Pierre on Cultural Marxism

Is he /ourguy/? Pretty good video.


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Why are you talking about yourself in third person?

t. definitely not Pierre

Although Pierre stop advertising here

Zizek is the real kultural Marxist. He was influenced by the Frankfurt school, and it's the same as traditional Marxism, in that class is absurd the way identity is absurd.

Not me guys, I swear to god.

But thnk u bby for the shout out

love u bby (no homo)

Also, found this on YT one day:

Pierre is a confused ideological menace to the new left, id rather watch Unrue and im not even a communist.
Fuck stirner. Fuck nazbols
Fuck ideology

I don't listen to sionista cointelpro


Wow rude. Let me in Holla Forums, National Bolshevism is a legitimate ideology.


Dumb Zizekid.

Every 12 yr old knows how to change their IP but ok.

This pretty much. He's meming cancer that has no idea what he's talking about.

He's not only a stirnerfag but he's part of this nazbol bullshit too. Why are these people allowed on the board?


Ok I am not an unironic NazBol. I am just part of NAZBOL GANG.

There is a difference.

Yes because i disagree with a privledged bourgie uni kid whose "class consciousness" includes being obsessed with memes and being "edgy" that makes me a zionist cointelpro operative who worships the ground zizek walks..
Leftypol needs to get outta the cult of the idol worship.


In effect, not really.

Notice how many more nazbols there are around now because of that shit.

No surprise here.



Irony ids a spoog!!

The absurdity of irony reaches its pinnacle when ideology and memes become inseperable and those on the outside cannot diferentiate between the irony and the ideology

That just means you can't understand irony



Real Hungarian pronunciation is:

Lad the nazbol infiltration has already started. Silencing me won't make a difference. See you on the other side comrade.

While I appreciate the vid, I would caution you about going too deep into the ironic nazbolism. If you wear a mask long enough, people will mistake it for your face.

At least try to let people know you're mocking nazbolism and being ironic when you're doing it.

I'm just surprised he did something that wasn't a complete shitpost.
Good job!

No it means that we aint gonna have a massive popular leftist movement untill we stop all the shitposting and edgelords who say "muh" instead of "my" and think max stirner is some kinda god cause they saw his photo on a dank internet site that also hosted their fav lolita art


The spookbuster is merely a gateway drug to destroying reactionary sentiments.

He takes anti-idpol too far and just comes off as an edgy alt-lite kid.

Pierre is a nazbol faggot. Fuck him


Benjamin was the Evola of the left, a complete fool obsessed with esoteric, mystic nonsense.

Our Evola, only better.



I believe you are lost!
Here you go my friend! :-)

Pierre is our top guy


this is why you read books

Oh an edgy nietzche meme from an intellectual university kid who assumes that they have read more then someone on an anonymous internet forum
Im spooked now!
You got me comrade.

what the fcuk am I watching



I sure hope you guys are right. I haven't read a single thing by the FS but always tell people they had nothing to do with Cultural Marxism

No ones read anything by them. That's the point. It cant be a huge conspiracy developed by these guys if the suppossed people pushing their agenda have not even fucking read or understood them.

I'd claim the exact opposite, he is PRECISELY what the left needs in this stage of crisis where a god damn orange opportunist crony capitalist got elected through a idiocracy-esque green frog memetic maneuver.

The stirner "everything" is a spook, is merely a contradictory self-ironic satire, that is supposed to ridicule an-caps in favor of the collective.

I think every intellectual from the radical left should follow in Pierre's footsteps and seize the memes of information.

I read the wiki article about adorno because he talks about how poisons pop culture and music is.
Im sure there is more interesting stuff in it

Good video. I like the sped up shadilay track too.