rather feed her to Alexander Jahans

meant for

This is actually kinda erotic
Or it would be, if you were a guy

The age of glasses is over. Wear contacts or die.

I did not know i was watching fucking konosuba.

Glasses are hot. faggot.

Just use boots fag, way more comfortable and harder for stuff to get in. also their a lot less corporate bullshit then the major shoe brands.

Seriouslly tho tripfag, please do something useful you're like a out of control nuclear reaction, go attack Holla Forums infiltration threads here or something. or attack some fucking Nazis on Holla Forums itself.

Not on men.

Shoe laces are relevant.

Yes, yes they are.

They are not, boots are infinitely better and less capitalist.

You have a disease

is it called 'being a normal person' and not a retarded tripfag who can only enjoy derailing threads?

Liking men with glasses isn't normal behavior.

I just wanna be hot faggot, tonnes of girls think its hot.

Well not, like, unironically. I don't feel great about getting dominated in the real world, and she's still an obnoxious shitposter.

I dunno what Zizek would say but it seems to me people often eroticize and caricature their bad experiences as a coping mechanism.

Since she's obviously overacting, it seemed like she was trying to poke fun at this tendency or internalized self-hatred in general. But that could just be me seeing subtlety where there isn't any, god knows I do that a lot.



Filter her

Jesus Christ

The good thing about imageboards is that you can always assume people saying awful retarded shit are just being ironic or otherwise jocular.

Done and dusted. problem is she causes shit for other posters.

It depends on the glasses, what you wear, etc.

The problem is that you actually get offended when I say "It's time to give nerds swirlies" and "The nerds should fear the jocks"


Everyone in this thread is an excruciatingly dumb person.

Nobody in the Trump administration looks like "nerd". Trump is the exact opposite as well. He's pretty much the jockiest jock and the posterchild jock on America right now is his supporter (Tom Brady).

I only hope people learn that hoochie 'im a woman, for real u guis' untermensch is only here to shit up threads and pretend she isnt a Holla Forumsyp insurgent.

Trump is such a jock he fucked men in high school

I am a Holla Forumsyp insurgent transsexual

But both of them end up being friends at the end of the movie :)


Literally the greatest female fighter pilot ace in history was a Nazi and women were fucking in the military heading camps and shit. If anything, it was the most pro-woman side of the entire fucking war, way more than the fucking US for example.

Yes German breeding programs are feminist actually

The Soviets had little to do with women's rights

Hey Hans, can I get some 🍀🍀🍀sliced🍀🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀pepperoncini🍀🍀🍀 on my 🍀🍀🍀large🍀🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀vegetarian🍀🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀pizza🍀🍀🍀?

holy shit you moron, nazism is inherently sexist.
your "but muh black friends" argument is ridiculous.

some women were seen as auxiliary troops but didn't participate in fights.
women were cooking munition-facturing babymaking cumdumpsters.
go read a book, nigger

this. feminism had no place in the third reich

this isn't trolling, it's shitposting. mods?

Well, to be fair, that's what the women of Germany wanted

The Soviets were just the ones to give it.

I wonder how many bastard children in Germany were born from Slavic seed


dont quote me if youre Asiatic

your ability to anger everyone in every thread you post in continues to impress me

Don't quote me if you're chicano white nationalist Holla Forums


very few, thankfully

Why am I not surprised that an article critiquing nerds gets this many replies here.

Sure man, if that's what you wanna call a "critique"

I didn't even click the article because of what said and nevertheless I've got a question: How often has the nerd been stereotyped as an overall great person in movies and how often not? So, does this thesis even make sense?

What do you even mean by nerds and right wing? If you mean people who are are actually employed as programmers and being more racist than on average, I don't believe it. If you mean "right wing" as in neither communist nor anarchist, you can say that about most teachers, bartenders, nurses, ice hockey players, whatever.
Use archive an I will read it.

Hmm. Or maybe I won't.

O_O *hides Dreamcast*

nostalgia mostly. leftypol always needs that one dedicated shitposter. We had checkers, then satannazi, even jim profit for a while. Without anfem, we'd loose an important part of our culture and aesthetic.

eat it up faggot. it being, my dick, faggot

I'm interested in what you or someone else might say about that. Do you as an anarchist consider it a counterexample, of sorts, to Marxist theory? Is it possible to account for this sort of thing through historical materialism?

this delusion reminds me of how r/books users think they are rebellious because ivory tower academics boogeyman does not care about the vast amount of word diarrhea Brandon Sanderson puts on paper but they do.

truly an unpordonable artistic crime done to the show that was mainly notorious for the first interracial kissing on the screen

see mod feedback thread

can't you guys at least tell her to contain her shitposting to actually shit threads?

Just remove her trips. If she wants to shitpost do it without the attention seeking.

That would make her unfilterable

I hate "nerd culture," but I also hate the journalists and intersectional twitter crusaders who are using its inherent whiteness as an excuse to be legitimate bullies.

muh essentialism

Yeah, Revenge of the Nerds is a good example of this. It's nerds, homos, blacks, and black homos taking on Chad.

Whatever. We're probably on the same page. You just found an awkward phrase to nitpick.

It wouldn't be Holla Forums if I didn't

It's not an issue of people seeing hobbies they're passionate about being reduced to efficient, commercialized practice by the culture industry and feeling some carefully constructed "outsider" identity of theirs being stripped away, leaving them normal and nondescript individuals no different from those of mainstream society.

The people we're talking about would welcome this with open arms, if cultural change could actually meaningfully integrate them into the "real world" and provide what they are denied within it. But this divide simply does not exist on the level of which forms of entertainment are produced and consumed, how much, and in what ways.

The people you're talking about are hipsters.

I'm starting to suspect she's a kind of mod-sanctioned unofficial censor tbh

Just checking, but do any of you guys remember when nerd and geek were insults?

I was actually called a geek at school (albeit once but it still hurt nonetheless) and I can still remember when my lips would tremble just trying to admit that I was a nerd, it had a distinct pathetic feeling of utter shame and guilt.

To be fair, it seems to be a reasonably common occurance that the jocks are actually reasonably nice/friendly people and it's the vaguely sporty but not particularly impressive, disruptive, lower-middle-class kids who bully people.
(I don't doubt in some places the rich kids are also bastards, but my school didn't really have anyone above petit-bourg.)

Hey guys I got an idea: A site specializing in vids where the dominating man is some weakling wearing glasses and perhaps braces, and the submissive woman (or man, there's a category for that) is usually bigger than him and has good muscle tone. - just say it, let the name roll off your tongue.

There seem to be a few interesting points in here (I was particularly drawn to the Hollywood-Reagan one.)
Not being American and being an asocial autist (which in turn has always made me skip "i'm a nerd" and go right to "I'm an autist") make it much easier to read (If the idpol stuff more apparent), mind you.

I was particularly drawn to
Because there does seem to be a very specific mindset of a subset of "nerdy" people which I would generally call an Engineering mindset, and in particular I notice it's drawn to (right) libertarian economics, likely on the basis that it turns an economy into a simple solvable problem unlike the clusterfuck of compromise that most real economies turn out to be.

I think when you draw "Nerd" away from what would be "autist" in more imageboard-y terms, and just encompass it in a particular consumerist Holla Forums-Holla Forums crossboarder kind of archetype it becomes easier to see what the article's getting at. The way the term is so generalisable doesn't help, nor does the English language. (Consider: "Why do nerds love anime?" - "Well, I'm a nerd and I don't like anime.", because a sub-set does but the english language uses the term for the entire collective to describe a sub-set.)

I think the perceived popularity is is due to $$$ influencing the debate. I understand there are people who try to project a particular image about themselves that would correspond to what you wrote here, but I can tell you that grappling with economics with an engineering mindset leads to something else entirely.

I'm not commentating on real live people. I'm talking about the stereotype of The Jock that exists in opposition to The Nerd stereotype that this article talks about.

It's all cancer so it really shouldn't be taken at face value for anything resembling reality.

It's just envy. Normies realize that life is all about.. mosfet transistors and so on. Nerds get 6 digits starting. Run the economy. Production. Military with their missiles. Build all the cars. All the fortune 500 companies. Everything.
Even irrelecant artsy-fartsy social bullshit is being ran by nerds, people visit more of internet and facetwattergram shit than they do any museums or whatever normies consider important (because they are wrong).

Normies realize how subhuman they are in comparison and are now mad and think them being mad matters for some reason.

'Nerds' are beginning to force people out of the most desirable real estate, and they can afford it. They are also forcing them out of their jobs with much superior technology. They dont even make eye contact while interacting with service industry people.
Hell I'd be mad too but I didnt make the wrong decisions in life

Not all nerds become gross capitalist ideologues: it's mostly just engineering students who don't realize frat bros are going to wage cuck them for the rest of their lives, and therefore hang on to the pipedream that they might become the next Elon Musk. The life and physical sciences people are much more left wing in my experience.

All nerds and "nerds" would be gulag'd to death. Fuck them.

That clickbait is idpol at its absolute worst.
Shit like this is exactly why white identity politics has taken off. The guy who wrote it is probably trying to get clicks by annoying people, but as long as this kind of stuff is remotely mainstream in leftist dialogue (and it is), Holla Forums will have plenty of gas. Attempting to convince your opponent they've never really suffered does not make them like you or your movement.

Friendless, high school drop outs who binge watch anime and spend five hours a day on 4chan are not going to make a ton of money. And silicon valley is mostly a bunch of mainstream progressives anyways.

And shit doesn't just happen out of your control, right?

Shove that up your ass, faggot. I was working my fucking ass in college routinely doing 17-18 credit hours triple-majoring in Math, CS, and Theology, until my 'tism flared up and started a racial altercation that nearly threw me out. I had to sacrifice half my credit hours just to graduate.

I was pissed that I was working my ass off and in the meantime couldn't find a gf while all the jocks and hipsters around me had women hanging off them and only needed a jersey or some fucking sportsball apparel to look like they were part of the team. I was a nerd, okay? Fuck me for not sitting in my designated alcove, trying to change myself and trying to fit in and attract a decent girlfriend before I hit 25, right? Fuck my "misogynist" ass for trying to use PUA advice that actually made sense and wasn't merely "just bee urself," right?

I was an ideologue of libertarian capitalism, but later that changed when I realized both that any and every system can fuck you over if you have no way to hold it hostage, and that I would statistically take more coercive and demeaning orders from a capitalist boss than a statist cop for the rest of my life. I just wanted to fit into the system and not get fucked over nor fuck anyone else over. I saw that this wasn't to be, so I acted out, and from the experience now after 2 years leftist and 1.5 years on Holla Forums I realize that the only way to fix this shitty world is to destroy both Capitalism and transnigger Idpol. I have no problem with any person forming any sort of group based on anything, so long as they don't fuck with me or mine; I identified me or mine as being able to use any and all tools and land as necessary, so long as they are unoccupied and not in use at that moment, with automatic implied easements for freedom of movement.

I realized that private property never was a liberty to begin with, and that such an institution amounts to a tyranny of the individual over everyone else; aside from mutually recognizable interests such as a right to temporarily hide certain aspects of the person or certain portable effects, private property is no merely theft; its practical absolutism in jurisprudence, especially in the United States, makes it amount into a perfect tyranny; the fact that it is also alienable destroys any sort of balance on part of the market.

So when I see transniggers and other assorted idpol-SJW-shits and especially Reddit attack Holla Forums or /r9k/ or even some of the threads on Holla Forums (back before it was a massive Trumpfest) for wanting a decent gf who wasn't a backbiting nag, calling us weak men "who can't handle a stronk womyn," my blood boils. I generally avoid that shit, but when it comes up, I know exactly how to shut it down. I am glad I found Holla Forums, for I found people who know the real problem and attack its real roots, and aren't caught up in the transnigger triggerfest that is the modern Left. Thank you for existing.

And I will bully every transnigger that comes onto this board. Any sort of "privilege" comes from private property, and only that, no superstructure cultural bullshit. Fuck the right for their red-herring "Cultural Marxism" meme when it was Adorno himself, count zero of the Frankfurt School, who warned against transnigger left-fascists. Idpol is nothing more than fascism, wherever it comes from, be you an sort of "oppressed" class, or a neonazi.

Its really funny how you have ideologues that search for groups of outcasts as a recruitment tool. Sometimes it works, noted with drug junkies seeing the "light" by joining a political cause. Most of "nerds" that tend to be the stereotypical robots
want to be left alone. I see this online right wing politics adaption nothing more than a evolutionary strategy of telling outsiders to fuck off.