Students wear white privilege pins

Students at liberal arts college wear white puzzle piece pins to remind themselves of white muh privilege

Students at a small liberal arts college in Central Pennsylvania are wearing white puzzle piece pins this month to raise awareness of white muh privilege and its impact on people of color.
The Elizabethtown College Democrats launched a project over the weekend called the 'Personal Identity Campaign,' which revolves around the question - 'How does race affect my life, directly and indirectly.'
The organizers of the campaign, which officially kicked off on campus Saturday evening, say that wearing the white pin will serve as a reminder of the 'struggles' associated with racial identity.

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America was a mistake.

cool. I'm gonna wear the "I'm a cuckold" pin in class"

They should get some white whips and regularly have a session of muh privilege checking on their backs.

It would do about the same amount of good.

This "White muh privilege" garbage makes white people feel like they have something in common with rich assholes like Donald Trump. Holla Forums should approve.


When do I get my special white powers?


Kids at some college do some thing. Someone ogles:


Aw shit. Now they're coming for the auties' trademark.
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And this is exactly the objective of all this garbage.
It's pure cointelpro at work.

sorry comr8, was for

This. Every immigrant to the Americas has only brought death and destruction to the land and the autochthons, be they White Colonialist/Hudson's Bayman, Negro slaves, rail-road Chinamen or what have you. There are two possible solutions, and the populace is too parasitic, too greedy, too wicked to accept either: return to the lands they came from, or be decimated six times over.

This is why the right is making such tremendous gains. Sad we're tied to them.

It feels like we're fighting a losing battle guys

Liberals have managed to turn the white working class from a blue collar, pro-labor politically divided group into a monolithic racial voting bloc that will vote down the line for white interests as a matter of self defense from this insanity. I saw it happen in my own community during this election, former moderate old time democrats, mailmen and the like, looked to Trump as a hero delivered from the heavens. The hatred they feel against them and the rage they have against this madness I think is going to get very ugly very fast.

This is starting to make the most sense to me. It's too absurd to be organic.

I'm going to create the parody item "straight muh privilege butt plugs" with the tag line "walk a mile in their gay spread ass cheeks."

>ITT: Shit no one cares about

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.Some people really are just that thick

Corollary: Use stupidity for cover at all times. They Pic related, you carry on with your malicious business.



You seem to forget that this is going on in Europe too, anons

While racism exists in Europe, it is in no way comparable to the institutional and civilizationally defining racism that exists in the US.
They are seperate social pheonomena with sperate social origins, and so therefore saying "white muh privilege" in the American sense in Europe makes little sense.

Indeed. It should be also taken into account that racial minorities in Europe have pretty much not existed until the 60's, and that these same minorities are usually not European citizen.
On the other hand, black people in the USA have been around for longer than a lot of whites and are American citizens with full rights.

I wouldn't exactly agree some groups like the Roma have been discriminated against for a long time in Europe. Although both groups would be considered "white" in the American context

Europeans never thought of themselves as white until the 20th century.

I honestly don't see why liberals don't see this term as 'problematic'. It has to be the worst libshit buzzword to date.

I honestly don't see the problem with this.

Everyone here, and everyone on Holla Forums (who are white) should be humiliated for their internet conduct. Public shaming, release their search history.

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Really makes me ponder. I'm not even that aryan-looking either. I have black hair and brown eyes

They do not see it as excellent because the associated meaning has no implication of inferiority or negativity. If people started saying "those retarded people of color", huffpost would immediately proclaim calling somebody like that is a Holocaust

Why are white people so easily offended over other races and yet the most vocal of them here complain about jewish sensitivity

I honestly don't think it's cointelpro, I think that the nu-left is just so entrenched in their idpol garbage that they unironically think that this is a good idea.
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iktf, brown hair and hazel eyes.

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I have a tip for you, when you see the dog eater shitposting, do not respond or even acknowledge its existence

Holy shit guys, all of the ghettoes around the country are spontaneously fixing themselves! The puzzle pieces have dismantled systematic exploitation and impoverishment of working class black communities! It's a miracle! Praise Hillary!

damn right, there is white muh privilege because a muh privilege is a right exclusive to (racial) nobility

they should replace those puzzle pieces with something more windmillish though

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White people are a minority on even Holla Forums now. How does it feel that the last bastion of pale losers left for twitter or elsewhere.

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Due to racial homogeneity, ingroup lines were drawn around culture and nationality.

white people were a minority in asia too when we ran shit there, halfchan is like that, a land of savages that we carry as our white mans burden

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time for Holla Forums to temporarily admit the Holocaust happened so they can be outraged by this and compare the two

I'm curious as to why you think alienating people based off of gender and skin tone is good for your cause.

What is it with Holla Forums and wanting people to be traps

I'm curious as to why you're so easily alienated from some jokes


White people have smart muh privilege.

it is a mystery

Truly the Thuleans are beyond the simple scales of the settled ones.

native africans do have lower than average scores but the extreme lows have since been debunked

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we're not

it's only when people blame whitey for everything that we tune out

I am very very glad it is so far being contained to a tiny group of crazies who fetishize America.

why can't we put all idpol in the gulag ?

But user, Roma are subhumans who make a mess of everything, steal and beat up people for no good reason

there is some truth in this.
in Europe its more xenophobia then racism.
its more about "gtfo my country"
while in the US racial classification are literally systemic.
its more like "i fucking hate niggers"

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these are the fuckwit normies that'll be conservative in the future lamenting their days as a gommunist in Uni

if ur nod a liberals when u young you hab no hard bud if u nod a conservadives when u old u hab no BRAIN :::DDD:D

yeah I don't know what all the younger Holla Forumstards are worried about, them and these normies will basically have the same politics in 20 years time max.

Are we at Peak Liberalism yet?


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Holla Forums are self-denying faggots who have all of the mental illness and perversion intrinsic in faggotry but none of the fun and hedonism. sucks to be them.

Should we do the same, Holla Forums?

I think you should just wear a dunce cap stapled to your skull.

Anybody born in Israel should be encouraged to wear the star of david.

I never got the point of that razor. Surely if you look at both options, its better to assume malice by default. It's more dangerous to assume stupidity when its malice than the other way round.

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i agree and wonder if that truism was thought up by intelligence agencies when people started noticing one of their saboteurs.

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I imagine most men feel the same, except their suicide rates are higher.

All joking aside the future's so bright I gotta wear shades .