Fighting the good fight

How many times were you banned for Stirnerposting in this week? I'm up to thrice.

We are coming, buckos!

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Why does every board hate us?

no. Turning hobbyst born political is turning them into Holla Forums's cesspool, we don't have the numbers to fight them.
The board natives will get tired of Holla Forums's narrative pushing on their own.

hobbyst boards*

/a/ will ban you for anything, don't worry about it. They ban also Holla Forums images. And images downloaded from tumblr. And using words like "kys" or "tbh". And so on and so on

They're already Holla Forums.

Because we hate them all

What's new?

For what it's worth though, Stirnerfags are fucking annoying and shit up a lot of potentially good discussion with their spookposting. Also doesn't help that the majority of Stirnerfags are total illiterates who just meme what they read on his School of Life video and Wikipedia.

Then they aren't Stirnerites


You can critique Marx all you want: I welcome it, especially as a Marxist, but shit commentary will never be a substitute for proper critique. "Dude spooks lmao xd" will never be an argument and is little more than self-masturbation.

More evidence that weebs are enemies of leftism

I know about their admins, they are Holla Forumstards. They just think that politics should be kept out of anime and go after Holla Forums stuff, but only if it's reported. I've seen mods, using capcodes and all, approving of Holla Forums shit before, like one of them commenting how it was great news that Trump dis this and that.
I've also seen threads heavily censored over stuff like not hating gays, speaking about racism or critiquing Holla Forums beliefs in general.

I Stirnerpost out of purely ironic reasons. It's more fun to call stupid beliefs spooks than pure ideology, that's all.


shit, I had forgotten I made the base picture a long time ago… you forgot to remove the "I can summarize socialism and communism" which was from a really dumb Holla Forums post

This site grew big on Holla Forums and Holla Forums, which is just Holla Forums but with less videgames now. They wither created or later on entered the moderation teams of all boards and their users are also often Holla Forumstards.
I used to work on /r9k/, we decided to detonate the entire board because it had gotten so cancerous, they had an enormous spergout for us daring to confine Holla Forums nonsense to a containment cyclical.

From my experience with weeb boards I could guess people bitching about those were stupid faggots, at least in case of the first two.

The picture includes a Kropotkin and Althusser book too, if you hadn't noticed. This is because Stirnerfags are generally so far up their own asses that they're also ignorant about things in general, including anarchism, which is closer to them. I'm pretty sure Stirnerfags would call mutual aid a spook too because their shitty interpretations of material interest lead them to believe that it'd be a sacrifice of their own "self-interest" to act in favor of maintaing the human community or something.

Well, someone took him seriously enough that he was afraid to be called out for plagiarism.

I think the Stirnerite critique of Marx is and still is incredibly valid, particularly the charge of idealism in the classical sense. The Young Hegelions killed God and replaced him with Man. Marx, himself flirted with these ideas, replacing Man with related ideas of Species-Essence, and the Proletariat, when Stirner pointed this out, Marx, in an attempt to escape idealism, instead chose history itself as his God, albeit unwittingly. For example, look at this excerpt of Marx himself summarizing what his contribution to political philosophy was. It was the idea that class conflict would eventually and inevitably lead to the dictatorship of the proletariat, which would abolish class and property. Marx did not see, in the end, the proletariat as an inherit good, but a tool to be used to bring about communism. And if communism is the communist's goal, then the worship of history is the logical conclusion, for its merely history and its function of class struggle that necessitates communism. But then, this begs the question, if communism is inevitable, why must the communist do everything within their power to make it happen. The answer is that history has become a fixed idea, something to which we owe our sacred duty.

This idea isn't new, Zizek has said this same thing of Stalinism. And, as convenient as it is to blame Stalin himself, or even Lenin, who did indeed also have his faults (both in theory and in action), there is no reason Marx should also be disassociated from what he inspired.

t. spook

I think Althusser's idea and adaptation of overdeterminism was a great innovation that critics of idealism should seize on to help explain and decide how to act upon the world. No, mutual aid is not a spook, and indeed I don't think equality is a spook either (Rousseau and other enlightenment figures, though they made rationality a sacred order, do have the capacity to be appropriated by Egoists as their rational arguments remain valid to the extent most egos have rationality within them, and thus their framework can be helpful in creating a "union of egoists" or at the very least a less spooky society). However, Kropotkin was pretty spooked by the humanist figure of Man. He considered mutual aid as human nature, and that crime is the result of physical defects causing mental illness and deviation from this nature.

and also

Bitch, I am an anarchist. I am at war with every standard and every principle, it is my ego against the whole world. I recognise that victory can only be achieved with the total and absolute destruction of the old order and every moral certainty. There is not a single institution of society that shouldn't be destroyed and I recognise that because I'm not a fucking cuck and until you see this you will keep failing.

" Our task is terrible, total, universal, and merciless destruction."
- Sergey Nechayev

You will be struck down. Soon your sister nations will follow you; when all of them have gone your way, humanity will be buried, and on its tomb I, sole master of myself at last, I, heir to all the human race, will shout with laughter.’
- St. Max

The passion for destruction is the ultimate creative passion. And when I succeed in realising everything I had possibly dreamed of, then, I will once again begin to pull down everything I made

Autism. You will die alone.

Because Holla Forums exists primarily for Holla Forums.

Well i get it the marxians are easily buthurt by Stirner. The fact remains that Stirner as the ultimate historical ironical revenge foresaw the problems in marxism. More specificaly in marxist terminology one could say that the whole historical materialism boiled down to be just the ideologicaly formed (or spooked whatevah) misconception or wishfull thinking of one man, marx that is. The sad part is that nowadays nobody credits Stirner for this, no all thus shmuk academical marxists talk about the cultural turn , about postmodernism , …
Sad enough history , the one thing marxism claimed to be based on , proves that classes have neither a consciousness , that in power collectives or whatever you wanna call groups behave as all groups and that it doesnt matter if the rulers legitimate their rule on a shared 'class' (which is a lie cause they are cadres not proles) or a shared race , at least not from the perspective of the ruled.
But what really makes me wanna fucking ghostbust all the time is how those history loving marxists and pseudomarxists try to do a damnatio memorae on their cultleaders first and most revealing mistake by ignoring Stirner. Think about the insanly late publication date of the german ideology , about how the chapter on stirner was left out of later editions. Think about how the quote to stirner was let out of camus l homme revolte. At the same time tough the marxists get all horny and exited about negri who made class obsolute and talk about multitude , about debord who stresses the importance of subjectivity and of foucault whos discipline and punishment starts with an opening quote stating that the soul is the internal prison of men , pretty stirnian statements . Anyway honestly Stirner was a douche too , the whole kinda kid to grown up structure of the book is totaly outdated , but considering the how fond everyone is about postmodern stuff in philosoph and ontology and epistemology specificaly , think latour and ANT it is just making me rage no one is refering to stirner. Its as if stirner , in a perversion of laclau is the invisible black matter this whole modern discours on politics is defined or constrained by…
Hope i aso made it clear we " stirnerians" also know our stuff.

Stay mad ectoplasm

One person gave him some credit

Nigger I read all of Stirner's literature. get fucked m7.

Reminder Marx's critique of Stirner was all ad homs.

I haven't read Stirner: The Post.


Because he wants socialism in his lifetime. It's not a question of "if." It is a question of "when," and the sooner the better.

Lol i actualy quoted Newman for a uni paper i got 17/20 on. So yeah i admit i tried to spook my marxist professor and he loved it. Might be due to my superior ego tough , …

I don't deny there are egoistic reasons for wanting communism. But if you apply this logic to a state or similar institution, you will get results such as stalinism, maosim ect. For everything can be sacrificed on the altar of history to reach communism.

I lub storner :DDDDDD

The only way to destroy the world as you think it, is to destroy yourself. Your ego creates the world you want to destroy.

Because this board is pretty fucking retarded, except in non-chan way, so it sticks out.

No, that is not what happens at all. You get Stalin and Mao when you take a society full of peasants, preach bullshit about national identity, and leave the working class as a powerless, disenfranchised class at the mercy of a state that functions as one great bourgeois class. Also, Mao was a class-collaborationist who was more focused on bullshit like culture and "Chinese characteristics" than historical materialism.

Well destruction , change , creation…. Words are inadequate tools for expressing that the individual maters most. Didnt stirner actualy go on a rant somewhere stating the use of language was a compromise to society ? Always makes me lol

If I don't achieve immortality in this life then my ego will be annihilated only in death. Until then we aren't going anywhere

Try reading Stirner on DMT ego death , imortality or rebirth assured. Not that it matters , ego is also spook you know…


Spelling and grammar also spooks btw

Why would anyone want to kill their own ego? It is impossible and counterproductive. It's mine, my power, as my property

Why would you have only one ego ? I like to have multiple ones and sometimes i kill em , sometimes i love em …
Hesse wrote about this in a nice way in the final chapters of 'steppenwulf'

Because Holla Forums is full of bullied teenagers that can't handle nonconforming opinions in their safe spaces.