Petition to ban holocaust denial

Holocaust denial should not be allowed on Holla Forums

Holocaust deniers are niether legitimate historians nor skeptics. They are only interested in twisting the truth to fit their end. They are threatened by the meaning attached to the holocaust of the dangers of racism, classifications, and intolerance, and will use cherry picking, half-truths, falsification of the historical record, and innuendo to misrepresent the historical record and sow doubt among their audience. A "direct attack" on their methods - pointing out the thousands of witnesses, showing the immense amount of physical evidence (both the grounds of the camps themselves and the vast amount of paperwork created by this event) - is a waste of time, because it doesn't address the real issue; that the person so denying doesn't want it to be true.

The consensus among historians is that holocaust denial has no place in historical discussion. While it's important to confront the lies spread by them, and promote further study and education of the holocaust, giving platform to liars and frauds does not accomplish this.

Holocaust Denial is also a crime in 16 countries. since Holla Forums has already banned loli porn because of legal concerns, you might consider a similar policy with holocaust denial.

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I think getting rid of the redditors is more important.

Holodomor denial still ok?

Redditors should not be allowed on Holla Forums

If the whole point of your board is discussion you should probably let people have outsider ideas and opinions

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I don't think it should be a crime but I do think arguing with them achieves nothing so I don't care either way

Then it's settled, we will purge the redditors!


I think the opposite should happen, there should be a ban on holocaust propaganda.

Even the average leftist should be smart enough by now to realize that the "holocaust" is a narrative used to discredit socialism. You sheeple will believe anything.

Holodomor "denial" is not equivalent to holocaust denial, as people do not dispute the existence of the ukranian famine. Hardline Leninists dispute the intentionality of the famine, which is the mainstream position. The opening of the archives has failed to support an assertion of genocide and it's near-universally accepted today that the harvest in these years failed. even biased Anti-communists like Robert Conquests stopped calling it genocide.

If they don't bring liberalism or socdem with them and don't get IPs I don't see any trouble with their being here. Hold your Mjölnir until they start unpacking their delicately crotch-scented lunches.

How about we talk about the other victims of the holocaust? Or other genocides?

nothing is stopping you. all we should do now is ban holocaust denial.

Define denial. Is saying there were 5 million denial?

Like I was the one who decided to instigate the catgirl drama.

Please leave reddit. We can handle it, we're not soft-skulled idiots that fall for one sided infographics. The only thing banning holocaust denial has ever done is convince them that it's absolutely correct. Especially from people like yourself who categorically ignore every other genocide ever committed, treating Jews as if they were actually 'behind it all'.

Reddit faggots like OP should not be allowed on Holla Forums
Plebbitors are niether legitimate posters nor contributors. They are only interested in twisting the truth to fit their end. They are threatened by the meaning attached to the shitposting freely of the dangers of being word policing and having a stick up own his ass, and will use cherry picking, half-truths, falsification of the posting record, and innuendo to misrepresent the reasons why Holla Forums are better than /r/socialism and sow doubt among their audience. A "direct attack" on their methods - reporting their shitposts, spamming their threads - is a waste of time, because it doesn't address the real issue; that the person so making those retarded posts doesn't want to stop being a gigantic cocksucking faggot.
The consensus among Holla Forumslacks is that reddit has no place on Holla Forums. While it's important to confront the lies spread by them, and promote further studying theory and healthy chan shitposting, giving platform to SJWs and socdems does not accomplish this.
Being a plebbitor is also a crime on 16 chans. since Holla Forums already bans Holla Forumslacks because they are fucking retarded, you might consider a similar policy with people from /r/socialism.

Stop eating out of the trashcan you loser.

He's though, as proven by your butthurt and calling everything you don't like Holla Forums.


that merchant doesn't even look good on reddit alien

He's not though, as anyone that isn't an insufferable newfag would know.

The reddit alien is absolute dogshit, I've always hated it as a blatant boardroom designed logo.


banning speech you don't like isn't liberal

piss off, fascist

Isn't this akin to Holocaust deniers arguing that people in camps weren't *intentionally* murdered, it was due to Allies bombing transport lines so the prisoners simply starved or didn't receive medicine?

It doesn't if they behave themselves. A while back there was this thread featuring a very long discussion with a Nazi about why esoteric mysticism is a valid basis for an ideology.

Expect a few incendiary posts from socdems tbh.

also the influx of Holla Forums-tier paranoia about muh reddit is more annoying that reddit posters tbh

kind of

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so being misinformed and thinking 5 million died is not denial, but asserting that 5 million died when conforted with the overwhelming credible information from modern histortians that 5.8-6.0M jews died is Holocaust denial.

user, I needed some kind of ad hoc replacement

I've been lurking /r/socialism. Do you really not know what's been going on there?

You do seem genuinely upset, or at least unreasonably bitter about a factual statement

it's funny how Holla Forums thinks they are subtle. like does anyone actually believe people like and aren't from Holla Forums?

Congrats OP, you've really triggered them.

We weren't actively trying to recruit them, we were trying to fuck over their mods and get some people that weren't faggoty SJWs installed. They sperged out and dropped spaghetti everywhere and started literally sending people here of their own accord.
The whole "leftypol recruits on reddit" is something I've only ever seem claimed by Holla Forumsacks, often on Holla Forums and Holla Forums along with their cherished "leftypol is actually full of SJW liberals, do not go there and check just take my word for it".


Not really, since the USSR had like 5 other famines in the 10 year period surrounding that incident. I consider it to be substantially more reasonable that Soviet agriculture was shit, the process of collectivization made it even more shit, and the ideological blinders were too tight to admit they fucked it up.

nope, because those arguments ignore proof that the camps were intentional instruments of murder, from gas but also from over-work. those arguments also rely on the non-existence of einsatzgruppen massacres of nearly 2 million people, and require a much smaller number of people being killed, because these deniers do not think 11 million people were imprisoned to die from lack of supply. they typically hold the death toll to be in the hundreds of thousands.

I think that le recruiting reddit meme has its origins in sponsoring that Wolff episode.

yeah but what's funnier is when they pick up some of the lingo, think they're slick, and misapply it
they're so tired of winning they come here to shill


Stalin was a blithering idiot in regards to dealing with the famine but the Holodomer is not accepted as a genocide by mainstream historians in the light of opening the Soviet archives. Robert Conquest admitted to Wheatcroft that it could not be considered an intentional genocide and he did the most comprehensive work on the Holodomer as a genocide.

The view now is that a combination of bad weather and the Politburo being prideful led to economic disaster.

I have just as much disdain for neetsocs as I do for neolibs. Honestly it's hard to tell unironic neolibs apart from false flagging Holla Forumsyps, either of which there are a fucking ton of, and I have 100% seen posts that could be described as "leftypol recruitment drives" on /r/socialism.

No, because historians have generally put the amount of Jews who died in the Holocaust between 4.7-5.7 million. Depending on whether they looked at who can be accounted for directly by mass gassings of shootings, or demographic data.

He's not misinformed. "The Destruction of the European Jews" puts the dead Jews at 5.1 million.

Ah. Thanks for the explanation.

Any mention of Holla Forums is a bannable offense there now, what sort of stuff were they using? There are a couple of faggot redditors that are constantly trying to undermine us by watering the place down with other redditors but until the Great Reddit Leak happens (it best fucking happen) there is nothing we can besides complain about them.

The flood of them from the Wolfe vid was pure accident and an industrial scale trolling accident. The original intention was to recruit some people into economics from his subs but we couldn't resist getting the r/soc mods buttflustered while doing it.

that is a book from 1961. if you were to make the claim 56 years ago you would be vindicated. do modern sources use this same figure?

The book was written in 1961, but it's not like it hasn't been updated as time goes on. I was just pointing out he wouldn't really be misinformed, as it's still taken as one of the most comprehensive books on the subject.

Anyway, here's a list of all the victims of the Holocaust compiled on Axis History:

They put 5.3 as the minimum. The 6 million number is only relevant when looking at demographic data conducted after the war.

Do modern sources seek truth, or passive income?

They're just here to whine about their neo-liberal stooges losing while pretending they are revolutionaries to diminish some of their impotent rage. They'll have forgotten about class consciousness by the time the mid-terms come around or when the liberal media gains control of alternative outlets again.


Mostly shit like this. I mean come on, look at the fucking account names

Wew, accused of being Holla Forums by SJW reddit retard and accused of being a jew by Holla Forumsyp shitstain. Pure idpol.

By god I'm winning this race with style

alright. 5.1 million is regarded as a very conservative estimate, but it's still an acceptable position, atleast with the criteria it sets out.


Anyway, in regard to everyone in the thread. I'm not sure if you all remember the EU flag poster. He posted here some time ago. He actually got propagandized by Holla Forums and came back once to tell us about it. Low and behold when the Holocaust was brought up the "real historic events" he was basing his denial off of were poorly put together infographs. He was a moron, but I don't think Holla Forums should be aloud to propagandize here at all.

The account names are merely evidence of our dialectical wizardry. I can assure you the infestation happened very quickly by drawing us into the light by causing the reddit mods severe derriere devestation. You can see it in the user stats.
Those posts are from Jun 2016 too, there was no serious infestation at that time.

You may have reached peak Holla Forums.



Tell us more.

Since when were they allowed? I had to even buy another VPN just for shitposting after imitating Holla Forumsyps and getting b& every single time.

i don't see the problem with this honestly. where did you cop this?

probably not r/soc i'm assuming

I actually haven't seem them shitpost holocaust denial for a while, but I remember that we used to have large threads about it. Sometimes leftypol would capitulate to the "300,000" meme.

Holla Forums? they're allowed for discussion, not flagrant shitposting

I'm saying I can't even LARP and then build up my arguments around the sockpup like I usually do on other namefag forums. There shouldn't be consistent bans if mods can tell I'm posting seriously most of the time versus a few obvious bait/troll posts.

It's just an inevitability, really. One day, someone will get so butthurt at reddits irritating presence or decide to extort Conde Nast for some cash, and the list of users and what emails their accounts are registered to will be leaked. I'm impressed it hasn't happened already.

It's old as fuck, found it by googling a segment of one of the posts

Or just people getting off to overused maymays want to invite their friends so they could enjoy the maymays together.

Well I've been banned for single instances of shitposting that's why I'm kind of pissed. Mods can tell my hash history and then decide instead of letting vols judge off an instance.

wtf does this have to do with leftism

Also for anyone interested, Eric Hunt who made a lot of the Holocaust "Revisionism" documentaries on Youtube recently wrote a 14,000 word post on his website denouncing Holocaust denial:

Ironically, he gets some things wrong as pointed out by Hans at HC:

But some of the highlights include:

it doesn't. It's board policy discussion, because we get holohoax spam from Holla Forumsyps frequently.

Ah, yes, exploiting comrades for their labor-intensive memes without any second-thoughts or recognition. This is why the heart of /r/socialism is rotten and why they're only useful bastards that can give successful memes velocity. Hypocritical scum.

you're such a fag it's disgusting

But it never happened.

why the fuck would anyone sign up for reddit with an email

shiggydiggy y'all

It was posted by this user:

What did he mean by this?



It isn't though.

he was an Irish socialist who was in with the mods, until he became a non-person for I think pedophilia or hatred of women, or some anti-social fun like that.. he also has a stupid face that he posted in discord.

no. Holla Forums will just flood the board if we do that. they're still an order of magnitude bigger than we are.

Hahah oh wow, you have to show me it.
I also just discovered cometparty isn't actually FBI, just a blundering idiot who lucked his way into adminship. Sources: (Check mod list)

In my digging for information on r/soc, I am learning more every day. None of them are FBI. They are all quite well read but unfortunately thick as pigshit deep down.


Pffft, it's 800/900 to

why is r/socialism so vengeful and petty?

I actually have some incredibly circumstantial and tenuous evidence they are linked to the SA SJW infestation. The kiwis convinced Lowtax to purge them but when he was in the middle of it kiwi farms went down and he got cold feet.
They think they are leading an ideological war, unfortunately they're doing it wrong and creating echo chambers everywhere.

the burners would have to have been operating at 1 jew a minute, and the gas chambers would have to have been working at around 20 a minute as well, and that's going by modern cremation and gassing rooms

Or your just an anti-semite.

No, this is untrue. For one, the Nazis weren't trying to cremate the Jews to a fine pulp like they do today. They often put multiple Jews in the oven at once (as reported by witness testimony) and the crematorium ovens were specifically designed this way. The ovens were built in such a way that once the fire started, you wouldn't need to keep putting in coal for continuous burning. The crematorium ovens are very much a feat of German engineering. The Nazis also engaged in open air cremations as can be seen from arial photographs and the Sonderkommando photos.

Looking up the actual definitions of common sayings is fun

what's wrong with hating the jews?

I think Galileo wants to have a chat with you. So you're saying we have no ability to determine good and bad ideas? Who made you king shit?


Why is one ok and not the other?
it's either all ok, or none of it is ok

Not a denier by any means, but that particular statement reeks of pseudo-scientific propaganda. Human bodies are actually really fucking hard to burn, and you can't use them as fuel for a fire. It takes a ton of fuel just to cook off all of our water and meat, and that requires constant additional fuel. Even to just cook us down to sinew and bones would be ridiculously time consuming, and well beyond the cremation figures cited, furnaces running on kraut space magic notwithstanding.

Oh shit, fellow spurdo-flag getting blown the fuck out.

You can go to Holla Forums for that.

I was just paraphrasing but:

ii) the fact that no fuel was required after the initial pre-heating period, because of the amount of heat generated by the burning corpses.This was how the manufacturers described their own product in a patent application. The use of the ovens, as described by eyewitness Henryk Tauber, coincides with this description:
" The corpses of … wasted people with no fat burned rapidly in the side muffles and slowly in the center one. Conversely the corpses of people gassed on arrival, not being wasted, burned better in the center muffle. During the incineration of such corpses, we used the coke only to light the fire of the furnace initially, for fatty corpses burned of their own accord thanks to the combustion of the body fat.

The fire thus actually needed no tending of its own, in accordance with the description in the patent application, external fuel supply (coke) being required only to heat up the oven.

no one said this
yes. Additionally if you want to talk about the flat earth conspiracy, find a board that isn't Holla Forums to do it.

When you say denial, do you mean outright denying it or being skeptical about the official number? We know that it is not the losers who write history, but the winners, and the winners in this case did not under any circumstances want to fight the same guy again.

Alright, so let's say we threw a jew who was literally skin and bones into the oven, which allegedly most of them were, where on earth is all that heat coming from?
it certainly wasn't those fucking bones, because they burn like a metal, and it certainly wasn't the skin, so it either required another heat source to keep running, or the information is incorrect

What a great argument you presented, very well thought out. Pic related it's you

one of the most important ways for conveying ideas is words. If you ban ideas you are banning words as well.

I'm talking about how Galileo was persecuted for his ideas. We wouldn't have gotten anywhere without free speech.

The Soviets did exaggerate the death tolls, but the numbers used by Western historians are 99.9% accurate.

It is gone over in the big block of text I quoted for you. They explain exactly how the ovens were designed so that they would operate in that way. Typical denier nonsense, just ignore everything I posted and repeat some incoherent contention.

I'm not going to try and put up a moral argument for why Nazis should have their free speech. I agree they shouldn't be federally prosecuted, but leftypol reserves the right to ban propagandizing Holla Forumsyps.

So the ovens at the death camps, according to that post, A. Are perpetual energy machines which we should use to power the entire world via burning jews
B. also somehow burnt people who were skin and bones faster and more efficiently that a modern day coal furnace

Who was the other spurdo-fag?

I wonder why more leftys arent jumping for joy about the invention of a system of sustainable energy that does almost 0 damage to the environment?

Great shitposters think alike, I see

The "science" there is either all wrong, or advanced far beyond modern industrial crematoriums.

That's really the only hangup I have with the holocaust, and to this day I've still been unable to square that circle.

wait, what if in reality, Nazis were the REAL KANGZ OF AFRICA?
they had tech so advanced we don't even have it

I didn't know you were an engineer. You aren't making an argument, you aren't addressing anything I posted. You are making snarky comments with no substance. Either you are saying all the witnesses are lying and what the patent filed for is wrong (and they must be in on some giant conspiracy) or you should promptly admit you have no idea what you are talking about.

i'm just going to leave this here

This is basic math and reasoning, if you aren't capable of that you are below even a child
use your head, if you have one
how on earth did they cremate so many people on a daily basis?
they'd have to have people running the fires, moving the bodies, moving the people to kill them and then throw them into a pile to use in the furnaces, and then somehow keep the this going for SIX MILLION FUCKING PEOPLE

The modern person requires petroleum products throughout life directly and indirectly. Those are not renewable.

Argument rejected.

i'm pretty sure you don't need petroleum to breed people en mass, so clearly jews have the best weight/fuel ratio, so they should be bred and used as fuel, it would only require grain for bread and water, it's fucking genius

They didn't cremate six million at the death camps you blithering idiot. The Jews murdered as I've posted earlier, are in ranges from 4.7-5.7 million. As far as pure death camps go. About 1 million were murdered at Auschwitz, up to 200,000 at Sobibor and up to 500,000 at Belzec. This is less than 3 million people.

It's literally impossible. Any water in the bodies would have a cooling effect on the crematorium. Also, human bodies are not a fuel source, and burning them requires external fuel/heat. You can't just heat up an oven with coke and throw bodies (that are at ambient temperature, and thus will lower the temperature of the oven) and have this hot oven that works in perpetuity. You would need a perfectly hermetically sealed environment to hold in heat like that, and opening a door to throw in bodies over and over again daily would let out tons of heat.

That entire article is flat out bullshit.

And up to 750,000 at Treblinka.

I'm not


There are at least 3 spurdofags in this thread.

I never claimed to be.
My argument is that anyone with a low-level understand of materials science can tell you that what you're reading is incorrect. I'm not even disputing the 6 million or whatever the current agreed upon number is, I'm looking at these furnaces in a bubble and saying that the claims made for that patent violate physics.
Self awareness, marx-kun.


Are you new to chan-culture, btw? You seem like you are.

you can also just throw the grain into the furnace, and not waste like 99% of the energy on metabolism.

but the more efficient thing to do would be convert the grain to ethanol and use it as fuel, which is exactly what they do today.

No actually. You are wrong.

You aren't an authority on this and as I said earlier, the Nazis were not burning them to a crisp. This is really just semantics over something you have no idea about. Deniers have not ever been able to find 1 Jew selected unfit for work who describes being transited out of the camps after they became extermination centres. But if you are serious, go ahead and dissect the the patent.

And most jews were shot, they weren't cremated

you've fallen into my trap card, fuccboi
guess which concentration camps were inside soviet territory during the end of the war, and only checked by the allies after about another five years after the end of world war two
that's right
those ones you just named
also, the amount of fuel need to transport jews from the "Concentration camps" to the "death camps" via train, truck, or any other mode of transport, as well as the management of the other living jews who weren't being used as fuel in the perpetual motion machines


The fact that they'd go to such lengths to make up some fantastical oven technology that literally cannot exist casts doubt on a great many other things. I can see mass graves, bonfires, etc being used to dispose of bodies en masse, that's all plausible and fine. Happens all the time.

When they stick by these magic crematoriums and make up elaborate stories about them it makes me doubt a great deal about what really happened.

Your right. They're also the pure death camps built in Soviet territory that try as you might, you will not be able to find one Jew who was transited out of Treblinka II or Lager III at Sobibor. I can though, as there were archeological digs at Sobibor that took core at photographic samples. Guess what? There are graves big enough to hold 10's of thousands of people. You won't be able to find a single Jew transited out of these camps because they don't exist. They were gassed or shot and are not buried somewhere.

No ones making up any elaborate story.

are now*


THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. It violates the laws of physics and conservation of energy. Every time you open the oven you let out a ton of hot air, you put in a cold body that absorbs heat (and bodies are NOT a fuel source so do not create more heat like wood, coke, fuel, etc

Fundamental violations of the laws of physics is not 'semantics'

implying extermination was the goal :^)

There is no patent, because it's bullshit propaganda. There were no magic crematoriums, just standard 1940s era brick ovens that work about the same way all ovens back then did. I dont know why you people insist on magic ovens when theyre flat out impossible even with todays technology. Fat doesn't burn hot enough to create a self sustaining flame, flesh is loaded with water which absorbs tons of heat, the bricks would radiate heat, opening the door would let heat out, every conceivable part of that 'patent' is a fabrication.

They are retards who have no idea what they're talking about and think because they took highschool physics they are able to debunk the design of the crema's that is collaborated by the patent and witness testimony. Holocaust deniers really are a laugh.

Pic related is the Crema's and open air incinerations of the Jews not happening.

I'm neither agreeing or disagreeing, but do you think appealing to the senses of "mainstream historians" is a valid argument? "Mainstream historians" are, firstly, the historians appointed by and accepted by the winning side, and very much have an agenda. Just think about how many lies you learned in school growing up, about the Soviet Union, about America, about everything.

You don't understand. That's fake smoke.

Guess what, as well, fuccboi
many soviet leaders had access to the camps, and could have sent undesirables such as gypsies, faggots, or anyone who they didn't like to those camps, greatly inflating the already inflated number, as well as the fact that you can't tell a jew skeleton from a faggot skeleton since the nose has either rotted off, burnt off, or has been lopped off years prior
also, i'm not seeing any sources cited for any of your arguments, where as mine are backed by simple math and the laws of physics
yours are backed by what people say and what they want you to believe

And where IS this patent anyway. If it's so fantastically efficient why dont all crematoriums globally use this fantastic technology, or for that matter why not use it for power generation, heat storage, the applications for this technology are limitless!

you know why? Because It Does Not Exist. The 'witnesses' have a vested interest in demonizing their captors, and making up bullshit like this is par for the course.

The claims of human soap, lampshades, feeding Jews to dogs etc… they have all been retracted. Outright denial should be banned imo but discourse should not. Official trials and records only account for 500k, so there will always be disputes.

This explains how body fat was used to keep a continuous fire going:

You have not demonstrated using the patent for the oven.


I've attached all the Pdf's for the Sobibor archeological dig. Of course, if you knew how to use google this would be painfully easy to find.

No, they account for well over that. Those were retracted yes, the core of the Holocaust has not changed one bit.

That's Auscwhitz you blithering idiot.

Hey everyone, pipe the fuck down. We're getting off track here. What we all really need to be talking about is how to destroy Reddit.

A: if body fat was used, why were so many jews skin and bones?
and C:
these are not facts, they are reports, reports which can easily be changed to suit whomever the report wants to effect

because modern funeral homes don't need extremely high volume furnaces, they burn bodies to dust, and only cremate one body at a time so that ashes can be given to the family.

as for power generation, coke is a lot for available than human and animal corpses. why don't you think up some more reasons why we use fuels like coal, gas, and biodiesel to make power instead of corpses. for someone who claims to be parroting "common sense" I'm sure you can come up with some good reasons yourself. This dishonesty is a quality of all holocaust denialism, and is the perfect reason why we shouldn't allow it on Holla Forums

I feel like you can't read. Please re-read the entire paragraph, and the paragraphs before.

Actually, if you look through the Pdf's that's human ash. Those are mass graves. The Holocaust is a historical fact, but I know you aren't to into those things, are you?

You do realize telling me to "Re-read the paragraphs before" is similar to telling me "I have no way to actually refute what you said, so i'm going to signal they i am smarter than you and pretend like i refuted you prior"
History is written by the victor, you don't see people talking about Unit 731 and how the japanese murdered all those people, because they were not made public, and koreans and chinese do not have a stranglehold over the media and schooling
now tell me, How did they burn bodies that were skeletons essentially in a furnace that requires fat to work

This is your last chance

make it a good one

Post them for me or link an earlier post that has them. The death camp figures add up to a million tops. I have had this discussion 10000 times, enlighten me. If you are going to extend the figures to Jews who were fighting in the USSR military then I think we have a different understanding of what the Holocaust was.

You keep repeating this, but it's still impossible. Fat doesn't magically become a fuel source simply because it's hot, and there isn't enough energy in one person's fat to reduce a body to cinders. Potential energy would be lost in the fat melting and then burning, and would hardly be enough to incinerate the corpse. Even with an oven that had been preheated it wouldn't work that way.

Have you ever even cooked a roast or something in an oven? Say you preheat an oven to 600 degrees, put a roast in and turn it off. Fat drippings hit the bottom of the oven. They just burn immediately to ash and smoke off, they don't magically become this raging inferno capable of rendering a roast to a blackened husk unless you keep the oven on (which would still take hours)

Why even burn them at all? You have millions of these half charred skeletons you now have to haul out and dispose of.

Also your post is the most disingenuous shit I've read lately, the technology could be used for anything, so why isnt it being used? if you can somehow magically have this self sustaining oven that never loses heat and can turn shitty non-fuel sources like humans into a perpetual cooking machine, what if you put a real fuel source in there?

Ovens did exist, they burned diseased corpses and required external fuel. They weren't this magic jew killing burn-a-thon technology that no one has been bale to replicate in 70 years.

By the way to all the deniers in the thread. Holocaust Controversies has a financial award for anyone who can find one Jew transited out of the Atikon Reinhard camps in the way the transit camp theory states they were.

No, I think you can't read because they quite clearly state that Jews with little fat were cremated in side muffles while Jews with fat gassed on arrival were cremated in the centre.

I've actually already explained to you how it works. You just keep going "No!" over and over like a typical denier. I'm not really interested in convincing you either, because Holocaust denial is more or less the same as the Flat Earth conspiracy and I typically don't spend time talking to flat earthers. I'm only doing this so people can see your schizo-babble as you accuse all the witnesses of lying and purposely skim over what's been posted.

See . It's painfully obvious you've never read anything on the Holocaust beyond infographs. I challenge you to find me one Western historian who has published something saying 6 million Jews were murdered in the camps. Early estimates for Auscwhitz for 2.5 million, but estimates of 1.1 million have been around since the 1940's.

Are you seriously comparing roasting a chicken to burning human corpses?

good job, you've failed at making any meaningful progress of convincing anyone that the holocaust did in fact happen
Go suck off your commie husband's dick, you filth

r00d d00d

Not the means of production

It is explained. Quite clearly in . But I'm glad you've resorted to throwing insults. The reason this is semantics is because 1. You are not an engineer and you are more or less accusing every single piece of evidence that said these ovens could heat up more than one oven of being manufactured for some grand conspiracy. 2. You can not find one Jew transited out of the Atikon Reinhard camps in accordance with the transit camp theory. If you can, there is a financial reward waiting for you.

I never heard of Topf and Sons, but he convinced me that the ovens worked as he describes and that holohoax Holla Forums shills like you should be banned.


no, you should have the freedom to ask anythingn you want

Being perfectly honest here when I say you haven't. I'm not going to disrespect you and call you a liar like other anons may, but I think the reason you're fighting this so hard is that if you cede even one extremely minor point (such as the effectiveness of these furnaces), you feel that you're lending credence to deniers and opening the floodgates. Meanwhile deniers feel that if they can expose even one chink in the armor, that they can use that to topple the rest of the narrative.

I don't really agree with either of those points. To me, this just appears to be one minor detail that has been exaggerated/fabricated. From a historical perspective, surely this happens all the time so I don't think it's evidence of a grand conspiracy or anything.

Forgot to sage, sorry lads.

Even on that very website they admit human fat does not combust well unless you have a preheated environment AND external fuel source to sustain it.

Your magic oven theory is btfo by your own sources, genius. Fat only burns when it is constantly being fed by an external source AND has fuel to burn aside from itself.

Not really. I'm just following where the evidence leads me instead of listening to an armchair crematorium expert on a Taiwanese throatsinging forum.

No you are accusing the company that manufactured the ovens of lying, the Nazis of lying and the Sonderkommandos of lying when they go into great detail describing how fat was used to keep the crema's going. It's not a matter of "dis is physically impssobl!". It's a matter of "we have all these missing Jews, and this is how they described the crema's working and it's feasible". The idea the Nazis used fat to heat up the ovens is a pretty well established fact. There are things that were "exaggerated" like lampshades made of human skin or human soap. These were dismissed by Western historians pretty quickly. This hasn't because it's a well established historical fact.

holocaust denial is already a crime in most of westenr europe sir nothing new here

Which is why they said they preheated the ovens. By the way, this isn't what my source says:

The idea of burning bodies strategically to make use of fat is also mentioned in the second picture of . You can't read, I'm convinced of it now.

that's not what the source is saying at all.

Yea. It was debunking Mattogno's BS and goes into great detail about how a wick might work after mentioning the necessity of a wick.

Your ovens are a trash hill to die on.

Why would people who are going to be hanged lie about their testimony? They weren't getting any favors.

words like "Magic ovens" and your total confusion over a muffle furnace fueled by coke and corpses makes it clear you're not willing honestly examine shit, and is good reason why we shouldn't put up with Holla Forumsocaust disinfo on Holla Forums

You don't understand. Those were fake hangings.

Engineer here with a solid understanding of thermal dynamics, these cremators would not be able to render, heat and ignite fat on there own without addition of a fuel source. Claiming that the fat from previous people would continue the crematory process is just a lack of basic science understanding, especially considering how majority of prisoners would have less than 12%bf.

I'm sorry user but the Nazis must of used fuel to continue the burning process.

Petition to ban anti-islamic speech, anti-LGTBBQTWTFASSFAGGOTGAYNIGGERASSIOCIATIONOFAMERICA speec, triggering words, with that use a oppressive vowels, and also all other forms of bigotry SO WE CAN FINALLY HAVE A SAFE PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[b] See also: [/b] yourself

They weren't coerced. Oskar Groening came out and went to jail voluntarily to combat Holocaust denial.

I don't really know what more to say. What I linked goes into great detail describing how a wick worked. The article is actually addressing incineration pits (like the ones in the photo I posted above), I was just demonstrating that human fat can be used as a source of heat.

They didn't.

Yes, corporations will lie when given incentive.
I think after the war they were willing to say whatever was required of them.
Not the most reliable source, considering they also purveyed the human lampshades and soap myths.

I was under the impression that the Nuremberg trials were only for a couple dozen high ranking officials, and only around half were executed.

The problem is the claim that once the furnace was fired, it was self-sustaining using the fat as the fuel source.



You could just go to Holla Forums or reddit/r/the_donald if you want to find out what it's like to ban all dissent.
Nazi report on capacity of the oven to burn corpses.

Also, I they did use an external heating source. But very sparingly:

What a bizarre conspiracy theory.
What a bizarre conspiracy theory.
No. They didn't. The lampshades were a rumor that the wife of the Buchenwald commander had lampshades made of Jews. This turned out to be a lie. The soap was introduced by the Soviets and wasn't followed though.

The holocaust happened, but baiting retarded Holla Forumsyps is half the fun of this board; better to make them realize their "proof" it didn't happen is fraud than to ban them.

OP needs to go back to reddit.


The holocaust is use to make it impossible for anyone to say anything about the killing of Palestinians . I thought Leftypol loved brown people?

I.e. not credible. You can't convince people you're new to this thread either, as you've been constantly repeating this "skin and bones" jew argument, without realizing that most jews were gassed on arrival. The skinny jews were the ones who spent weeks being starved and overworked.

Don't know about the_donald, but I can vouch for "our" Holla Forums permanently banning eloquent dissenters, while leaving the blatant shitposters alone. Not likely to get more than a short ban for triggering the hotpockets here.

You aren't even trying anymore.

That is a complete 180 from by the way, where you claimed that:

Reddit should be allowed obviously. All the conversations here that are actually good are from redditors. Stop having such a superiority complex against us, you'd be a shitty small community if it weren't for us.

Sorry user must of missed that post stating that they used coke to continue the burn. If that is the case 1 - 3 tons of coke would of been my expectation for continuous burn at 6-14 people a time at what I would expect technology wise back then. Of course that just a ballpark figure but it coincides with your source, that's not to bad efficiency for the IV and V models from an engineering standpoint.

A lot of Jews were emaciated. Mainly the ones who were living in ghettos. But yeah, the 400,000 Hungarian Jews were gassed on arrival. Here they are sitting outside Crema 5. I wonder where they're going?

You aren't providing any evidence for your claims. That which is introduced without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. You have nothing to back up your claims so I called them what they were - conspiracy theories.

They used it very sparingly. This wasn't really the point though, which was that the cremas were manufactured in such a way that they could burn many bodies at once and that fat was used as a fuel source. But I should've posted that before.

Alright. It's my fault for not posting that part earlier.


Wrong user, this is my 3rd post on this thread, if you see above I missed that it was stated coke was used to continue the burning process.

By "our" Holla Forums I mean >>>Holla Forums

Just clearing that up.

I speculated that the furnace design you described violated the laws of physics, and it did, as it would require constant refueling. You then provided a source showing literal tons of coke usage, as well as other external fuels being used to continue fueling the furnaces, which actually aligns with reality unlike the kraut space magic described originally.

I don't hold any ill will towards you, but you did fuck up by leaving out arguably the most important piece of information when providing your data.

They aren't, that was the whole problem and why this discussion was kicked off in the first place.

Fair enough, I apologize for making that into a bigger shitstorm than it needed to be. But I think accusing the Nazis of lying of Topf and Sons of compiling fake documents is a bit loopy.

It's all good, it was an entertaining discussion, to say the least.
Just working within the framework of the data I was given. Either the furnace specs were complete (in which case someone had to be lying), or the data was incomplete. I'm actually glad it turned out to be the latter.

say, how was this photo even taken?

spy planes most likely

Probably high-altitude aerial reconnaissance.


Okay sorry about that. I was a bit confused for a while about what the no-flag user was saying (whether he was arguing about the capacity or fat being used as a fuel source at all). After I realized that, I posted the rest of the articles I was using. It was my fault.

Threads like this make me super happy none of the autists that inhabit this board actually inhabit any of the left activist orgs I'm involved with.

You people deny one of the greatest crimes ever perpetuated by the Nazis and you call yourselves leftists? Fucking disgusting.

OP confirmed cointelpro or Holla Forums false-flagger trying to stifle free speech and make us look bad. Fuck off. I hate nazis too, but we should allow them to debate us so we can keep our wits sharp, and so people who come here can regularly see what a joke they are.


I'm pretty sure most, if not all of the people in the thread denying the Holocaust were from Holla Forums. I confused a couple people over the ovens.

It's actually a painting if you look deep into it.

Oh fuck off reddit. Retards can pretend things that happened didn't if they want to. There is more important shit to deal with in regards to facists than their pseudohistory about some mid 20th century war crimes.

I hate this fucking meme. Eleven million people died in Nazi Germany's concentration camps. Only six million were Jews. SIXTY million people died fighting WWII. Bitching and moaning about a fraction of the deaths caused by the Nazis while ignoring the rest is orders of magnitude more grotesque than denying that any such thing even happened. The staggering scale of the atrocities make them difficult to imagine, much less believe. The deniers at least have the excuse of the incomprehensibility of the historical fact.

People who prioritize the deaths of one particular ethnicity over tens of millions of other deaths have failed to learn one of the most basic lessons that should be taken away from the Nazis, and are the same kind of people who allowed Nazi atrocities to occur in the first place.

Nazi war crimes were horrible all around. I agree the non-Jewish victims should be given a lot more attention. Allied war crimes were incredibly tame compared to Axis terror.

I'm pretty sure the Holocaust refers to the general ethnic cleansing (including Roma, Slavs, Gays…) and not specifically the killing of Jews but whatever.

Also 11 million didn't die in the camps. Mostly Jews died in the camps. Around 5-6 million casualties due to Nazi war crimes in general. Like the siege of Leningrad where 1 million starved to death.

if there are more important things to deal with, why would you be upset that we would ban denial of it?

Prioritizing deaths has nothing to do with denying that they happened.

Axis History banned denial because it's disrespectful to those who suffered. We are obviously a chan, but the Holla Forums mods ban Holocaust belief.

Why do you want to? Fuck you and fuck off. We don't need you making this non-issue into a huge goddamn issue.

If you have the time, would you mind steering me towards some good sources for info on that? The only thing that really stuck with me was "copulation without conversation is not fraternization", so I'd love to read up on that topic as a refresher.

Tired as fuck and I've got a lot of painting to do tomorrow more accurately, today, so I'm going to hit the hay, but I'll stop by in the morning to grab any links you may have put up.

Thanks marxanon.

We could ban questioning the right to seizing the means of production but we don't even do that so why does your pathetic little reactionary tribe of crazy desert cultists deserve special treatment?

I will admit by understanding of Allied War crimes is kind of memetier. I have read a couple books on the Holocaust, but not so much on Allied War crimes. I mean, there are the Soviet rapes (which are possibly exaggerated because even thought they no undoubtedly happen, the amount of people raped is based on abortion records. It's possible that a lot of the woman who reported themselves as being raped were just now trying to get an abortion since it had previously been illegal. At the same time, what the Soviets did was horrible, so take what I said about the abortion records with a grain of salt). There's bombings of civilian areas (which the Germans started). Eastern European countries treated their POW's pretty poorly and with good reason, because the death rate of Soviet POW's held by the Nazis was over 50%. Allied civilians made up 58% of the total death toll for WW2. In comparison, Axis civilians make up about 4% of the total death toll for world war two.

I've seen people banned on pol for the reason: >implying the Holocaust is real

But I mean, the allies never did anything like mass shootings of civilians by the 10's of thousands. Or building concentration camps with the explicit purpose of being death camps.

At the risk of looking like a meme for triple posting, I feel stupid for not mentioning the Katyn forest massacre which there is a lot of material and documentary evidence available for.

Holocaust denial is stupid, and I suppose, offensive to jewish people and sensitive white people who feel they need to feel offended on behalf of others. Banning speech because it is stupid and offensive would mean that 80% of the posts here should result in a ban. I'd actually be fine with that, just be consistent.

Sorry, I mean banning stupid speech. Don't care too much about offensive.

yes, and would have fun

>Nope. Ovens were too small for multiple people. You could put a grown person and a child (maybe). There was not enough room. As is obvious on this painting done by David Olère

Company that made ovens (crematoriums) did produce larger models but they were not used (cheap bustards). This is the firm that produce ovens Also, ovens should be cooled down for 24 hours after every 24 hour of work. You could burn 1 person in one oven in 2-3 hours. If you would like to go into detail i would love to.

Nope. they used wood.

No, they were not. They used cheap option that had to cool down every 24 hours. Also, not enough room

This is not areial photo. It was made by Sonderkommando as is obvious. Also, it was used just a couple of time. They had problems with amount of wood used and it had to burn for few days.


Not true

Bombing of berlin ?

Between 1939 and 1942, the policy of bombing only targets of direct military significance was gradually abandoned in favour of "area bombing" — large-scale bombing of German cities to destroy housing and civilian infrastructure. Although killing German civilians was never an explicit policy, it was obvious that area bombing must lead to large-scale civilian

raping of german women after the war ?

Should I continue ?

Kronstadt never hapened. It makes Leninista look bad.

In the deathcamps? Yeah. A lot of Soviet POW's were shot. I'm not really aware of anything on the scale of 400,000 non-Jews being gassed on arrival but if you can point me to something on that scale I'd appreciate it.

I mentioned the civilian bombings (and I'm pretty sure Germany started that during the Battle of Britain) and I mentioned the mass rapes as well and posted again to mention the Katyn Forest massacre because I forgot it.

No, they used coke.

No they didn't.

History is not judged based on the painting of an observer, I don't know why you think posting that refutes the various eye witnesses who described

I don't think your read the thread. You clearly didn't read my post before linking the wikipedia article on German civilian army (which I had already fucking mentioned).

If you were basing the idea that they had to be aired out every 24 hours on Ernst Zundels trial, that witness was disproven. He was not working off any documents regarding the function of the crematorium at Auscwhitz (which makes the claim you know which model they purchased so much more astoundingly stupid) because all documents related to cremation at Auscwhitz were destroyed except the couple I have posted in the thread.

Maybe, you should read the thread before opening your stupid mouth. Or better yet, read the rest of my post before making yourself look like a fool by posting fucking wikipedia articles to Allied war atrocities I had already mentioned literally sentences after the one you quoted.

It is not possible to gas 400 000 jews on arrival. Not enough capacity to gas them and burn them.

Panting is done by sonderkommando. He was stuffing people in ovens. Worker in crematorium, not observer.

I am basing it on manufacturer specifications. It has to cool down. It gets to hot.

Well, no shit. I didn't mean 400,000 of them were shipped all at once and gassed. But about 400,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered via gas chamber at Auscwhitz. Most of them, were gassed on arrival. You can see them waiting in the grove outside Crema 5 in this picture. This matches witness testimony that the Jew selected unfit for work like the elderly, woman and children were placed in the grove, and asked to undress.

He isn't painting something to scale, and I'm aware. Every single eye witness describes it as normal practice to

That is directly contradicted by what Topf says regarding the oven. You should read what I post before replying.

normal practice to cremate multiple bodies at once. Instances of this being possible in ovens from as early as 1911 (5 bodies at once) is mentioned in the post from Holocaust history I linked.

you do realize that by creating all these unnecessary rules will just make this place even more like reddit than it already is.

you should be banned.

I actually agree with this.

We need to be able to question things, especially on a political discussion board.

You mean the ones in whose deportations was involved soros ?

The Infamous George Soros Interview on 60 Minutes- Nazi Collaboration

You see….not most of them were gased or in concentration camps. Some were making money of it

People lie. As you can see at above example. You know what…jews also sometimes lie.

I did not claim it is not posible to creamete multipule bodies at once. I am well aware of that. All I am claiming is that nazis were cheap bastards and they bought cheap model of oven that could only work for 24 hours before it gets to hot. And there is not enough room to stuff multiple bodies in this particular type of oven.

>>>Holla Forums

ahh fuck off. I couldn't be bothered to actually look up how big Holla Forums is

You there are legitimate historical revisionists, right?

Stop falling for obvious bait.

holocaust denial is obvious trolling.
who the fuck thinks that anyone will post any kind of new information about this on this board?
if serious scientifically sound doubt about the holocaust arises it will be all over the media and Holla Forums will spam it faster than mods can delete it.

regardless of whether or not it should be legal irl i don't see how it could contribute to this board.
on the other hand the lolocaust denial trolls are so rare that such a policy change might just make thinks worse, lel.

things would be easier if instead of following a strict set of rules, mods would apply common sense to distinguish real content from forum sliding and shitposting.

e.g. if you straight out outlaw holocaust denial and racism then it prevents us from ironically pretending to be a racist in order to ridicule those who actually believe this shit.

Of course the holocaust isn't real. All jews are in the finance industry, so the lack of 6 million of them would have caused the near collapse of capitalism.
Duh, lrn2science.

Why not let people deny it? Then their ideas can be critiqued, proven false, and laughed at like truthers. if holocaust denial is so apparently stupid, why not let people espouse it and make themselves look stupid.

because it's spam and spam is bad. Holla Forums allows a lot of spam and Holla Forums allows all kinds of spam. post it on Holla Forums.

sure, if you have absolutely no life. but please do it on a different board.

Nobody is spamming holocaust denial.

spam is not defined by how often you receive it. but w/e feel free to find a different word.

howabout just opinions you dont approve of, irrespective of if they directly relate to the subject of the thread or board.
like if this was a board for socialists, you dont want to hear a fellow socialist voice his opinion about something you dont personally align with, even if it has nothing to do with socialism.


are you trying to use the "science is just personal opinions" meme on Holla Forums?
what do you mean when you write words?

You can't claim that your version of history is true because you say so, and you don't get to decide what is permitted here. Fuck off.

i don't understand… are you confusing me with someone else?
where did i say that i'm in control of this board?
where did i say that my version of history is true "because i say so"?

this post should be framed and stickied to remind mods to do their fucking job.
i can't believe that guy and other Holla Forumsacks still aren't banned and this thread still isn't autosaged.

do you think science is the same thing as history user?

no, but history is the same as science if you use science to prove the authenticity of documents. why do you ask?

because thats blatantly false and kind of funny you would suggest that.

When did it became r/socialism around here

ok well you follow your religion but stop talking about it here, we're athiests.

that was approximately the time when mods stopped banning nazis, faithfags and shitposters.

holocaust denial is obvious trolling.
who the fuck thinks that anyone will post any kind of new information about this on this board?
if serious scientifically sound doubt about the holocaust arises it will be all over the media and Holla Forums will spam it faster than mods can delete it.

regardless of whether or not it should be legal irl i don't see how it could contribute to this board.
on the other hand the lolocaust denial trolls are so rare that such a policy change might just make things worse, lel.

things would be easier if instead of following a strict set of rules, mods would apply common sense to distinguish real content from forum sliding and shitposting.
e.g. if you straight out outlaw holocaust denial and racism then it prevents us from ironically pretending to be a racist in order to ridicule those who actually believe this shit.

Of course the holocaust isn't real. All jews are in the finance industry, so the lack of 6 million of them would have caused the near collapse of capitalism.
Duh, lrn2science.

this was what sparked my interest in the holocaust, reading about regular folks getting fined or sent to prison for questioning/doubting the official version. Then my research began, and I realized why this "historical truth" had to be enforced by state-violence.

indeed. it's sad but true that nazis ignore all evidence and spread lies without hesitation when it suites their needs.

ban holodmor denial

OP is a faggot


as said,

Nigga it's the lolocost if it happend or not is hardly relevant to this board.

It's like trying to ban 9/11 conceprecists it's a none issue.

fuck off and stop regurgitating bullshit propaganda from WW2 to help the jews claim a homeland by forcibly displacing christians and muslims and plunging the rest of the world into war to help israel continue to expand.
yes, much of what's claimed happened, but the depth of depravity and numbers have been exaggerated and massively reduced over time to cover up israel war crimes to the extent the state has to get involved so people cant even ask questions.
they keep expanding "denial" to even mean asking questions.
if you dont think something fishy is going on here, youre either blind or intentionally dense.

see, this is just blatant shitposting. you guys are unfunny as fuck and i wish you die a painful death asap.

see, this is just blatant shitposting. you guys are unfunny as fuck and i wish you die a painful death asap.

see, this is just blatant shitposting. you guys are unfunny as fuck and i wish you die a painful death asap.

see, this is just blatant shitposting. you guys are unfunny as fuck and i wish you die a painful death asap.

While we are at it holodomor was in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Not just in ukraine. reason was "gold blockade". t the XIV Congress of the CPSU (b) in 1925, embarked on the implementation of urgent breakthrough in industrial production -" socialist industrialization ",-writes the historian NV Starikov.-And then in 1925, the West begins "gold blockade". The meaning of this simple act-now machines and machines USSR could buy only for their natural resources. Gold will be in the basement of Gokhran dead weight. Oil, timber and grain, especially corn-this is what the West wants to receive for the delivery of the equipment. The country's leadership is forced to play by these rules: the equipment paid for natural resources, for the gold, we do not take!..West without carefully preparing military intervention to conquer Soviet Russia. The first step in this direction-the refusal to accept the gold from the Soviet Union, the second step-the embargo (prohibition of entry) for the delivery of Soviet goods to the West. In fact, prohibited the export of timber and petroleum products. That is just what paid for the delivery of machines for the destruction of the western Russian economy. The first five-year period beginning in 1929, in 1930-1931, the restrictions imposed by the US, such a decree was published in France in 1930. The British government April 17, 1933 announces an embargo on the export of basic commodities USSR. It covers up to 80% of our exports. First, the West refused to accept as payment from the Soviet Union gold, and then-all the rest, except for grain. Stalin's leadership is put before a choice: either the refusal to restore the industry, ie, capitulation to the West, or the continuation of industrialization, leading to a terrible internal crisis. This amazing discovery made historian Boris Borisov. He drew attention to the fact that in 1932 in the United States do not constitute any general statistical report. Americans simply concealed information regarding their population. And they had something to hide. "In 30 years in the United States the actual availability of the citizens was found out only at the time the census, and they were held in 1930, 1940 and 1950-says Borisov.-So, those census data reveal a sharp shortage of the US population. And obviously, these statistical data were adjusted for physical inventory population in census years, that is forged. It looks like this: the birth rate in early 1931, supposedly halved itself and remains at the level of ten years. And in 1941, it rises sharply. And also doubled. The demographics of this does not happen! If it was only in the fall of birth rates, we would have had a failure only to persons born in the 30s. However, there is a failure and the Americans born in the 20s. But not "born" they could not-they were already living! Consequently, they can only die in 30 years. In total, based on US statistics, the US population by 1940 had increased to almost 141.856 million. In fact, we see the figure of 131.409 million. 3 million of them explained migration. Another 2.5 million losses in the declining birth rate (here still need to find out the proportion of unaccounted infant mortality). And about 5 million have gone missing in the American statistics. And no one explained where they go. " ("This was not a famine in the USSR and in the United States!"//"Komsomolskaya Pravda")

In America, when a terrible famine reigned. Millions of people employed in agriculture, have been turned into beggars. Banks robbed of their land and homes that were pledged. Here is the dispossession-the present.

Moreover, it should be noted that the famine was organized deliberately, "Agricultural business lobby was not interested in the fact that the food was much: if it became available to the impoverished Americans. Therefore, the authorities and the business did well "in the market": plowed about 10 million hectares of land with the harvest and destroyed more than 6.5 million pigs. "

Yes, Soros is a Hungarian Jew. However, Soros's family purchased slips that said they were Christians. Hence why he was not gassed.

Soros was not sent to Auscwhitz, otherwise the chap would not be here with us.

Typical nuto talk.

I did not claim it is not posible to creamete multipule bodies at once. I am well aware of that. All I am claiming is that nazis were cheap bastards and they bought cheap model of oven that could only work for 24 hours before it gets to hot. And there is not enough room to stuff multiple bodies in this particular type of oven.
No, they didn't. I've posted resources in this thread about the only remaining documents regarding the Auscwhitz ovens and how they work. The Nazis destroyed every single document related to any cremation. Even the cremation of typhus patients who were registered. Why? Because they were killing Jews. It's the same reason they destroyed most of the death camps, because they were killing Jews.

How convenient….

Argument from ignorance (from Latin: argumentum ad ignorantiam), also known as appeal to ignorance (in which ignorance represents "a lack of contrary evidence"), is a fallacy in informal logic. It asserts that a proposition is true because it has not yet been proved false (or vice versa).

No, you did not. I posted manufacturer of ovens and how they work. Ovens work for 24 hours. Then has to have 24 hour cool of period. You can stuff one and a half person in oven. Body burns for 2 to 3 hours. After that you get bones that can be crushed.

Also, note that people who were just incoming in concentration camps were not starving. They were fatter then prisoners. physically there is not enough room in ovens. because nazis were cheap bastards.

Yes, i know….Just imagine how world would be a different place without him….

They did you blithering idiot. Just like they destroyed all of Sobibor and the Auscwhitz Krema's.

I'm not trying to convince a nutcase that a historical fact happen. I'm trying to make the nutcase look like a nutcase so stupid people don't become nutcases.

No you didn't. You posted the wikipedia article to the Topf and Sons page which I had already posted in the thread. There is no reason we have to believe that the ovens could not run continuously, that is precisely what the Topf and Sons recommend the Nazis do to save coke in the Holocaust History article I linked. Every single witness (hint: not one witness, Nazi or Jew) has said they had to let the ovens cool down for 24 hours. It is a figment of your imagination. You are just making shit up at this point, even the Holocaust denier Carlos Mattagno said that Ernst Zundels theory that the ovens could only work for 24 hours and that you could burn one person every couple hours is ridiculous.

No, you are wrong. The picture of the "fat prisoner" was taken at Buchenwald before the war started. The conditions of the Polish Jew murdered at Auschwitz is well documented in the reports by the doctors at ghettos like Warsaw, and most of them suffered from anemia.

Like I said, kookoo denier world.

Hello /r/socialism

And there is no evidence. All evidence is destroyed. And I am a nutcase for pointing this out…..right….

I do not know who this 2 gentlemen’s (?) are but it is obvious if you are burning something than there has to be a cooling period. Especially if you are burning at maximum capacity. It is an engineering question. It has nothing with "holocaust denial".

Listen, you posted photo from Hungarian jews in some woods whose property was just confiscated by soros with a claim they were latter killed. They were not starving. Well, not at least like the ones in concentration camps were

Fucking go and kill yourself right away. This is an unfettered discussion forum and that is why it is good.

no they didn't.
they didn't keep documents on cremations anyway, they just piled the (half-)]dead jews up and threw them in the ovens when they saw fit.
surely you saw the photos and videos.

they did however keep documents of how many jews were sent to the camps and we know how many survived.
there's that one famous guy who did the logistics was all bitchy and like "omg but i just organized trains it isn't my fault they all died".
here's more documents:

unrelated german song against stigmatization of words like "völkisch" by the far-left SJW antifa-controlled media:

And there is no evidence. All evidence is destroyed. And I am a nutcase for pointing this out…..right….

I do not know who this 2 gentlemen’s (?) are but it is obvious if you are burning something than there has to be a cooling period. Especially if you are burning at maximum capacity. It is an engineering question. It has nothing with "holocaust denial".

Listen, you posted photo from Hungarian jews in some woods whose property was just confiscated by soros with a claim they were latter killed. They were not starving. Well, not at least like the ones in concentration camps were>>1379515

BTW, it is not auscwhitz crematoriums. You mean Auschwitz II-Birkenau crematoriums. The one in auscwhitz were reconstructed by the Soviet Union in 1947 when the main camp was turned into the Auschwitz Museum. They are reconstructions….made in 1947. In the war building was used as air raid shelter

Well, good thing than that we have painting for one of survivors. Who was stuffing half dead jews in the oven. You do understand that "half-dead jews is not real" ?
No, paintings. This is a reason why we are talking about and and a half person in oven.

Those who were not laying ? like soros ?

What is last name of "that guy" ?

You wanted holocaust deniers banned.

Holocaust deniers disagree with you on what happened, you respond to that by demanding that they are banned.

why are the nazis spamming lots of bullshit? you know i can just copypaste earlier posts if you don't respond to them.

holocaust denial is obvious trolling.
who the fuck thinks that anyone will post any kind of new information about this on this board?

if serious scientifically sound doubt about the holocaust arises it will be all over the media and Holla Forums will spam it faster than mods can delete it.
regardless of whether or not it should be legal irl i don't see how it could contribute to this board.
on the other hand the lolocaust denial trolls are so rare that such a policy change might just make things worse, lel.

things would be easier if instead of following a strict set of rules, mods would apply common sense to distinguish real content from forum sliding and shitposting.
e.g. if you straight out outlaw holocaust denial and racism then it prevents us from ironically pretending to be a racist in order to ridicule those who actually believe this shit.

Of course the holocaust isn't real. All jews are in the finance industry, so the lack of 6 million of them would have caused the near collapse of capitalism.
Duh, lrn2science.

no they didn't.
they didn't keep documents on cremations anyway, they just piled the (half-)]dead jews up and threw them in the ovens when they saw fit.
surely you saw the photos and videos.

they did however keep documents of how many jews were sent to the camps and we know how many survived.
there's that one famous guy who did the logistics was all bitchy and like "omg but i just organized trains it isn't my fault they all died".
here's more documents:

unrelated german song against stigmatization of words like "völkisch" by the far-left SJW antifa-controlled media:




Thread was more informative than I expected it would be tbh

We should ban Holodomor denial as well.


Question fore this user, how many people jews and non-jews actually died as a result of nazi extermination policies? He talks about 1.5 million unaccounted for people, does that mean it's 1.5 million? what about non-jews?

That's impossible. I'm not a denier of anything but you can't burn human bodies out in the open.

aside from the SK photo of exactly that being carried out, and Rudolf Höss's testimony that cremation pits were used when oven capacity was exceeded, there are also massive piles of human ashes which you can still see at camps where open air pits were main method of disposal. I believe you're not a denier.

Be careful, your nose is showing.


There needed to be an explanation for the lack of bodies. Thus they were all incinerated. After the skin was used for lampshades of course

the fire in an open pit is not hot enough to incinerate a human body. The reason why this is important is that no one was ever able to find all these millions of corpses since apparently the Germans decided it was worth the labor to incinerate all the flesh of the jews and then mash up the bones into a dust that they then spread to destroy any evidence.

As such this requires ovens that could operate forever at temperatures impossible back then. The amount of fuel and resources such an operation would require would be immense as well and it's not like the greatest war in the history of the human race was ongoing during this entire ordeal as well.

The germans killed some jews, most starved due to the lack of supplies coming in. The holocaust was used entirely as propaganda and a new nascent nation of Israel decided to keep running with it and has used it as a shield for all their crimes.

There are bones everywhere at Auschwitz-Birkenau. This theory is paper-thin.


You guys are fucking retarded

It was tried, it did not work out. Because of this:

Bones and stuff that did not burn was left behind. They tried to burn for days piles of body but smell was awful and result was not satisfactory. Also, they used too much wood for it.

This is a problem…As you can see from dead body burned in odessa it takes time for body to burn. They used ovens for bodies because they can burn bodies more efficiently.

Killed some others….some other people killed some germans. Important part is this

It's an enlightening debate and while both sides have legit arguments but it seems to me that what grinds people's gears is the narrative of the Holocaust being a singular historic event. It's straight-up racist to be able to deny the genocide of the Hereros or the Armenians but for some reason to get literally locked up when even questioning the numbers or the method of the Holocaust.

Even as left-winger you should be able to speak out against such retarded thought crimes since we are affected by slander about the Holodomor as well. No matter what your opinion on that is, the latter has been singled out and give a term to condemn communism in a similar way. It's liberal hypocrisy, in Belgium there is a statue of Leopold II. while under his reign three times as much Africans were literally hacked to death and it disclosess a subtle racism within the liberal narrative.

tbh I think it's time we create a sticky or copypasta that debunks all the retarded Holocaust denial. It's super autistic but the only language these retards understand

Stop treating Holla Forums as the Big Other.

If you start having stickies about every single one of their spaz outs you might as well just add a sticky about "race realism", "Cultural Marxism", "Judeo-Bolshevism" etc.

It's a neverending train wreck

Not a sticky, but it might be nice to have a few little ammo dumps on particular topics, to serve as something intermediate between a sticky, and offsite resources like Bunkermag or the Booru. I recall Holla Forums has a feature that allows something like static standalone threads, for instance:

(pic related)

you are aware that you are inviting /pol to come here in numbers ?

why did all my posts get deleted but I'm not banned
is this normal???

No, it is not normal, since you should be dead by now. Sorry, we will get onto that soon.

you dropped too many redpills on us that hit too close to home, we had to delete your posts to stop all our users from getting woke.

No, there is demographic, testimonial, forensic, documentary and photographic evidence Jews were gassed. That is why you are a nutcase.

Ovens can run continuously, there were periods where the ovens would cool and then be heated up again. It wasn't 24 hours, and it wasn't all ovens at once.

What the fuck are you talking about? No, the Hungarian Jews were not starving. Those Jews were not registered in the camp, they were gassed.

I know, what the fuck are you talking about? I said all the Krema's at Auscwhitz were destroyed.
I meant cremation in Auscwhitz. Sorry. Not every single one, but most of them. Nazis testified to having truckloads of documents burnt. It's why we know so little about how the ovens at Auscwhitz worked and most rely on convergence of witness testimony. I have posted a couple in the thread though.

As long as we have a thread on this, I've always wondered: Why is holocaust denialism a thing among neonazis?

It makes perfect sense during the war and immediately afterward, when Hitler wanted to avoid bad PR, when the remnants of his regime were trying to deflect public anger from themselves, and when the German people and their supporters were attempting to stave off feelings of guilt for acts they had personally born some responsibility for. Just like Holodomor, Great Leap Forward, and Killing Fields denialism on the left during and immediately following the height of each guilty regime's tenure. Downplaying both the intent and acts of their group was natural in such a situation.

But neonazism, especially the skinhead variety from which modern purveyors of neonazism (Stormfront, Ironmarch, Aryan Nation, etc.) are directly descended from 1970s-era hooliganism in response to a spike in crime and idpol going nuts on the left in the same period. These groups define themselves by their extreme views, their intense hatred of Jews/blacks/women/leftists/etc, and their adulation of chaotic violence. Any love for older groups like the Nazis is wrapped in open admiration of their violence against the neonazis' chosen enemies.

Is it just an attempt among the more "intellectual" neonazis to fit in among the remnants of older groups? Sheer contrarianism against the "mainstream" even if it conflicts with their other statements?

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we need to cure death if we want to send him to gulag long enough for this.


uhm, children also got raped in concentration camps.
they still get raped in the australian and european camps that let operate outside our borders by e.g. libyan mafia.

i agree we should treat holocaust denial like child rape denial:
it makes no sense on this board and thus should be deleted.
if you have scientifically sound evidence that child rapists or the holocaust never existed and that all the documents and videos that prove otherwise are fake then you don't post it here, you write a book about it and sell the film rights and become right and famous for finding evidence that nobody has found before.

s/ri‬ght and famous/rich and famous/

they were all really good tbqh so I get that

there is no extensive documentation on the rape of children in Australian and European refugee camps and it's not even a matter of public conscious or knowledge

to compare it with the Holocaust ist plain retarded

I think partly due to how much the entire event was used as propaganda in the beginning which played loose with the truth. Secondly with how all the camps were in soviet territory so the validity of the claims were impossible to prove in the west. And then lastly how jews and Israel have used it as a cultural bludgeon for the last 70 years. I read an article by a jew yesterday that brought up how he had an aunt in the holocaust. Then of course there was all the obvious lies like lampshades and cannibalism and impossible holocaust stories that professional jew drifters told. Oh and then of course it was made illegal to deny it in many western countries which goes against the whole academic tradition we enjoy here.

It also pisses jews off like nothing else too so that's a good bonus

Yes Comrade. This truly is the most important issue facing us today.
Not stagnating wages, not depleting resources, not the largest refugee crisis since WW2, not the damage done to the environment, not replacement of workers by machines, not looming international conflict, not the apocalyptic adviser to the POTUS.
It's holocaust denial!


Go back to your liberal idpol cancer containment subreddit, and please don't come back.

Who else here smug that their name is 3-4 letters so they didn't have to mangle it on arcade machines like their friends?

That was at least two or three generations before neonazism existed! By that time, Israel's focus had shifted from global antagonism to regional kerfuffles, the Jewish diaspora outside Israel had largely been subsumed into the secular population, and WWII had long ago become mere fodder for popculture.

Contrarian "it didn't happen but it should have" faggotry is my strongest theory, yes.