What the fuck! There's an immigrant's strike tomorrow, a general strike on Friday, and a woman's strike on March 8th...

What the fuck! There's an immigrant's strike tomorrow, a general strike on Friday, and a woman's strike on March 8th? Why not just have one strike for everyone? Is this what idpol has led to?

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Probably organized by different groups. I doubt any of these will have any impact on anything. General strikes don't just happen spontaneously.

It's pretty retarded. Everyone just wants to make a spectacle out of their group 'resisting' Trump.

they're the ones begging to work in the first place wtf why dont they just not work at all

I don't understand the women against Trump thing. Everything I've seen is Trump being pro women. Is it really just because of the "grab her by the pussy" comment?


With the "grab her by the pussy" comment, Trump admitted to sexual assault. This is going to anger a lot of feminists. Though I know one reactionary feminist from a working class background who supports Trump and hates Hillary. My guess is that her feminist values are not as strong as I thought they were.

Also Trump is Pro-Life on record (he's probably just playing to the white hick idiots who voted for him) and brought on anti-abortion Pence as his running mate. And the Republicans have passed legislation making it more and more difficult for women to have an abortion.

If you're a woman, it is not in your self interest to vote for Trump. The white working class people who voted for Trump are all dumb ass hick retards

It's probably because of his history of being a sleaze to women too, he's certainly not shown much respect for women publicly, though he has never been afraid of hiring them.

This flag may very well be false.

If it's the same Anni who is shilling for coops so hard, it's pretty clear by now that he's actually just a liberal falseflagging.

So you`re are telling me that you hate immigrants and women? You are no comrade of mine.

Facebook/reddit normalfags deserve a bullet.

And what labor jobs do they have? Comfy HR manager jobs?

The majority of minimum wage workers are women.

Women represent larger portion of the employed in developed economies so it is only natural that they would represent the lower half of workers aswell.

Checked, but what use do they have for glass ceilings? Bourgeois feminism wants glass ceiling cleaners cheap, sisters or no.

All true fellas. I'm just responding to the ridiculous assertion that women all have comfortable jobs and don't make up a significant portion of the workforce.

The fuck are you talking about?
No, it's not just that, but this "comment" is him admitting to sexual assault. Hope this helps.

a general strike would never work in america, it has nowhere near the union strength needed

Yeah, but they have no labor jobs. You are still going to be able to buy food, use utilities, and function day to day if women striked. They don't do heavy lifting or critical system jobs. They leave that for men.

That'll teach 'em


Okay, then what else?

Don't worry antifa will ruin all of it by acting like dipshits and they'll be the only ones that get media attention. Sympathy for the alt-right and trump conservatives will climb and no-one will ever take the left seriously again.

Yes it helped greatly, thank you. We were all at a loss at the first few comments confirming this sentiment until you came along an hour and a half later and confirmed it again. Thank you for helping me.

You know we aren't even a month into the presidency, right?

Even if you weren't overgeneralizing, which you are, good luck functioning when the min wagers (whom I guess you don't notice) are on strike

First, that's completely liberal shit. Whoa, I'm so impressed that a majority of his do-nothing porky execs are women. That means he can't be a piece of shit!

His top legislative agenda currently is repealing health care working families depend on. He has nominated a Supreme Court justice who has very regressive views on reproductive rights. This is in addition to the low-key typical conservative shit that will hurt all people alike, like already deregulating Wall Street (your financial advisor no longer owes their client a fiduciary duty) and removing penalties on coal pollution in water.

The point is the women's strike will be ineffective because they don't do labor jobs. It's like politicians going on strike.

How many good boy points do you get for ignoring the "let you" before grabbing them?

Do you see the choices you made that brought you to the point where you have to shill for your future career and student debt service for $12/hr?

So this women against Trump thing is basically about abortions?

Not quite, it's about youtube.com/watch?v=I3wbMkGrS7M

lol define labor

And you think Gorsuch isn't? What kind of argument is that?

Reproductive rights and keeping the spotlight on healthcare available to low-wage earners, but yeah, just abortions if you're so determined to be reductionist

What else does "reproductive rights" include? Free plan b pills?

"reductionist" fuck off to reddit retard

They're upset that Hillary Clinton wasn't crowned Neoliberal Feminist 2016, and they like to pretend Clinton wasn't factually planning to destroy healthcare and virtually all of the same things that Trump is doing now with the sole exclusion of abortion rights.

Access to abortion is being limited through restrictive state legislation in the U.S. constantly. Federally, basic healthcare services that provide subsidized cancer screenings for poor MEN AND WOMEN (like prostate exams and mammograms, gyno exams, etc.) are threatened with defunding because Planned Parenthood and similar groups are the eternal right wing bogeyman.

haha wow well memed calling me reddit, you sure don't look underage at all

Shoveling snow after a winter storm, repairing powerlines, plumbing work, farm labor for food, and etc. You know when men are out of work.

I think you're fucking insane if you think you live in a world where that stuff is exclusive the work of men, especially farm labor. At least in my country, (America) most ag work is mechanized, but the stuff that is still done by human labor is disproportionately by poor migrants that very much include women.

Right, but I'm talking specifically about the mechanized part. How many female tractor operators do you ever see? How many female farm laborors do actual irrigation work? Those you see mostly do harvest.

in my area, quite a lot. I live in the deep south though.

There's a lot more involved in the day-to-day running of society than manual labor jobs dude. They make up about half of the workforce in the US. You'd notice of they weren't working.

We'll see. Don't get butthurt if no one notices though.

This "strike" is going to fail because it's a poorly organized social media event. It has nothing to do with women's contribution to society being negligible.

I'd add that the guy's history just comes off as loathsome in general as well - his involvement in that modelling shit, his previous marriage(s?), his current marriage to Ivanka and the way he lords over her…

And to a large extent, his strategy against Clinton relied on basically the bigot's version of Clinton's own strategy. One of Clinton's primary attempts to appeal to ~progressives~ was her having a vagina, but her organs were also central to Trump's attacks on her - rife with stuff about her being weak, a bitch, etc. And he frequently just attacked Bill instead of bothering to attack her.

That said, if I'm not mistaken, he still had a lead in the white chicks' votes.

If women quit in masse for a month or more, its a given there would be a quick adjustment.

I think what you mean is that they always happen spontaneously, and can't be planned.