How do you un-fuck yourself from Social media. I spend up to 16 hours on the internet per day...

How do you un-fuck yourself from Social media. I spend up to 16 hours on the internet per day, most of it just scrolling through dumb shit on facebook, instagram, snapchat.. I even joined a lot of political group that enrage me because of their content because I get bored.

today I was at a cafe and I was of course browsing through my phone and everyone there was doing the same thing except these 2 old guys talking to each other and this other old guy just sitting there doing nothing looking at the road.

Are you guys slave to social media too? tell me your stories.

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Realise that nobody gives a shit about anything on there except what they themselves put on there and you're effectively talking to yourself among other narcissists at great benefit to data mining companies. Then kill yourself for having such awful taste to still be on there in the current year.

I deleted mine a few years ago
At first the amount of time you have surprises you but eventually you'll start refreshing imageboards over and over to fill the void

It's just human nature.

Delete your facebook.

Only use twitter for news and make sure to get addons to block it from spying on you.

I used to get caught in that Social networking shuffle, but it actively made me hate people on a level I never thought possible. After you read profile after profile of everyone doing and liking the same shit. It just gave me this sick feeling.

Thankfully imageboards has been my social drug rather than that identity-based garbage.

It's a means to fill time.

If you really want to do something beyond browsing the web just find some alternative activities.

Go read a book, work out, GET A JOB, etc.

Just stop. You just need one night of inspired drunkenness to delete all that shit and you will be free.

That's worse though, I feel like imageboards make my brain explode. because I don't want to be radicalized by either Holla Forums or Holla Forums. at least social media are a nice way to remain blue pilled and fit in with the people and talk to women.

Stop. Now apoligize for what you did to Rosa Luxemburg

muh classcuck argument fits in every box.

Then we'll put it in the same box you put Rosa in.

Top geg

Fucking this. Social media is a parasite that uses the narcissism of its hosts to keep them docile enough to feed on.

just delete all your accounts?

Remember friend, stepping out of ideology is painful.

I did, reactivated them some days later.

Try, try again. I almost got back on Twitter but didn't care enough to burn a phone number.

you turn off the computer and go outside

Then you didn't delete them in the first place.

What exactly do you do? Watch YouTube? Surf 8ch?

I deleted them years ago

Never got the appeal of putting your whole life online

It's pathetic narcissism

Someone remind BJ Watson that those things weren't created by real capitalism.

tbh OP - The best was to un fuck yourself was to delete any accounts, and as stupid as it sounds, read newspapers. Get into a different habit for entertainment or just ignore trends. Which can be hard. As for myself, I hardly use social media as much as i used to "slave" it. I guess I check on it every once in a while for trends etc.

is it ok if I use twitter for shitposting

I spend all my time where I'm not actively at work or school on the Internet. I don't see the problem, it allows me to be more social. I get to watch shows with my friend from New Zealand and then argue with fascists from the US. Fun!



No, really, you people are nearly as bad as Redditors.

Delete your accounts and install this.
Block facebook, reddit, 9gag or whatever shit you waste your time on for 24h a day, every day.

I don't have social media, I do not install games on my phone, etc.

I only use social media during work hours. I like to use porky's time to share dank memes about the revolution to normies on facebook.

Social media is only good if you can reach to people, post socialist literature instead of normie shit, and the superfluous fun that makes social media addictive is gone.

No. Only form of social media I ever used was facebook and I deleted that shit years ago.

If you count Holla Forums, then that would be the only form of social media I use.

Personally I am convinced social media is a form of addiction. It is hard as fuck to unplug from it. But I would highly recommend deleting it. Get phone numbers and shit you need from friends and move on.

The only use of facebook in regard to information is garbage ego-stroking articles like TED talks and shit which actually provide very little real information. You can argue politics with people on facebook as well but you will NEVER win converts through that avenue. Complete waste of time.