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Holla Forumstards will still believe it


this makes me mad
Even though most story about rape from refugees are false, it's still engrained in the minds of people that refugee = rapist, which makes them further dive into idpol, which in turn alienates immigrants from the middle east, which makes them dive into their own idpol and eventually radical islamism

I find it hard to believe that the whole scandal was based on this one inaccurate report.

the damage is already done, and the "rapefugee" label has already stuck with right wing mongs unfortunately

It might not have happened in Frankfurt, but it did happen in Cologne, and on a much bigger scale.

The problem is, the actual veracity of this report is unimportant. It is now irremediably part of the xenophobic imaginary.

We have entered an age of social acceleration and the media — "mainstream" or otherwise — is not spared from this trend's ill effects. The fake story was re-reported by popular outlets such as Breitbart and probably shared en masse on Facebook before the case could even be verified to be based on actual facts.

In our era, anti-immigrant rumors weaponized by the instantaneity of on-line circulation will mutate into a new stage of hyperreality dedicated entirely to fear of the Other.


The fuck?
There's fucking video on Youtube of this shit happening on New Years. It happened in Multiple cities around Germany at midnight. The police tried to break shit up to they ended up just shouting a lot and chanting.

wew sounds like you got hit by fake news

someone post the webm of the egyptian girl screaming out in terror as a horde of men drag her underneath a tunnel


Video or it didn't happen.

My uncle works at Nintendo.

You don't mean that clip that's just a bunch of guys chanting, do you?

not really, we're talking about people who don't care about facts.
this won't change anything.
antifa are right, the only way to fix the far right problem is with a baseball bat.

It has been over a year, I don't think anybody cares at this point

For the "refugees" an uncovered woman is a whore. She has no rights, she deserves to be stoned, she's asking for it. Doesn't take much to realize how animals who think like that would do the worst (look at their countries!). They even rape kids for fucks sake, and our corrupt rulers let them get off scot-free. Remember the Austrian boy who was raped but the rapist was let go because it was a 'sexual emergency'?

[citation desperately needed]

This is literally how it has always been. So long as you have a state, you'll have a class of people who can abuse the system to suit their needs.

Do you know how many women disappear in rural Canada?

total braindead

It's going in re-trial maybe this year though. I was sure it had been thrown off already.

Do you know how many boys were raped by the church in Ireland?

So your claim that the rapist was "let go" because of a "sexual emergency" defense was bunk. Huge surprise.

So? How does this change the faith of victims in Colone?

Daily reminder that Hoxha was right about Islam.

No. Did the State try to protect them? Even the Church tried to do something about it when the many scandals came about, but I admit I don't know if they weren't all talk.

It was overturned despite they catching the guy, the proven physical injuries, and no doubt they could get the dna too.There are only two reasons not to throw the book at him: either the guy can pay to get away with anything (he can't) or political reasons.

When will you learn? archive.fo/SihtN

Orthodox Islam*

lol why do you retards only ever know how to argue with singular anecdotes? statistically significant data or fuck off shit-for-brains



Data is ignored more often than not.


that's pretty insignificant when you think about it. you could probably save more lives by making psas about washing your hands than by deporting all muslims.

sorry bro I don't read nazi

But how many people in Germany died due to burnt toast?

Rape is natural and the human as a species or subspecies exists because of it. The first man to pick up a rock, kill a woman's husband and spill his seed unto her womb was a great man indeed, for many are descended from him.

There's going to be a re-trial, which probably means the amount of evidence at the time of the first trial was insufficient but this problem has now be solved.

Literally none of these instances of violence have anything to do with rape, so why even call the infograph "rapefugees"? Moreover, it includes the Munich shooting as an example of refugee crime even though we know that the culprit was a non-Muslim German of Iranian descent who boasted about being part of the Aryan race and sharing Hitler's birthday — sounds like he was /yourguy/ to me.



Averages don't matter when it comes to social welfare. Much as liberals need to believe that is so for their exalted place in their ideology to make sense, moving problems around necessarily compounds them but doesn't necessarily solve anything.

Raskolnikov pls, go get some antipyretic.

I don't believe it is a moral crime to rape a woman though, with exception to relatives. He was great because he passed his genes on whilst removing another's genes and removing a woman's jeans, not some inherent greatness he gained from birth.

Either cater to my fetishes or fuck off.

You fetishize a terribly dysgenic future with issues with consanguinity?

Just throw the defective ones in a pit bruh.