There seems to be a Deep State coup against Trump brewing. Thoughts?

There seems to be a Deep State coup against Trump brewing. Thoughts?

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Do you have anything to back this idea up? And would it be useful if it happened?

He is cucking on all major issues now. They must have showed him the video of the JFK assassination from an angle nobody has seen in the general public


And that article is a month old. Even more shit has happened (leaks, Flynn, etc.)


Put your buzzword-spewing trip back on, Auntie Hoe.

Have you read any of Ola Tunander's work on the subject?

It's pretty obvious to anyone who has a brain that TPTB are panicking over Trump draining the swamp, and are attempting to eliminate him at all costs before too much damage against them is done.

Is this the COINTELPRO I've been hearing so much about?

I never knew leftypol had so much faith in bourgeois democracy that they'd find the idea of a deep state so absurd.

Such as…



There's been a large influx of redditors recently, which again would explain the presence of anarkiddies, ethnic egalitarians, and other libtard nonsense infesting the board. The fact that people seem to now be cheering against Trump just makes things clear that leftypol has been subverted by outside operations.

Kill yourself, CTR troll.

I liked the OPED the other day in uh.. Iike the times or something that was just saying "wait a second, why was the FBI wiretapping trumps national security adviser with the white house's knowledge?"


What? He's totally right. The belief that the true center of powers is located in our vaulted Checks and Balances is liberal as all hell, in addition to just being false.


It's a fight between different factions of the deep state. It isn't a monolith pursuing a globalist zionist muslim anti-christian homosexual depopulation agenda, despite what Alex Jones says.

No? He's perfectly serving porkies and the military-industrial complex. No need for a coup.

There's obviously two separate definitions of swamp being used here.

This is an important thing to note. These agencies and institutions aren't a monolith and sometimes even have interests that run counter to each other.

This. I'd happily have us banned down to 300 users if it would make these radical liberals fuck off.

But by all means, I'm sure you must be the expert on politics. How about you take over? I'm sure you'll do a lovely job.

Include Trots and anti-fa in that as well, and you've got yourself a deal.

I think he's too gauche and unpredictable for some of these people to stand. A lot of these people still think America is the "shining city on the hill" and Trump pretty much annihilates that delusion.

Either COINTELPRO, people that need to lurk more, or reddit trash. You'll notice if you call them out for this they'll start asking banal questions which we've had multiple threads on in the last couple of days, or just start posting derisive comments and other shill tactics.

why include me? (>>1376421)

I know there's a deep state, I just don't believe they're gonna pull a coup against Trump when he's serving their interests


It's a bill hicks reference

Wait, there are actual leftists/communists/Marxists that don't believe that a deep state exists? What? Why?

He's not serving their interests you twit. Trump is in the process of dismantling the liberal globalist agenda, and the powers that be are in full damage control mode. Be prepare for a massive coup and crackdown on "alt-right" and "fascism"

Sooo, what now? Is bourgeois politics bannable yet or do we still need to pacify socdems? The only way to get ledditors btfo is to bounce their religion the hell out of here.

What? That post is cointelpro cancer: using DARVO to impose false group consensus from outside. Improperly punctuated, at that. And talking like a cop.
There is no question that the American faith in bourgeois institutions and liberal drama is laughably misplaced, to put it mildly. That doesn't mean CTR-tier bullshit shouldn't be condemned on sight and that those liberals need to be lost in storm drains.

What? I just want liberalism treated with the same level of well-earned respect as any other psychotic branch of Christianity.
Also, it's very interesting that your greentext post seems more geared toward preserving liberalism's unwelcome presence in Holla Forums, as if liberalism deserved to be argued with instead of eliminated. Mind answering for that?

how the fuck is deep state a buzzword? are you implying it doesn't exist?

Because we've had a few threads where it became apparent that "the swamp" could well be the intelligence agencies/deep state, and his man for the job, Flynn, resigned, with Trump accepting his resignation.

Your question is not even relevant to what is being discussed. You are COINTELPRO.

The deep state isn't internally authoritarian. There are factions that are fighting for supremacy and the aims of their respective mentors. If the deep state were more unified by something other than broad class interest, we wouldn't be seeing these tiffs acted out in public.

It doesn't appear to exist exactly in the form conceived by Mike Lofgren when he coined the term.

And you are apparently liberal or conservative (same thing), and you should still kill yourself. If you are not liberal or conservative (same thing), you shouldn't kill yourself; you should just stfu and stop larping liberalism and the marketplace of ideas.

So is Trump going to be the eternal gimp of the USA's vested interests now that Flynn is gone? Trump's "coup" got fucked the moment Flynn went.


Seeing the term being overused as buzzword by certain tripfags != being COINTELPRO. Put your tinfoil back on.

Nah, you're just overreacting to a meme satirizing our tripfag's overuse of the term.


At any rate, for what it's worth "deep state" is a shit term for something that Marxist theory has always acknowledged: that there are ranks of bourgeois intelligence so influential that they operate outside of the formal bourgeois state's view. And it is much too simplistic to view this as just a caste with consistency; it is in fact this caste we should see as operating the ideological and/or repressive state apparatus as outlined by Althusser: this elite rank of bourgeois intelligence that is just as much enamored by contradiction as the prevailing ideology it supervives.

Further reading (essential for any 21st century Marxist communist, I stress):

Well they've been doing that since WW2, what's there to be surprised

It's a mystery.

gulenists out reee

Because years and years of dumbass jet fuel can't melt steel beams mocking has made sure that any skeptic political discourse may fall under the tinfoil on head conspiracy theorism.

Dubs and the nationalist military spooks will defeat the globalist corporate oligarchy and their pet spooks.

Is leftypol unironically pro-trump now?

I thought tankies were the ones always calling everything a CIA psyop

Please go back to reddit you gaslighting faggot.


Honey, what time is gladiators on

You need to learn to fit in better if you're going to HFL us bro

Clearly you are too much of a newfag to even remember the election thread. Sad!

the old tricks, they always work

Reddit newfag.

Yeah, got your tinfoil hat on tight?

Haha wow OP paranoid much what are you some kind of schizo? Take off that tinfoil hat and take your meds!

Just because somebody is a Marxist, doesn't mean they are redpilled on realpolitik.

Decrying something as a conspiracy to discredit it is a CIA op.

Is it the distinction between a cynical leftist and an idealistic one?

No. A pragmatic one and a pure ideology one.

Says the leftcom

This, if you scoffed at the idea of the Deep State you need to stop talking about political theory forever.

I just don't want to repress the LGBT community.

I can't tell the difference :^)

Well, not forever. Just until you get a grip on it (probably quite a while in that case though).

Please read this article from the liberal normie sphere if you don't believe deepstate functions exist within literally every developed country.

Its about the Crackdown on OWS.

Shill for daddy somewhere else, Holla Forums.


Hello r/socialism

FYI, we're not immature brats, so we support Donald.

It's a very motivated support, but still support.

It's not much better being pie-eyed papa's boys either. Followership is bourgeois.
I support Trump only as far as an instrument to destroy the Democratic Party and the neoliberal system. Other than that, he's a bourg figurehead not much different from any other, the sort of thing for which I have no use whatsoever.

The Holla Forumsack cries "subversion" as it subverts you.

This is why the board is pro-Trump, we talked the topic to death and this is what we always came out with as the best solution besides a couple of scaredy cats not wanting to commi.

Stop being gay, the intent is directly above your post.


Who are you quoting?

The shill retards in this thread who think leftists need to stand by the US govt.

I get the responses to the liberal guldural margsist globalists guys, but we've always been for getting Trump into office and watch him trip up over his shoelaces (the fact he's doing it in the first month is pretty impressive). Hillary would have just made everyone more right wing.

The elected US govt. as the expression of the people's will, yes.

I get that. But there's a few retards in this thread who are saying that anyone who doesn't like POTUS is a product of 'subversion by outside operations', as writes, all the while trying to pass themselves off as fellow leftists. The left is and should remain opposed to the bourgeois and the state in its entirety as opposed to cheering on one faction of the ruling order against another like the Trumpcuck "leftists" shitting up this board do.


This looks like a massive CIA operation to kill nationalism in the US once and for all.

The US government is doing their best to get rid of Trump. He's the closest thing we've had in a long time to real leftism (not liberal fairy tale leftism), so naturally the deep state, Israel, and other globalist organizations want to get rid of him. It's pretty obvious that he's more than worthy of our support, especially considering that most of his detractors, at least the ones that aren't paid, are more than happy to support that viper Clinton

Trump getting into office, implementing all of his promises and making America great again was never in the cards.

Because he's an embarrassment mostly along side pro/anti russia splits

Supporting wall street is leftist now. Shoo, shill.

It's been almost 4 months since the election and you're still deflecting all critique of Trump by point to Clinton. Totally not playing into the hands of the two party system though

Hi Holla Forums

Literally kill yourself

Come on man, a tankie of all people should know that liberal democracies are a sham and Porky rules from behind the curtain.


Here's probably what's going on.

Oh of course muh 5d chess match

Obama and Bush were playing 5d chess as well

I could care less if there is a crackdown on fascists (and would support it during a real leftist hegemony) but I think this user is generally correct, and a deep state coup would be for the worse overall. not to mention they would come after leftists next, and lets be honest, liberals will probably let them if they are scared enough.

Please go back to Holla Forums

Wow this thread has already been totally shitted up by irrelevant posts.

See clear example of forum sliding.

For all the confused liberals and plebittors. Trump won the election, this was the best possible outcome (after Bernie lost the primary imo but some would disagree.)

Him being in power will seriously undermine or even destroy the US empire and global capitalist system it underwrites. Trump being removed from power now would lead to a serious backlash from his supporters and increase the likelihood of a real Fascist movement in the USA emerging.

Deep state elements (CIA, National-Security state, Zionists, Globalist Bourgeoisie) would love to see trump removed, like people here they know he could seriously undermine the US empire and global capitalist system if he carries out his policies on economic protectionism, immigration, and NATO.

We should be hoping that Trump stays in power as long as possible if you cheer his impeachment you are a retarted liberal who is brainwashed by the MSM.

I don't know, dude. Globalist boog seem to love him. Look at the stock market–financials (big banks) in particular. He's a fucking boon to them.

kek he literally had a meeting with uncle Ben today where he entertained the idea of a one-state solution. Trumpettes are pathetic.

I agree it's useful for us to have him around for a while rather than impeached, but he's still a wall street shill. If he's impeached that means more Trumpcucks will feel vindicated, the longer he's in power the more people will turn against him.

Check out this article

All the tax and regulation cuts in the world aren't worth having to deal with real economic protectionism for global bougies.

I think you massively underestimate how much US trade protectionism would fuck the global economy and cut into multinationals profit margins.

Hey there pol

Wtf meant to quote

If trump actually does his America first bs and cuts off military aid to egypt, Israel, jordan etc it will create instability in the ME and be bad for Israel.

The establishment of both major parties already de facto supports a one state solution and lets Israel do whatever they want with settlements.


Exactly its best for leftists if we let trump discredit himself in the eyes of his class cucked supporters. Removing him will just preserve the illusion that nationalism and scapegoating immigrants is the solution to there problems.

If you believe he'll do that you are delusional. He's been showing close relations with America's strategic allies as always. Re-affirmed relations with Saudis are example.

Can you fuck off im actually a market socialist like you. I see you all over the board making terrible arguments for our ideology and just being an all around retard. I don't support trump I just think letting him finish his term is best for the left.

Jokes on you I am a market anarchist

Honestly I think you are right I shouldn't have included Zionists in my original post. I think my point still stands in reference to the other deep state factions though.

You're an idiot if you think he's going to pull support from the Middle East. The administration has arms deals in the works for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

See above i think you guys are right and shouldnt have included zionist in my op.

You are right to be honest. If Trump is impeached you just end up with Pence, who is more intelligent but is a straight shooting neocon who is arguably more "evil" than Trump.

The DOW is ridiculously overvalued and we are overdue for a crash. Janet Yellen's comments today imply that the inevitable interest rate hike will still be delayed. There is no doubt that the FED is at the core of the deep state, which suggests that they intend to turn Trump into a puppet.

His administration literally said there would not be a two state solution yesterday. Moreover, there is no way Israel will ever benefit from a two state solution if they can just keep doing what they are doing, which is exactly what Trump seems to be saying. Its funny to see Trump waddle around in the dark. That picture of him as a baby with the shit filled diaper gets more accurate with each passing day. One day he is rebuking Israel for their settlements, the next day he is attacking Iran. No focus.

Kek. How old are you? This will never happen. The heart of America is in the ME. People meme about the dollar being supported by oil but that oil is only supported by overwhelming military force.

While that's pretty unnecessarily condescening see

Sorry I don't have auto update on. But you are absolutely wrong to think that anyone supports a one state solution. Maybe is, but not them… and certainly not ((them))

Holy fuck I misread this again. Never mind you are right.

I mean a de-facto one state solution ie the status quo. Israel building settlements doing whatever the fuck they want while denying palestinians citizenship.


Let this meme debunk your bullshit.

For you kids who who were too young to truly live through Bush or Reagan, we've had plenty of incompetent, scandal ridden republican administrations, and all they lead to is an electorate that is ready to accept a neoliberal imperialist from the democratic party. Change will only come from rage at the democrats, not the GOP


op is right and i actually hope dolan wins

Good i cant wait to see this treasonous bigot to go to jail

this guy is a shill who pretends to be pro-trump in order to prevent anarchy.

1) Didn't make that post

2) Who's cointelpro when you spend over ten minutes in GIMP making this shit at the ready

Seems that Assange wants to join in as well.

So a power struggle is happening and the fact is coming to light (as if we didn't find out during DNC leaks) that the US is not a democracy and is every much a undemocratic dangerous KGB run state as much as they accused communist nations of being.

That is why i love intelligence agencies, bigots like Trump get BTFO


Sorry, user, but I forgot to take off my shitpost flag.

You don't believe this can happen?

It would be silent.

'member kennedy?

I'm not being snide, I just think it's a funny concept. I know you see the situation differently. That's okay.

Didn't they already?

kill yourself

I don't have the slightest idea why that might be.

If the Deep State has nothing to hide, it has nothing to worry about.

Yes i am implying it doesn't exist. There's no such thing as deep state and illuminati. You should know damn well who are the criminals and the puppet masters. They aren't hide in the shadows.

It's just the collusion of various governmental and corporate groups that have the same interests
In the case of this situation, the deep state is being used to describe the intelligence community along with parts of the military and some defense contractors.


pure liberalism framed in the language of teenage rebellion

Illuminati, maybe. But deep state? Also known as the shadow government?

When was the last time you voted for the head of the NSA? Director or National Intelligence?

Consider that throughout all levels of federal government is a marriage between the corporate world and our government. High proportions of congresspeople are ex-executives at various mid to high tier companies, think-tanks, intelligence companies, law firms, tech companies, ect. Those relationships create a dynamic in our government that is certainly not "on paper" but does exist.

Consider that collusion between these companies, many of which you've never heard of, greatly influences numerous policy positions. Then consider you have these alphabet soup law enforcement and intelligence agencies in our government that do not relay to the public what they are doing, what they are working on, in the name of "national defense". Secrecy is actually a virtue for these guys. But secrecy also breeds a lack of accountability.

But this right here is the shadow government. Its not a conspiracy that this exists. The conspiracy is in how organized it is as an entity.

I agree, state apparatus becoming alienated and starting to behave independently from "peoples' choice" is something simply unthinkable!

Deep state is just a term to describe something that's been talked about in different language prior to being made popular by contemporary political writers outside of the mainstream like those at the intercept. It's not actually conspiratorial unless you accept the assertion that, for example, the CIA operates on a pure and patriot level, possessing superhuman acuity and share the liberal delusion that the constitution is the mythical idea at the heart of the United States. There exists a locus of real power inside the U.S. Government that is not part of the legendary system of checks and balances, that is not democratic, that contains a threat of violence, that nurses a sycophantic and decayed media that thinks printing directly what CIA sources give them is end all be all of journalism, that is illegal, and that is just as petty and delusional as any other institution.

This. It's barely even a conspiracy, more just the split between politicians and their cabinets (temporary) versus career bureaucrats (permanant).

More proof that tankies = CIA

A coup implies that they take over power. The "deep state" already has the power, they are merely enforcing their power.

two parts of the american elite are fighting for the upper hand though.