Holla Forums btfo yet again

Holla Forums btfo yet again




Just horrible. Molymeme says the most retarded shit and the guy can't even counter that.

Guy doesn't know the difference between personal property and private property. Guy doesn't even know Historical Materialism. Guy doesn't know what means of production stands for. And he has a fucking lisp.

I want to argue with molymeme.

Problem is its "his show" so he will just talk over you and ask you a retarded strawman question and when you refuse to play that game he's gonna kick you

Brb killing self

What if I say "NOD AND ARGUMEANED" every time he talks?

Come on now.


The guy who molymeme is debating is retarded.

I thought we were beyond arguments now?

mods delete this duplicate thread please or bumplock at the very least

has molyneux ever debated someone other than his basement-dwelling callers

I'm two minutes into this and the guy already fucks up GG. His lack of restraint on his autism is why I don't call myself a leftist because I get thrown into the same pool as retards like this.

Well keep in mind it took him that long to get that many and he started making videos at the dawn of YouTube. Jimmy Dore started making videos heavily on his current channel at the beginning of this past election cycle and he is already over 200k.

Not to mention Stefan has had to pander to racists and a bunch of other crazies to basically stay relevant through the Trump era.

Molymeme supports such a shitty ideology that he can only debate retards. I've never seen him debate with a serious contender. He obviously knows this, and his followers are even more retarded for not realizing this. But what else can you expect from Ancaps / Facists.

why do all of Molycuck's thumbnails have him infront of a burning city?

It represents the ideal Ancap society, billionaires bombing the shit out of each other because of muh property.

If Molyneux is Lex Luther then Lindybeige is Superman.

Is it true that he isn't an ancap anymore?

Notice how the caller is actually lying about the intention of his call.

He didn't call in to talk about UBI at all, he used something from previous call to divert to talk about communism.

Yeah I noticed that to.

If theft exists, and the caller complains about theft and wishes to stay true to definitional arguments, then theft (the action or crime of stealing. Stealing: take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.) is directly related to property. Resorting to an argument of infinite regression is nonsensical, as the mother Earth and all her atoms, or whatever deity (or lack thereof) decides the future of the property because they were the first.

In reality, it is based on hierarchy. The natives to fell upon their fellow man and took their resources and land did so because they could and because there was no threat of defense maintaining the resources. The powerful inherit and the weak fall short. It's the same concept as nations and defense treaties. If every nation decided to look the other way from Estonia, their neighbours would invade and take their land and resources if they possess superior force. Again, the powerful dominate and the weak fall short.

I am not allowed to take your property because of majority rule or whatever else non-sequitur that doesn't address the root cause of property because of the threat of violence against me, from the police force/government.

You are not entitled to the world, a purchase halfway around the world for a plot of land is not a net loss on your behalf. Assuming the entire world operates as one egalitarian hivemind that wins/losses collectively requires substantiation. Are you aware of what is being sold to be upset over its illegitimacy? How do you even intend to respond to me, on a communal computer? Why are you denying the right of ownership for individuals halfway around the world, how come you don't let them use it? After all, if it is one hivemind to suffer every time property rights take away their hyperactive sense of entitlement, are you not guilty of the same crimes you accuse others of by exercising rule over a computer in your tribe? Even if it is used by all citizens, what of all the others? You rob them of this right.

This is menial, nonsensical drivel not based in reality. The gazelle does not blame the cheetah for hunting it; rather, it ought to blame its own legs for not being fast enough. Self-responsibility for the positive and negative results of our choices are taught to us in our childhood, but many forget. The territorial claims lions or other animals exercise are rooted in this same hierarchy: they are mighty and dominate, using the plot of land to mate, hunt, sleep, and whatever else in between. If I come along and kill all the lions, the hierarchy is still preserved, only in my name. To claim that all lions, even the dilapidated and the lame, have equal claims on the land, regardless of effort or the right of conquest, is not substantiated by the theory of evolution. If all animals have equal claim to land/resources in order to mate, then arbitrarily advancing genetically inferior lions would spell disaster for the species.

I have yet to see one (1) of these silly youtube "debaters" have a discussion with someone who isn't being a total moron and didn't refute himself in his own video/article. Even so, they always, without fail, manage to make incredibly silly straman arguments because muh winning the debate. If you're older than 20 and you still live life like this you're an idiot.

By your logic it was the peoples fault they starved to death in the USSR not the states fault…

Communism, similar to successful presentation of a logical framework for arguments to be exchanged with said Communists, only exists a priori. That is to say, so long as the result is unsuccessful, it will never exist.

but it wasn't real capitalism it was crony capitalism! REEEE!!


The hierarchy was preserved; the state seized crops and manufactured famines. The hierarchy itself is preserved, but the crops were taken. It isn't the fault of the people for starving to death when they have no crops, just as it isn't your fault if you die of heat exhaustion in the Sahara. It is the natural process and only logical result in those circumstances. The people should have revolted and shifted the hierarchy in their own favour, yes. Their lack of said revolution lead to the outcome. Just as they took power from the previous regime, they should have been able to do the same with the current one. They didn't, so they starved to death and died. It is their fault for not fighting back against the regime that spelled out their demise. If you lay on your back and allow yourself to become indolent, never resisting the state taking your stuff, don't be surprised when you go belly-up as you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Now, we can look to see who were the original revolutionaries, if they were really of Russian stock to represent the Russians who died from starvation…

t. guy who for some reason believes he is not the gazelle

It's an analogy, not an equivalence. I used it as a figure of speech, it's about self-responsibility. I don't want to blame the highest test score in my class for being whatever ad-hom I can think of, but I blame myself for not doing better than him. The cheetah is the one who succeeds, the gazelle is the one who falls short. In the analogy, just as in real life, the gazelle can trump the cheetah if he is faster. Once the cheetah has depleted all his energy for the hunt and has come up short, he dies of starvation (if he fails enough). The gazelle wins if he accepts self-responsibility, so to speak (not literally, but with respect to the analogy).
I have been the gazelle, just as I have been the cheetah.

have you ever talked to a gazelle you shut in prick

Gazelles have not linked their language with ours. I don't think they have developed complex language at all. I don't think I claimed that they did; in fact, I even emphasized the analogy over the equivalence. There exists metonymy that isn't literal, but god forbid you come across a figure of speech.

Just get in line like everyone else
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Can't wait to see more commies getting btfo by Molly

What are you waiting for Holla Forums join the que and show that you can BTFO Molly
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"how many layers of ideology are you on right now?"

"like maybe crony capitalism or individualism, my dude"

"you are like a little baby, watch this"

that's not how you quote you massive cocksucker from reddit

shut the fuck up autist

What ideology do you think I am aligned with?

can't be done. If you're dumb he'll make you look dumb, if you're smart he'll nitpick some insignificant thing for 10 minutes until everyone has forgotten what the topic was about and then claim victory. if you ask a question that requires an intelligent reply, he'll change the topic to how your mother never loved you. If you try to stay on topic he'll say you're bullying him and flip out. Finally if all that fails he'll just accuse the caller of wanting to shoot him and disconnect.

just the tip of the iceberg honestly

Again, analogies are not equivalences. Figures of speech are not literal just because you want them to be. I am not arguing anything regarding the wild doing it=it is okay, I explained the logic behind self-responsibility.
I directly related that self-responsibility to our civilized society. Well, we wouldn't have order or civilized society if "lawcucked" is an argument.
You still didn't answer my question. You whine about my lack of substantiation, yet you get a free pass. What ideology do you think I am aligned with?

"Da workerz didnt contr0l da meanz!!! is a simplistic way to view socialism. And this caller is an example of how shitty the modern day left is at making their point.

Welp, he fucked it.


Holla Forums

He actually talked to Noam Chomsky, and he didn't say a single contentious word, he made no move whatsoever to argue with Chomsky. most rightists seem to prefer dumbed down debates.

someone explain how this fucker ever became popular in the first place.
I can get why someone like Molymeme would be able to form an internet cult but everything this guy says is your standard rightwing cliches with random emphasis on words.

Are we just coffee shop revolutionaries?

I think he was scared of Chomsky, because he did try to challenge him but he just stared blankly into the camera like a lost puppy.

PrisonPlanet is like InfoWars, but reversed. People go to PrisonPlanet, home of PJW, for PrisonPlanet. People go to InfoWars for Alex Jones.

I thought the time for arguments was over?

fuck bigots and white supremacist scum, this shit is for the 1950's, not today. Inequality exists, fuck anybody who says otherwise.

Exactly, and he's moved into pure propaganda mode. Which he was in before, of course, but now he's not even pretending otherwise.

You should call into the show and prove him wrong.



Bring on the faces.


This. Molyneux's talent is his verbal ability. You won't get honest argument out of him if there isn't a moderator.

Is he still a lolbert? Didn't he denounce it a while a go and is an actual fascist now?

… Source?

If you actually paid attention, his very next video he said he had gotten the answer to his question, and there are still arguments to be made, since his audience flooded him with support.

To be fair, he debates leftists more than anyone else and all leftists are retards.

I'm glad Holla Forums acknowledges what it is